Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • It's been three years since this episode aired and I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor.

    Like Allen Iverson, Lost's writers are the kings of making you feel certain that they're going one way and in a flash go in the complete opposite direction, leaving you dead in your tracks with nary an option but to just sit and marvel at the level of creative trickery in their employ. It's been three years since this episode aired and I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor. By the final episodes of Lost's third season it was becoming fairly easy to predict what any given episode had in store: the unexpected. We all knew that the season finale would answer a few questions, raise even more and brilliantly leave us in anticipation of the next season. But just like watching the launch of a space shuttle, that awe-inspiring spectacle of man's ingenuity, the more times you see it, the less powerful it becomes. You still know it's a beautiful sight and recognize the amount of time and energy that went into it's creation, but the awe and wonder of that first viewing have started to fade. So how to dazzle an audience already desensitized by so many great plot twists? Hit them with something so unexpected that it makes them feel like they're watching it for the first time... again!

    And so, in what will go down as arguably the best cliffhanger in television history, those geniuses at the writer's table penned those famous final words that will be forever etched in my mind: "We have to go back, Kate. We Have To Go Back!!!" It was with those words that my jaw and my living room floor became good friends for the next few days... months... hell, I still haven't gotten over this one! There are very few occasions when something leaves me virtually speechless and in those rarest of moments I'm reduced to a decidedly ineloquent (some might even say vulgar) three word phrase. It's usually reserved for major events in my life that come out of nowhere and strike me with enough emotion that I just simply can't think of anything else to say. This may be the only time that a television show has elicited such a reaction. Indeed, just seconds after Jack reveals that what we have been watching are in fact flash-forwards to the present, I heard myself utter those three words that always signal the screeching halt of my brain functions: "Holy... sh*t... dude..."