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  • Season 1 Episode 8: Confidence Man

  • Goof: (Continuity) When Sawyer is in the bed with the woman, she has bare shoulders. Then when Sawyer realizes it is 3:30 and he slides out of the bed, she is only off-screen for a split second, but she now has a black bra on with straps.

  • If you look closely at Sayid's shirt right after he stabs Sawyer, you can see blood on it. When they go back to him after showing Jack there is no blood on the shirt, there is also no blood on the shirt when he stands up, but before he leaves to go get the bag there is some blood on it again.

  • Sun uses a medicinal herb to help Shannon's asthma. When Jack smells the mixture he says it is Eucalyptus, either he or the show crew is mistaken, as the leaves handed by Michael to Sun are definitely NOT eucalyptus.

  • Locke's theory of a slow-fuse doesn't make any sense, since Sawyer had to fire his signal rocket after he saw Sayid fire his. There's no way a slow fuse could account for that, but neither Locke or Sayid seem to notice.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Solitary

  • The name "The Others" is first used in this episode by Rousseau.

  • When Jack is shown golfing for the second time and the other survivors are watching him, you can see the cord for his microphone pack on the left side of his shirt coming up from the waist of his jeans.

  • When Sayid is upside down in Rosseau's trap we can hear him whisper something in arabic; "La illaha illalah, Muhammadun Rasulullah", known as the "Shahada" this is translated as "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger", a very well known sentence that, among other situations, is pronounced by muslims about to die as a way to enter paradise.

  • When Sayid holds the picture of Nadia he can read a few Arabic words on the back of her picture. They say "If I don't see you in Dunia I will see you in Akhira". "Dunia" is the coranic word for "life on earth" or the present virtual reality (created by God to test us), while "Akhira" means the hereafter or the "real reality" after the present virtuality.

  • This is the first time whispers are heard on the island.

  • Although Sayid is a soldier, his surname "Jarrah" is the Arabic word for "surgeon", which is the profession of Jack Shephard.

  • At the end of this episode, as Sayid enters the jungle, he hears indecipherable whispers,but by isolating the whispers it is possible to tell what they say:

    Lucky the man can't run
    He's a crash survivor
    Why only isolate him
    I said we do... he's coming
    You have no idea how he got here?
    (Radio static)
    (Beeping sound)

    Right here
    He's right behind me
    It's okay
    Who cares
    Help him when?
    Crash survivor
    Why only isolate him?
    Standard orders... go
    You have no idea

    He's coming
    Security issue
    You have no idea how he got here?
    Skip it

  • Numbers: 4

    Sayid tells Nadia there's a supply truck 40 meters outside the door.

  • Island events in this episode take place on October 3rd and October 4th 2004.

  • Danielle said that her vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when a storm broke out and they crashed. This places the island somewhere due east of Australia.

  • Goof: Nadia still has nail polish on after she spent a month in jail.

  • Danielle Rousseau asks Sayid 23 times (in several languages, including english, german, spanish, french and italian) where Alex is. 23 is one of The Numbers.

  • In this episode Hurley builds a golf course, and on the golf course the grass is short. But how could it be, since it's in an open field which obviously gets sufficient sun and rain?

  • There are Chinese characters on Boone's light blue shirt that translates into "eighty-four". Backwards, this is 48, the original number of survivors from the front part of the plane. Also, 8 is the Chinese number for "good" and 2 stands for "evil". (Yin and Yang)

  • In Sayid's flashbacks to his time in the Iraqi military, his shoulder rank insignia consists of two stars (similar to a US Major General) making his rank that of a Mulazim Awwal (1st Lieutenant). Later, his rank changes to an eagle-like design (presumably because he was promoted) called Ra'id (Major), yet having this insignia would mean he skipped the rank of Naqib (Captain), which consists of three stars.

  • Naveen Andrews's character (Sayid) is Iraqi, but when he is shown interrogating the prisoner at the Iraqi base, he is speaking to him in "Fus'ha", which is the formal form of Arabic, used in books and TV news broadcasts; Iraqi Arabic sounds nothing like it (Naveen Andrews is British and of Indian origin; he does not speak Arabic, so he was probably given the text to be spoken by his character written in English phonetically).

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