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  • Season 6 Episode 8: Recon

  • At the police station, Sawyer uses Microsoft Word 2007 in the flash-sideways timeline set in 2004.

  • The clock on the night stand read 8:42. 8 and 42 are two of The Numbers.

  • The tail number for Ajira flight 316 was N25705 when it originally appeared in the episode "316". However, in this episode the same plane bears the designation N9748C.

    N25705 is the tail number of a Boeing 737 currently in use by Continental Airlines. N9748C is a tail number reserved by the FAA for film use, and has been used in many other TV and film productions.

  • This episode marks the first time that the name of Oceanic Flight 815 was specifically mentioned in the flash-sideways timeline.

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Dr. Linus

  • On the wall of Principal Reynolds's office there is a large photograph of what appears to be a scenic shot of the island.

  • The timing of the flash-sideways setting is left unclear by contradictory indicators. Alex's mention of the European History AP test being on Friday places the episode in early May, the only time the test is offered, but her request for a letter of recommendation to Yale places the episode earlier, during college application season, September through February. The year of the flash sideways is similarly in doubt: if flash-sideways Alex was born in the same year as her counterpart, she would be 15 years old in 2004, exceptionally young to be applying to Yale.

  • Jorge Garcia confirmed on his own podcast that he added in Hurley's line where he asks Richard Alpert if he's a "vampire". Garcia wasn't sure if the line would be left in, but to his own surprise, it was.

  • Hurley comments on how Richard hasn't aged in 30 years. Yet he never met Richard in the 70s.

  • When Dr. Arzt and Dr. Linus are speaking, Dr. Arzt's shirt is shown with the top button open in some shots, and closed in other shots.

  • At the scene inside the Black Rock, both Jack and Richard had marked stubble. When they arrived at the beach, both were almost clean shaved.

  • When Ilana is guarding Ben while he's digging the grave, in some shots the rifle is covered in sand and in others it is clean.

  • When Alex and Ben are discussing Alex's history test, a piece of Alex's hair is behind her head in some shots, and over her shoulder in some other shots.

  • This is the first episode to have flash-sideways focused around someone who was not on Flight 815 in either timeline.

  • Season 6 Episode 6: Sundown

  • Omar and Keamy are the first two characters to be killed on screen in both the original timeline and sideways timeline.

  • When Sayid meets Nadia and they hug, she places her left arm on his shoulder to show viewers her wedding ring, in the next shot her arm is not on his shoulder.

  • When Keamy is making his fried eggs, there is clearly a piece of toast on the plate he places them on, along with several strips of bacon. However, when he moves the plate to the table, the toast has vanished.

  • In medicine, the term "Sundowning" refers to the phenomenon where people with psychosis or dementia become very agitated at dusk. At this time they are more likely to go wandering off away from safety when they are very confused.

  • At the hospital after Omar's mugging, Sayid and Nadia pass Jack, who is in his hospital scrubs, in the hallway.

  • Omar wakes up Sayid at 2:30 am. 23 is one of The Numbers.

  • When Sayid is fixing the vase, he goes to pick up the broken piece, the camera switches and shows him putting down the glue instead.

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