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  • Season 6 Episode 5: Lighthouse

  • When Jack looks at the clock it features the numbers 4 and 8 which are part of the numbers list

  • This Jack centric episode aired February 23rd, Jack's number is also 23.

  • According to Jorge Garcia's podcast "Geronimo Jack's Beard", some minor things that were in the script were never shown in the episode:
    "Hey this is Brian" - There was another message on David's voicemail from a friend called Brian about having a sleep over.
    "Apollo candy is now Apollo soda" - The drink that David takes from the fridge was called an Apollo soda in the script but became unknown as he had his hand over it.
    "Claire's peanut butter" - In the description of Claire's hovel they mention that the empty peanut butter jar from Charlie is on one of the shelves.

  • There is a visual difference between the first floor of the lighthouse (built as a prop) and the rest of building (created as CGI). In the scene when Hugo gets closer to the lighthouse's door, you can see its shadow, and when you compare it to Hugo's shadow, it's clear that this shadow was cast by a building not higher than 10ft.

  • The date given for the recital is "Friday the 24th." In 2004, the 24th is a Friday in September, which would place the date of the landing at LAX on September 22nd. This confirms the date of Claire's ultrasound in "What Kate Does" which specified October 22nd, is a prop error.

  • Dogen's Japanese rant translates to "You're lucky I have to protect you, otherwise I'd have cut your head off."

  • The piece David performs at his audition (Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor) is the same piece played by Faraday in "The Variable".

  • The numbers in Jack's truck's license plate (2SAQ321) add up to 8. 8 being one of The Numbers.

  • The Lighthouse has 4 mirrors. 4 is one of The Numbers.

  • The first time we see the needle move on the lighthouse wheel it goes down from 120. Then we see the first reflection that is related to Kwon. We see the reflection related to Sawyer. And finally we see the needle at 37. As the needle went down from 120 to 37, it never passed 15, the number related to Sawyer. Also the timing of the reflection related to Kwon seems impossible.

  • During the conversation where Jacob tells Hurley that he has ink on his forehead, the ink is in a different position in one shot.

  • This episode continues the Season 6 pattern of copying Season 1's episodes' centricities.

  • The lighthouse wheel reveals the following that previously wasn't known from the Cliffside cave:
    - Rousseau crossed out at number 20.
    - (Kate) Austen at number 51. Austen is not crossed out and was not shown in the scene in the cave in "The Substitute."
    - (Juliet) Burke crossed out at number 58.
    - (Daniel) Faraday crossed out at number 101.
    - (Charlotte) Lewis crossed out at number 104, which is different from The Substitute where she has number 140.
    - Wallace crossed out at number 108. (108 is also the sum of The Numbers.)
    - (Tom) Friendly crossed out at number 109.
    - (Benjamin) Linus crossed out at number 117.
    - (Michael) Dawson crossed out at number 124.
    - (Claire) Littleton crossed out at number 313.
    - (Shannon) Rutherford crossed out at number 32.

  • The second reflection in the lighthouse mirror is of the church where Sawyer's parents' funeral was held.

  • The first reflection in the lighthouse mirror is of the temple where Jin and Sun got married.

  • The sign for David's recital reads "Welcome all Candidates."

  • Season 6 Episode 4: The Substitute

  • A photo seen on Locke's desk of Locke and Anthony Cooper is actually a still from "Deus Ex Machina".

  • Lynn Karnoffis the same person Hurley's father hired to convince Hurley that The Numbers weren't cursed in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead".

  • While substituting at the school Locke is teaching the students about human reproduction from Chapter 4 of the textbook. 4 is one of The Numbers.

  • Hurley's Hummer was parked too close to Locke's van, which would not have allowed Hurley enough room to exit his vehicle from the driver's side door.

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