Season 3 Episode 10

Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2007 on ABC

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  • A good change up

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I loved all the humor. The scenes with the van were hilarious, and it was nice to see the guys having some fun for the first time in a long time. The whole season has been so dark, so it was nice to see a light side. My favorite part was when Sawyer found the head in the van and then put it on the corpse. It was also funny all the names Sawyer had (as always), with my favorites being IHOP and Jiminy Cricket. Sawyer teaching Jin English was also pretty funny. I loved this episode. It was very funny, and I think lost scored big time with this one.
  • Light relief at last

    " Is that an arm? " A withered arm with a dangling key leads to a merry bro-romp in the open grassy spaces on the island. Heck, there's even beer, Sawyer is flowing with classic nicknames (Charlie = Munchkin) and tutors Jin in essential girl talk in English " I'm sorry, you were right, pants don't make you look fat".

    Kate however remains in serious mode and no sooner touched down on the beach than is back in her Lara Croft togs and striding purposefully back into the jungle. Sayid and Locke fall in and it looks like Rousseau could be on board. This would make for a strong combo, no fluff and all experienced and focussed. Hmm, lets modify that - Locke is pretty unpredictable these days and likely to go rogue. Rousseau is undoubtedly capable of crime passionel where her child is concerned.

    The flashbacks were given to Hurley and his struggle with his lottery win. His father shows up, classic. This was light fluff too imo nothwithstanding the unfortunate but frankly ludicrous death of the TV presenter that gives this episode it's title.

    I expect next episode to be brisker paced, darker and more ambivalent, but this was a welcome pause, a rest in dappled sunlight.
  • Awesome.

    Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery. This episode is about the good old Hugo. I love his back storyline, I like his farther as a character he brings something to the table, it's his farthers fault that he is fat. I love Hurley, his scene wher ehe is talking to Libby's grave is so sad. I love the Charlie and Hurley scenes. I love all the scenes with the Dhrama car, especially when it's Hurley, Charlie, Jin and Sawyer - hilarious. I love the scene where Sun is only speaking English to Jin. I love the scene between Sawyer and Kate and them returning from the Others. I love the scene between Charlie and Desmond and then Sawyer. I love the wya Kate, John and Sayid are all talking about Jack, and then decide to all go looking for him. I love it when Kate tells the French chick about her daughter so she joins along with them.
  • Season 3 is filled with many superb episodes, but this one is one of the best of them all.

    This is mostly just a filler episode, but to me it's much more than that. This episode is Hurley-centric, so we're going to be looking back at the numbers curse, but this time is also involves Hugo's father. After many years of being gone, he suddenly comes back after Hurley wins the lottery. Hurley is not so happy about him returning, however.

    The actual island events are quite classical. This episode really has no place in the actual storyline, but it is a lot of fun to watch. It starts out when Vincent brings Hurley an old arm. Hurley follows the dog out to where the arm came from to discover an overturned truck.

    Nobody is really willing to help Hurley start the truck- Hurley is intent on starting it, because he believes that everybody could use some fun, especially Charlie. Jin is the only one that comes with him at first. In little time they have flipped the truck back over and checked out the contents inside.

    Kate & Sawyer make their way back to the beach, where the castaways are very happy to see them. Kate is immediately set on finding Jack and talks to Sayid and Locke. Sawyer, on the other hand, is upset about all of his "stuff" being taken and searches for all of the ones who took it.

    Sawyer then joins Hurley & Jin to help them start the car- he is pleased to learn that there is beer inside! After Hurley fails in trying to start the truck, he goes to find Charlie so that he can help the bunch of them. The 4 of them then get the truck to the bottom of a short hill, where a much longer, much steeper hill awaits them.

    Sawyer & Jin believe that pushing Hurley & Charlie with the car down the hill is very dangerous, but Hurley believes that he can make it start on the way down. It seems as though they will crash, but just at the very bottom Hurley turns the key and the car comes to life! Sawyer & Jin join Hurley & Charlie, and the 4 of them, along with Vincent, spend a good deal of time simply driving the car around in the large meadow before returning to the camp.

    The episode ends with an eerie scene: Kate goes out to find help, but she hasn't told Sayid or Locke who she plans on getting help from. They follow her into the jungle, where all 3 of them find Rousseau awaiting them. Kate convinces her to join them in finding Jack- she claims that Danielle's daughter, Alex, is living with them and draws Rousseau into helping them.

    Overall, this is definitely one of the best episodes of all time. Sure, it doesn't have a heck of a lot to do with the plot of the entire season, but it really does make you smile. It's one that almost everybody will enjoy.
  • Something of a filler, but this one makes its own luck

    Hurley appears to be the cheerful, feel good guy on the island, but as we now know, they are the tears of a clown.. As we find in the teaser, he's scared, and he's always been scared since he came to this island. Of course, this is due to the burden he bears. When he talks with Charlie, and he tells Hurley about Desmond's dire prediction, he doesn't try to comfort his friend, but says "This is my fault, and 'Death finds me.'

    When I first heard this, I thought, "That's kind of egocentric.' Then I remembered his history. He was institutionalized after a balcony he stepped on collapsed and two people died. After he won the lotto, his Grandpa Tito died, we see Tricia Tanaka get crushed by a meteor in the flashback, and someone kills himself at his accountants. He's been involved in a plane crash where 250 people died on impact, and a couple of dozen have died in the last two months, including maybe the first woman who ever loved him. (That's not counting the Others that have died.) Small wonder he thinks he's cursed.

    But hope springs eternal in Hugo's breast, and when he finds a dead man in the rotting hunk of a car, he takes it as a sign of optimism.. Naturally, his friends can't see it that way, and he can't get any help for his little project--- except Jin, who volunteers by accident (Still Hurley's had a pretty good relationship with hi, so maybe there's more to it)

    The back-story isn't quite as strong as some of Hurley's other flashback, but it does reveal a couple of interesting elements. For one thing, we meet Hurley's father, who skipped out on his mother and him when he was twelve (and thin!). Their relationship probably wasn't that strong to begin with, but the one thing they did together was try to rebuild an old Camaro. And even though Hurley says that he doesn't want his father around, he has despite the millions held on to that wreck of a car.
    Hurley's not a dummy, and knows his father has come back for the money. It doesn't help matters that his father tries to run a con on him to get rid of his 'curse'. Sadly, Mr. Reyes is nowhere near the level of Anthony Cooper or the Others. Bt unlike almost every other parent on this island, Mr. Reyes really does love his son, and when in the final flashback, he tells Hugo that he'll be waiting for him when he gets back from Sydney, he keeps his word, and even follows through on his own kind of hope.

    Meanwhile. Hurley s working on rebuilding a van that seems to have been part of the Dharma Initiative, complete with a workman (who unfortunately pops his skull off) and has more quite a lot of beer in the back. (We will find out by the end of the season that this vehicle is linked to a very surprising source.) Jin and Sawyer (we'll get back to him in a minute) help him get the car upright, but even when the engine doesn't work, Hurley somehow keeps hope alive, and manages to persuade Charlie (who also thinks that destiny has it in for him) to get into a vehicle with no brakes, and push it down a hill into a pile of rocks. It would seem an act of suicide to do so, but somehow Hurley tries to h goes through with it--- and it works. . This is the beginning of Hurley's feeling that maybe he isn't cursed. The feeling will hold for a while, and he'll even think he has it beaten, but the island giveth and the island taketh. So that's for later.

    Kate and Sawyer en finally make it back to the beach, and their reactions are completely different. Sawyer immediately goes to his tent and starts looking for his stuff (and man does he get irked when he learns that Desmond has drunk his whiskey) He goes to see Hurley to complain --- and Hurley's reaction is one of joy--- which is odd considering Sawyer's saved most of his insulting nicknames for him (and delivers three in this episode alone). But there is definitely a level of trust building there, and their relationship will begin to evolve in to the next two seasons. Jin also seems happy to see Sawyer too (I guess being abducted by the others does a lot to erase your bad boy status.) When the episode ends, Sawyer goes to his tents, and puts his stuff down, as if to say he's home.

    Kate, on the other hand, no sooner arrives before she turns around, and says that she's going after Jack. It is hard to know whether she's doing this out of love o guilt, but she seems unable to hold still. Sayid and Locke both say they want to help her, but as we will soon find out, each has very different reasons for wanting to aid her.. Not convinced their help will be enough, Kate goes to the one person who might be able to help her --- Rousseau, and tells her that her daughter is alive, and in their position. Rousseau will give some help, but she will be very ethereal when it comes to dealing with the Others. (We won't learn that she has a very good reason not to until Season 5.)

    While not as strong as some of the other episodes we've seen this season, this a decent episode with a darker wit then some of the other episodes. (Especially notable is when Mrs. Reyes tells Hugo that 'a woman has needs', looks at her husband, and Hugo's immediate reaction. The comedy, however, still has a share of pain. There's still death and betrayal going on , after all, and there is the possibility, after Hurley's further adventures while on the island, that the gods are making sport of the Lostaway we care the most about.
    My Score: 8.1
  • Just An Distraction!!!!

    Logic/Details - » I have to admit, doing a 40 minutes of an episode can be very difficult, and you can see this in every show out there and in Lost too. Since is so difficult, 40 minutes are equal more or less than 20 scenes. This means that the producers say what are their objective for the episode are and the writers have to be creative and tie all the scenes together. Since the average is 20 Scenes, is difficult to create something relevant in all scenes, so only 1 to 5 scenes are really important. This is why that an episode that was not good overall, just because of one shocking scene at the end can make everyone rate it 9 or 10. So, overall, all episodes have fillers scenes just because they have to manage time.

    The problem with this season, is that after 10 episodes, only one was standing. Every episode objective in this season doesn´t sound very appealing, so the writers have to come up with immense creativity and make good scenes and story. The Last episode is a good look to what I´m talking about. The objective was to update Jack and Juliet Status and to focus only on Them.

    Them the writers had to write all the dialogues for the 20 scenes and tie everything and make an interesting episode. Was difficult and this is why I think that the Last Episode was weak. This episode managed to be better, but it is not a good filler overall, is just to distract the audience and delay things , since they have 13 episodes left, the best material is saved to more later.

    There are interesting scenes if you like to study characters like Hurley, but more than that, all the scenes works as an distraction, to allow to save the major plots to the next episodes. It is very difficult to create logical problems for survivors and that was done in season 1. In season 3, there are no problems to address, so the writers need to be very creative and make the survivor done stupid things or find things, that is why in episode 3 the polar Bear caught Eko, to allow Locke to do something or this episode where Hurley found a Dharma Initiative Car.

    Overall, this episode works good if you want distraction, but if you are looking for quality in this episode that you could expect from Lost Past Seasons, than Forget about it.
  • The funny side of the street/Hope

    Por suerte Hugo volvió para regalarnos un poco de paz y humor.
    Kate y Sawyer vuelven (no me gustó mucho cómo, parecía que se habían ido de picnic) para que el capítulo no se quede sólo en eso.
    Hurley encuentra un bus, con ayuda de Vincent, y busca partners que lo ayuden a arrancarlo. Charlie, entre ellos, que no sabe que hacer con su vida sabiendo que no le queda mucho tiempo.
    Kate vuelve a buscar a Jack y piensa en pedirle ayuda a la loquita. John y Sayid (qué es de su vida?) la acompañan.
    No sé... me cuesta conectar entre la vida en la playa y la civilización the others.
  • As filler episodes go this was about as good as it gets and was the springboard for Lost to rediscover itself.

    After "Stranger in a Strange Land" Lost had reached its darkest point, in terms of its success. Even more fans that I got hooked from the very beginning had fallen from the wayside and those that stayed for the ride did so with much skepticism, as well as concern for the fate of their favourite show.
    For many fans this was the episode that began the revival that would build to where we are today - waiting for Season 5, the show just as creative, smart and fresh as it was in Season 1. However, "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" may not be the obvious episode to get Lost back on its feet in the eyes of viewers, as it is essentially a filler episode, but a damm good one at that.
    Those seeking answers to mysteries on the island or high-wire action will be disappointed and there were still a large percentage that hated this episode. Those that wanted answers and loved the mysteries of the show were hugely rewarded with the following episode.
    Many have compared this episode to a Season 1 episode at a time when it was all about characters and their interactions with each other rather than their surroundings. And yet it is an episode that feels nothing like anything that has come before. Comedy is the order of the day and this is the closest Lost has come to a purely comedy episode. Hurley episodes are always the most humourous but this one was funnier than his past adventures.
    Hurley, Sawyer and Jin make a great team. I particularly loved the scenes where Sawyer is teaching Jin English and three things Women need to know. I liked Sawyer's "Skeletor" reference too. Most of Sawyer's cultural nicknames pass me by, as I don't know what he is referencing but as I watched He-Man when I was young the name struck a chord with me. Certainly, if you want Sawyer to be a friend you get him drunk. He seemed for the first time one of the gang, when he was holloring in the Van with the Others. Of all the characters Sawyer probably likes Jin the best. Maybe it was because they spent time with each other and survived together on the raft and amongst the taillies in Season 2. There are two things that I miss in Season 3 so far and that is the creepiness and the adventure. Season 1 was really scary. We didn't know what the Monster looked like, nor did we reveal much of the Others and their true identity wasn't revealed to us.
    The first half of Season 2 continued the scare factor. As the season progressed the horror aspect of the show had diminshed slightly. The Others have now been explored and they are not scary anymore. They remain menacing and always mysterious but that is about it. I don't have much of a problem with this change of tone. It makes the early days of the show stand out that much more. But I do think that Season 3 so far has lost its adventure. Being stuck with the Others on Hydra Island was the cause of this problem. Thankfully, this episode retains a little of the adventure spirit and certainly the next few episodes would get us back to the adventurous episodes that we all know and love.
    And this was a good start to that.
  • A Hurley-centric episode.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. I thought that all of story lines in this episode were great. I especially liked the whole story line about Hurley, Jin and Sawyer all worked together to fix the old car that Hurley found on the island. The two main highlights of this episode for me were definitely Jin and Sawyer. Hurley's interactions with Jin in this episode were absolutely priceless. Sawyer's interaction with Jin was also priceless. The one thing that I didn't about this episode was how they featured Nikki and Paulo in this episode. They're always extremely underused on the show. Sometimes I wonder why the writers even bothered introducing them to the show. I thought that the flashbacks of Hurley's life were great. It was really nice getting to learn more about Hurley's relationship with his father. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, very well acted, very well made episode of Lost from everyone who was involved in the making of it, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • Feel-good episode at it's best!

    Season 3 has been criticized for several things. One of those criticisms was that the season is too "dark", too "depressing"... This episode is to change that. Instead of interrupting one of the storylines with filleresque material, the writers made up a standalone episode, and... it worked.VERY much.

    If I rated by enjoyment level this would get a 10/10... But it's still a filler episode (mostly) so it's hard to compare with "regular" episodes.

    Even though it was a feel good episode, there was still a bit storyline advancement, and a bit of drama too.

    Hugo's flashbacks were the main source of drama. It appears he also had daddy issues. Am I supposed to be surprised? I doubt. I thought the flashback was a great mix of drama and comedy(dramedy). It was closed with a heart touching scene.

    The island story was more comedy centric. I was really happy to see Jin as a main character again, him and Sawyer fooling around has to be the best thing about this episode.

    Hurley finds a Dharma van that you might wonder about: how did it get there? Is it even important? Well... wait and see.

    The B-plot involved Kate preparing to go back and retrieve Jack. She assambles an amazing team ( Locke , Sayid , Rousseau and of course Kate ). Amazing, because they are all great characters and the adventure looks awesome!
  • We have the duo arriving back at the camp on the beach to improve morale of the camp, however, thanks to vincent Hurley is trying his own hand at improving the morale in his own way and trying to prove that he and Charlie need not be glum.

    Hurley is trying to get Charlie out of his dark mood, but to no avail, when his efforts are interupted by Vincent who has come to them carrying a rotten arm bone with a lucky rabbits foot and car key attached to it. Hurley takes off after Vincent, although he does keep turning around and waiting for him, but he leads him to an old battered vw camper, complete with driver. Hurley heads back to the beach and tells the audience of his findings, but he wants volunteers to help him restore and get it going. Jin is the only helper.

    Hurley takes Jin to where the vw is, they look at it more carefully and even though Jin's english is improving there is still a language barrier, but they cope and they even find some beer. They plan to turn the car over to its normal way up and then get it to a state where they can drive it.

    Kate is still coming to the terms of her and Sawyers actions regarding leaving Jack in the hands of the others on the mini island, she plans on going straight back. They get warmly welcomed back in the little community on the beach. It doesn't take long for Sawyer to be complaining that people are going through his stash of stuff, esp. the whisky, where Des and Charlie own up and say there was three of them. He goes looking for Hurley to give a piece of mind.

    We have various flashbacks regarding Hurley, how his father went to look for work in Las Vegas when he was just a little lad, upto the time that he bought the chucks chicken where he worked, he was being interviewed for the local news, when Tricia Tanaka and her camera man went into it, prior to official opening, to get some shots and the place was hit by a meteorite. Then there is the returning father issue after 17 years, but more importantly the curse of the numbers as Hurley calls it.

    Sawyer finds Hurley and Jin working on the car, he is still in a mood, until Hurley says they have beer, which seems to change the whole tone of the conversation. The three of them turn the vehicle upright and try to start it, Jin says that the car is no way. Sawyer is teaching Jin about drinking beer and the 3 things he needs to learn to keep him sweet with the ladies, Hurley is praying when Sawyer throws a beer at him and giving him an idea.

    Hurley goes to get Charlie, nearly picks him up, very masterful, takes him to the vw with the promise of getting him to cheer up, he explains what he wants to happen and has to be masterful with Sawyer too, he just needs a push down the hill in the car. Charlie volunteers his services to ride shotgun and Sawyer thinks they are going to get killed by smashing into the rocks. They swerve at the last moment and enjoy a drive around the fields at the base of the hill, they all enjoy it.
  • funny

    Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery. The episode was really funny for a Lost episode it was like watching an episode of Chuck lol. But all in all the episode was very entertaing for a filler episode of the show. Lost is amazing and Hurley and Charlie were great in the episode as was Sawyer and Jin all funny and on top form.
  • Hurley and the automobile!

    Hurley has flashbacks to when his father abandoned him and then came back 17 years later for Hurley's money. His father also tries to convince him that there is no curse.

    Hurley finds a car in the jungle. He and Jin try to fix it up. Sawyer and Kate come back to camp. Sawyer helps along with Jin and Hurley. Hurley also gets Charlie to help after he sees him moping. Meanwhile, Kate, Sayid and Locke go to find Jack. They meet up with Danielle. Kate tells her about Alex and that she might be her daughter. Hurley gets the car to work!

    This episode was so great! I loved all the comedy in it! Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie and Jin are like the top comedians on the island! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Better than the last episode at least...

    For the whole couple situation, I love them right now. I felt so sorry for Hurley when he was talking to Libby, I felt so sad when she died. Poor Hurley. As for which couple I like the most, it has to be Sun and Jin! Claire and Charlie and Sawyer and Kate are good to, of course.

    The flashbacks were ok, I loved the standout moment when a metor from the sky actually rained down and destroyed the cluck resturaunt thing... and killed Tricia Tanaka. The rest of it though, was average, but intruiging.

    As for the episode, I knew all along that the whole Alex thing would come back to the lady with the rifle from season 1 and 2 (or just 2, I forget). Still, bring her into play has made it a lot more interesing.

    The defying death thing was pretty cool overall, I loved it when they were going down the hill. So, good episode overall. I thought for a moment that they were going to die!
  • Another interesting episode of Lost

    So in this episode our flashback hero is Hugo. He remembers the time when he was young with his father, and also brings back memories from when he was a little older and won the lottery. As we know, he always thought that the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42, were bad numbers and they brang death whereever he goes. While Tricia Tanaka is taking an interview with Hurley, a meteor falls down and kills her. Hurley decides then to fly to Australia to destroy the curse.

    In the island, Sawyer and Kate are back and all the guys are celebrating for their return. Hugo finds an old car and wants to try if he realy is cursed together with Charlie.

    Another interesting installment of Lost as I said.
  • It's getting better slowly, but this one was great!

    Here we are at Episode 10: Tricia Tanaka is dead.

    Yeah, overall I liked it, it was like the old times; kind of and the survivors had great fun touring around that Van thingy. Kate & Sawyer returned to camp with the bad news about Jack. Kate decides to go and get Jack back from the others.
    Hugo's flashbacks were nice, good story. "In this world son, you've got to make your own luck" says his dad. I loved the scene where Hugo's chicken shack got hit by a meteor.

    Hurley's mum is always hilarious ay. She's a crack up. But I was impressed with this episode because it was fun, entertaining and just happy. But the scene where Hugo and his dad encounter a phycic is just stupid, good thing they left because I'm a christian and don't agree with that kind of rubbish.
    The island events were great, Hugo and a confused Jin prepared to start running the van's engine so that they can drive around the island like lunatics! Lol.
    Hugo, Sawyer, Charlie and Jin end up setting up the van for a bit of fun! The end was interesting with the appearence of Danielle Rousseau and Kate explaining that Alex (her daughter) is with the others as well as many other people. None of this (Jack, Sawyer and Kate being kidnapped) would've happened If Michael hadn't made a deal with the others but that would've been Michael & Walts downfall.
    But overall: Great episode with laughs and a bit of fun, hell better than the previous episode.

    But next week is where all the best episodes come in! Looking forward to it.
  • I enjoyed seeing them drive the car down the hill but thats all.

    Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery. Another average episode this season, I hate the way lost does this you have one great episode and then you could get on or two disapointing episodes just like this episode and the prevous episode nothing important has happened in them.
    One thing I enjoyed in this episode was were Hurley, Charlie, Sawyer and Jin where drivng around near the end.
  • Silly but in a good way:)

    This episode shows that LOST also as a lot of humorous moments , and what could we expect with Hurley as the main character for this episode?
    In terms of history i think the episode does not really add anything new, much like the episode before it, yet unlike the previous episode it makes you laugh and wonder if the island was a waste disposal facility of some sort...once again we get to see Hurley bring back some fun into the island (his pretty good at that) although it probably won't last for long since there is no fuel station in the island:P or maybe there is...hummm i mean a car can't work on it's own. So i suppose this episode makes us wonder about fuel and where it comes from and if there is a gas station somewhere on the island, we will just have to wait and see.
    On a different note it seems this episode as opened the doors for what could be a great next episode since Kate is determined to go back to find Jack! The question is will she find it?

    Thanks for reading.
  • Quite avarage but the ending.. it promised so much... And I was so happy to see Rousseau again

    Ok.. maybe this episode had more sparkle for me because Rousseau was there and I was really wandering if they will bring her even back... They had Alex (and I just made that assumption that she is Rousseau's daughter in the first time I saw it..) and I was really thinking that maybe they dropped Danielle.

    Anyway.. Hurley episode and he has always had interesting flashbacks - different that usual ones. That was true this time too. His curse.. wow.. how much bad luck can people get?

    And things on island... It was funny episode, humorous and that car.. I like that despite Hurley was so enthusiastic it did not mattered for others. On island like that.. you have more important things than cars.

    And I most confess again. Those episode what concentrate on the adventures on main island not on the other one.. they are much interesting and some other characters not Jack, Kate and Saywer are much more attractive by their stories and doings. I feel like the other island storyline is killing much.
  • Fun, but pointless.

    Did anyone get a "Lost meets Little Miss Sunshine" vibe when watching this episode? Anyway, we learn in this episode that Hurley's weight problem is a result of his bad relationship with his father. Gee, father issues, that's new. This episode was pretty much just as slow, if not slower, than "Stranger in a Strange Land". However, this episode also included all of the beach characters, which was a definite plus. Also, unlike "Stranger in a Strange Land", this episode is much more light-hearted and fun. The sequence where they get the van to start is great. Overall, however, this episode isn't that special.
  • Lost Season 3-Trisha Tanaka Is Dead

    This was the first episode I have ever seen of Lost. You asked me why I saw it? It had lots of hype and my friends liked it. I don't. It started slow at the beggining. It was boring. I didn't even get the end. Sorry I must have slept through that part. Then it came in slump and is now the 3rd worst show on television. (1st is Are You Smarted Then a 5th Grader) and 2nd is National Bingo Night. I had a friend and he this was his favorite show now he hates it more then anything. You say hate is a strong word. That's why I'm using it. I don't like this show and I won't be watching it again.
  • It may be a filler, but who cares?

    This is an episode Lost needed badly. Throughout this season, and the ill-managed three month break, the “haters” have been complaining endlessly about how “Lost” is, to use a non-clever word, “lost”. Too many unanswered questions, too much about the Others, not enough from the main cast, etc. It seemed to leave that behind when it came back with two solid episodes. However, “Stranger in a Strange Land”, generally considered a misfire made worse by misleading ads, ruined the newly earned good will. It gave the critics, largely quiet during the first two episodes, more than enough fuel to resume their declarations that “Lost” was past its prime and should be canceled. That is a pretty steep order for this episode.

    Perhaps one of this episode’s strengths is that it takes a step back from the complicated mythology. While some have the unrealistic expectation that each episode will offer a mind blowing twist/advancement to the plot, they need to realize that “Lost” is a human drama surrounded in the mystery. This episode doesn’t have any major revelations, but it proves that a “Lost” episode doesn’t need that to be satisfying because it was invested in its human drama. It certainly helps that this is a Hurley-centric episode. He’s been fan favorite since the beginning and it’s easy to see why. “Numbers” was one of the many highlights of the first season, with its darkly comic storyline and the introduction of the now iconic numbers. The following episodes, “Everybody Hates Hugo” and “Dave” were increasingly dark, focusing on his problems with overeating and his mental illness. His hard times have made him more endearing and complex than if they just kept him as light-hearted comic relief. They do a great job of reminding us of that in the heartfelt scene at the graveyard. In addition to losing Libby (we must remember than on the island it has barely been two weeks since she died), he and the rest of the Fuselagers are reeling from the abduction of Jack, Kate and Sawyer and Eko’s death.

    Hurley has believed for a long time that he’s cursed, that using the numbers to win the lottery caused it. Many have wondered just what it is about those six numbers that can do that. But as his mental health problems took a major role in his character, the idea that Hurley is simply cherry picking bad incidents in his life, which just happen to be catastrophic, to support his idea that he’s cursed must be considered.

    Like many characters, Hurley has some daddy issues. David left Hurley and his mom for some unknown reason, returning only after Hurley won the lottery. Regardless of the fact that he abandoned his family, David isn’t that bad a guy compared to the other dads. However, how threatening can a character played by Cheech Marin be? David’s big error was leaving Hurley without solidifying the idea that he can make his own luck. It’s worth noting that his dad’s name is the same as his imaginary friend “Dave”, who we met last season. There are some similarities between them, like when David gives young Hurley the candy bar when his mom forbids it. Perhaps Hurley created “Dave” as a way to deal with his father leaving.

    Vincent (whom Walt left behind) has been suspected of being something more than just a dog. He seemed to lead Shannon on her journey last season, and in this episode he provides Hurley with the key. This could be reading too much into it, but the fact that Vincent has done things like that before is worth chewing over.

    So we are introduced to the Dharma van and its driver, Roger “WorkMan”. A van in the jungle is enough to cause speculation, but considering the Dharma logo and the Dharma equipment (beer) in the van, it isn’t hard to believe that Dharma used vehicles to transport things throughout the island. Considering how decomposed Roger is, he likely died some time ago. Now his death could’ve been a number of different things, ranging from a van accident that no one was aware of to something “incident” related.

    The scenes of the van crew were a blast to watch. Their real life friendship translates really well into the show. It also had much needed comic relief, like Roger’s falling head, Sawyer hitting his beer against Roger’s skull and Hurley’s poor nickname skills (“Red…neck…man”). This season has been lacking the levity of previous seasons and this bit made up for it.

    “Flashes Before Your Eyes” explored the idea that no matter what any of the castaways do, fate will intervene to do what it finds fit in the end. In “Tricia”, we see that the individual has the ability to “look death in the face and say ‘whatever, man’”, as Hurley eloquently put it. Perhaps this motif of the series will culminate in some balance between fate and free will, where some things are beyond our control, but we are not completely at the mercy of forces more powerful than we are.

    Like Hurley says, they needed some hope. This season has been the darkest so far, with many of our heroes in bad situations that keep getting worse. Those working on the van, besides Jin, could use some hope in particular. Following Desmond’s prophecy of Charlie’s impending death, it’s not surprising that Charlie would mope around the camp after that. Sawyer’s been stewing in the fact that his relationship with Kate isn’t what he wants.

    The conclusion where Hurley gets the old Dharma van working is an utter delight. One would be hard pressed not to crack a smile or even cheer as the boys jump around the van yelling in triumph while “Shambala” blasts on the 8-track. The segue to a similar piece by Michael Giacchino was a nice touch to close the episode before the epilogue resumed the major island story.

    Kate recruiting Rousseau on a rescue mission makes sense for her, but why she’s leaving Locke & Sayid out is a little puzzling. Yes, they don’t know what it was like stuck on the Hydra island, but Locke and Sayid both have personal stakes tied into The Others. Sayid has wanted some payback since early in season two, when some cast members didn’t think of The Others as a major threat.

    There is a follow up to what Locke saw on Eko’s stick. Following on his idea to absolve himself for allowing the trio to be captured, he gathers that the scripture quote referred to him bringing the group back home. Kate & Sawyer returning eased that, but Jack there is still work to be done.

    Sayid, considered to be the middle man between the science and faith debate, is obviously skeptical about how following the compass at a bearing of 305 will lead them to Jack. His brief comments in the epilogue hint at a larger unease between his partnering with Locke. This episode seemed to be made for anyone unhappy with the previous episodes this season. It gives us a status update on each main character on the beach. There are no “Others” in sight. It focused on a fan favorite character and gave him a major victory, leaving many viewers with smiles on their face.
  • This episode wasn't very revealing but it was fun to watch.

    I thought this was a typical guy episode. Hurley finds a car in the jungle and convinces Jin to go and try to get it started. Later Sawyer and Charlie join them. I must says those people, can never screw up a scene. We got the learn more about Hurley's past. His father abandoned him when he still was a skinny boy. But he comes back when Hurley becomes a millonair. This time the flashbacks where kind of predictable and I could of told you that his father only became back because of the money. But the rest of the episode was good. The guys hanging out with the car drinking beer was fun the watch, and the best quote of the episode was defenitly this one:
    Jin: I'm... sorry.
    Sawyer: Okay, nice. Keep it coming.
    Jin: You were...right
    Sawyer: Okay, that's two. Hit me.
    Jin: Those pants... don't make you look... fat. Sawyer: Now ya got it! Only three things a woman needs to hear!

    Like I said funny episode. It was also nice to see our trusted islandcamp again. It's always very exciting to learn about the others and all the secrets. But sometimes we just need to see our old "gang" again.
  • Hurley finds a van in the jungle...Filler Episode Alert !

    So far This season, each episode is - 1. What is happening to jack and the others on the other island.


    2. What r The survivors of flight 815 doing.

    this episode is about no.2 What r The survivors of flight 815 doing.

    This was such a Filler Episode !!!!!!

    So Hurley finds a van in the jungle.

    it could of had a much bigger, epic story line tonight, but it didn't.

    But It was funny. with sawyer,jin,Herley and Charlie - "the munchkin" "Jiminy Cricket".

    But the ending was good. i bet next weeks episode will be much better.

    with - locke , kate , sayid and Danielle Rousseau. looking 4 jack, the others and alex.

    it was an ok episode - but it had no action - just laughs

    c ya.
  • Something out of the ordinary but nice after a lot of drama.

    I thought we had already had one of these lovely filler episodes but I guess we need another. I must admit that this one was mutch better than the other one this season, sorry for not remembering what it was called. It was a Hurley cenctric and we learned about his father which was interesting but not too great and really average. The 4 guys who joined in with the car really needed that fun but for once I felt sorry for Sawyer at the end when he was in his nice mode but didn't have any one to go to as in a partner apart from the beer! In the last minute, its back to the action! This season hasn't been great so far, still better than season 2 but not as good as season 1 though i know that as of next episode, Lost is back at its best for the first time in like 2 years!!
  • Very enjoyable episode.

    It was a good episode. Good way to come back from last week's terrible episode. This episode was very entertaining. Hurley's flashbacks were good, as usual. It seems as if Hurley's cursed numbers obsession may have been resolved, but I'm unsure. I feel another Charlie-heroin type plot coming up... not sure though. I hope not. Anyway, I thought Sawyer, Jin, Charlie, and Hurley were all very funny. I LOVED the whole 'Skeletor' nickname by Sawyer, "Roger Workman", and Sawyer teaching Jin some English words. The ending is very good, too. I haven't been this psyched for a new Lost episode since Season 2. It looks sweet.

    Young Hurley: But mom said I'm not supposed to--
    Hurley's dad: Come on, Hugo. It's just a candy bar. Live a little.
  • Seriously, we needed an episode like this.

    If you remember back to season one, this is what we wanted. We wanted a light, humorous episode, with character interactions.

    This was literally one of the most hilarious episodes of LOST ever!

    And to those of you that say there was nothing important, keep an eye open in the Ben episode coming up, then tell me there was nothing important. And keep in mind how Sawyer was treating Roger!

    Tricia Tanaka is Dead was a light, hearty episode, full of character interaction that was well-needed from the drama and non-beachness of the Others.
  • I'm sure this car will never appear again...

    I enjoyed this episode more than I should have...Hurley episodes are usually light and humorous, and I look forward to that. I love the way that Hurley's father is responsible for his weight problem (another in the long list of bad fathers on the show), but he overcame it in the end. Sawyer slightly tipsy was great, calling Roger "Skeletor" and teaching Jin how to talk to women in English were classic. I don't get the point of Nikki and Paulo, those two new cast members that have been in the opening credits for the past 10 episodes and have said maybe a combined 10 lines (badly acted), but apparently they will have some importance shortly.
  • Hurley finds a van...and hope.

    I always enjoy Hurleycentric episodes. He's such a fun character. His flashbacks were funny, sad and over the top. Finding the van was like finding a piece of himself. He had to get it (and himself) working again. All I can say is that when they pushed that van down the hill, and Hurley manages to get it going at the last second...pure joy. The last time I remember the show having such an unadulterated moment was back at the end of season 1 when Michael, Walt, Sawyer and Jin are leaving the beach on the raft. Music contributed to just the right emotion in both. Well done!
  • We take a break from the rest of the madness.

    With Hurley come great laughs. This episode is for people that wanted to see Jin learn some English, Sawyer and Hurley interact, and a overall feel good episode. It takes us away from all the action we have seen lately. This episode picks Lost out of the slump. Very good episode...very fun.
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