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  • Season 1 Episode 24: Exodus (2)

  • In the shot when the four on the raft are looking at the island, Walt is wearing a yellow personal flotation device which he is not wearing in the other shots.

  • When Sawyer gets on the plane his hair is long, although in the first episodes his hair is different. It couldn't have grown in just a few hours.

  • Goof: When Locke and Sayid are walking to the hatch through the woods, the shirt Locke is wearing has sweat around the collar. Then the camera switches to Sayid, and back to Locke, and the sweat is gone, then one more camera switch happens, and Locke's shirt is sweaty again.

  • When Hurley is rushing to the gate to board the plane in his flashback, there is a sign on a door reading "Authorized Personnel Only". Since this is an Australian airport, the sign would read "Authorised Personnel Only" - with an "s" instead of a "z".

  • When Sayid is cauterizing Charlie's head wound, there is a shot of Charlie pulling the towel away from his face, which is covered in blood. The camera cuts to Sayid for a moment, then when it goes back to Charlie, his face is relatively clean, except for the blood around the wound itself.

  • Just before the fuse is lit on the dynamite, Hurley sees all six of "The Numbers" (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) on the outside of the hatch.

  • Numbers: 8

    Sawyer stated his dad shot himself when Sawyer was 8 years old.

  • Numbers: 16

    While Hurley is trying to catch his flight, he buys a scooter from an elderly man for 16 hundred dollars.

  • Airplane seats:

    Hurley is on seat 20G.
    Jack is on seat 23A.
    Rose is on seat 23C.
    Locke is on seat 24C.

  • The comic in spanish Hurley is reading when he is on the plane, is the same one Walt read on the island.

  • At the airport, Walt says he needs new batteries. He was playing with a GameBoy Advance SP, but they only use rechargeable batteries.

    Furthermore, a scene before, you could see a green light on Walt's Game Boy, which means that the battery was nowhere near empty.

  • The last scene contains no spoken dialogue whatsoever.

  • Another survivor is mentioned in this episode- Tracey (or Tracy), a housewife from Fresno who is sleeping with the survivor of the Steve/Scott duo. Walt and Sawyer argue about which one is alive when Sawyer reads the notes in the bottle while on the raft.

  • During this two-part episode, there were 2 flashbacks that were cut. In one, Claire talks to the pilot about why is she traveling (she mentions the adoption and the psychic), and he ends up saying "I'll make this a pleasant flight". In another, Sayid is picking a tie for Nadia. He has a little chat with the female clerk, and she chooses a yellow one, but the security guards that talk to Shannon take him before he can buy it. He remembered that after he sees Sawyer using his tie to tie something to the raft.

  • Numbers: 15

    The guys on the raft are 15 miles out when they spot the boat on the their radar.

  • Island events in this episode take place on November 4th 2004.

  • While Hurley's car displays the Numbers all over, it does not on the license plate (which is out of character for the scene). The license plate however reads 327, which in ASCII code translates to "end" "escape".

  • Again, we see a flashback of Hurley as he tries to get on the plane. And again, his numbers are everywhere: On the panel of his car (42km, 16kph, 23 deg.) right after it broke down, the speed went down 16KPH to 15KPH, then 8KPH and finally 4KPH, so the digital display actually displayed all of the "cursed" numbers.

    On the screen of the Oceanic computer: "Arrival 1?:42", the obligatory 815 (flight number), departure 14:15 (hey, that 14 does not fit in there!)
    "crazy 8's" on the hat of the old man. A group of (volleball? handball? football?) players with numbers on their shirts: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and of course 42, the big sign "gates 14 through 23", "gate 23" and last, but not least: If you look closely, you'll notice exactly 42 people standing in the line where Hurley tries to pass.

    After the female sports team mentioned above, Hurley passes a group of 4 Japanese people posing for a photo (he calls "konichiwa" at them, so I assume they are Japanese,) - the person on the front is holding each hand with two fingers up making a V/peace sign, to emphasize the 4.

    This last one is a real stretch: Hurley's car has the license plate TX 327. 32 is backwards for 23. The departure time shown on the computer is 14:15 and the big sign says "gates 14 thru 23" - 14 twice. So 14 + 14 = 28, divide 28 by the extra 7 from license plate and you get 4. That's ugly, but you gotta wonder why 14 appeared twice during this scene.

  • It is explained how no one (who survived the plane crash) noticed that Locke was in a wheelchair. First, before boarding the plane Locke crossed paths with Michael, but he was on the phone facing the other way. It is also shown that Locke was one of the first people on the plane, and was sitting the whole time. He had no wheelchair near him so Jack (who saw him and nodded) couldn't have known he was handicapped.

  • Does the woman that throws the bomb onto the raft not look like the one that Charlie spent the night with before the flight?

    According to the Producers' commentaries released on the DVD collection of Season 2, the extras were used over and over again. So even though extras may have been used in various different scenes, they may not have been playing the same characters. There is nothing in the story (even in later episodes) to indicate this was the same woman Charlie was with.

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