Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • caters to law & order fans. (i do have to say that every island-based-scene was superb)

    what was once a show about damaged people coping with extraordinary circumstances & finding redemption on an island for their shady past has now become a show about filling in the blanks. it's a totally different show now. instead of the usual flashback, in this season's finale we got the flashforward which gave us the end of the entire series. :o what's the point of watching now? the entire nature of the show has changed. unless they tell us that the flashfowards belonged to desmond, we know that many of them do leave the island, but more importantly, that it is wrong for them to leave the island. the hero of the show ends up a depressed suicidal mess & he does not get the girl. thanks to all the complaints from the simple minded viewers who expect everything to be spoon-fed to them with a thunk-thunk sound, the show gave us this horrible attempt at "giving us answers" which instead gave us 1 too many. the ultimate goal of getting off the island has been resolved. from now on, any episode that deals with island mysteries will appear to be filler unless it furthers the sequence of events that get them off the island. we know how many episodes until the show ends so all suspense is gone. it was a terrible idea to placate morons who don't understand a show about people. "through the looking glass" makes me angry to this day! hopefully they will find a way to negate those flashes of jack in his beard. if they don't, the show doesn't even need to be watched anymore, because we know how it ends.