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  • Season 6 Episode 4: The Substitute

  • Locke uses the same brand of alarm clock as Desmond in Flashes Before Your Eyes.

  • On the t-shirt Helen is wearing printed with Chinese text, the text on the left is "精神啟示" which means "revelation to/for spirit". The text on the right is "喚醒的靈魂" which means "awakening soul".

  • The box that held Locke's dead body is labeled with the numbers 823. 8 and 23 are two of The Numbers.

  • It is revealed that several of the main survivors of Oceanic 815 correspond to one of The Numbers: 4-Locke, 8-Reyes, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, 23-Shephard, 42-Kwon.

  • While Locke contemplates calling Jack's office for the free consult that was offered to him, different versions of Jack's business card are shown.

  • When Locke comes back to his office and takes a time to rest, his wristwatch stands still at 11:05:15.

  • Locke's wheelchair lift malfunctioned just prior to hitting Hurley's Hummer, as in the new timeline Hurley is lucky.

  • The title of this episode, "The Substitute", has multiple meanings. It refers to the choice the characters must make, to become a substitute for Jacob or not; John Locke becoming a substitute teacher; Locke's body on Ajira 316 substituting for Christian's on Oceanic 815; etc.

  • This episode follows the current pattern of copying season 1's centricities. The pilot and LA X were multi-centric, episode 3 of season 1 and 6 were Kate-centric, and the fourth episodes of season 1 and 6 are Locke-centric. If this is any indication for future episodes, the next one will be Jack-centric.

  • The two color swatches that Locke and Helen compare for their wedding chairs, two bluish/greyish shades, resemble the colors ABC uses in the advertising graphics for Lost.

  • In the teachers' lounge at the school where Locke works as a substitute, a wall banner in the background reads: "Live in the present, plan for the future".

  • Certain sounds in the flash-sideways sequence resemble sounds on the island throughout the series. Locke's wheelchair ramp breaking down resembled the clicking mechanical sounds of the Smoke Monster. His alarm clock resembled the beeping of the alarm at the Swan station.

  • Season 6 Episode 3: What Kate Does

  • The numbers in the license plate (4DQ5554) of the taxi, besides beginning and ending in 4, add up to 23. 4 and 23 are two of the Numbers.

  • During the scene where Jack was inspecting Sayid's gunshot wound, The wound was on the left side of Sayid. During the scene where he was shot in "The Incident, Part 1", he was shot on the right side of his stomach.

  • This episode marks the fourth occasion in the entire series where Sawyer is seen crying.

  • When Hurley asks Sayid if he was a zombie, this is an-inside reference to the running joke on the Official Lost Podcast that (the non-existent) Season 7 will be called "The Zombie Season."

  • The date on the sonogram October 22, 2004 is two days before Ethan Goodspeed, aka Ethan Rom, of the original timeline dies being shot to death by Charlie Pace on October 24, 2004 for trying to recapture a still pregnant Claire.

  • According to Gregg Nations (Writer and Producer), the date in Claire's sonogram contains both an error and a clue.

  • During the scene when Sawyer was holding the others at gunpoint his pistol changed. He started out with a Sig Sauer and left with a Glock.

  • In "Meet Kevin Johnson", the Temple was far enough away from the Barracks that it required a map to get there and the journey took a day and a half (according to Ben). In this episode, people go from the Temple to the Barracks within a short time period.

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