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  • Season 1 Episode 5: White Rabbit

  • The name of the drowned survivor, which Jack could not save, is Joanna.

  • The tattoo on Charlie's left shoulder reads "Living is easy with eyes closed," a lyric from Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.

  • Regarding Jack and getting the coffin on the plane: It is not possible to just show up at the airport with a body. The morgue will never release to an individual, only to a funeral home because there are so many laws, and so much paperwork involved. For example: in order to transport a body out of the country you have to have a burial/transit permit that has to be approved by the American consulate, who has to see a certified death certificate and letter declaring that the person did not die of a contagious disease; all of which are prepared by a funeral home. The body would also have to go to a funeral home in L.A., so more paperwork can be filed to receive a local burial permit number before the cemetery will bury the body. No one is going to risk their jobs and break all these laws just because of an impassioned speech.

  • The scratches on Jack's face keep changing sides. One minute they're on his right cheekbone, the next minute (such as when he's talking to Locke after Locke saved him) they're on his left. Simple reason, they flopped the film negative ... but you'd think they'd try for a little more continuity ... ?

  • For those curious: They couldn't use the dog to find water, because the dog is not specifically trained to do so.

  • Fire keeps dripping off of the torch Jack carries toward the end of the episode. This happens when an oily rag is burned on a stick. Unfortunately, this does not happen when one just pulls a log out of a fire.

  • When Jack is getting yelled at by Boone the same two people walk by twice because they reused the shot of Jack looking at Boone.

  • The scene where Jack is in the airport arguing about getting his father's coffin on the plane, the airport is obviously supposed to be an airport in Australia. However, the airport shown doesn't look like any airport here in Australia.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun

  • Near the end of the episode, when Kate is sitting alone on the beach, and Jack comes up to talk to her about moving into the caves, you can see vehicle tire tracks in the sand.

  • Sayid is from Tikrit, Iraq, the town where Saddam Hussein was born and later captured by the U.S Army.

  • At the beginning of the party scene, when Jin serves Sun a glass of champagne, the classical music playing in the background incorporates both the numbers 42 and especially 4. It is the opening of the second movement, the minuet, of the String Quartet in D minor, opus 42, by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809).

    Haydn is credited with creating the string quartet as a distinct musical form, consisting of an ensemble of 4 instruments--a pair of violins, a viola, and a cello. Most string quartets, like this particular one, have 4 movements. This work's overall key, D minor, also includes the fourth letter of the alphabet. A considerably longer selection from the second movement of this same Haydn string quartet is heard again playing faintly in the background in the Season 2 episode …And Found, when Sun first meets her prospective suitor at the hotel.

  • Numbers: 8
    The time Sun is supposed to meet the car at 11:15, the four numbers added up equals 8 (1 + 1 + 1 + 5).

  • Numbers: Walt's birthday is August 24th (8/24, with 24 being a reversed 42). As Sun rejoins Jin at the airport, you hear an announcement for Flight 125 (1 + 2 + 5 = 8).

  • Numbers: 15

    Sun is supposed to make an excuse to walk out of the airport at 11:15

  • Numbers: 8

    Charlie says that he did not play the guitar for 8 days.

  • When Jin returns home with blood all over his shirt, the song that is being played is a version of the Godfather song.

  • When Sawyer joins the discussion on the beach between Michael and Sayid you can clearly see a crewmember on the right bottom frame (widescreen) holding a styrofoam reflection board.

  • During Sun's flashback(s), while he is washing his hands, Jin's shirt magically cleans itself. At the beginning of the scene it's quite bloody, but by the end of the scene it's much less bloody - most notably the right sleeve.

  • The watch that Michael is wearing, the one that is the reason Jin attacks him, alternately appears and disappears while Jin is attacking him on the beach.

  • The bees on Charlie's face disappear and reappear from shot to shot.

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