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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot (1)

  • The man that is sucked into the turbine in the beginning of the episode was later confirmed by the producers as being Gary Troup, the author of Bad Twin. This was a book made up for the show and Hurley and Sawyer are seen reading it later in the series. However, a full version of the book was released to the public on May 2, 2006.

  • At the beginning of the episode, when all the explosions are going on, just after a man is sucked into the turbine, you can see some sort of shadow shoot up and over the turbine. Moreover, it starts circling the area several times and the camera actually focuses on it for a moment.

  • According to the DVD commentary for this episode, in the scene where they talk about going after the monster, Jack was supposed to be talking to Sawyer, but it was later edited so that it looks like he's talking to Charlie.

  • According to several Official Lost websites (such as the Channel 4 site), the plane crashed on September 22, 2004. The journey was supposed to be 13 hours and 52 minutes long, leaving Sydney at 08:04 and arriving at LAX at 18:16.

  • Goof: After Jack gets Hurley and Claire away from the wing falling down, they are all lying on the ground. As Jack says, "Stay with her" to Hurley, Hurley has a big lump of hair on his forehead that disappears and reappears between the shots.

  • Goof: When Jack drops to his knees, after removing the undershirt, one white shirt lies stretched out horizontally on the ground directly in front of him, with both knees centered in front of it; the other shirt is off to his right with the undershirt he drops. Three shots later, still on his knees, all three shirts lie rumpled to his right; eleven shots later, the single white shirt once again lies horizontally directly in front of him, in the very same position as the earlier shot.

  • When Kate finds the pilot's wingpin in the mud, the pilot's reflection is seen in the water as he lies on the branches above Kate. When Jack approaches they all look up and in the overhead shot the pilot's position differs and he lies on different parts of the branches.

  • In the first draft of the pilot, the episode would have covered six weeks of the story. Originally, the first episode would have ended with all the survivors already living in tents.

  • The tail of modern day commercial aircraft has a downward force acting on it. This is to counteract the upward forces from the main wing. When the tail section broke free, the tail should have gone down with the passenger section going up but in the scene, we see it going in the reverse direction. However, because we later learn how the plane crashed, this may not be an actual goof.

  • The pilots would not have changed course had the plane lost communications. International flight regulations and procedures specify that, in the event of lost radio communication, an airplane should change its transponder code to 7600, then follow the flight plan it had already been cleared for. It is for this exact reason that full flight plans are given and verified before the airplane takes off. By diverting course, the pilots violated several flight regulations, and, had they survived, would most likely be stripped of their licenses.

  • A jet engine produces a tremendous amount of thrust. Therefore, there is no way it would be just sitting on the beach like it is in "Pilot."

  • In the first flashback that Jack has, the attendant announces that the "pilot" has turned on the seat belt sign. The next two flashbacks - for Charlie and Kate - are the same except she says "captain."

  • Having a running engine on the beach made for a pretty dynamic rescue scene, but when the nose section came off, all controls to the engine would be lost, and it would have started spooling down at that point and quickly gotten to where it would not have the power to pull anyone off their feet. In addition, fuel pump power would have been cut off when the plane was ripped apart. The fuel could not even gravity feed as the engine was on top of the wing.

  • Nitpick: It has been suggested that in such a violent plane crash, the dog could not have been uninjured when everyone else had bruises and cuts. However, the dog could have been injured, but they may have just not shown it, or it might not just have external wounds.

  • Just after Jack, Kate, and Charlie are in the nose of the plane, they start running through the jungle. During this scene, off to the right hand corner of the screen, you can see someone standing behind the trees in a blue poncho.

  • Season 0 Destination Lost

  • "Make Your Own Kind of Music" was the name of the song played in the opening scene most famously performed by "Mama" Cass Elliot on her 1969 album Bubblegum, Lemonade and Something for Mama.

  • Season 0 Lost: Revelation

  • The location of Kelvin's death is the same place we saw the 'tailies' in Abandoned, when (whilst carrying the unconscious Sawyer back to the beach) Mr Eko says he does not want to cross those rocks, but travel through the jungle instead.

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