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  • Season 1 Episode 3: Tabula Rasa

  • In the car Kate and the farmer are in, the driver seat is on the right as it should be in Australia. However, they are driving on the right lane, whereas in Australia you should be driving on the left lane.

  • During the Australian driving sequence, once Kate is aware that they are being followed she looks in her door rearview mirror. The rear view shows a driver's perspective rather than the passenger. ie. She should be seeing the side of the road rather than the middle which of course is the driver's view, in Australia at least.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Pilot (2)

  • Goof: When Sayid says that he fought in the Gulf War, Hurley says he had a buddy who also fought there, stating "He was in the 104th Airborne." There was no unit designated "104th Airborne" that fought in the Gulf War. There was, however, a 104th Airborne that fought in Chechnya for the Russian Federation in 2004.

  • When Sayid and Sawyer are fighting, Sayid says "Ibn al-kalb" to him. This translates to "Son of a bitch".

  • When Kate, Sayid, Boone, Shannon and Charlie are leaving the camp to test the tranceiver, Sawyer is reading a letter and we can see that he is not shaved. A couple of seconds later, when he joins them he is shaved, which wouldn't be possible in this time frame.

  • Numbers: 8

    The ring charlie has in his right hand has 8 point-lane.

  • Boone had no way of knowing that the pilot was killed on Charlie, Kate and Jack's trip to the front of the plane? When asked if there were any survivors, Jack replied no while Charlie and Kate looked away.

  • Numbers: 16

    The message the survivors pick up has been repeating itself for 16 years.

  • As stated by Locke, backgammon is (probably) the oldest game in the world, being over 5,000 years old and dating back to ancient Mesopotamia.

  • When Jack was about to pull out the shrapnel from the marshal, you can see the marshal's legs are crossed. Someone unconscious couldn't do this and I don't think anyone else would have thought to cross an unconscious person's legs.

  • The french on the radio was not really as Shannon translated, but rather: "It is outside, they are all dead, please help us". And then "If anyone hears this, I'll try to reach the Black Rock".

  • Though Sayid's calculation is merely an estimate, the message would have only repeated for approximately 8 years. This is calculating based on the fact that the message was only about 21 seconds long and that the iteration at the end of each message would have been a few seconds shorter when it was initially started playing by the french woman. However, based on a static length message of 30 seconds, Sayid's calcuation is dead on at 16 years.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot (1)

  • Goof: The Oceanic airplane is supposed to be a Boeing 777, but when you see Jack running through the wreckage you can see that the main landing gear of the plane has only 4 wheels instead of the six a B-777 would have. Also, when Kate, Jack and Charlie reach the front section of the plane, in several shots where you can see the instruments of the cockpit, there are 3 engine indicators instead of the two a 777 would have.

  • "Black and white" myth:
    Charlie put white tape on his fingers, and write "Fate" with a black marker.

  • There's a deleted scene that takes place during the night: Hurley approaches Locke, and asks him if he wants to eat chicken or lasagna (food he recovered from the plane). Locke doesn't answer, and stares at the sky. Hurley leaves.

  • Numbers: 8: Claire says she's 8 months pregnant. The pilot has 8 stripes on his shoulders. 16: Jack's first surgery was done on a 16 year old girl. When Jack, Kate and Charlie find the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack tells the pilot that they crashed 16 hours ago. 23: The number of the seat that Jack was seated on in the plane was 23. The plane's flight number, "eight-fifteen", totals 23 when adding 8 and 15. 4, 8: Jack says that there are 48 survivors. 815: The crashed flight's number is Oceanic 815.

  • The production budget for the two-hour pilot was $11.5 million, making it the most expensive pilot in TV history and far greater than the cost of most television shows. This led to Disney firing ABC Entertainment Chairman Lloyd Braun for greenlighting the show, which went on to become ABC's biggest hit in years.

  • When Jack, Kate and Charlie are venturing into the jungle, they step over something that is assumed to be a log or something of that sort. In the commentary, they explained that what they actually stepped over was tracks for the dolley.

  • When Charlie offers to go on the hike with Jack and Kate, the camera switches to a close up of Jack and what is supposed to be Charlie's hair, but it is really Sawyer's hair, not Charlie's. In an earlier draft of the pilot, Sawyer was supposed to come up and talk to Jack and the others, but when they cut that out, they left the shot of Sawyer's hair.

  • Some characters are based in real life people:
    -James Ford (Sawyer): Civic leader and pirate.
    -John Locke: British empiricist.
    -Kate Austen: American journalist and advocate of feminist and anarchist causes.
    -Michael Dawson: English professional rugby player.
    -Steve Jenkins: Wales international rugby player.

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