Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC

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    We start off with Jack leading the Surviors along with Juilet, Karl, Daneil and Naomi Dorret to the radio statio to turn off Daneil's radio transmisson that has been broadcasting for 16 years, once they do that they can broadcast a signal of their own to Naomi's Ship which is near the island. But before they can do that the under water station codename: The Looking Glass, is jamming any signal from leaving the island, so Desmound and Charlie have to shut it down which seemed easy at first, but they were informed that the station was flooded and no one was in their, which turrned out to be false. And finally back on the beach Tom Friendly and four others have Sayid, Jin and Bernard tied up and at gun point, they areintching to shoot them cause their still uppissed at them for tricking them and blowing up most of their team mates.
    Back to Jack's group; their almost to the station but no one seem's to be in high spirits because their worrid about the three men they left at the beach and the jamming signal has yet to bt turned of. Jack doesn't want to split into group's for fear of falling into an Other trap, but he does let Juilet and Sawyer head back with Hurrly tagging along. Once they get over a big hill they see the evil leader of the Others, Ben their;He wants to talk.

    He and Jack take their talk in private. Ben tells Jack that the people on the boat arne't who they say they, they are as he puts it the 'bad guys' and ben tells Jack to givehe theRadio phone so Naomi can never contact her ship. Ben's resoning for this is that he must protect the island and that he is, as he put's it a 'good guy'
    Now here is what I would have said if I was Jack
    "Well Ben if your such a good guy then whyhave you kidnapping people, ordering your ownpeople to kill each otherbehind their backs, and why have you been holding my new girlfriend (Juliet) hostage for three years without contact to her family, while you sexually harased her and made her try to save pregnete women who were already byond saving. But Ben if you were a Good guy, I mean a real good guy, they why is it you never invited me or myflight 815 crash buddies to your island sububrs complete with homely features and in door plumbing, if you were a good guy home come you never did that!"
    Now things don't go well for Jack and Ben so Ben orders Tom to shoot Jin, Sayid andBenard over the walkie, three gun shoots are heared and Jack beats the S**** out of Ben and ties him up. The only reason Jack is keeping him alive is so he can see them get off the island and then he's going to kill Benknowing he failed.

    While Ben is not a good guy in my eyes,i have to ammit he isn't all bad since he ordered Tom not to actually shoot the three prisoners but insted to shoot three bullets in the sand. a little while later Hurrly comes to the resue with the DARMAH bus that he,Jin and Sawyer helped fix in episode 'Tricia Tanaka is dead' (which now makes that episode more meaningful), so Hurrly runs over one of the Others, which causes a divergen that allows Juliet and Sawyer to seal theirguns and shoot them, thus saving the day.The funniest and most melow moment in this episode is whenHurrly contacts Jack's group by useingBen's walkie telling them the good news.

    I won't go into detail about what happens at the Looking Glass station, other then the jammer was turned off and Charlie died a hero.

    Just as Naomi is about to contact her ship Locke throws a knife at herwhich renders her either dead or unconsius. Locke says that they should not contact that ship, that its a mistake and that their here for a reason. Jack and Locke have a faceoff, Best one they've ever had thus far, it end with Jacks victory and the ship is contacted and it is on their way every thing works out in the end.

    Or does it? a 'Flashforward' into the futre reveals a druken bearded Jack wanting to go back to the island.
    This is what as known as an epic season end (and an Ironic end as well)

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