Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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    So this is it, they finally got rescued after 3 months on this mysterious island.

    This was a very good episode. I really enjoyed it. Charlie unfortunatly died. The flashback was infact a flashforward. This review is all over the place because i am still shocked with what the hell just happened.

    Walt came to John and said "we have work to do". Ben told Jack that Naomi was not part of Pennys rescue team. Penny confirmed to Charle that she did not know who Naomi was, just before charlie drowned he wrote on his hand - No Pennys Boat - and showed it to Desmond, then the two say goodbye. We still have no idea if Ben is dead or what happened. Jack got in contact with the rescue team and it just ends.

    This episode ended in the worst place, we dont get to see them get off the island, we dont get to see what happened to anyone because it just ends.

    On the plus side Ben introduced Alex to her mother.

    So 8 months til the 4th season. The Gamechanger was good but i expected even more out of it. I think the show title needs to change though. hmmmmmmmmm, maybe.....

  • The most shocking and crazy revelation of Lost to date.

    After the season 1 and 2 finales, I was shocked. The best way to describe my sentiments would be something along the lines of, “omg wtf is going on here?!?!?!” But after season three’s finale, my reaction is simple: “What?!” and that “what” should be said with a “wtf” tone. Seriously. What do you even say to all of this. I just…I just don’t even know.

    (see Part One for my review on the first hour.)

    I’ll start off with the final scene – the most pivotal.

    I was shocked when Kate came out of the car. It wasn’t until she said, “still pulling people out of burning wreckages” that I clued in – they’re in the future. I love that Oceanic gave everyone a golden pass. But as funny as that is, this scene was so depressing! When LOST appeared on the screen, I was thinking, why is the episode ending now? This is the weirdest thing ever. It’s all so…confusing.

    This is what I’m worried out. Presumably, we’ve seen what happens to Jack when he gets off the island. Which, of course, means they do get off the island. But when? Will this happen in season four or five? Or not until the very end? If so, they better not leave us with a drug addicted alcoholic suicidal Jack.

    Hum. But Jack said to the new attending, “go get my father and see if he’s drunker than I am”. What was all that about? Christian’s not alive in the future…is he? So many questions and theories! My brain doesn’t know what to think.

    I just realized that we were given a clue in plain sight that they were in the “future”: Jack had a Razr cell phone. I thought the props crew has been sloppy, but it all makes sense now. Oh, and Jack looked hilarious with the sunglasses and the beard, speeding down the road. Speaking of which, who in the world died? Who was in the coffin?

    Jack to Kate: “I love you”. Yet there he goes kissing Juliet. Both of those events really shocked me. But make up your mind, Jack!

    Danielle’s reunion with Alex was funny. Their first words: “Will you help me tie him up?” So sentimental.

    So, it wasn’t enough to kill seven of the Others. They had to add in another three! I was cheering on Desmond when he shot Mikhail. But I swear, Mikhail is a true Claire Bennet. That dude’s insane. And his eye was really gross looking.

    It’s a shame there are censors here, because I would really like to share my “colourful” language that was used when Sayid, Jin, and Bernard were shot. However, I let out a big “thank god!” when it was revealed they were still alive. Thank you Tom! Oh, and RIP, man. His death was bittersweet. Sawyer did it for Walt. And, come on…it’s Sawyer we’re talking about here. When the guy does something sentimental, you gotta expect some violence.

    On the subject of the beach scenes, I’m quite pleased Hurley and the Dharma Mobile saved everyone! That was hilarious to see the van zooming through the jungle. Good job, Hugo. And Sayid’s neck snap was crazy. He got mad skills.

    So, onto the remaining two scenes. First, the group at the radio tower. The look on Ben’s face when Locke walked up was priceless. But he killed Naomi! (I’ve definitely lost track of the body count this episode.) For the first time ever in my entire life (well, in the past year and a half), I wanted Jack to listen to Ben. He DOES know what he’s talking about, at least about that barge. I have a baaaad feeling about all of this.

    Finally – the most powerful scene of the episode, Charlie’s death. Even though we’ve been told a million times that he was going to die, it was just so extremely sad! The score that was playing at that moment is my favorite song of Giacchino’s, and it was also the song that played when Jack saved Charlie from his hanging back in season one. Oh, the irony. You know, Charlie really had been defying death on this island for quite while. But the most surprising part of all this was Penny! She’s one dedicated chick. I cannot wait to find out more about her and whatever her real research team is.

    And thus concludes Lost: season three. As I stated earlier, I have absolutely no idea where things are going. If the Jack and Kate scene ends up in an episode in the future, I want them to stop the show right now. It’s far too depressing if they get off the island but Jack ends up like that. It doesn’t give you much to look forward to, does it? But, Jack being in the state he was shows that he’s a true “man of faith”.

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but the way things are going, I want them all to stay on Craphole Island forever!
  • The most revealing 2 hours of LOST ever!

    Perhaps I am greatly confused, but why did Charlie have to die in this episode. Once the guy exploded the grenade, it shattered the glass window to the communication room. Charlie was small enough to fit through that window and then could've swam back around and underneath the Looking Glass and into the pool area where Desmond was standing.

    Now, for the end... we realize that the flashbacks were flashfowards. Jack has a miserable life upon returning to the real world. He tells Kate that they were wrong to get off the island, but she says, no, they weren't. She also says she has to get going because "he" will wonder where she is... Sawyer perhaps?

    Penny tells Charlie he does not know of any Naomi, so Locke was probably right in killing her off. And how about Locke and Walter inspiring him... geez, this episode has it all.

    Back to Jack and the future. The fact they get off the island and back into the real world at least FINALLY puts to bed the hypothesis' that they are in some version of purgatory or hell. There could still be some mystical element to it, however, and something to the idea that they WERE NOT supposed to be saved...then again, Kate seems to be doing just fine...guess we will just have to wait a loooong 8 months to see in season 4!
  • As Always what we expect from lost cliffhangers (furious)

    A Great/Tragic/Bewildered 2 hours season finale!!!

    What i'm elated about:
    Glad to see the other lost some men ....
    Ben finally got his a** beaten up by Jack
    Locke is alive & well :)

    What i'm sad about:
    How Charlie died . .thought he cheated death .. :(

    What i'm confused about:
    Who was in the coffin?
    Is there really a ship and do the crew members have intention of saving them or killing them?
    Is Ben telling the truth for once in his life?
    Why doesn't he want them out of the island?
    Why did locke stop Jack .. he was going to shot him .. but he just left?
    the scenes with Jack with the beard are they flashbacks or flash-forwards?
    And if it is did all the survivors leave the island of just Jack & kate?
    And why does he want to go back?

    cliffhangers cliffhangers cliffhangers we all look forward to them from our fav show LOST (sarcastic)

    Anyways Anticipating what the writers/producers has in store for us in the next season.....
  • Probably one of the greatest LOST twists ever!

    This is definitely the best episode of the season! It makes you think throughout the whole thing, "Why are they using such horrbile flashbacks?" and then in the last five seconds it explains everything just to leave you hanging until next February. That was amazing...i will never forget it. =]
  • episode analysis

    ok, first off i will not say that i am 100% correct on this analysis for i am not a writer of the show, but i do know lost very well, and i have been very accurate in predictions in the past. it was very obvious to me from the first "flash back" of this episode, or really should i call of a "flash foward" or should i go even further to call it a "fake flash foward", because, thats what it was. there are a few reasons why this is just a product of one of the minds of the characters (most likely jack). for one, there is a bizare mix of new and old characters, between the ex wife(who is pregnant if you look closely, a clear sign of someones mind wandering due to what is going on on the island), and Kate at the end(who is filmed in a very film nuir dreamlike way). jack also tells the doctor who accuses him of drinking to go ask his father, who of course, is dead. the second tell is the wake at the funeral home. this is screaming metaphor. the fact that no body is shown, and the article is never shown, it is fairly obvious that nobody died. the coffin, and empty room, is a symbol for jacks longing to go back to the island. nobody being there parallels jack being alone in his wanting to go back to the island. (the coffin in the empty room eerily resembles an island as well)well folks il have to look back at the episode to find out more. send me a message if you wanna chat about lost
  • My mind is reeling!

    *Spoilers *

    Well, while a few questions were answered, and we finally got some closure on Charlie, I find I have more questions now than before. BUT, what else is new?? I really, really, really enjoyed watching Jack kick the crap outta Ben, and Danielle's elbow to his face was particularly satisfying :) I was seriously worried for Jin, Sayid, and Bernard...and who knows why Tom and the Others didn't choose to kill them, but I'm glad they didn't! And it was great to see Hurley come through in the end as the hero. I don't understand Sawyer's sudden moodiness towards Kate, and his response to her potential pregnancy was pretty cold. Dude's got some serious attachment issues - although he remains my favorite character. I loved how annoying Charlie was down in the looking glass, and finally someone called that Mikhail a "cyclops"! It was just his destiny to be there - especially because the code was written by a musician to Good Vibrations. Charlie's death was very, very sad - I'm going to miss his quirky personality. I feel that Jack contacting "not penny's ship" was a bad idea after all - and am anxious to see what will happen with all of that come season 4. there will still be 3 more seasons,so I don't know what the writers will tackle next. If they do get rescued, I don't think the show will be as good.
  • Hour Two of the Season Finale.

    In Los Angeles, Jack is popping pills like they are skittles, and is continuing his drinking. He shows up at a wake for the funeral of someone that isn't identified. Scene cuts to the island. As the castaways are continuing their walk, Ben and Alex cut them off. Ben asserts, 'Jack, we need to talk.' Cut to commercial.

    Mikhail is in the Looking Glass, and decides to try to kill the women, Greta and Bonnie. He is successful in part of his mission. Desmond comes out and shoots Mikhail in the chest with some sort of gun, but not one that shoots bullets. Before he kills the other woman, Charlie tells Desmond that 'they need her.'

    Ben asks Jack for 5 minutes of his time, being that the castaways had killed 7 of his men. Jack agrees - Ben tells Jack that Naomi is a 'bad person' and that if her people are contacted 'all of the people on the island will die.' Ben then contacts Tom, who is holding our shooters captive and at gunpoint. Ben warns Jack that if Tom doesn't hear Ben's voice in the next minute, Tom shall kill them all. After the minute expires, we hear gunfire. Jack assumes that our Shooters are dead. He then unleashes hell upon Ben, beating him almost to the point of unconsciousness. He then brings Ben to the castaways, instructing them to tie him up. Jack walks away. Ben tells Alex (while pointing to Rousseau) that 'this is your mother.'

    Kate asks Jack what Ben said. Jack first says it isn't important. But Kate knows Jack is troubled. Jack says that Ben had all three of our shooters killed. Quick Note: I don't believe Sayid is dead, but if he is, I will go ballistic.

    Scene cuts to the beach - Tom did not execute our shooters, and is convinced that Ben has lost their trust and is no longer worthy of being their leader. Hurley comes crashing down the hill in the Volkswagen Van, killing another one of the Others, leaving only 2 alive. Sawyer takes Tom's life, even though Tom had surrendered. Sayid kills the final Other with a move I can only describe as amazing - he literally, while being bound, somehow gets the Other on the ground, wraps his feet around his head, makes a quick motion, snapping his neck and killing him.

    Another Los Angeles Jack flashback where he is still a raging alcoholic and a prescription drug abuser. He is literally falling all over the place, hoping to score some more drugs. His new superior tells Jack that the people who were in the car accident on the bridge were now able to tell him what had happened. In essence, Jack's presence on the bridge is what caused the accident. So much for him being a hero.

    Back on the beach, Hurley reaches Jack via walkie talkie. He lets them know that everyone (the shooters included) are alive and well. In the 'Looking Glass,' Charlie shuts down the outgoing signal, and sees Desmond's Penny via a transmission. Before Desmond can get to the door, Mikhail explodes a grenade and the room with the switch is flooded with water, killing Charlie. On his hand, Charlie warns Desmond that it is not Penny's boat. A very touching final moment for Charlie.

    Aaron begins to cry as Claire is walking, and Naomi tells Claire that Charlie was able to shut off the signal. Naomi proclaims, 'he has rescued us all.' Back from commercial. Naomi tells Jack that the signal is no longer being blocked. Rousseau quickly points out that they have arrived at the radio tower. As they enter the tower, Naomi says she cannot get a signal. As Naomi finally receives a signal and is about to call, she is hit from behind. It is Locke. Locke and Jack have a standoff with Locke holding a gun and pointing it as Jack. Jack tells Locke to shoot him, that he is tired of Locke keeping him on the island. Locke doesn't shoot, but casually walks away. The person on the other end of the satellite radio says they have a way of locking on to the phone's location, and everyone starts to believe that rescue is on its way. This is the last scene from the island.

    Scene cuts back to Jack in Los Angeles, a full blown alcoholic and addict. He finally reaches the person via phone who he has been desperately trying to reach. They agree to meet up. The person Jack has been desperately trying to get a hold of throughout the episode turns out to be Kate. Kate can see that Jack is on a sever downward spiral. Jack reveals that he goes as far as to pray that he can 'get back.' We must assume he means the island. 'We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!!!!'

    And now we, the collective LOST fan base, must wait 8 months to see what will happen next. The first hour was better, but this still was an excellent hour and, overall, a marvelous Season Finale.
  • WOW...... I can't beleive that just happend! Just when I thought those guys at LOST couldn't do anything else to blow my mind this masterpiece of an finale comes and does just that.

    FlASHFORWARD!! I really didn't get how Jack was suicidal because I thought he'd gotten over the divorce in Puket, but having a Flash to after they get rescued! Pure genius by the writers. I still can't beleive that just happend. Obviously the guy in the coffin is Sawyer which is why nobody went to his funeral. Also Kate must be pardoned for her murder charge or else she took someone else's name from the flight because it looked as if she wasn't on the run anymore (especially if she has a home phone). The question is now why is jack so messed up and was Ben right about those rescue people. Apart from the mind blowing aspect this episode was full of action and it was exactly the type of episode i've been waiting for. Sayid finally kills an other, Hurley was a hero, Tom is finally paid back for the baby snatching and Ben gets the crap kicked out of im by Jack (I was all perfect!). I was sad that Charlie died but it was an inevitable event (and wow Mikeal's eye looked sooo cool). Once again the writers at LOST have out done themsleves again and the wait for season 4 is gonna be painful but worth it!
  • A list of the TOP 12 UNANSWERED Questions....

    Not only was this 2 hours long, but for once, things go the way you want them to -- except, of course, the death of one of main casts.

    The flashback took a huge twist at the end. Unbelievably clever. I give the writers much props for tricking us all!

    One thing that didn't make sense that if the flashbacks were indeed flash-forwards, then why was that new doctor saying something about calling Jack's dad? -- or did I hear that wrong? If so, how is Jack's dad still alive if this is a glimpse in the future?

    Things that are still unanswered:

    1. What is that black smoke? Why did it come face-to-face with Mr. Eko the first time and then backed away like a coward... but then the second time it came in contact with Mr. Eko, it killed him. Why does it always make Dinosaur noises? This was what killed the Pilot in the first episode and left the body on the trees.

    2. Who and what is Jacob? We saw a glimpse of him when Locke was in the cabin with Ben. Can't recognize his face, but he looks to be some sort of spirit/ghost. I really wonder how they will explain this. Also, if we hadn't seen Jacob in the cabin, I would've thought he was a volcano. The way they talk about him, "I'll take him to Jacob", or "we don't want to make Jacob angry"... sounds like how the Hawaiians always refer to their volcano gods.

    3. Why is everyone seeing things? Locke seeing Walt, Kate seeing the black stallion in past episodes, Jack seeing his dead father, Hurley seeing his friend from the clinic (in the episode that made you wonder if this was all a dream), Ben seeing his dead mother, etc.

    4. Who is Naomi really working for? Is Ben right about her people being "bad guys"? Maybe this is true since Desmond's girl said it wasn't her people on the boat. Also, Naomi said that they found the wreckage from Oceanic 815 and that everyone on the plane died; there were no survivors... this either means everyone is currently in HELL or she is lying. I'll bet the latter.

    5. Why do women who get impregnated on the island die? Is there some mystical force?

    6. How do the two women that were jamming the radio frequency survive all those years down there? It is just a show, but seriously... doesn't look like there's enough room for years supplies of Dharma food. How do they have enough oxygen? Where do their garbage and bathroom wastes go?

    7. That man that recruited Juliet and is Ben's right-hand man. He was the same age he is now when Ben was a kid in an episode from a few weeks ago -- how can that be? Is he an alien or does he have immortality?

    8. Speaking of immortality, how the hell does Mikhail survive being fried/electrocuted between the barriers and even foamed around the mouth as he looked to be dead. Then he comes back and gets harpooned by Desmond, but still survives. What is his secret and why can't he die?

    9. The stewardess of Oceanic Flight 815 was among Ben's group and seem to be quiet happy. How is this so? What did Ben do to gain their loyalty and turn against Jack and the others? But even so, looks like there are a lot of survivors from Oceanic 815 even though it crashed and broke apart in the most extreme way (I know it's a show, but still..)

    10. What really happened to Michael and Walt? I doubt Ben really let them go. Remember, Michael murdered Ana Lucia and Libby. I'm not sure if the writers are done with him yet. He could be part of a big twist in the final two or three seasons of Lost.

    11. Ben and his crew has information about each and every passenger of Oceanic 815. I can understand if they get most of this information from criminal records that are documented, but how do they find out so much about each passenger's personal life -- things that are not documented like Locke's obsession with stopping his dad's con attempts or Sawyer/James' killing of a man by accident. If they found out about that, then it must be documented, and if it were documented, wouldn't Sawyer/James have been a "Wanted" as a murderer? If he "Wanted" by the police, then he wouldn't have been able to get on the plane as he did so easily.

    12. Who is working for Ben outside the island? When Juliet got to see clips of her sister and seeing that she was alive and healthy with her child, I wondered who is video taping that "live" video? Is someone always following her everywhere she goes? Who is working for Ben and why does he have so much power?

    I'm sure I'll think of more as they come, but these are a lot of unanswered questions.
  • Finale episode was psyche madness. Ambushed my mind.

    Ben’s up to his mind games. He fails this time. Hugo saves the three musketeers. Patchy plays his death and life games again. And, Charlie dies; he will be missed.

    Interesting turns are cleverly sequenced, especially the last few minutes: John is alive, and signals Jack not to answer the gadget. Jack does, and responds. But, the next scene ambushed my mind. Is this a flashforward? Were Kate and Jack at some time point after they've been rescued?

    In the scene, Jack earns some kind of golden travel pass around the world. Is this awarded to all survivors courtesy of Oceanic Flights? Were Ben and John right not to make contact with the world? Does leaving the island bring Jack back to an emotional wreck?

    Need patience to endure through 2008.
  • The greatest two hours of television ever released. Old plot lines come to an end and new ones begin, television is not supposed to be this good. One line says it all: "We have to go back Kate. We have to go back." SPOILERS INSIDE

    Oh my god is the only thing to describe this episode of lost as we learn that Jack and the other castaways make it off the island. Yes this is huge. The episode builds up the rumor that sayid and the other two were going to fail and die at the hands of the others but they make it through. The actions of Ben make no sense, why not bring a team to stop Jack? Why not actually kill the three captives? Jack also confuses the viewers by claiming his father is alive quite a few times in the episode leading the viewers to believe that the flash back was occurring in the past and not the future. We do not know what is going on as locke was willing to kill to stop the losties from sending that message. Ansewers were not as present as most fans would have hoped but this jump is moving the series in the right direction.

    I should be in bed but...just got done watching the second episode and felt a rush of anxiety thinking that it was a "series finale." All my fav. TV shows are getting cancelled but thankfully we'll have Lost for a few more years. And yes, that was a fantastic episode.
  • WOW! The first hour was good, but the second hour was amazing.

    This episode was very clever and perhaps the highlight of a rather unrevealing season three. Season three seemed to drag on midway through but picked up speed towards the end. This episode was amazing in its plot twists and surprises. I'm sorry for anyone who predicted any part of this conclusion, as I didn't and was genuinely suprised by the outcome, especially those last few minutes.

    Now I'm left to wonder for months what will happen with John, who was it that Jack went to see, what becomes of Sawyer, and just how do the Koreans fit into weave of Lost anyway?

    And how will ABC dish out the chintzy 16 episodes of season 4? Is there going to be a lot of waiting between shows, or will the season finish early like Prison Break?
  • SIMPLY AMAZING! That's what I thought of the 2 hour long season finale!

    [Review Continued From 'Through The Looking Glass (1)]

    The second hour was mind blowing, so much happened my mind is still reeling! The scenes were shocking, suspenseful, heartrending and has left me utterly mystified. First off all it was simply amusing as Ben got the crap kicked out of him by Jack, even though we later find out there was some truth to what he was saying. Another great scene was when Hurley came to the rescue mowing down one of the Others with the Dharma van, proving that he was indeed an asset. The heart touching scenes came when Danielle and Alex were reunited and as Charlie fulfills his destiny. As far as Charlie’s story went I can’t say it was shocking because everything we’ve seen has led up to this point. But somewhere along the line I was still putting out some hope that things might have been different. It pulled at my heart just a little bit more as the scene cuts to baby Aaron crying in distress. I for one will surely miss this character.

    The suspense comes as the finale winds down and the group reaches the radio tower. After turning off Danielle’s transmission Naomi and the group heads outside in order to pick up the signal so they can contact the boat. As she punches is the signal to place the call Naomi gets shot from behind, by none other the Locke! At this point we know that Naomi wasn’t sent by Penny at all. To the contrary a transmission came through from Penny after Charlie shut down the blocking signal in the Looking Glass hatch. So it seems there was some validity to what Ben was saying. All this leads to a showdown between Locke and Jack where Locke tries to warn him about placing the call. Eventually Locke backs down and walks away not being able to stop Jack. This part of the story ends as Jack gets through to the boat and it appears that rescue is on the way.

    But it doesn’t all end here, the final part is the most shocking twist. We actually find out that the flashes we’ve been seeing aren’t flashbacks but what appears to be a flash-forward! As Jack finally places through the call he’s been trying to in all the flash scenes he makes plans to meet up with the person at a lot outside an airport. When the person shows up, it’s revealed to us that it is none other that KATE! The flash-forward is of the future after they get off the island, we know understand that all of Jacks distress is connected to trying to get back on the island saying it was a mistake for them to get off.

    Leaving us in utter suspense and confusion the finale ends shortly after this. True to the ways of Lost there is yet more new unanswered questions. Like who is Naomi really working for? What caused Jack to go on such a downward spiral after getting off the island? What makes him want to go back? Who was it that died in the flash-forward scene (I’ve got a feeling it might have been Sawyer)? Was it really a flash-forward or was the rest of the scenes a flash-back? Is Jack's dad really alive? Did anyone else get off the island? Why was Kate so distant from Jack in the future? Who was she referring to when she said “He”? Was everything Ben said about Naomi true? If he was telling the truth, who are these people he was talking about? How is it that Mikhail aka “Cyclopes” seemed to survive what was two certain death encounters? ...

    So many questions, so little answers and 9 months to ponder over them! In the end I have to say that this was in my opinion one of the best twist of the story since it began in season one.
  • Review

    Looking back at the episode after having a couple of hours to take things in, the episode was nearly perfect. I couldnt give it a true 10/10 only because I dont feel it was another "Man behind the Curtain", "Man of Science, Man of Faith" or "Live Together, Die Alone" - the best episodes of Lost history in my eyes. Couple of things to review here...

    Charlie/Desmond/Penny Storyline- I thought this was the worst storyline of the finale, but it was still really good and needed. Mikhail getting the best of Charlie with the grenade was really random and in a way kind of comical. I thought Penny coming over the transmission and saying that Naomis boat wasn't really hers was huge and a huge shift in the possible "rescue" attempt that we all know isn't going to be happening for the most part.

    The Beach Scenes- Hurley "roflstomping" the others with his van was likely one of my favorite parts of the entire series. Sayid following it all up with a kill of one of the last others was another good ending and then Sawyer following that up by killing Tom was also very well done. Three people that had to die and three perfect ways that they all died. Jack v Ben- Another amazing scene, Ben did everything that he could do to try and keep Jack away from the radio tower and making that transmission. Jacks decision to let Sayid and company bite the bullet was huge, but it all turned out for the best. After Jack beat the crap out of Ben and picked up the walkie and asked for Tom I thought we were in store for a huge twist with Jack getting to Tom while he was on there side of the island and Tom had secretly killed the other two men on the transmission. However, that storyline was not to be and...thats that.

    The Rattlesnake- Im going to have to watch the episode again knowing what I know about the ending of the show now. Im one of the people that do think that if that is the way it all turns out 48 episodes from now that I will be very sad. I am hoping it is some kind of possible future if they were to be rescued. I would be very happy to hear that everything we just saw in the Jack flashfoward is not going to happen - but I dont think the writers are going to go that far. People saying that everyone is leaving the island is so incorrect but it makes me laugh nonetheless. Pretty sure there would be an uproar if they left right now without any answers for the island. Bottom Line- The producers gave us something to talk about for the next couple of months, just as I was expecing them to do. The amount of talk that is going to surround the flash foward - I cant even imigine, but I will be one of the ones contributing to all of the discussion. I dont know what to make of it all right now - I just need to watch it again.
  • Elite finale! I dont believe this was an actual flash forward!

    Elite finale! I dont believe this was an actual flash forward! Imagine you were walking to the radio station and thinking you might be saved after all this time. You would be excited at first but when reality sets in and you look at your life i.e Jacks life.. His father dead his soul mate divorced him etc, you would definitely worry what might be its human nature! Thats exactly what he is doing its just whats running through his mind as he is walking to the radio tower. It was sawyer in the coffin and that is why there was the scene with jack telling kate that sawyer did want her to go with him but he was just trying to protect her and she asks why he being nice to sawyer since he wouldn't do the same for him! also he says he loves her! Im pretty sure these are all clues to point this not being an actual flash forward!
    feel free to msg me if im wrong:>
  • So... beautiful.... Should have sent... a poet.

    I'm relatively new to writing reviews on this site, I've written a few for my favorite episodes of my favorite shows because I typically just feel compelled to break out the keyboard when the writers get the itch to remind me why I stay tuned. When I've reviewed in the past, they've revolved around me waxing eloquent about the plot, or character development, or acting. This time, the entire episode was just too beautiful. It's too full of everything that makes Lost truly great. It's too full of everything that makes storytelling great; plot, character development, acting, score, everything was exactly the way it needed to be. It was too full of things that are cool BECAUSE I can't write them, because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I literally spend half of the episode on my feet yelling in disbelief to nobody in particular; my roommate now thinks I'm a crazy person, and he may be right. This episode was so cool it may have blown my mind and left me insane. Totally worth it.
  • Flash Forward

    I'm still shaking.. after watching this I am shaking. Haha wow that was completely unexpected I can't believe it. That was a superb season finale. Just when I thought i had figured it out, it completely took me by surprise. Some amazing scenes and twists in that episode. The first half was just alright, while the second part was completely astounding. It first I though they had made a production error as Jack had a new phone that was not yet released, but I never saw a flash forward coming! Very cleverly done and it seems Jack's father is alive... Simply amazing episode, season 4 should get interesting with this boat coming to get them... unless Ben was telling the truth. Charlie's death was so sad, really started to like him, overall wow great episode 10/10 come on season 4!
  • In the future, in the flash(back)forward...is Jack's father alive?????

    BEST episode I have ever seen, oh and I’m going to miss Charlie, he was a great character. Walt Lloyd was back for view seconds, he was great too, but that is not really why I am writing this. Honestly I am very confused about other things in the flash-(back)-forward scenes. In episode 22 we were let to believe (as usual) the flash-backs where flash-backs and we were all trying to guess where and when in Jack’s past did these events took place? what was causing Jack’s stress and down-spiral? and in the confusion we let some things in episode 23 go by unnoticed, (since we believed the scenes were flash-backs) like…Jack’s FATHER being drunk(as usual) and ALIVE???? My head was spinning from the twist we all got at the end, so I didn’t notice this until later when I recovered shock. There is this scene where the nice doctor is trying to talk to Jack in the hospital (where Jack is drunk and medicated and sort of embarrassing himself) there when the nice doctor asked Jack if he is drunk, Jack said ”go and get my father here and see if I’m drunker then he is, then you can fire me!” Did anybody else get that or is it my TiVo playing tricks on me???
  • Classic episode that has everything! Drama, Action, Supspense? Check. We're left guesssing til the very end and then BOOM! a shocker...

    Personally, I feel this is exactly what a season finale should be all about. The writers give us a bunch of information but then bring up new questions to keep us guessing and eager to watch next season.

    Let's cut to the real meat of what everyone will be talking about...the "flash-forwards." First of all, I kept asking myself..."dude, I didn't know Jack was so screwed up before he got to the island." I figured this was all happening after his dad had died. Not the case...

    I was shocked to see Kate step out of the car. I didn't realize what was happening til they talked about saving lives behing "old habit." It was craziness and a complete shock to everyone that this was happening and they did in fact get off the island. I felt so bad for Jack and know they can't leave him like this. They have spent three seasons making hime the hero and can't turn him into a hopeless 'lost' soul. I like the theroy that this was all in Jack's mind of what may actually happen when/if he gets home. It makes sense but I don't see that being the case. My friend made the statement that the rest of the remaining seasons will be present day and the flashbacks will be back on the island and that is how the story will wrap up. Almost a 180 of what the first three seasons were all about. I can see this happening but there is still so much to clear up back on the island.

    Who was in the coffin? At first thought, I was sure it was Sawyer. but why would Jack not consider him a friend? If this is indeed the future...Ben is in the casket. "No Friends, No Relatives." Nobody knew him. and Jack is so distraught about Ben dying because that was indeed his last possible shot at getting back to the island. I could go on about the flash forwards for a while and would love to chat about them if anyone is inclined.

    Charlie. I grew to love the guy. Yes, he was annoying at times but who isn't? The guy is the definition of a hero. I think he thought about escaping with Desmond but knew that if he survived, Claire and Aaron wouldn't make it home. The scene was beautifully done and I'll miss him! You all everybody!

    I can't wait for next season to come around. February is so far away. Th NFL is still months away and when Lost comes back, the season will be over with! Oh well, what can ya do? Lost is a classic! I love the storytelling and characters. This is why we watch TV!
  • It ain't really the future we were shown, it's the looking-glass(Think Desmond's visions)

    One of the two main guys from Lost said in the "Answers" episode that the survivors were not in purgatory, but alive and well at some point of the space time continuum. Maybe that's the looking glass the series finale's title is talking about. The Looking Glass is a reference to a book by Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland. Alice, the gal from wonderland, wonders what's on the other side of the looking glass and jumps through it. The looking glass world is upside down, full of mirror and inverse images (when you expect black, you get white). Also, as wikipedia notes, there is also time running backwards. After the scene with Kate, you'd think we've seen the future, but why then, is Jack's father alive? It's an alternate time line. This season has been constantly flirting with the idea, starting with Desmond's premonitions and his little trip to the past. Desmond has been witnessing futures that never came to be (all those times Charlie was supposed to die but didn't.) I'll wager that the flash forward was like Desmond's visions: a big old what could be, but not the actual future. Isn't there a chance that the electromagnetic properties of the island also make it a special place in the space/time continuum? (This could explain Jacob as existing in another time line/ space) When the plane crashed, the survivors could have been transported into a time line in which the plane simply crashed into the ocean (which would explain why they are alive but the plane with the dead bodies was found.) On the other hand, we know we can't trust Naomi , but then again why would she lie about the plane? she seemed surprised to find the survivors. So there you have it. I predict that what started with Desmond's visions is going to take a larger and larger role in the show. What may be and what might have been are going to be pretty big themes. That's what I'm gambling on. P.S. Michael and Walt never made it back to the outside world. If they had, the would have told everyone and Naomi would not have said anything about the survivors being dead (not to mention that Charlie's band wouldn't have gotten the dead member comeback Naomi talks about.) P.P.S. A lot of people dislike how Jack looks in the "future". I actually like where they took the character. Once he left the island, he lost all meaning in his life. He was given an opportunity to reinvent himself and start a new life. By leaving the island, he turned his back on everything. Also, how can you ever go back? Have you guys seen Apocalypse Now? Think Willard wanting to jump back into action because he didn't know anything else (or Rambo if you wanna go lowbrow.)
  • Overall, this was the best finale of Lost's history, crowned with probably the most amazing and mind boggig twist in the history of television.

    When I finished watching, I was just sitting infront of my computer silently for about 5 minutes. I was puzzled. Our favourite show, Lost has done something really big. An era is finished.

    I believe, and I honestly do, that this episode with a few changes could have worked as a series finale. Surely, tragic one, but it would've worked!

    The main message of the episode was, that, rescue means nothing. The survivors are not "LOST" because they are on an island nobody can see, but, rather, they're lost in their life. In fact... they don't even have one waiting for them at home. With Rousseau's words... "I won't go home... I'll stay. This is my home now"

    The flashforwards had a very dark and depressing taste: and, I loved it. The camera angles, perfect. Jack Bender did a real good job.

    And not only in the flashesforwards, on the island scenes too. I liked how the camera panned around the radiotower like in season 1 finale with the raft - both things are the symbols of rescue, so using same camera angles... awesome idea.

    The Looking Glass plot was beyond amazing. I really liked Charlie. And his death...? My god. Most emotional death on television ever. He used his last bit of energy to help his fellow survivors. Some may question his death... Yes, he could've escaped, but then, the "picture in the box" would've altered, and the rescue may have not arrived...

    I'm SO GLAD that the writers didn't bring Bernard bad just to kill him - it's a cheap trick killing guest stars just for the dramatic effect(unfortunately many shows do it). Hurley, as the spoilers stated, DID play a VERY important role in the episode. He saved the day! I was waiting for that van to pop up... well, there it was.

    Character wise, too, the episode was excellent. Jack following his father, Sawyer starting to get serious, Juliet openly admitting her feelings toweards Jack(that kiss was soooo Juliet's, not Jack's), and same for Kate of course... I don't really like triangles, but I've to admit: if they can keep it up like this AND at this rate, then this might just be my favourite(and only) romantic plot on television.

    One of the biggest surprises was Walt. I don't blame the producers, but I've to note.... Walt's voice. LOL. That was SO not the Walt we knew. However, it was GREAT to see him. Hearing the whispers right before he appears implicate that it was definitely Jacob or the "monster" saving John.

    - Who, was completetly badass. The way he downed Naomi was shocking. You don't get much of this on television(woman getting a knife in her behind infront of 10's of people).

    Lastly, Ben. Michael Emerson did his BEST performance as Benjamin Linus in this episode. His conversation with Jack... priceless. Also, interesting to see how he's losing control over his own people, and how everything is falling apart for him. I think in season 4, he'll have a serious "Locke-problem".

    Overall, this was the best finale of Lost's history. The writing was very strong: much stronger than in season 2 finale. It was a really good ride with Lost this year. I give this episoee a 10, and the season a 9.5. Best season - so far.
  • This season three finale lived up to everything I imagined, and then some…

    This, my friends, was one of the finest moments of television I have ever witnessed. I must say that this season three finale lived up to everything I imagined, and then some…

    Every aspect of this double episode was perfect. The writing, acting, cinematography and music were all spot on! Easily worthy of the big screen. I just jumped on the net after watching the finale to read the news about Lost going for three more seasons til 2010. I couldn’t be happier about this news. I think that with the 16 episode format it should be perfect. If the writers keep coming up with material as good as what they’ve created so far, then the next 3 seasons of LOST promise to be one hell of ride! If I had a time machine I’d go forward 3 years, buy all the Lost DVD’s, lock myself in a comfortable room for 2 weeks and watch every single second.
  • Is this the end for LOST?

    As I watched Kate come out of the shadow to talk to Jack, I immediately thought that it was either a very weird storyline, or an extremely clever one. The flash forward was quite unexpected, but made the story go really well. Jack was the one person who was desperate beyond belief to get off the island, and now he is the one who wants to go back. I was devastated when Charlie died, because he was a Brit (Like myself) but he was also a really nice guy. I think Walt went back to the island and brought that boat that rescued them with him... Although it may not explain why it was offshore and he wasnt... hmm... But yeah, anyway, a great ending. I just hope that there are no more seasons for some reasons, like the fact that I dont have sky 1 any more to watch it on, so I won't have to use the internet to watch them online... AWESOME EPISODE
  • awesome is the word and i knew that jack's father is alive

    awesome awesome awesome it is the only word for this episode they are 2 many good things in this episode so i cannot write everything about the episode the major highlights are that jack's father is still alive {he tells to the other doctor to see if he is more drunk than his father is}and what we all thought that it was a flashback and i am sure none would have guessed it right and a awesome scene involving charlie's death which was a real tearjerker but i still wonder what is walt doing and whose funeral it was and my only complaint is that i cannot wait till next year to watch lost again
  • It had to happen.

    As much as I thought that they would stay on the island like Gilligan. It was time to get them off. I argued with another guy that it was a flashback versus a foreshadow. When Kate showed up, it was crazy. In season finale fashion,LOST left you wanting more. Is Ben and John Locke right? Is Charlie really dead? Why won't Mikhail die? Will Penny become involved? Was Naomi reaaly evil?
  • Lost I love you!

    Really that Is all that can be said, as your watching the episode and seeing the Flashbacks/Forward and thinking some of this isn’t making sense, when is this based? And then for at the End it all to fall together and you just realize, is a great moment for lost.

    And as normal so many things left to find out, who was in the casket? What about Jacob? How are they even going to work the next seasons? Are the flash forwards the same as Desmonds Just looking into the future or will Jack have to head back to the island?

    One of the best if not the best season final I have ever seen.
  • Lived up to its expectation of a season finale. A classic LOST episode. Everybody plays a part.

    Amongst all the finales this season, LOST was the best. Great stroryline, great direction, great everything. There are a few reasons why this epidode and the one before it stood out from the rest. Firstly, it was an episode where everybody has a part to play. Who ever expected Hurley to drive that dharma van into the others on the beach. Brilliant! Secondly, Charlie's sacrifice. Even though he could save himself, he chose not to because he knew that only if he died, would Claire and Aaron be safely rescued. Lastly, and the most brilliantly done part, was about Jack's future. Throughout the episodes, you wonder about the strange flashbacks that Jack experiences. But, it isnt flashback, its the future. Good performances from Ben, Juliet, Kate, Sawyer, Sayyed and Hurley make this one of the best finales' ever. Must watch!
  • Words can not describe

    I'm going to say it. LOST is still the best show on television. After watching last night's finale, I have several things I would like to review.
    1) Jack's flash forward was very good, I kept thinking that SOMETHING strange has to be going on here. They gave us clues the entire time however, Jack had a RAZR phone, which wouldn't have come out till past the crash of 815. Secondly, Jack makes it a point to tell the new chief of surgery to "get his dad from upstairs", could this be that Jack's dad is still alive?
    2) Benjamin Linus is probably the biggest jerk I have ever seen on television. However, for the first time, I think Jack needs to put a little faith in the bug eyed creep. As much as the thought of Penny coming to the island to save them was awesome, Ben has to be right that Naomi's people are up to no good. I think in Season 4, we will spend most of it duking it out with these new counterparts, possible, alongside the Others.
    3) In the "Looking Glass" I kept looking for the shark to swim by in the window, Does anyone know if it actually did? Secondly, Mikhail is my favorite other, and I want to know what happened to his eye so bad, and then they can FINALLY just let him die! Charlie's death was heroic, noble, and by far the best of the finale. Sacrificing yourself because you Believe that there will be rescue is hard to do, especially only because your crazy Scottish friend said he can see the future. Oh, and Desmond is still pretty sweet.
    4) Jin missed? I thought for sure Bernard would be the one to screw up, but I guess Jin was at a disadvantage with the hand gun. Despite the brief fear that they had all died, I was elated to see Hurley run down the others and Sawyer finally seek revenge on "Zeke" for taking the boy.
    5) The boy, however, appeared to Johnathan Locke whilst Jon decided he was going to go suicidal. Walt is like "John, you got things to do," and Locke can walk again. Is Walt a form of Jacob? What does Locke have to do? Thank god he is alive, since he is my favorite character.

    Pumped for Season 4, and hopefully we'll get some LOST teasers for the summer and fall break.
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