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  • Season 6 Episode 16: What They Died For

  • At the end of Season 2, Michael is tasked with bringing 4 Flight 815 survivors to the Others: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley. These 4 survivors would eventually become the final 4 candidates to replace Jacob as the guardian of the Island, as shown in this episode.

  • Jacob performs the same ritual with Jack that he did with Mother in "Across the Sea", part of which is in Latin. He says, "Nam non accipimus hoc quasi vulgarem potionem, sed ut ille sit quasi unus mecum" which translated is, "Because we don't accept this as a simple potion, but so that he shall be as one with me."

  • In the flash-sideways, as John Locke visits Jack in his office and comments on the picture on Jack's desk, next to the picture is an award trophy for Jack, inscribed; "Los Angeles Community Participation Award 2003. Dr Jack Shephard".

  • Miles mentioned he lived in the barracks "30 years" before Ben did, but even when he was a baby the teenage Ben Linus lived in the barracks as well. This is because he saw both young Ben and his past self while living in DHARMAville in the '70s.

  • Henry Ian Cusick accidently gave Michael Emerson a black eye while filming Desmond and Ben's confrontation at the school. The incident happened early on in filming of the episode and the black eye is visible throughout the episode in both timelines.

  • Kim Kondracki (the school nurse) treats Ben after he was beaten up by Desmond. Her character in "The Variable" treated Desmond after he was shot by Ben.

  • The Numbers:
    Ana-Lucia was bought off for $125,000, which is exactly 1/8 of a million.
    The number on the red Camaro's license plate is: 429 4+2+9=15

  • Season 6 Episode 15: Across The Sea

  • Titus Welliver (Man in Black) broke two of his toes while filming the scene where Jacob is forcefully taking him to The Source.

  • This episode is set in the earliest time of the Series, reaching back up to about two millennia.

  • This is the third of only three episodes not to feature a secondary storyline. The first two were Season 2's "The Other 48 Days" and Season 5's "316".

  • Claudia's abdomen remained large even after delivering the twins. While afterbirth would still contribute to girth, the volume of two newborns would have significantly reduced the size of her womb.

  • When the skeletons were first discovered in "House of the Rising Sun" (shown in this episode as flashback) they were separated and not lying side-by-side, as we see Jacob placing the bodies in this episode. This was first seen in Lighthouse.

  • When the Man in Black is throwing sticks for the Senet game with Jacob, the sticks shift position throughout the shots.

  • When the young Man in Black is talking to his mother about the game he found on the beach, someone can be seen reflected in his eye.

  • When the young Man in Black sits at the beach as "mother" approaches we see a sea turtle on the beach in front of him. When the camera pulls out, the turtle is nowhere to be found.

  • The knife that the Man in Black carries in the episode is most likely the same knife that he gives Richard to kill Jacob, and that Dogen gives to Sayid to kill the Man in Black.

  • Claudia is now the third woman that we know of who has come to the island pregnant and near term, delivered the baby on island, and then had the baby taken and raised by another - the other two being Claire and Danielle Rousseau.

  • When the Man in Black is born, his mother does not name him, saying "I only chose one name." Throughout the rest of the episode, both his adoptive mother and Jacob always refer to him with pet names ("My Love", "Brother") and personal pronouns.

  • Season 6 Episode 14: The Candidate

  • At the end of the episode, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire (and possibly Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Cindy, Zack, Emma and others who defected to "The Others") are the only remaining survivors from flight 815.

  • The warning klaxon in the submarine is the same sound from the Swan.

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