Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • It's great and all but Charlie :(

    AAAAAAHHHH! Oh my god what an episode. Lets start with Charlie. He's in the underwater hatch so Desmond dives in to save him. Desomond hides in a closet thing but when Bonnie ( One of the women in the hatch) was going to open it but Mikhail suddenly shows up. Charlie starts shaking Mikhail's trust in Ben so Mikhail demands the truth from Ben. After Mikhail gets the truth he kills one of the women in the hatch and then he shoots Bonnie and then goes to kill Charlie but he is shot by Desomond. Charlie and Desmond try to get the code from Bonnie before she dies and Bonnie tells them the code is music connected to number which seemed like fate because Charlie was a musician. Charlie enters the code and suddenly Penny appears on the screen but after talking to her for a while he finds out that the boat isn't Penny's boat which I find tottaly weird because Naomi was looking for Desomond. After putting in the code Charlie sees Mikhail next to the glass round window in the code entering room and Mikhail has an explosive in his hand so the glass breaks and the room starts flooding but before Desmond gets into the room Charlie closes the door and drowns but before he dies he tells Desmond that the boat isn't Penny's boat. I thought Charlie's death was so sad. He got so many storylines and he has been so important to the show. Lost just won't be the same without him. Jack and everyone else head to the radio tower where they find Ben and Alex there Then Ben asks for five minutes with Jack. Ben wants the radio phone but Jack refuses to give it to him so Ben gives orders that Sayid,Bernard and Jin get shot so Jack has a little meltdown but actually they don't get shot and they get rescued by Hurley who comes in with the car and drives over one of them. Sayid cracks one of their man's neck with his feet which is so cool and Sawyer shoots Tom. What a gripping and nerve wracking scene. Big surprise : Locke shows up and throws a knife right at Naomi's head after she gets a signal. he wants the phone because he thinks these people on the boat are bad news so Jack refuses and Locke threatens him. Jack dosen't give in and calls the boat and the people on the boat are ready to rescue them and yaaay everyone is happy !!! The two most emotional scenes in this episode were when Charlie dies and when Alex meets Rosseau for the first time. Favorite character from this episode : Hurley !!! It was great how he he saved everyone. The writing of this episode was great, the music was brilliant, the acting was fantastic and the storyline was thrilling. I did not like the flashforward because it kind of rowened the "are they ever going to get off the island ? " question but then again Desmond kind of rowened that already by telling Charlie that Claire and Araon are going to get rescued. What my friends think of this episode : " So GOOD !! " "Loved it " " omg omg omg what an episode ". Can't wait to watch season four :) Great stuff !!