Season 3 Episode 10

Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on ABC
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When Hurley discovers an abandoned van in the jungle, he makes it his mission to get it going again. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer return to camp and decide what to do about the still-captive Jack.

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  • A good change up

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I loved all the humor. The scenes with the van were hilarious, and it was nice to see the guys having some fun for the first time in a long time. The whole season has been so dark, so it was nice to see a light side. My favorite part was when Sawyer found the head in the van and then put it on the corpse. It was also funny all the names Sawyer had (as always), with my favorites being IHOP and Jiminy Cricket. Sawyer teaching Jin English was also pretty funny. I loved this episode. It was very funny, and I think lost scored big time with this one.moreless
  • Light relief at last

    " Is that an arm? " A withered arm with a dangling key leads to a merry bro-romp in the open grassy spaces on the island. Heck, there's even beer, Sawyer is flowing with classic nicknames (Charlie = Munchkin) and tutors Jin in essential girl talk in English " I'm sorry, you were right, pants don't make you look fat".

    Kate however remains in serious mode and no sooner touched down on the beach than is back in her Lara Croft togs and striding purposefully back into the jungle. Sayid and Locke fall in and it looks like Rousseau could be on board. This would make for a strong combo, no fluff and all experienced and focussed. Hmm, lets modify that - Locke is pretty unpredictable these days and likely to go rogue. Rousseau is undoubtedly capable of crime passionel where her child is concerned.

    The flashbacks were given to Hurley and his struggle with his lottery win. His father shows up, classic. This was light fluff too imo nothwithstanding the unfortunate but frankly ludicrous death of the TV presenter that gives this episode it's title.

    I expect next episode to be brisker paced, darker and more ambivalent, but this was a welcome pause, a rest in dappled sunlight.moreless
  • Awesome.

    Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery. This episode is about the good old Hugo. I love his back storyline, I like his farther as a character he brings something to the table, it's his farthers fault that he is fat. I love Hurley, his scene wher ehe is talking to Libby's grave is so sad. I love the Charlie and Hurley scenes. I love all the scenes with the Dhrama car, especially when it's Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Sawyer - hilarious. I love the scene where Sun is only speaking English to Jin. I love the scene between Sawyer and Kate and them returning from the Others. I love the scene between Charlie and Desmond and then Sawyer. I love the wya Kate, John and Sayid are all talking about Jack, and then decide to all go looking for him. I love it when Kate tells the French chick about her daughter so she joins along with them.moreless
  • Season 3 is filled with many superb episodes, but this one is one of the best of them all.

    This is mostly just a filler episode, but to me it's much more than that. This episode is Hurley-centric, so we're going to be looking back at the numbers curse, but this time is also involves Hugo's father. After many years of being gone, he suddenly comes back after Hurley wins the lottery. Hurley is not so happy about him returning, however.

    The actual island events are quite classical. This episode really has no place in the actual storyline, but it is a lot of fun to watch. It starts out when Vincent brings Hurley an old arm. Hurley follows the dog out to where the arm came from to discover an overturned truck.

    Nobody is really willing to help Hurley start the truck- Hurley is intent on starting it, because he believes that everybody could use some fun, especially Charlie. Jin is the only one that comes with him at first. In little time they have flipped the truck back over and checked out the contents inside.

    Kate & Sawyer make their way back to the beach, where the castaways are very happy to see them. Kate is immediately set on finding Jack and talks to Sayid and Locke. Sawyer, on the other hand, is upset about all of his "stuff" being taken and searches for all of the ones who took it.

    Sawyer then joins Hurley & Jin to help them start the car- he is pleased to learn that there is beer inside! After Hurley fails in trying to start the truck, he goes to find Charlie so that he can help the bunch of them. The 4 of them then get the truck to the bottom of a short hill, where a much longer, much steeper hill awaits them.

    Sawyer & Jin believe that pushing Hurley & Charlie with the car down the hill is very dangerous, but Hurley believes that he can make it start on the way down. It seems as though they will crash, but just at the very bottom Hurley turns the key and the car comes to life! Sawyer & Jin join Hurley & Charlie, and the 4 of them, along with Vincent, spend a good deal of time simply driving the car around in the large meadow before returning to the camp.

    The episode ends with an eerie scene: Kate goes out to find help, but she hasn't told Sayid or Locke who she plans on getting help from. They follow her into the jungle, where all 3 of them find Rousseau awaiting them. Kate convinces her to join them in finding Jack- she claims that Danielle's daughter, Alex, is living with them and draws Rousseau into helping them.

    Overall, this is definitely one of the best episodes of all time. Sure, it doesn't have a heck of a lot to do with the plot of the entire season, but it really does make you smile. It's one that almost everybody will enjoy.moreless
  • Something of a filler, but this one makes its own luck

    Hurley appears to be the cheerful, feel good guy on the island, but as we now know, they are the tears of a clown.. As we find in the teaser, he's scared, and he's always been scared since he came to this island. Of course, this is due to the burden he bears. When he talks with Charlie, and he tells Hurley about Desmond's dire prediction, he doesn't try to comfort his friend, but says "This is my fault, and 'Death finds me.'

    When I first heard this, I thought, "That's kind of egocentric.' Then I remembered his history. He was institutionalized after a balcony he stepped on collapsed and two people died. After he won the lotto, his Grandpa Tito died, we see Tricia Tanaka get crushed by a meteor in the flashback, and someone kills himself at his accountants. He's been involved in a plane crash where 250 people died on impact, and a couple of dozen have died in the last two months, including maybe the first woman who ever loved him. (That's not counting the Others that have died.) Small wonder he thinks he's cursed.

    But hope springs eternal in Hugo's breast, and when he finds a dead man in the rotting hunk of a car, he takes it as a sign of optimism.. Naturally, his friends can't see it that way, and he can't get any help for his little project--- except Jin, who volunteers by accident (Still Hurley's had a pretty good relationship with hi, so maybe there's more to it)

    The back-story isn't quite as strong as some of Hurley's other flashback, but it does reveal a couple of interesting elements. For one thing, we meet Hurley's father, who skipped out on his mother and him when he was twelve (and thin!). Their relationship probably wasn't that strong to begin with, but the one thing they did together was try to rebuild an old Camaro. And even though Hurley says that he doesn't want his father around, he has despite the millions held on to that wreck of a car.

    Hurley's not a dummy, and knows his father has come back for the money. It doesn't help matters that his father tries to run a con on him to get rid of his 'curse'. Sadly, Mr. Reyes is nowhere near the level of Anthony Cooper or the Others. Bt unlike almost every other parent on this island, Mr. Reyes really does love his son, and when in the final flashback, he tells Hugo that he'll be waiting for him when he gets back from Sydney, he keeps his word, and even follows through on his own kind of hope.

    Meanwhile. Hurley s working on rebuilding a van that seems to have been part of the Dharma Initiative, complete with a workman (who unfortunately pops his skull off) and has more quite a lot of beer in the back. (We will find out by the end of the season that this vehicle is linked to a very surprising source.) Jin and Sawyer (we'll get back to him in a minute) help him get the car upright, but even when the engine doesn't work, Hurley somehow keeps hope alive, and manages to persuade Charlie (who also thinks that destiny has it in for him) to get into a vehicle with no brakes, and push it down a hill into a pile of rocks. It would seem an act of suicide to do so, but somehow Hurley tries to h goes through with it--- and it works. . This is the beginning of Hurley's feeling that maybe he isn't cursed. The feeling will hold for a while, and he'll even think he has it beaten, but the island giveth and the island taketh. So that's for later.

    Kate and Sawyer en finally make it back to the beach, and their reactions are completely different. Sawyer immediately goes to his tent and starts looking for his stuff (and man does he get irked when he learns that Desmond has drunk his whiskey) He goes to see Hurley to complain --- and Hurley's reaction is one of joy--- which is odd considering Sawyer's saved most of his insulting nicknames for him (and delivers three in this episode alone). But there is definitely a level of trust building there, and their relationship will begin to evolve in to the next two seasons. Jin also seems happy to see Sawyer too (I guess being abducted by the others does a lot to erase your bad boy status.) When the episode ends, Sawyer goes to his tents, and puts his stuff down, as if to say he's home.

    Kate, on the other hand, no sooner arrives before she turns around, and says that she's going after Jack. It is hard to know whether she's doing this out of love o guilt, but she seems unable to hold still. Sayid and Locke both say they want to help her, but as we will soon find out, each has very different reasons for wanting to aid her.. Not convinced their help will be enough, Kate goes to the one person who might be able to help her --- Rousseau, and tells her that her daughter is alive, and in their position. Rousseau will give some help, but she will be very ethereal when it comes to dealing with the Others. (We won't learn that she has a very good reason not to until Season 5.)

    While not as strong as some of the other episodes we've seen this season, this a decent episode with a darker wit then some of the other episodes. (Especially notable is when Mrs. Reyes tells Hugo that 'a woman has needs', looks at her husband, and Hugo's immediate reaction. The comedy, however, still has a share of pain. There's still death and betrayal going on , after all, and there is the possibility, after Hurley's further adventures while on the island, that the gods are making sport of the Lostaway we care the most about.

    My Score: 8.1moreless
Billy Ray Gallion

Billy Ray Gallion


Guest Star

Caden Waidyatilleka

Caden Waidyatilleka

Young Hurley

Guest Star

Suzanne Krull

Suzanne Krull

Lynn Karnoff

Guest Star

Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan

Danielle Rousseau

Recurring Role

Lillian Hurst

Lillian Hurst

Carmen Reyes

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • Numbers: The psychic said 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

    • Goof: If you were about to be hit by a meteorite, there would be no audible warning. Meteors travel in the atmosphere many times the speed of sound. A typical meteorite reaching the earth's surface would have slowed to its terminal velocity well before impact, which is very likely to be significantly less than the speed of sound. In the episode, Hurley, Randy Nations and even the TV crew (inside Mr. Cluck's) heard the meteor coming.

    • The scene of the meteorite hitting Mr. Cluck's was named by Kevin Blank as the "single biggest, most expensive shot the show has ever done."

    • Three episodes before ("Not in Portland") Sawyer calls Karl "Cheech" in reference to the duo "Cheech and Chong". In this episode the real Cheech (Marin) makes an appearance as Hurley's father.

    • Randy's brief job at Mr. Clucks in this episode, set approximately a month before the crash, conflicts with the episode Walkabout, in which he is seen, during the same time period, working at the Box Company above Locke. Even if Hurley was responsible for getting him a new job so quickly, he could not have had time to build up such an antagonistic relationship with Locke before Locke left for Australia.

    • Island events in this episode take place on December 5th 2004.

    • Numbers: 15, 42

      The California license plate of the Camaro is 429 PCE. Also: 4+2+9=15

    • In numerology, you assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet: a=1, b=2, c=3 ... z=26, to find hidden meanings in text. Applying this to the name "Tricia Tanaka" and summing up the values gives the value 108:
      20(T) + 18(r) + 9(i) + 3(c) + 9(i) + 1(a) + 20(T) + 1(a) + 14(n) + 1(a) + 11(k) + 1(a) = 108

      108 is the sum of the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42).

    • Hurley: Mr Cluck's got hit by a meteor or an asteroid ... I don't know the difference.

      A meteor is the visible path of a meteoroid that enters the Earth's (or another body's) atmosphere. The term asteroid is generally used to indicate a diverse group of small celestial bodies that drift in the solar system in orbit around the Sun.

    • This episode continues the tradition of characters having poor relationships with their fathers. Hurley joins Jack, Walt, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Locke and Kate.

    • The candy bar that Hurley is given by his dad in his first flashback is a 'Glacier Bar.' However, when Hurley peels back the wrapper, you can see that it is actually a 'Crunch' bar. One would think that it would be an 'Apollo Bar' because of is prominence on the show but Hurley had previously stated in the second season that he had never heard of them.

    • Two of the tarot cards that the psychic draws are 'Six of Swords' and 'Death.' The other cards are not visible.

    • Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack was revealed to be located in Diamond Bar, CA, USA. It is about 29 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

    • When Vincent first arrives with the arm, the key-chain is facing outwards concealing the keys behind it. Then in the next instance it has changed and the keys are in front of the key-chain despite the dog not moving.

    • The microphone that Tricia Tanaka is holding while interviewing Hurley reads "Action 8." 8 is, of course, one of The Numbers.

    • When Hurley's father returns, Hurley says, "I'm not going anywhere with you," which is the same thing that Walt said to Michael in a flashback after Michael came to take Walt home with him.

    • The song ["Shambala" by Three Dog Night] playing at the beginning of the episode when young Hurley and his father are attempting to fix the car is the same song that plays after the bus starts on the island.

    • When Sawyer throws a beer to Hurley, we can see through the can trajectory that it should pass way behind him, but when the scene shifts the can falls just behind Hurley.

    • When Vincent shows up, he's carrying the dead arm by its hand, but after the scene shifts he's carrying it by its forearm, also we can see that when Vincent is carrying this arm, the fingers are facing left, but a couple of scenes later, the fingers are facing right.

    • Although the van has a Dharma logo on the front, in the scene where Jin, Sawyer, Charlie, and Hurley are about to push it down the hill, you can clearly see that the wheels have a VW logo on them.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • (David, Hurley's father, offers a younger and significantly skinnier Hurley a candy bar)
      Young Hurley: But mom said I'm not supposed to-
      David: Come on, Hugo. It's just a candy bar. Live a little.

    • Tricia: Also with us is Hugo's former boss, and now employee; Randy Nation. That's probably every working stiff's, uh, fantasy isn't it, Mr. Reyes? (Hurley shrugs) Okay, so Hugo, tell us what else you've done, since you got on your lucky streak.
      Hurley: Actually, I've kind of had some bad luck too. My grandpa Tito died of a heart attack and the first house I bought my Mom burnt down. My friend Johnny ran off with my girlfriend, Starla. Oh, and this guy jumped off my accountant's roof.
      Tricia: Cut! What the hell was that?! It's a puff piece Mr. Reyes. Do know what that is?
      Hurley: Yeah. Sorry, Tricia Tanaka.

    • Kate: All right, just relax your foot for a second. I'm going to pull it out. On the count of three. Ready? One ...
      (Kate pulls the dart from Sawyer's foot)
      Sawyer: Ow! I thought you said "three?"
      Kate: (Smiling) Yeah, well, anticipation is the worst part. I thought I would spare you.

    • Hurley: Car! I found a car. Tipped over, in the jungle.
      Nikki: You found a...car?
      Hurley: And we can totally fix it! And get it going again! It's not far, come on!
      Paulo: Why do we need to start a car?
      Hurley: Because...it'll be fun! We could all use some fun! I mean, after everything that's happened. We need it. (looking at Charlie) Especially you, dude. So who's with me?

    • Jin: I'm... sorry.
      Sawyer: Okay, nice. Keep it coming.
      Jin: You were...right
      Sawyer: Okay, that's two. Hit me.
      Jin: Those pants... don't make you look... fat.
      Sawyer: Now ya got it! Only three things a woman needs to hear!

    • Hurley: Dude, that beer's been sitting there since before Rocky III, maybe even before II, it's probably poison by now.
      Sawyer: Skeletor seems to like it. (Sawyer hits the skull with the beer can). Bottoms up!
      Hurley: That's not cool, Dude. That guy had a mom, a family, and friends. Oh and a name. Not Skeletor, it's Roger Workman.
      Sawyer: (he looks at the name on the jump suit.) It's 'work man', you blockhead, that's his job. He was a Dharma janitor.
      Hurley: Yeah, well you should still respect the dead.

    • Sawyer: Are we there yet?
      Kate: If we are where I think we are, then our beach should be just through those trees. We'll be home in about five minutes.
      Sawyer: Try to contain your excitement, Freckles.
      Kate: Forgive me if I'm not excited about explaining why there are only two of us coming back, James.
      Sawyer: Maybe they should explain why they ain't come looking for us.

    • Rousseau: What are you doing here?
      Kate: I came to ask for your help.
      Rousseau: To do what?
      Kate: I'm heading to the Other's camp and, if I'm going to find it, I need someone who knows the island.
      Rousseau: What makes you think I have an interest in helping you?
      Kate: Because they had me and they would've never let me go, probably would've killed me if I hadn't escaped. And the girl who helped me escape, she was about sixteen years old and her name was Alex. I'm pretty sure she's your daughter.

    • Sayid: Kate, if you were looking for help to find Jack, why didn't you ask us?
      Kate: Two reasons: you don't know where to look and you're not motivated. And, I don't blame you. Why would you wanna go on another trek across the island? Risk more lives just to get Jack back.
      Locke: You're wrong.
      Kate: Oh, really? Then why didn't you come after -
      Locke: Not about the motivation, just about knowing where to look. We got a compass bearing and I'm pretty sure, if we follow it, it will lead us right to 'em.
      Kate: How?
      Sayid: Because of the way the sunlight hit Mr. Eko's stick when John was burying him.
      Locke: So, now you know our secret. How 'bout you tell us yours?

    • Hurley: Dude. Hey, dude. Stop moping! Come on.
      Charlie: I'm not moping.
      Hurley: Nuh uh. When people stare out at the ocean and get all quiet-like, they're moping. So, get up, and come with me.

    • Sawyer: What are you doing over there?
      Hurley: Praying.
      Sawyer: Praying for what?
      Hurley: Help.
      Sawyer: Well hell, I got you some help right here! (He throws a can of beer to Hurley)

    • (The psychic tells Hurley to remove his clothes so the curse can be exorcised)
      Hurley: Did my dad put you up to this?
      Psychic: What?
      David: Hugo, please.
      Hurley: I'll give you $1,000, right now, if you admit my dad told you to say this stuff.
      Psychic: The Mystic Arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you -
      Hurley: Ten thousand.
      Psychic: Your dad put me up to it.

    • (David walks in and sees that Hurley was sleeping while wearing headphones)
      David: What's with the earphones?
      Hurley: It's for the noise.
      David: Well, your mother is a very passionate woman.
      Hurley: That is disgusting.

    • Hurley: I'm gonna start the car, now. (Jin says something about the engine in Korean) Dude, even if you were speaking English I wouldn't understand a word you're saying. Just relax. We're good. This'll work.

    • Carmen: It's been seventeen years, Hugo.
      Hurley: What's been seventeen years?
      (Carmen puts her fingers over the golden Jesus)
      Carmen: I have needs.

    • Sayid: Why did he say, "don't come back"?
      Kate: He sacrificed himself so we could escape. Probably didn't want it to be for nothing.
      Sayid: Hurley told us they released Michael and Walt.
      Kate: Yep, they gave Michael a boat. He took off and never looked back.
      Sayid: Did you see any other boats?
      Kate: No. But something tells me they didn't give away their only one.
      Locke: So, they can leave the island?
      Kate: I don't know, John.
      Sayid: This zoo where they held you, is that where they live?
      Kate: We escaped with one of them - a kid named Karl. He said that they live on this island. He could've taken us there but Sawyer let him go.
      Sayid: Why?
      Kate: You're gonna have to ask Sawyer.
      Sayid: Kate, where are you going?
      Kate: I don't care what Jack said. They've got him and we have to get him back. I owe him that. So, I'm going to get help.
      Locke: Help from who?

    • Hurley: What about Jack and Kate? They with you? They all right?
      Sawyer: Kate's with me. But, the Doc, they still got him.
      Hurley: Okay. It's okay. It's gonna be all right. Jack's gonna be all right; we all are.
      Sawyer: Well, what a relief.
      Hurley: Nah, see, things are getting better. The car. You coming back safely. It's a sign.
      Sawyer: Yeah, a sign that I want my stuff back.
      Hurley: Nuh uh. You're gonna help us fix this thing.
      Sawyer: And why in the hell would I do that?
      Hurley: Because, there's beer.

    • Sawyer: Hey, where the hell's my stuff? What are ya'll doing?
      Hurley: Dude, you're alive! (He runs up and hugs Sawyer) Alive!
      Sawyer: Yeah, yeah, Snuffy, good to see you too. (He sees the van) I'll be damned. You found yourselves a "Hippie-Car."
      Hurley: Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?
      Jin: Sawyer.
      Sawyer: Jin-bo! How you doing?
      Jin: Good... see... you.
      Sawyer: Well, look at that! Somebody's hooked on phonics!

    • (Jin says something in Korean)
      Hurley: Oh, I got it. We're gonna tip it up? Crafty.
      Jin: Crafty?
      Hurley: Yeah, crafty. It's like when you're good at ... crafts. Never mind.

    • Sawyer: Hey, Oliver Twist, where the hell's my stuff!?
      Charlie: What stuff?
      Sawyer: Oh, you know good and damn well what stuff. I had books, food, porno, a bottle of scotch.
      Desmond: Aye, apologies for the scotch, mate.
      Sawyer: You drank it!?
      Desmond: Well, to be fair, there was, uh, there was three of us.
      Charlie: Yeah, there was.
      Sawyer: You, the munchkin and who else?

    • (Jin and Hurley pull Roger out of the van and Roger's head breaks off)
      Hurley: We'll get that later.

    • Carmen: Hugo. Hugo, wait. I can prove to you you're not cursed.
      Hurley: You can?
      Carmen: Come here with me; I have to show you something.
      David: Hey, Hugo!
      Carmen: After 17 years, your father has returned.
      David: Hey, wow. Your mom wasn't kidding about those candy bars. Just kidding.

    • Carmen: Hugo. Is that you, Hugo? (Carmen sees Hurley covered in soot) Oh my god. What happened?
      Hurley: Tricia Tanaka's dead.
      Carmen: What?
      Hurley: "Mr. Cluck's" got hit by a meteor ... or an asteroid. I don't know the difference but it's gone.
      Carmen: That's crazy.
      Hurley: It's not crazy. It's the lottery money. The numbers. I'm cursed and now Tricia Tanaka is dead and her camera dude and it's all my fault. (Carmen slaps Hurley) Ow!
      Carmen: It was an accident.

    • Kate: You know, all you have to do is say, "sorry." We could start again, give each other a clean slate.
      Sawyer: Slate, like on Little House?
      Kate: What?
      Sawyer: Little House on the Prairie? Laurie Ingalls used to write on this little chalkboard after school.
      Kate: You call it Little House!?
      Sawyer: I had mono when I was a kid! I missed two months of school. We only got one channel on my trailer.
      Kate: What are we even talkin' about?
      Sawyer: We ain't talkin' about nothing.

    • Tricia: So, Hugo, I think the question on everyone's mind is: why did you buy "Mr. Cluck's?"
      Hurley: I, uh, I like chicken.

    • Charlie: Desmond said I was gonna die. He told me he has these flashes ... visions, whatever. And, in them, he told me, I always die. (Hurley does not respond) So, this is the part where you tell me it's ridiculous, don't be daft, he's a nutter.
      Hurley: I think he might be right. And, I think it's my fault.

    • Hurley: So, then, the Others take the bags off our heads and we're, like, on the other side of the island and they take Jack, Kate, and Sawyer someplace and they send me back to warn everyone to stay away. Which I did; and, now, everyone is freaked out. With them gone and what happened to Eko, they're all scared. And, I'm scared. But, then, I've been scared most of my time here, anyway. Except when I'm with you. I miss you, Libby. (Hurley lays a flower on Libby's grave)

    • (A young Hurley tries to start the Camaro)
      Young Hurley: It's stupid. Without a new carburetor it's never gonna work.
      David: Having hope is never stupid. You gotta believe good things will and then they will. Understand what I'm saying? (Hurley nods) In this world, Son, you gotta make your own luck.

    • Hurley: Get up. We got work to do.
      Sawyer: What's your problem, Jumbotron?
      Hurley: Shut up! Red ... Neck ... Man ...
      Sawyer: Touché.

    • Hurley: Look, I don't know about you but things have really sucked for me lately, and I could really use a victory. So let's get one Dude. Let's get this car started. Let's look death in the face and say, "Whatever man." Let's make our own luck. What do you say?

    • Hurley: I've got an idea that's going to help us both. Now ... it is dangerous, and there's a very good chance that you will die.
      Charlie: This is supposed to convince me to come with you?

    • Sawyer: If it's hope you're looking for, Ese, you're on the wrong damn island. 'Cause there sure as hell ain't no hope here.

    • Sawyer: Son of a-! What's a head doing back here?
      Hurley: Oh, that's just Roger.

    • Charlie: Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle. You be my guest.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Jorge Garcia submitted this episode for consideration on his behalf in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • Matthew Fox (Jack), Michael Emerson (Ben), and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) do not appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: May 4, 2007 on Net 5
      Finland: October 18, 2007 on Nelonen
      Spain: Monday October 8, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      The Czech Republic: November 4, 2007 on TV Nova
      Macedonia: November 22, 2007 on A1
      Germany: Monday December 10, 2007 on Pro7
      Denmark: March 28, 2007 on Kanal 5

    • Cheech Marin and Blake Bashoff (Carl) previously worked together on Judging Amy.

    • This is Daniel Dae Kim's first appearance since the third episode of this season ("Further Instructions"), meaning that he's not featured in six consecutive episodes. This is the second longest absence for a main cast member on Lost. The only person who's been out for longer was Harold Perrineau who was out for the whole of season 3 and part of season 4.

    • Writer Carlton Cuse and guest star Cheech Marin have previously worked together on Nash Bridges, where Cuse was a writer and executive producer and Marin was a main star on the show. Marin also acted alongside fellow Lost guest stars Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Artz) and Jeff Perry (the Shrimp-man in Australia).

    • Music: When young Hurley was in the car, the song that was playing was "Shambala" by Three Dog Night. The lyrics have a similar theme to those of "Wash Away" (by Joe Purdy), which Hurley listened to on his CD player in the first season. Also, the music playing during the dinner in the Hurley's flashback is the 1st movement of Sonata KV 331 (Tema e variazioni) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    • This is Danielle's first appearance in Season 3.

    • A Hurley-centric episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Oliver Twist: Sawyer called Charlie "Oliver Twist", which is the name of a novel by Charles Dickens. This was the third reference to Charles Dickens in the series. The others are on "Our Mutual Friend" and "A Tale of Two Cities".

    • Peanuts: Sawyer calls Hurley "Blockhead". This was a popular put down in this strip (1950-2000), usually attributed to the main character Charlie Brown.

    • Tricia Tanaka:
      The reporters name is similar to the reporter on the Tv show Family Guy, Tricia Takanawa, which is based on an on-the-scene reporter (played by Alex Borstein) from a news segment sketch on Mad TV.

    • JumboTron
      Sawyer calls Hurley "JumboTron", which is a massive video screen often used at sports grounds.

    • Sawyer refers to Charlie as "the munchkin."

      The Munchkins were the little people Dorothy encounters when she first arrives in Oz in the movie The Wizard of Oz (1939).

    • Death:

      In Tarot, the Death card usually symbolizes transition, change, or an end to something. While usually depicted as the Grim Reaper or a skeleton of some sort, the card actually has nothing to do with death itself, or the act of dying.

    • Sawyer calls Charlie "Jiminy Cricket".

      Jiminy Cricket is a character from the Walt Disney movie, Pinocchio.

    • When Vincent the Dog runs by with the skeleton's arm, and the skeleton in a micro-bus's driver seat, could be allusions to Grateful Dead iconography. A dog running with a skeletal leg is featured in the Grateful Dead's "Touch of Grey" video.

      Members of the Dead spent much of their off-time vacationing in Hawaii where Lost is filmed.

    • Sawyer calls Hurley the "International House of Pancakes." The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a chain of restaurants that serve breakfast food.

    • Sawyer makes reference to "Little House."

      Little House On The Prairie was a classic American children's novel published in 1935 by Laura Ingalls Wilder (based on her own childhood). The book spawned a series simply titled the 'Little House' series, as well as numerous television adaptations of the stories.

    • Sawyer called Hurley "Snuffy," a reference to Big Bird's friend Mr. Snuffelupagus from the long-running children's show Sesame Street.

    • Sawyer called the skeleton Skeletor, which is a reference to the 1980's cartoon He-Man & the Masters of the Universe.

    • Sawyer: (about Jin trying some English) Somebody's hooked on phonics!

      Hooked on Phonics is a line of educational materials that help children learn to read and write proper English.