Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • This is about as good television can get.

    "Through the Looking Glass" hits Lost perfection - there's simply no doubt about that.

    Many people have fantasied about the show's series finale - how it would end, what the last episode would be like. Even more people fantasied about the survivor's post-island life(if there was to be one). Who will survive?
    How will they return to their lives?
    Will any of the survivors hook up with eachother?

    And so the list goes on. But one thing nobody thought about was, what if, that is not the show's ending?

    Lost has been cleverly avoiding cliches since episode 1. It's not like we haven't seen similiar stories (shows, movies) before that have a plot similiar to Lost. Yet Lost, still manages to come off really unique.

    And regarding the ending, it will be unique aswell. With TTLG, the show gives up it's regular formula - the flashbacks - and introduces the flashforwards.

    Seeing this reveal through Jack's eyes was an easy decision for the writers - he, after all, is the "hero" of the show. It was an interesting(yet logical) decision from the writers to make his post island life rather miserable. I figured it could be because of many things:

    - On the island he truly "found" himself: the hero, the doctor, the lover

    - To leave the island he made a sacrifice

    - Kate ended up with someone else post island(which seems rather obvious watching this episode).

    The episode is like a mirror; on the island, the survivors are desperately trying to leave and when they finally find salvation they all cheer. But in the flashforwards; Jack is desperately trying to get back. The Ben / Jack interaction was just really good. It really felt as if the entire season was building up to it. I thought it was interesting that Tom turned out to be the "bad guy" and Ben the "good guy" - whereas Tom was ready to shoot 3 survivors in cold blood, Ben wasn't.

    However, the happenings in the Looking Glass actually contradict that with Ben ordering Mikhail to kill Bonnie and Greta AND Charlie. This is not really him being out of character - it's just Ben being... Ben. Hands down the most complex character on the show. He's willing to do ANYTHING to protect the island(even kill his own people) but when it comes to personal differences, he's not really all that evil. Now that I have mentioned the Looking Glass, let me say that I did get quite emotional the previous episode, "Greatest Hits", but Charlie's death scene was the scene that, finally, made me cry. It was a beautiful scene. Everything was top notch: Amazing music by Michael Giacchino, outstanding performance by Dominic Monaghan and Henry Ian Cusick and perfect directing by Jack Bender.

    Honestly - who could hold the tears back when Desmond and Charlie put their hands on the glass? Such an amazing moment - finally showed how strong their friendship developed during the season.

    What's amazing in this episode is how the last scene, where the flashforward is revealed, puts everything in a different perspective. So right after you finished watching it - you can rewatch and feel as if you're watching a whole new episode.

    All in all - this was television's finest. It's a shame that while this episode is critically acclaimed, it didn't win nearly as many awards as it deserves. But, for us, fans, this was definitely something very much like - christmas.

    Kudos. 10/10, naturally.