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  • Season 6 Episode 18: The End (2)

  • "You" is the last word spoken in the series. John Locke says it, when he tells Jack: "We've been waiting for you", after Jack and Christian enter the chapel.
    Also, the last word spoken in the real timeline is "cool," spoken by Hurley in response to Ben's agreement to becoming his number 2.

  • Every character in the church has been on the show since the first or second season, except for Juliet who was introduced at the very beginning of the third.

  • Boone's observation that he had difficulty getting Shannon back from Sydney is likely an inside joke at the difficulty in scheduling Maggie Grace to return for the final season, having had to already write her out of "LA X".

  • The plug in the Source has markings on it. The clearest markings are cuneiform script. This form of writing was used for a very long time by different civilizations in the area that is now Iraq, notably Akkadian/Sumerian language groups C5000-1000BC.

  • Kate's breath briefly fogs the camera while she talks to Jack after his fight with Locke.

  • During the fight in the rain, several nearby cliff faces apparently collapse. Once the sun comes out, however, the cliffs look no different than they did previously.

  • In the scene with Jack and the Man in Black fighting in the rain on the cliffs, the aerial shots indicate that the cliffs are not actually wet.
    After the rain stops and Kate, Hurley and Sawyer appear, the area around them changes from looking damp to looking rather dry.

  • Eko, Ilana, Michael, Nikki, Paulo, Walt and Ana Lucia are the only main characters of the series to not appear in the finale. This episode also makes Eko, Nikki, Paulo, and Walt the only main characters not to appear in season 6, though Walt was shown in archive footage.

  • The Numbers:
    At the concert the main guests sit at table 23.
    The number of the candy in the vending machine Sawyer wants is G23.

  • In the scene where Jack opens the empty coffin, then meets his father, the stained window in the back collects six symbols of various faiths: the star and crescent of Islam, the Star of David (Judaism), the Aum (widely used as a symbol of Hinduism, but also present in Buddhism and Jainism), the Christian cross, the Dharmacakra (Buddhism) and the Taiji (representing the Yin/Yang from Taoism).

  • The first episode of the series, "Pilot (1)", begins with Jack opening his eyes. The final episode of the series, "The End", ends with Jack closing his eyes.

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