Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • Ben and Jack have a gentlemanly diuscussion, regarding the tower, the sat phone and the situation. Sawyer and Juliet are trying to formulate a rescue plan whilst Charlie and Des try to unjam the jammer.

    Jack tells Kate that Sawyer only told her he didn't want to go with her because he wanted to protect her, as he did when they were at the hydra, he says I told you that because I love you and didnt want you getting hurt.

    We then see Jack, looking down at the paper clipping, then walks across the road without looking and into a funeral parlour. A man tells him that there wasn't a funeral that it was just a viewing, we see Jack leave and go back to the hospital, looking for prescription drugs then has a run in with the new chief of medicine.

    On the walk upto the tower he asks Danielle about the tower, she says she only went once, that the island is her home and then the group come across Ben and Alex, Ben asks Jack to turn around and go back,to give him 5 minutes of chat, he deserves that after killing 7 of his people.

    Mikhael comes out of the radio room, puts on his eyepatch and then shoots and kills Greta and then shoots Bonny in the back, Des comes out of his hiding place and shoots Mikhael through the heart with a harpoon spear. Des picks up his gun, Charlie tells him not to shoot Bonny as they need her. She is the only one with the code now except for Ben. Kate had come around the back of Ben and Alex and told Jack that they are alone. Jack takes Ben's walkie as they go for that talk.

    They start to talk, Ben tells Jack of the day he killed 40 on the island and that he was going to be doing the same as he, he warns him that Naomi is not who she seems to be, that he will find out. He asks and gets the radio back after Tom radios him, giving him 1 minute to decide or his 3 friends die.

    Meanwhile, Charlie has gotten some of the musical code from Bonnie, Des has organised the diving equipment, he puts the code in, was about to walk away when incoming signal flashes and beeps, it connects him to Penny, he starts talking to her, there is a knock at the hatch, he sees Mikhael with a handgrenade, he shuts Des out of the control room and learns that the ship is not from penny, as water floods into Charlie, he writes a message on his hand for Des to warn the others.

    Jack has let the minute pass, he then hears 3 gunshots and muted screams, then he beats Ben to near unconsciousness, then calls Tom on the Walkie and tells him that he is going to get his people rescued and then find Tom and kill him. He leads Ben back to the group and gets them to tie him up, Danielle is very interested in Alex, Alex is getting slightly spooked by the touching until Ben tells Alex that Danielle is he mother.

    Sawyer and Juliet are watching the beach, as Tom tells one of the others that perhaps they should have killed them instead of firing into the sand, revealing that all 3 are still alive, gagged and bound. Sawyer says to Juliet that they will have to wait til nightfall, but as Juliet points out they are unarmed, out numbered and nothing they can do. Just then there is something coming through the jungle, they dive out of the way of Hurley in the camper van, as he drives into one of the others, Sawyer follows his path, gets a gun, one of the others is disarmed and killed by Sayid and Juliet holds the Tom at gunpoint, until Sawyer shoots him in the chest, saying, that's for taking the boy off the raft.

    Hurley saves the day, the 3 prisoners are grateful, Hurley gets on the radio and yells "Others, if you're listening to this, then you should know we got you b's, and if the rest of you dont want to get blown up, then you'll stay away from the beach. Jack gets on the radio and asks whats happening and he tells him that they rescued Jin, Bernhard and Sayid and Sawyer and Juliet are okay too. Claire asks about Charlie but is told that he should be on the way back.

    Naomi gets a signal on her phone but it is being blocked by Danielles message, so they go upto the tower and turn of the message, they are not able to get a signal so go outside, she dials the number but as she does she falls, a knife in her back and along stumbles Locke, he gets the gun out as Jack has picked up the phone, he threatens to shoot him, but doesnt, he lurks away as someone answers the call, Jack is told they will be right there.