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  • Season 2 Episode 24: Live Together, Die Alone (2)

  • The two guys who are searching for eletromagnetic anomalies in the end of the episode are speaking in Portuguese with a Brazilian accent.

  • The date and time that Desmond got the System Failure was 922044:16. September 22nd, 2004 at 4:16. This was the time of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

  • When the portuguese men see their computer, they read that there's an anomaly related with electromagnetism, and then it says 7418880. 7418880 is the total of multiplying "The Numbers".

  • When Kate reads the Dharma copybooks, she reads things that happened an then some numbers (which cleary mean the time they happen):

    0400 (4 o'clock)
    0415 (4 and a quarter)

    4 and 15 are two of "The Numbers".

  • Goof: When Mr. Friendly takes off his fake beard you see a small bandaid on his chin which magically disappears in the next shot.

  • At the end of the second season, Matthew Fox played red-haired Red Dawson in the movie We Are Marshall. It explains, why he didn't have dark hair in the second season's last episode, "Live Together, Die Alone."

  • The statue found by Jin, Sayid & Sun had 4 toes. 4 is one of "the numbers".

  • Island events in this episode take place on November 26th and November 27th 2004.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Live Together, Die Alone (1)

  • Numbers: 16

    Near the end of this episode, the alarm beeps 16 times until Kelvin enters all the numbers into the computer.

  • This is not the first time Alan Dale(Alan Widmore) and Daniel Dae Kim(Jin Kwon) have worked together on a TV series. They worked together in 24, although they didn't share any scenes together.

  • Desmond told Libby that he had 8 months to get ready for the race. 8 is one of "The Numbers".

  • The statue found by Sayid, Sun and Jin had 4 toes. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

  • Libby pays for Desmond's coffee, which cost $4 dollars. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

  • Island events in this episode take place on November 25th 2004.

  • Desmond: 23 and 42

    The letters that Widmore withheld from Penelope show that the house number of her street address was 23, while Desmond's (the return address) was 42.

  • Goof: (Continuity) When Pennys voice-over reads Desmonds letter when he's suicidal after Kelvin's death, she misses out a sentence (probably just done for flow of script), but in the next scene, the layout of the letter has changed - the missed out sentence is in a different position on the letter.

  • The unstable electric energy is powerful enough to pull the washing machine and fire-extinguisher towards it, however it does not effect Eko's cross! His cross is just swinging around his neck normally while he's standing infront of the magnetized wall. This is a goof as we have previously seen Eko's cross reacting to the magnets as he decided to take over the hatch.

  • If the others wanted Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, why didn't they grab Jack and Sawyer when they were trying to find Michael, and Kate stumbled after them? Hurley was sent back, so he was only needed as a messenger.

  • Goof: It is very hard to tell, but after John locked out Eko, Eko went to Charlie for help, you can see on Charlie's watch it is around 11:30, then we see Eko, then back to Charlie where his watch now says 5:20.

  • The swan station might not have been what they said: that it could kill everyone. The fake Henry Gale lied to Locke about him not pushing the button, which eventually lead to Locke smashing the computer. Also the Others didn't seem very concerned when the station was going into meltdown, adding to the fact that it might not be as powerful as was claimed.
    That or the Others don't know about what the button actually does, which only means they are not part of the DHARMA Initiative, adding more to the mystery.

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