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  • Season 5 Episode 17: The Incident (2)

  • Black and white:
    -Locke's face is half shadowed in various parts of the episode.
    -When Jacob is talking to Ben, half his face is shadowed.
    -The show's title, typically white lettering on black, is inverted at the end of the episode.

  • The camera movement that reveals Locke's body in the crate is similar to the camera movement used to reveal Locke's body in the coffin at the end of season 4.

  • Illana and Jacob were talking in Russian.

  • This is the first time the show ends with a white background and the letters "LOST" in black, inverting the usual title and appearing in transition with the possible hydrogen bomb blast.

  • Juliet: Live together, and die alone.

    This is a reference to Jack's profound words in season one, and which the season two finale was based on. Jack gave an ultimatum that if they didn't live together, they would die alone; but Juliet changed the words slightly.

  • During the final scene the blood around Juliet's mouth and face keeps disappearing and reappearing.

  • The straps on Jack's surgical mask appear both above and below his ears in different shots during the surgery scene.

  • This episode continues the tradition of having a significant plot device of the season be blown up in the season finale:
    * Season 1, the Hatch
    * Season 2, the Swan Station
    * Season 3, the Looking Glass (and the Others)
    * Season 4, the Kahana
    * Season 5, the Swan Station again (and consequently Jughead)

  • Richard's answer "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" is in latin. It means "He who will protect/save us all".

  • Season 5 Episode 16: The Incident (1)

  • The statue that Jacob lives under is of the Egyptian goddess Taweret (goddess of birth, rebirth and the northern sky).

  • Black and white:
    -At the beginning of the episode, Jacob wears a white shirt with black pants, and his nemesis wears a black shirt with white pants.
    -Sun's wedding dress is white and Jin's tuxedo is black.
    -The book Jacob reads when Locke falls down the building has a white dove being struck with a black arrow.
    -Locke's face is half shadowed in various parts of the episode.

  • Bram refered to Frank as "Yahoo". Sawyer also did it to him in "There's No Place Like Home: Part 1", the previous season finale.

  • The New Kids on the Block lunchbox Jacob purchases for Kate and Tom is seen in season one episode "Born to Run" as their time capsule.

  • The wedding scene is the first and only scene in the season where Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim share a scene. This scene is also out of continuity with Sun and Jin's season 1 wedding flashback. In the wedding flashback from season 1 we see that their wedding was indoors while the season 5 flashback clearly shows that the wedding was held outside. Sun's wedding dress is also completely different in both flashbacks.

  • In the opening scene, Jacob saw a ship coming to the Island, this being the infamous Black Rock, which puts this flashback around 1845.

  • Jacob's tapestry contains phrases written in ancient Greek, both from Homer's Odyssey 6:180 and 8:413:
    * "ÈÅÏÉ ÔÏÓÁ ÄÏÉÅÍ ÏÓÁ ÖÑÅÓÉ ÓÇÓÉ ÌÅÍÏÉÍÁÓ", which means, "may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires."
    * "[ÈÅÏÉ ÄÅ] ÔÏÉ ÏËÂÉÁ ÄÏÉÅÍ", which means, "may the gods give you happiness."

  • In the scene at the beginning with the unfinished tapestry, the Greek letters are wrong. Xi "Ξ" is used for epsilon "Ε" and zeta "Ζ" for the last sigma "Σ". This was corrected for the later scenes with the finished tapestry.

  • The first time we see the complete statue in "LaFleur", the right leg is forward and the left leg is back with the stripes on the loin cloth going left to right diagonally. The next time we see the complete statue in this episode the legs are in the opposite stance and the stripes are going right to left diagonally.

  • When the young versions of Kate and Tom are about to steal from the shop, the car they were standing besides has the plate number "XA7 023". 23 is one of "The Numbers".

  • During Kate's flashback, bottles of Malibu Tropical Banana and Absolut 100 Black can be seen on the shelf. Both products were not introduced until 2007.

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