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  • Season 5 Episode 16: The Incident (1)

  • The stone wall through which Richard smashed and the house it leads to is actually Ben's future house. He later has an engraved door with egyptian symbols on it as seen in the episode where he summons up the smoke-monster against Keamy and his men.

  • Season 5 Episode 15: Follow the Leader

  • When the sub is at the dock there is land surrounding it, but when it takes off from the dock the land is gone and there's open water.

  • In the scene where Jack swims through the underwater entrance into the Tunnels the very even and smooth bottom of the pool the set was built in can be seen.

  • When Widmore turns Jack around, a stunt double can be seen.

  • When Widmore gets off his horse, a hand of a horse trainer is clearly visible for a short time, and the sight and sound of a rope being thrown to control the horse is slightly apparent.

  • The picture Eloise took of Daniel and Theresa was the same one Desmond found in his office in the episode "Jughead", earlier in the season.

  • Engines 2 and 3
    Before diving, Captain Bird called for a check on engines 2 and 3, which combine to form 23, one of the Numbers.

  • The Compass
    Once again, the Compass that Richard gave Locke is a confusing paradox. Locke gave it to Richard in 1954, and more than 50 years later Richard gave it to Locke, who then traveled back in time, starting the cycle over again.

  • All right, let's get started."
    This is what Eloise said when the group made it to the cave with the bomb. It's also the exact same line of dialogue she delivered when Jack and the others came to see her in the future before she told them how to get back to the Island.

  • The leak on Jughead was moved from the tip of the bomb to the body of the bomb.

  • Charles Widmore references Eloise being pregnant, presumably with Daniel. This would mean Daniel is, at most, 19 years old in 1996 when Desmond visited him as a professor at Oxford, though he was clearly much older.

  • This is also the second time in which a character sees oneself due to time travel, the first being Miles seeing himself as a baby.

  • This episode does not contain any character flashbacks or flashforwards.

  • For the second episode in a row, a scene from the season premiere is shown in a different context.

  • Pierre Chang asks Hurley about the president of the United States back in 1977, which is Jimmy Carter, who assumed office from 1977 until 1981.

  • When Jack, Kate, and Hurley got back to the island and were told by Sawyer that the only way to stay safe was to join Dharma, Hurley is worried they were going to be asked questions to which they didn't know the answer. For example, "Who is the President of the United States?" This is what Dr. Chang asked him in this episode.

  • Season 5 Episode 14: The Variable

  • The password to deactivate the fences is 1-4-1-7-1-7.


    4 and 8 are two of "The Numbers".

  • The Numbers
    Young Daniel counts 864 beats on the metronome, or, the sum of the numbers times 8.

  • During the shootout Jack blows up a barrel full of petrol by shooting it so that they can get away. Despite popular theory a barrel full of any flammable substance will not explode when shot. The only way it could have possibly blown up is if a second shot had been fired that perfectly went through where the first one hit to cause a spark and ignite the petrol. As Jack clearly only fired one shot at the barrel that couldn't have happened.

  • Goof: Graduation ceremonies at Oxford University take place at the Sheldonian Theatre. This is not what was pictured in the background after Daniel graduated.

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