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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Walkabout

  • When Jack is cleaning Charlie's cut after the boar attack, the camera pans upwards and you can see a small tattoo of two figures on Charlie's shoulder. Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie, got this tattoo ("nine" in Elvish) to commemorate his part in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Monaghan, along with eight other actors who got the tattoo, were part of a the Fellowship of the Ring, the central group of characters in the films.

  • Goof: It is mentioned that Harold Wollstein is a dead passenger in Seat 23C. This is not accurate, however, as 23C would have been where Rose was sitting prior to the crash. This can be seen from Jack sitting in a 2-seat section of Row 23 in "Pilot" and other episodes. He was in Seat 23A. This means that Harold had to be in Seat 23B, unlikely since Jack sits there in order to keep Rose calm, or in Seat 23E since Rose's husband would presumably have been in Seat 23D.

  • This is the second episode entitled "Walkabout" that Terry O'Quinn is in. The first one was the series Millennium 1x17.

  • When Locke faces the giant creature, he steps back and he brushes against some leaves. But when it is switched to the creature's point of view, Locke is shown in front of the leaves and when he steps back, he still isn't close enough to brush the leaves.

  • Numbers: 4 there are 4 scratch scars on Jacks face.

  • When Locke returns to work in the flashback, he's typing on an adding machine. As the receipt prints, the sound of the smoke monster can be heard. In a recent episode of the official Lost podcast, Carlton Cuse revealed that the sound was taken from a NY Cab's receipt printer.

  • Numbers: 4

    Locke has been in a wheelchair for 4 years.

  • Numbers: 8

    Locke has been talking to Helene for 8 months.

  • Numbers: 4

    Jack mentions that they have been on the island for 4 days. Kate has 4 scratches on her face.

  • Island events in this episode take place on September 26th 2004.

  • We learn that, prior to the crash, Locke's legs were paralyzed and he was bound to a wheelchair.

  • In the scene where Charlie and Hurley are attempting to catch a fish, as Hurley gives the spear to Charlie his shirt is wet from before. After Charlie misses and Hurley starts to laugh, his shirt is dry. As Hurley helps Charlie back up his shirt is wet again.

  • Rose tells Jack she's aware he made a promise [in the episode: Pilot: Pilot (1)] to keep her company until her husband returns. But, she says, "I'm letting you off the hook."

    Jack would hear these words again in the episode "Do No Harm".

  • Kate, Charlie and Jack told everyone else that there were no survivors inside the nose of the plane. However, Kate starts talking about something the pilot said to a group of people who didn't go on the expedition and no one commented.

  • While Norman Croucher is a determined and admirable individual, he did not climb Mt. Everest as Locke states. His best Himalaya climb was on Cho Oyo in Tibet, the sixth tallest mountain in the world.

  • In Locke's flashback when he's in the lunchroom, his boss comes in, puts a coin in a vending machine, and just immediately reaches down and grabs a candy bar. In the real world most folks have to punch the buttons to get what they want.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Tabula Rasa

  • The farmer tells Kate that he saw her photo in the post office and that her capture would result in a $23,000 reward. However, Australian wanted posters are usually shown in police stations. Post offices never have them and they normally do not specify rewards.

  • Jack tells Kate that the US Marshal may survive "2, 3, or 4 days." 4 is one of "The Numbers."

  • Charlie retapes the finger that had the letter 'F' and writes the letter 'L', now spelling - L A T E.

  • In numerology, you assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet: a=1, b=2, c=3 ... z=26, to find hidden meanings in text. Applying this to LATE (what Charlie writes on his bandages):
    12x1x20x5=1200. 1200 can be divided by 4, 8, 15 and 16, which are almost all The Numbers. Plus, those are 4 numbers. Once again, 4 is one of The Numbers.

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