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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Walkabout

  • Numbers: 4 there are 4 scratch scars on Jacks face.

  • When Locke returns to work in the flashback, he's typing on an adding machine. As the receipt prints, the sound of the smoke monster can be heard. In a recent episode of the official Lost podcast, Carlton Cuse revealed that the sound was taken from a NY Cab's receipt printer.

  • Numbers: 4

    Locke has been in a wheelchair for 4 years.

  • Numbers: 8

    Locke has been talking to Helene for 8 months.

  • Numbers: 4

    Jack mentions that they have been on the island for 4 days. Kate has 4 scratches on her face.

  • Island events in this episode take place on September 26th 2004.

  • We learn that, prior to the crash, Locke's legs were paralyzed and he was bound to a wheelchair.

  • In the scene where Charlie and Hurley are attempting to catch a fish, as Hurley gives the spear to Charlie his shirt is wet from before. After Charlie misses and Hurley starts to laugh, his shirt is dry. As Hurley helps Charlie back up his shirt is wet again.

  • Rose tells Jack she's aware he made a promise [in the episode: Pilot: Pilot (1)] to keep her company until her husband returns. But, she says, "I'm letting you off the hook."

    Jack would hear these words again in the episode "Do No Harm".

  • Kate, Charlie and Jack told everyone else that there were no survivors inside the nose of the plane. However, Kate starts talking about something the pilot said to a group of people who didn't go on the expedition and no one commented.

  • While Norman Croucher is a determined and admirable individual, he did not climb Mt. Everest as Locke states. His best Himalaya climb was on Cho Oyo in Tibet, the sixth tallest mountain in the world.

  • In Locke's flashback when he's in the lunchroom, his boss comes in, puts a coin in a vending machine, and just immediately reaches down and grabs a candy bar. In the real world most folks have to punch the buttons to get what they want.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: White Rabbit

  • When Jack enters the water to try and save the woman who is drowning in the shot that shows him swimming towards the camera you can clearly see a jet ski or boat keel trail.

  • When Joanna dies Jack says that only 47 people are left. Later when he is talking to Charlie and Hurley about the water bottles he says that they are not 47 but 46.

  • In the first flashback, Jack tries to help out a boy who he laters calls Mark Silverman. This boy would go on to be the best man at Jack's wedding in the episode "Do No Harm"

  • Goof: The Coffin. There is no way that the coffin would be placed on the plane as we saw it. It has to be sealed and wrapped before it even leaves. And a coffin is never put on a plane in front of other passengers. It goes cargo.

  • Numbers: 16

    In Jack's flash-back he talks to the lady at the check-in counter at the airport and tells her that he needs to land in 16 hours.

  • Numbers: 4

    When Kate jumps at Sawyer in the jungle, Sawyer makes a sarcastic remark about having made this wish four years ago. Charlie jokes with Claire that Locke has 400 knives in his case.

  • Island events in this episode take place on September 27th 2004.

  • In Jack's speech to the rest of the survivors at the end of the episode, the dialogue included the name of two future episodes, "Live Together, Die Alone" and "Every Man for Himself".

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