Season 3 Episode 23

Through the Looking Glass (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 23, 2007 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Ben: May I have my walkie back?
      Jack: What?
      Ben: There's something you need to hear. Please?
      (Jack hands Ben the walkie-talkie)
      Ben: Thank you. Tom are you there?
      Tom: (over the walkie) Yeah, I'm here.
      Ben: (To Jack) Your plan killed seven of my people. But the ones that you failed to kill are now holding you friends, Jin, Sayid, Bernard, at gun point.
      Jack: And what's to stop me from snapping your neck?
      Ben: Tom, unless you hear my voice in one minute, shoot all three of them.
      Tom: Got it.
      Ben: (pulls out his watch) Bring me the phone, Jack. (struggling is heard over the walkie) 40 seconds.
      Jack: No, I'm getting them off the island. All of them!
      Ben: Let me ask you something, Jack. Why do you want to leave the island? What is it that you so desperately want to get back to? You have no one, your father's dead, your wife left you; moved on with another man. Can you just not wait to get back to the hospital? Get back to fixing things? (Jack moves forward) It's 20 seconds now, just get me the phone Jack.
      Jack: No.
      Ben: 10 seconds, bring me the phone.
      Jack: No.
      Ben: I'm not bluffing.
      Jack: I won't.
      Ben: 5
      Jack: do it!
      Ben: 4, 3
      Jack: No!
      (3 gun shots are heard over the walkie)
      Ben: I'm so sorry Jack.
      (Jack attacks Ben and beats him, he then picks up the walkie-talkie)
      Jack: Tom, are you there?
      Tom: Yeah Jack, I hear you.
      Jack: Im gonna' lead my people up the radio tower and I'm gonna make a call. And I'm gonna' get 'em all rescued, every one of them! And then I'm going to come and find you, and I'm gonna' kill ya.

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