Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • This is hands down, the best episode of Lost ever and a fantastic way to end the third season.

    It's been a year and a half since Through the Looking Glass hit our screens and wowed Lost fans alike and I still haven't got over it. From the beginning to the end it was a non stop thrill ride which didn't allow the audience to put their emotions to rest for one single second. Definately the best episode of Lost ever and hopefully an episode that will only be trumped by the season 6 finale. The episode is a Jack flashback and I admit I was one of those people who groaned when they realised what they were watching. I was expecting some revelations about what happened to Jack, whilst he was with the others, something that would shock us all and I was slightly disgusted that we were once again seeing a useless Jack flashback. That was until the end when Lost changed forever...and the show has never been better. The main revelation of this episode is that what we were watching was not a Jack flashback, but a Jack flashforward and that he and Kate have somehow escaped the island. It took my brain a few minutes to catch up with my common sense when Kate walked out of the shadows. How could Kate have known Jack before the crash? Did they suffer memory loss? And do I even want that to make sense? And then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I have never looked at Lost in the same light again. Damon and Carleton came up with a plot that gave the show the fresh new edge it needed, especially after the sometimes unjustified negetive comments of the third season. By the end of this episode there was simply no denying that this was the best show on television. The island action was probably the most exciting moment of the episode. Jack tried to lead a large group of the survivors up to the radio tower so they can send a signal to Naomi's freighter but they are met with complications. First of all Sayid, Jin and Bernard have get rid of the others who tried to attack the beachcamp, then Charlie has to switch off the jamming equipment in the Looking Glass station and thats not even taking into account Ben and Locke's attempts to sabotage the survivors' escape. Soon into the episode it become apparent things were going wrong. Sayid, Jin and Bernard were kidnapped by the only three others they left alive, Tom, Pryce and Jason, and then when Ben realised were Jack was going he drew his trump card. He met up with Jack and his team and told Jack that if he didn't hand over Naomi's radio and go back to the beach then he would order Tom to kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Knowing that he couldn't risk the rescue of the group Jack refused to give up the radio and gunshots rang out over Ben's radio in one of the most shocking and sickening moments in the show. Matthew Fox's acting is brilliant in this scene, his recoil as the gunshots ring out and then the anger washing over him as he beats up Michael Emerson yet again. Fans everywhere were devastated that two main cast members and a pretty amazing guest star had been wiped out in the space of a few seconds and it seemed this finale would take a darker turn. But I think we all cheered in triumph when we realised that Tom had bluffed and shot the sand instead. And then came the best action scene in Lost ever. Sawyer and Juliet had split off from Jack's group when they realised the others had taken Sayid, Jin and Bernard hostage. When Hurley had tried to go with them they refused but as they arrive at the beach they realised how wrong they were...as Hurley comes bursting out of the trees in his VW van and runs down Pryce in one of the most triumphant moments ever. Sayid than did a crazy breakdancing thing with his legs and broke Jason's neck and Sawyer ended the show by shooting Tom in the chest, even though he had given up. Seems he finally got payback for Tom kidnapping Walt. Elsewhere in this episode Charlie and Desmond manage to clear Mikhail, Bonnie and Greta out the way so they can continue with their task but all is not right. After shutting down the blocking signal, Charlie gets a video message from Penelope who soon realises that Charlie is an 815 survivor. However before Charlie can call Desmond over to be reunited with Penny, Mikhail shows up and uses a grenade to blow a hole in the porthole. Charlie closes the door so Desmond can be saved and his destiny can end and then dies in an incredibly tearjerking moment. As the episode ends Ben is a hostage of Jacks', Locke has failed in his attempt to stop the survivors from leaving the island and Jack has finally called for help. But something is wrong.
    We now know that Naomi's boat wasn't sent there by Penelope Widmore so then who was it sent by? Are they here to hurt the survivors like Ben and Locke have said and if they are than why and who do they really work for? We know in the future that Jack wants to go back to the island because he feels they shouldn't have left but then what has happened to warrant this change of heart? And if Jack and Kate are off the island who else is off the island? And how the hell are they going to get back?
    Here's waiting for season 4.
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