Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode was just silly. The writers were starting to pickup steam with the last few episodes but then this piece of garbage comes along.

    What a terrible season finale. NOTHING is reveal and they go out without a cliff hanger. I gave the episode a 0 (yes, I know. For some reason I can't submit the review with a 0), due to its over the top crappiness. Here's hoping a few more million viewers stop watching come next season, maybe that will prove my point. I know I will be one of them.

    ... And one just has to ask, all these 10s ... fan boys or plants. I'm guessing a little of both.

    *** Spoiler ***

    All they revealed is that they got off the island and Jack wants to go back ... who cares? That has NO relevance to the present plot. OH OH, and don't forget, if you have a beard it means you're watching the future.
  • Second season = best TV season ever. Third season = biggest disappointment ever.

    Wow. Horrible. Thanks ABC for hyping this up again, and failing to deliver ANYTHING. And you want us all to wait until next year for the next episode? Whatever. I'm done. Actually, I'll end up watching just because I want to know what's going on, but I won't like it.

    I'm seriously PO'd at this whole season. You can't make something that the viewer knows nothing about your main focus of your show. The second season had a perfect balance of having the mysteries surround the survivors, but this season it's like the writers just rub it in the viewer's face that they don't know what's going on.

    A disappointing end to a disappointing season.
  • Pain, redefined.

    Simply the worst episode of Lost in its history, Through the Looking Glass has guarenteed I wont be back. No more of this crap. I am stunned and appalled that people actually liked this - I believe that people who love Lost actually deserve what they get, and what they get is nothing. With every episode two parts of a four part show, the complete dissatisfaction is absolutely deserved by anyone who acclaims this rubbish.

    The flashforwards was painfully obvious, and if you did not predict it, you are a moron. Clear and simple. But even then, the flashforwards were no great shakes - they were dull and uninspired and made the same simpering lack of sense that everything in this show does. The suggestion that Jack's leaving the island - the place where he spent most of his time fighting for life, trying to lead a bunch of hopeless halfwits out of danger and to rescue, in which he was kidnapped and beaten and saw many friends die, not to mention a serious of nightmares involving a huge smoke shadow (I maintain that the thing is actually bees), and polar bears, and a series of better trained, homocidal halfwits, and you name it - is a bad thing for him is absolutely ludicrous. Oh, yes, back on the mainland where he can do whatever he wants must be horrible for him. Hey, Jack, how about you try a date instead?

    So, we didn't see them get rescued, or get to find out who the people on the boat really are, or anything like that - instead, the flash forwards confirm that they were rescued, but the island (it's Neverland, stupid) has once again disappeared. But, of course, Jack wants to get back. He must really miss that Smoke Monster.

    Charlie is, as usual, a gigantic misfire. I'm sure you had to drown yourself, brother, because that had depth and pathos, except not. Most of us (those with common sense, I'm saying) were just stunned that you killed yourself needlessly instead of *leaving the room*. Questions like "Why can grenades explode underwater" are utterly fruitless when you're dealing with a wreck like Lost, so it's best not even asking. I really am not sure what I did to deserve Lost. I seem to have brought it upon myself by watching the damn thing, but even then, no. I hate you, Lost, and now I'll never ever have to watch you ever ever again.
  • Season finale,end of lost

    I can't lie,lost was my favorite show ever,i used to watch everyday,everynight,the characters were awesome,the plots,the misterys,the dialogues,the deaths,the twists,everything.
    Now this season finale ends lost for me,because after this episode lost turns a unreal,cliche,random,forced and weak show,there is no sense anymore,the misterys are just like "because i'm dead,because he is my son,because i'm gonna kill jacob,because i can fly"Where the hell is claire?Some kind of demon just sucked up her soul??!What's with leaving sun alive and killing daniel?She sucks ass!And what's with the death fetish?ALL CHARACTERS I LOVED ARE DEAD!This is a very lame way to destroy a very good show =/
  • The game changer while clever, not terribly exciting. *possible spoilers*

    The game changer while clever, not terribly exciting,
    The camera angles seemed very unlost at time, the panoramic view of the tower, the camera flicking between ben and jack, the dodgy punching camera, also, over violent, incoherent, very patchy, it didn't feel like lost.

    It feels unresolved, the actual episode itself, not the game changer, the ending feels midpoint rather than final, conclusive, resolved.

    Season 1 ends without a resolution, but it still wow'd with a sense of wonderment, a reverse flashback, was so-so, remember hurley? In the grand scheme of things within the story arc perhaps it will pay off, but as a season finally, very poor, very.
  • caters to law & order fans. (i do have to say that every island-based-scene was superb)

    what was once a show about damaged people coping with extraordinary circumstances & finding redemption on an island for their shady past has now become a show about filling in the blanks. it's a totally different show now. instead of the usual flashback, in this season's finale we got the flashforward which gave us the end of the entire series. :o what's the point of watching now? the entire nature of the show has changed. unless they tell us that the flashfowards belonged to desmond, we know that many of them do leave the island, but more importantly, that it is wrong for them to leave the island. the hero of the show ends up a depressed suicidal mess & he does not get the girl. thanks to all the complaints from the simple minded viewers who expect everything to be spoon-fed to them with a thunk-thunk sound, the show gave us this horrible attempt at "giving us answers" which instead gave us 1 too many. the ultimate goal of getting off the island has been resolved. from now on, any episode that deals with island mysteries will appear to be filler unless it furthers the sequence of events that get them off the island. we know how many episodes until the show ends so all suspense is gone. it was a terrible idea to placate morons who don't understand a show about people. "through the looking glass" makes me angry to this day! hopefully they will find a way to negate those flashes of jack in his beard. if they don't, the show doesn't even need to be watched anymore, because we know how it ends.
  • Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    Another disappointing episode leading nowhere, just like most of season three.

    The writers don't know what they are doing anymore. The plot continues to make no sense, and we are still not getting any answers.

    Yes, this is a mystery show, but things have to make sense; it can't all be just tension music and things exploding. What's worse is that, not only we aren't getting any answers, but that most things happening have become predictable. We knew Locke wasn't dead; we knew the Others hadn't killed the three Losties; we knoew the Russian guy was not dead (again), etc...

    When you know for a fact that some things are not going to happen, it devalues the whole thing. "Oh look, they shot Locke. But he ain't dead, so who cares."

    A few things that didn't make any sense from this episode:

    1. Charlie's death: okay, we all knew he was going to die, but that was ridiculous. I won't go as far as saying that a grenade under water would not make the window break, but really, he had time to open the door again, put on a diving suit, cook a meal, watch a movie, and swim safely to the surface. You don't expect TV to make sense all the time, but when you kill an important character, you can't just have this nonsense.

    2. Locke's return from the death: of course we all knew he wasn't dead, but really, how on earth did he manage to get out of that hole with a gunshot wound, and then go for a walk to find the rest of the group as if he knew where they were. I know it adds to the "plot", but it makes no sense.

    3. The radio signal: in a science fiction series, how can the writers be so naive as to try to make us believe that a radio signal (Rousseau's) can block a satellite signal? It can't, and again, no sense here. Picky, you say? When the plot revolves around people having to walk to the tower so that they can turn the signal off and so that Locke can find them and kill the girl, it's not me being picky. It's a huge mistake.
  • An annoying season finale.....


    I guessed almost right away that the flashback was a "future flash". I'm trying hard not to be upset but all this season 3 cliffhanger did was piss me off to no avail. Jack continues to evolve into the most annoying character on the show. So they get off the island? How? What boat if the boat is not Penny's boat. Will everyone be killed as Ben predicted, if so how did Jack and Kate survive? I will say this though, the death scene of charlie was beautifully done and really gave his character a great send off.
  • Is this the end?

    I gotta be honest, I didn't like it. First of all Charlie died which was one of my favorite charaters and secondly, why didn't we see the survivors get rescued. It must have been a writer's strike or something because it seemed like they just threw that one in there because they ran out of ideas. It seem like we missed something because it went stright to the sccene where Jack meets up with Kate at the end. Hello!!! what happend to everybody else. I thought the writers could have put together a better story line for the ending of the third season.
  • They writers kill off a beloved Character for no reason.

    I was absolutly furious with the writers for killing Charlie what kind of a person kills off someone as loved as Charlie and someone who has been like a Dad to the baby on the show. I personally will not be watching LOST anymore, nor will I be buying anymore of the seasons. I hope that the writers end up regretting what they did.
  • I think the writers of this series have LOST it! Garbage, depressing, unacceptable.

    I think the writers of this series have lost it (pun intended). The last episode was just nonsense and depressing and a good reason for me to stop watching this series forever. There was absolutely no reason to get so gross, macabre, ghoulish and violent in the last few episodes and then killing off everyone of interest. We are left with a depressing image of Jack who ends up as a psycho case after being the hero most of the time. I really think the writers and producers don't know what they are doing or where the story is going and are playing it by the seat of their pants. Total garbage. A depressing end to a once glorious series. Next time, quit when you are ahead, like maybe at the end of last season.
    Holliday 070527-1
  • An enjoyable episode, to a point . . . . (with spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode. I never thought that Hurley would ever kill anyone. I don't know what the writers were thinking when they thought that this would be a good final episode of the season. I can kinda understand tho. We've done the "others" as far as they could. So now they're introducing a new bad guy? whatever! Most of this season, i've been loosing more and more interest in jack and with him having a season finale based around him, I just wanted to kill him by the end of the first part of the finale. And as for the last scene of hte episode, with jack at the end of hte runway, my feelings are that they could've just left that scene out altogether!!!!

    This episode started out really good and it just bombed big time.

    I just can't believe that they'er cutting next season down to just 16 episodes. And it's also off until next February. I may loose interest by then.
  • I'm tired of the foreplay, let's just get it over with so I can go to sleep.

    I'm not just some bum writing a review here. Like many of you, I've watched every episode and like every other opinion that is voiced, here is mine...I'm tired of being led around. The ending was clever to some, but to a lot of people like me, I want some answers. I won't want to see Jack on the cingular wireless talking to someone out there and then him in the future saying "we made a mistake." And who's death was that in the article that he ripped out? I can honestly see why the ratings for this season has gone down. I'd also like to mention that in all my years of TV viewing, I have never seen a broadcast cap a show by telling people that the show will end in two years. Realistically, they could drag this show on for 13 years if they wanted to, but people are getting tired of seeing an extraordinary plot development at the end of the episode and then seeing the words LOST just fade away quickly. The flashbacks are good for the show, it shows what people went through before they got to the island, but I can only handle looking into the future for so long and Desmond already has that handled. And yes Charlie died, but I can't even feel reflect properly because of the ending just left me with a "what the hell kind of feeling." Despite it all, I'll be back next season because I want to finish what I started.
  • 2hrs of my life wasted

    If you thought the Heroes finale was bad, just watch this 2hr torture to find out how the Lost writers topped them.
    Nothing was answered and hardly any new questions arose. It felt like a 1hr episode that was stretched for 2.
    I have serious doubt about the mental health of these people that rated this over 9. Perhaps they should rewatch the episode, unfortunately for them.
    Hopefully they can do good with the future. See ya next season.
  • I have had enough of Lost and wont waste my time watching a show written by people that clearly dont have a clue where to go with the story themselves.

    Lost has clearly lost it, it answers no questions whatsoever, it just ignores most of them and add some more.
    Having scenes in the future serves no purpose but to confuse the viewers.
    In 3 seasons what has really happened? A plane crashes and people survived by a miracle, they find others and remains of science stations and some bad tempered black smoke, thats about it.
    The flashbacks are nicely entwined in the series but dont really add to the story but to the characters, which then die one by one.

    In the last episode Charlie clearly didnt have to die and had enough time to lock the door from the other side, the man that got shot in the chest with a harpoon blew himself up with a handgrenade just to get back at them?
    The people that crashed blow up 7 of the others and the remaining others capture them and not kill them?
    I just dont believe it any more.
  • Definitely different writing to most other shows

    After watching this episode for a second time, I sat back and really engaged in the plot thats unfolded so far. This episode has loads of interesting things to point out including the fact that during Jack's "flashbacks" things don't seem to be as they were before he left Sydney. His father for one, gets a mention as being among the living, but later when the timeline from those scenes is revealed I think it says alot about why Jack is behaving the way he is in this episode. In his words he is, "..sick of lying!"

    Very interesting indeed. So much so that I have rewritten this entire review to give it a 9.5 from the original 2.5.

    I really can't wait to see the next season.
  • What happened? -A certain drug-addict hobbit rocker drowned saving everybody's lives -Jack's future includes him wanting to commit suicide and having a beard. Also someone both him and Kate knew died. Also he got a golden pass from Oceanic.

    Summary continued:
    -Penny does not know Naomi. Is she evil? I don't trust Ben, so no...
    -A help team is on the way! The Losties will be saved. But when and how?
    Lost's season finale was kinda lame...
    I expected more.
    Well actually this was exactly what I expected.. But I wanted more So what was so off about this finale?
    A lot of fans have been complaining that there are too many questions asked but none are answered.
    Well we got answers this time around but no questions! Nothing really mysterious or shocking happened! YAWN. . . . . . . . . . .
  • Is there a flashFORWARD option?

    Because there should be.

    Lost brought the concept of flashbacks back into prominence on TV prompting shows like the failed Reunion and Heroes to mock their format. Just when you thought they couldn't be anymore innovative they unveil the flashforward concept.

    They're finally off the island and we had the 7 months to ponder just what is going on. While people liked the revived creativity in Season 4 I felt like it was a letdown set by this strong episode, but this two part finale sure did have its strong points. A great Desmond/Charlie storyline and Ben being beaten senseless.

    Just a truly great two hours.
  • The downward spiral began when Mr. Eko died. Instead of taking morally flawed people (like each of us) and finding ways for redemption and growth, the writers developed characters on the exact opposite course.

    I am done with Lost. For three seasons, I stuck with it. But Lost to me has turned into the island of lost souls, and I have no desire to continue to trek through the muck. Let's check out our "good guys": Jack (obssessive, beats defenseless man, & hooked on drugs), Sawyer (killed at least three times), Sayid (torturer & blew folks up last night), Jin (tried to blow folks up last night), Bernard (did blow folks up last night), Hurley (yes, he too killed with a van), Kate (burned up step father), etc.

    Think of the plan. The Others want to kidnap the women. The solution? Kill them! If you came in from the outside and just watched this episode, you'd be hard pressed to identify "good guys." Ben, who claims they are the good guys, kills without remorse. Many of the other beat people, put them in cages, try to brainwash people, etc. Some people say the writers are going to flip this whole thing and make the Others the good guys but I don't buy that either.

    Good stories not only entertain but they inform and even inspire. It's been too long since Lost has done that.
  • This episode tried to be too clever for its own good, with very few surprises.

    After a recent run of great episodes I had high expectations for this installment, but was sadly disappointed. When we saw Jack with a beard, on a plane, I did wonder if it was the future. Particularly as we started with the "flashback" and the talk of problems in his past added to the theory.

    But when he talked about his father being alive, I thought I was wrong. Then, it seems I was right. I think. So in the end I didn't end up being surprised or excited, just confused. And I prefer Lost when it's confusing in a good way, rather than completely contradictory and confusing. Maybe the answer will come next year, but it's not clear what they want us to believe.

    It was obvious that the three hadn't been killed on the beach, particularly as we didn't see them. The reference to shooting bullets into the sand was pure exposition of course and really not necessary. And it was obvious Charlie was going to die when it's been predicted all this time. But why didn't he shut himself on the other side of the door?

    Ben was great as usual, and it was wonderful to see his grip on power just disintegrating rapidly and his actions become more desperate. Also in true Ben style, when he gave words of warning against using the radio you just don't know whether to trust him or not. When he was beaten by Jack I felt both sad for him and happy that he was being hurt, quite the contradiction!

    It was also good to see Penelope again in a nod to the end of last season, even if I was disappointed that Naomi (aka Las Vegas's Nessa) didn't last long.

    But all in all, I just felt underwhelmed. The episode was by the numbers, and gave nothing new.

    Now if we'd ended with Naomi landing and saying the plane crashed killed everyone, that'd have been a great way to end the season!
  • How come we find Jack's father in a flash forward????? Can anybody help me understand that point????????

    As Kalplox said some time ago. Jack's father is "bound" to be dead today... so what the heck is he doing in the future!!??

    I found this episode quite nice. Great to see Dude imposing himself and actually making the big difference (by the way, he has always been one of my favorite characters).

    Charlie, not my favorite character at all, really surprised me nicely. He has shown he is the only one real hero of LOST (Jack, Sayid, Jin and even Sawyer are basically braver and follow their instincts in a dettached way). Charlie, on the contrary, had to fight against all his most deepest fears and selfishness by sacrificing himself for the cause of somebody else's lives. Although, I really think his death was unnecessary. He could have survived with Desmond by simply getting out of the looking glass and by swimming upwards (which is a lot easier and quicker than swimming downwards as they've bravely done before). Anyway.. it is quite sad that Desmond haven't been able to see his beloved one.

    It's a pity Locke haven't been able to stop Jack from calling the "boat". As Ben said, Jack would regret it in the end (in fact, that's what we saw in the flash forwards). By the way, Locke must really be part of the island. How come could someone survive those bullets? How 'bout Walt??? and where is Michael??? ARe they dead? Do they or mostly Walt (because he was special too)make part of the "soul" of the island now, after death?? (By the way, Walt has grown up. I really thought the producers/directors or whatever, would have had the intelligence to replace the actor for a new kid, but???? YOu know... the island's mysterious powers can explain everything even this sudden grown up kid ( 3 years aging in only 3 months' time. AMAZING ISLAND!!!)

    Finally, the man in the coffin, I can perfectly expect someone like Locke inside it. Let's wait.

    Quite good episode but below my expectations.
  • Very dissapointing, took a whole lota mistery out of it.

    Right to begin with, i cant beleive that chalie died! what about claire and the baby who is going to be the father now! and the ring he left in last weeks one, they better find it! Also why cudnt he just see the grenade and leg it into the water with desmond, swim up to the surface nd its happy days. The other thing is, i hated the flash forward i think i take away from the fact that they are "lost". I mean even though they are sending a helicopter it cud crash and all the rest of that lost often throws at us. Also who is the guy in the coffin, me and my pal think it is either Sawyer or Ben, we dont know. But still that does add extra mystery but it also takes it away. It has to be sombody that both kate and jack know. So it must be people on the island. One of the worst bits in the show this year was sawyer "turning to the dark side". In a fit of rage he kills lockes dad, then in cold blood it seems, he kills tom. That aint gunna do anything for him as far as kate is concered, especially as jack has just coughed us "i love you"! That was bit of a shocker!!

    Either way, iv come to far and dedicated far too much time to stop watching now, so ill see you all again in october on whenevr the new series starts. So its good bye from me, and its good night from lost.
  • How comes everybody is talking about a flash-foreward when Jack's father still seems to be alive? In a flash-back you see jack drunk and he says: "Ok let's get my father down here and if he is drunker than me, you can fire me!" How could thi

    A new theory: I think the flash-foreward we saw, wasn't actually a flash-foreward but a flashback. i pick up the storyline the writers have dropped in "Flashes before your eyes" when they basically said, yes, there is destiny, and yes every man/woman has a certain path to follow.
    So the question my theory bases on is: What happens if you alter you destiny, if you don't go the path that has been selected for you?
    So when the 815 survivors managed to get rescue, they managed to change destiny and by this they proved that the principle of impeccability of God/Universe or however you want to call it, is acutally false.
    But with them doing this they also disturbed the time and space continuum. they proved that god can be wrong, this can have catastrophal consequences.
    So i think the reason why desmond can see the future is because it isn't actually the future. all the 815 survivors are somehow trapped in a time loop where they are condemned to live the same things over and over again, untill they took the path that was meant for them to be.
    That's why Kate says at the end: "Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh?". And why Jack says: "We made a mistake". So when they left the island, the landed somehow back in the past before the flight crashed. That's the reason Jack is such a mess and whants to kill himself. That's the reason John Locke says to Jack that he is not meant to do this...

    So, what do you think? Sound logical? At least in the logic of the Lost Universe?
  • wow fantastic but who died

    I think it may have been Naomi and the reason no-one wanted to Know was because she betrayed them which they would have found out through Des and the reason jack was upset was because it was because of her they were rescued and no-one is thankin him for it because they all now know it was the wrong deccision which is what Ben said and that is how/ why some of them will return to the island for season 4

    ok i think i just about made that understandable

    ohh and i dont beleive it was micheal because if he had got home from the island then so would have Walt which we saw was still on the island and only Lock saw him and i think they(the rescued) didnt see him again after he shot naomi so no-one would have known they were still there to save
  • Wow! A lot of PERFECT scores here for this episode. PERFECT? That is DEFINITELY going a little overboard...

    First of all, I believe to give an episode a PERFECT rating is to say that EVERYTHING was as good as you believe it could have been. It's hard for me to believe that so many people could have such a low standard for a PERFECT episode. Well as far as I am concerned, this episode was no doubt a very good episode as mostly ALL are on lost. However, considering this is a season FINALE, the episode seemed like an episode leading to a season finale. But anyway, my problem with this episode was not with the way it was shot or the acting or anything else other than the storyline. First, I agree with a previous reviewer about CHARLIE-why did he not go out and close the hatch from Desmond's side? As far as I could see, the only thing he actually did AFTER he closed the hatch was write a damn note on his wet hand(as if he would be able to write something THAT legible on his hands while they are THAT wet...hmmmm....a little unnecessary unbelievability if you ask me), plus they ARE just normal people right. I mean, if someone told you you had to drown to save everyone else, wouldn't you at least TRY to prove them wrong? lol I mean it would be human nature for him to run the hell out of that room as soon as possible. Remember, he's not supposed to be able to hear the big FANFARE music playing and think "Yeah, I'll just die so it's a GREAT scene!" lol
    ..Pointless. Plus he had just asked Desmond if he had any new visions leading us to believe that he at least was starting to believe that they had somehow altered the vision of him drowning. Also, just a side note while I'm thinking about it-I'm so surprised that as long as they have been on that island bored to hell, that that Van still has gas in it. lol But that doesn't matter as much as all of this talk about time continuum. If this is INDEED the case, then I am very disappointed for the simple fact that I hate when shows fix it so they can do ANYTHING they want to fill time and come back at any point and erase it all and hide behind the Space-Time Continuum wall. I sincerely hope this is NOT the case. Also, if what we saw at the end with Jack and Kate is INDEED the future, then it also could be set after the end of SEASON 4!! So that means ANYONE could have been in the casket considering how much can happen in a season. Who KNOWS what will happen in the course of a whole season. They probably will be back on the island at the start of season 4 and who KNOWS when they will actually get off. ANYTHING could happen to spoil this rescue attempt and leave them one more season on the island. who knows, and that's my point. So maybe they got rescued and they weren't SUPPOSED to? The only one that seems down-in-the-dumps after the rescue seems to be JACK. And to be honest, he looked like he was headed THAT way even BEFORE the plane crash. So what? That CAN'T be what the writers want to tell us, I hope not. Oh man, I have to stop, I would take over 2000 words to fully explain my position. So anyway, for a FINALE, this episode was not up to par and although good, left waaay too many questions. Also, why when things are important, people don't fully speak their minds? "Jack this is a mistake!"..."Jack, you're not supposed to do this"....this is getting ridiculous, if something is THAT important, why wouldn't you at least say why you say what you say? Suspense? Yeah I know, but sometimes it IS too much to believe. I can see why so many PERFECT scores, though because in reading reviews, I see everyone is having a great time trying to GUESS the final outcome and meaning of the show. While this may be fun to do, we should rate the show and not the show + our imaginations. As for what we actually SAW and experienced in this episode, this Finale was a little too Up-in-the-Air in my opinion. This is to me a bit of a Cheap-shot to get viewers to think that the end sequence with Jack and Kate was connected to the rescue attempt that we were watching when I believe they are in NO way connected and even if they are, that is just a bit unfair not to conclude it and it's also the main reason we have so many people THINKING they know what's going on and some people wondering instead of EVERYONE saying "Wow, I didn't expect that, that was a Great Finale!" I don't believe they have to throw SO many questions in the air to achieve suspense leading up to the next season. Think of the Finales of season 1(Walt Getting taken and the guys left in the middle of the ocean on a self-made raft) and 2(Jack, Kate, Sawyer kidnapped by the others and setup by Michael) Great Finales, tons of suspense, and no questions popping out of the blue at the last 3 minutes to get you guessing and doing their job for them and getting OURSELVES more excited. A good episode in any event, but Lost Finale? Just so-so. This has NOT been a good year for Finales.
  • Not my favourite episode and shows a new direction that I'm not sure I like Review part 2 SPOILERS

    This episode is a continuation on "Through the Looking Glass (Part 1)". The story follows on exactly from the last episode and infact Sky One showed it with no pause.

    The story is that Jack beats Ben up and makes the call. Charlie and Desmond disable the blocker and for some reason Charlie dies. Naomi meanwhile may have a hidden agenda. And we see Penny again.

    The story is too far fetched - Penny being on at the exact time that the signal stops? Penny being on the exact frequency? Mikhail still not dying after being shot in the chest with a spear?

    Mikhail just can't be killed and they should accept that now. That story has been used to death. Charlie actually did die in this episode which is fine (I did like him but I can accept that he died) but it's the way he died that's stupid. He closed the door for no good reason - he could have closed it from the other side. He could have left it open and left the station before it filled up. Desmond could have opened the door using the big wheel on his side instead of trying to break the glass.

    Charlie didn't get a very good send off. I'm not sure he did die but he probably did.

    We also find out that the Jack flashes aren't the past but the future. He attends the funeral of a mystery person who I think may be Ben.

    The new direction that the story has taken is not great and I'm not sure this finale will pressure me to see next season. The answers just weren't there and the few answers we did get were too vague. The questions asked aren't interesting to me either.

    It was still a good finale but it isn't one that I wanted to see and the show is losing my interest. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • Through the Looking Glass (2) is the episode that will define the rest of the series.

    Through the Looking Glass (2) is a pivotal moment in the series because the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 will either be saved or attacked by the friends of Naomi on the boat only 180 miles offshore. It is very interesting because Ben warns Jack that the people on the boat have been waiting to get on the island for some time but can’t, and if he tells them to rescue them, he is putting the lives of the survivors at danger. Plus, John Locke believes in Ben because he kills Naomi in the attempt to prevent her from contacting the people on the boat, but Jacks uses the satellite device anyway. The show continued to focus on Jack with flashbacks, but there were not flashbacks; there were flash-forwards of the future because when Jack meets with Kate, he kept shouting lets go back, let’s go back, and Kate said, saw you on the news. Still pulling people out of burning wreckage, huh? And Jack says, Old habits. Therefore, the person that he went to the see at funeral home had to have been Sawyer because in the flash-forward, Jack said, I thought maybe you'd heard. I thought maybe you'd go to the funeral, and Kate said, Why would I go to the funeral? It will be interesting to see the final three seasons, and how they are played out. Overall, it was excellent conclusion to the season finale.
  • Not only was this the best LOST finale yet, it may be the best finale I've ever seen. The gamechanger is something to behold. I loved this episode!

    Season 3 was a love or hate season. Personally, I find that it was stronger than Season 2, if only by a hair, and weaker than the pilot season, which was completely amazing and introduced the show beautifully. With this finale, not only are lots of issues from this season wrapped up, but the show takes a new turn. And for me, it's definitely a positive thing.

    Things begin with Jack getting ready to leave for the radio tower, leaving Sayid, Jin, and Bernard back at the camp to take care of the Others. Lucky for them, they only will have to deal with ten of the Others' finest, and not the whole group. As Jack advances towards the radio tower, we find that the love triangle that we though may have ended with Juliet has now returned and has become a love quadrangle as Jack kisses Juliet, yet tells Kate that he loves her. This is really interesting as it makes us wonder what the heck Jack thinks of Juliet truly. Is he just using her? Who knows... Sawyer, on the other hand, is trying to distance himself from Kate, who is again acting the usual. However, his motive isn't that he is fed up with Kate, but that he wants to save Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, as it seems that only two of the explosions went off, and not all three. He tells Kate that he's going back but doesn't want her to come. Juliet goes along with Sawyer and Hurley tries to as well. However, once Juliet and Sawyer see Hurley, they tell him that he'll just get in the way and isn't in the best shape to help them out. That really got to me, as Hurley is a character that has always tried to help and fit in. He leaves reluctantly, and Sawyer and Juliet press on. It's really cool to see that a relationship between those two could be quite possible, but that's thinking too far ahead for now.

    On the beach, Jin and Sayid are able to shoot their sets of dynamite and kill seven of the ten Others. Bernard gets the chills and doesn't shoot off his dynamite in time, as the Others ambush our shooters from behind. Tom and Pryce with one other unknown Other hold the three hostage, threatening their lives as they question them on where Jack has led the group. Sayid stands up to them, as he knows well enough that he must let them all get off the island. Jin, well, he can't speak english. Bernard, however, remembering Rose telling him to not be Rambo, gives away Jack's plan to get to the radio tower. Pryce then radios Ben, whom with Alex, goes to head off Jack's group at their destination. When Alex asks why he's bringing her along, Ben tells her that he's delivering her to her new family, in reference to the losties. The motive of this is obviously that he was trying to protect her from having Karl impregnate her. This reveal gives me the idea that Ben isn't as bad as he seems. Sure, he killed all the Dharma people, but maybe they really were the bad guys. Ben later tells Pryce to keep the hostages as leverage. It seems that Ben still has more up his sleeve and will always be one or two steps ahead of the losties no matter what they try to do.

    And then, we cut to the story that I was most excited to see. We see Locke, ready to kill himself in the Dharma grave with a revolver. It seems as though Locke is willing to end his own suffering as he is accepting that he has failed. Right before he pulls the trigger, we are shocked by the sight of Walt, whom tells John that he can walk and has work to do. What the heck is up with Walt? How the heck did he so suddenly get back? Why? This is one of the questions we'll have to ponder for the eight months that LOST will be gone from us.

    Down in the Looking Glass, Charlie is surviving the good cop, bad cop routine by Greta and Bonnie who question him over how he got there. Knowing that this isn't the way he'll go, Charlie toys around with them, giving them lies such as he came from an "invisible submarine". Greta and Bonnie are then revealed to be Others, as they ask Ben for advice on how to handle the situation. Eventually, they get out the information of who Charlie is, and Ben is bedazzled by the idea that the losties know of that hatch. Ben then has Mikhail sent to the Looking Glass to take care of the situation as he has little faith in the two women. Mikhail then realizes that Ben lied about the Looking Glass being flooded and it seems that his faith in Ben has been a bit shattered. However, Ben notices this in Mikhail, and is able to keep him under his rule for just a little longer.

    We finally see Desmond in his boat, waking up to find no Charlie. Just as he awakens, he sees Mikhail taking shots at him with his rifle over in the distance. Diving into the water and reaching the Looking Glass, Desmond is able to hide in one of the lockers inside the station without the women noticing. With the women both angered that Charlie isn't telling them anything, they threaten to teach him otherwise with a spear gun. Just before they get this gun from the locker holding Desmond, Mikhail comes out of the water, telling them that he has been sent by Ben. He goes into a room and talks with Ben via a communications room. There, he is told by Ben to get rid of Charlie, Bonnie, and Greta. He exits and gets Bonnie and Greta, but Desmond shoots him with the harpoon gun before he can finish off one of the women. This was a very iconic scene with Desmond taking the initiative with the harpoon gun in a classic showdown pose. I loved that. Charlie then gets the code out of this woman left living that he needs to turn the switch and the yellow light. And what do you know, it's a tune to Good Vibrations, which also gave headway to the song, A Day in My Life, by the Beatles. After pushing the code, he presses a button after flipping the switch. This leads to him talking with Penelope. During the talk, he is told that the boat of Naomi is not hers. She doesn't have a boat. This blew me away since I knew that Naomi was a liar. Everyone didn't believe me, but I told them that Naomi lied. Still, I must know, how come the Looking Glass went to a screen with Penelope? Is she linked the group of Naomi or the Others? Why would they be tuned to her? Ugh, I guess we'll learn that later.

    After Charlie learns this, Mikhail, the man that never dies, appears outside with a grenade and blows open the window in the room that Charlie is in. Charlie heroically locks himself in the room to save Desmond then rights his final wishes, "Not Penny's Boat." This was done in an extremely touching way and makes me believe that this was the best character send off ever. Amazingly sad, yet beautifully done.

    Back with Jack and his group, they finally reach the radio tower. Meeting up with Rousseau, they enter the radio tower to end her signal. Unfortunately, Ben is also there. He warns Jack that calling these people of Naomi will kill everyone. This makes me believe that the people on the ship are people from the Dharma Initiative, and really no other group would make much sense. Again, I have to say, I was right and yet no one wanted to believe me! Ben then threatens Jack and is pushed to have Sayid, Jin, and Bernard executed by Pryce and Tom. Jack lashes out by beating Ben to the bone, and then tying him to a tree for safe keeping. This scene really shows the person that Jack is truly and also hints at who he will be in the upcoming seasons. Naomi, testing her phone for any sort of signal finally is able to call someone. With the radio out, she takes the phone and begins to call her ship. Just as she is about to speak with her crew, we find that Locke has thrown a knife in her back. With Naomi pretty much dead, Jack takes up the phone and begins to talk with a ship person. Locke threatens Jack, telling him that he'll shoot him. Jack pushes Locke as he continues to speak, and Locke then walks away with Ben again disappointed in him. I find it a bit strange that Locke kills Naomi yet doesn't kill Jack. Is it because he sees Jack as an accomplice or even a friend? I guess that we'll know next season or at least have a better idea of what was going on with our pal Locke. With that said, the man on the ship pin points Jack's location and tells them that they're on their way to rescue them. ON the beach, we find that Pryce on Tom have not actually killed their hostages, but shot in the sand. Tom doesn't agree that Pryce defied Ben's orders, and this shows that a divide in the Others is beginning and will become big for them. Sawyer and Juliet finally arrive at the scene, trying to devise a plan to rescue their fellow friends. Just as they think they have a plan down, Hurley arrives in his VW bus and runs over Pryce, killing him. This gives Sawyer the chance to steal the gun from Pryce and kill the random Other that was with him. Then, Tom gives up, seeing he's definitely outnumbered. However, Sawyer doesn't agree and kills Tom, saying "that was for the kid you kidnapped." This kind of showed how the death of the real Sawyer has affected our fellow con and that Tom may have actually been a good guy after all that didn't really want to fight with the losties. I'm still made that Tom is gone, though.

    Now, onto the flashback. Well, let me say, flashforward. yes, that's right. LOST's big gamechanger was showing us a flashforward of Jack in his nice ol' Spartan-like beard. We see him, just as his father, drinking and popping pills. His regrets lead him to nearly committing suicide. Just then, an ad in the paper of a death of someone he knew brings him to calling a special friend. He goes to see this person's coffin, but we never get to look inside for ourselves. Yes, this'll be a mystery I don't plan on being answered for a ways out. Then, Jack is able to contact the person he has been calling and meets up with them. There, he meets Kate and tells her how he has been flying on flights between LA and Pacific cities around Asia hoping that the plane will crash. He admits that they made a mistake and that they must go back. I'm guessing that he's talking about the island and then getting off. I think that after this, Jack and friends will finally realize that their isn't much more to go back to and that life on the island was better. Still, there's a lot of questions that this finale brought, and I want to discuss them now! Great writing!

    So, with that long re-cap with analysis, I have to say that this is the best finale I've seen. The number of key events is amazing and the storylines of each were well written. The only problem I had was that the second half seemed to pass a littl too much faster than the first, making the big reveals and shockers hard to cope with once the iconic LOST logo came up at the end of the episode. Still, this is in my top 3 episodes for the show. Incredible.
  • I think I know what they're trying to do! Oh no, I know it! Yes, you're right, read on!

    Three years. They've built a routine, something to trust. That was one of the few things you knew would come every single time. Maybe two times they didn't give us that, but they had reasons. Now we think, we're watching a flashback, are thrilled to see all these snakes jumping at us right out of the mailbox. They started a new strategy, we think. But that actually might have started with "LOST: The Answers" already. You might, no you do remember. When they said, that by the end of the show we would know not only the past and the present of the characters, but also the future. Then we see this incredible moment, this masterpiece, that tells us, they've kept their promise. No, they didn't. Not necessarily. Better. They have played the best trick on us so far. And I am thrilled to see the show come back, possibly in real-time, one hour till the ship is here. Hopefully, till then, they'll give us one new moment of the big next episode every week. Of course, there's no way I can promise I'm right. But I am. You might think, that what we got to see in the finale was after the island, after it's over, that Jack is becoming like his father. Sounds pretty realistic. But Kate and Sun also made it off the island. And Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) said, as if he knew for sure (which he probably does), that these three are all of the survivors, that made it off the island. You might think, that's what ends this tale, but I don't. This is season Four. I already thought, the show would soon start approaching to the secrets from on and off the island. Just I thought, that Penny and the rescue would be the only people trying to find the survivors. The ship will come, like in a second season finale (or The actual second season finale), but this time, that's what is going to start the season. Jack, Kate and Sun (apparently still pretty early in her pregnancy) will somehow end up on a plane home, or a ship. Sun also has reasons to go back, meaning her husband. Maybe she's just as screwed up as Jack. Maybe we're slowly turning the island events into flashbacks, or not, if this is not the end. Because then we would switch back and forth in time too much. But I am sure, they (Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) were trying to get us to think that this is the future, but it's not. This is clearly season four. This is right before they start showing us not only the situation on the island, but also the situation off the island. And, who knows, maybe the island will take Jack and Sun back with a plane of new survivors, putting Penny and Kate into the middle of attention, because of all the things that happened, maybe even in danger, threatened by the airline. And possibly The Hanso Foundation. Bringing us to Rachel Blake, who will find her way into the show. By the way, this and some other ideas are coming to me right as I am writing this here. Maybe Sun will lose the child off the island, due to the fact, that she only got pregnant because of the island. Maybe. But I'm sure, that Jack just had to stop shaving for a little time (he's got pretty dark, therefore pretty much a lot hair), Kate only had to get home and her husband would instantly take care of her, like he did, I guess, of her problems with the authorities. He's a cop. It sounds to me, like it could make sense.
  • awesome is the word and i knew that jack's father is alive

    awesome awesome awesome it is the only word for this episode they are 2 many good things in this episode so i cannot write everything about the episode the major highlights are that jack's father is still alive {he tells to the other doctor to see if he is more drunk than his father is}and what we all thought that it was a flashback and i am sure none would have guessed it right and a awesome scene involving charlie's death which was a real tearjerker but i still wonder what is walt doing and whose funeral it was and my only complaint is that i cannot wait till next year to watch lost again
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