Season 2 Episode 20

Two for the Road

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • Two for the Road

    Irritating flashbacks aside, Michael's return and Henry's new revelations bring the world of the Others and the season's endgame into the horizon, along with a doubly shocking ending.
  • #220 'Two for the Road'

    One of the best episodes yet mostly thanks to the shocking cliffhanger at the end. This offered us another look at Ana Lucia's life as a recently retired LAPD cop. She started a new job as an airport security guard where she meets Jack's alcoholic father who offers her a job as a private bodyguard on his mysterious trip to Sydney. As we know he died during his time in Australia and Jack flew in looking for him only to find out about his passing and then moving his remains back to Los Angeles for a funeral. Meanwhile at the present time - Ana Lucia was attacked by Henry and which led to the decision of getting a gun. She seduced Sawyer only to take him his revolver. Michael came back and told Jack that he wasn't able to bring Walt back but he's sure they can take down The Others if they team up. Ana Lucia was unable to kill Henry so Michael then offered to get the job done all by himself. But kills Ana Lucia instead. Interrupted by Libby he shot her too. Then shot himself and probably released Henry so it's gonna look like he did it himself and took off. I hate Michael. That was incredibly selfish and cruel. (10/10)

    Is Michael the most egoistic person there is in this world?

    He killed two people, sacrificed three others to save himself & his son.
  • Complete insult of our intelligence as the viewer.

    These writers a brilliant, geniuses. They are. My admiration and heart felt thanks goes out to them. No seriously all sarcasm aside, anyone who can captivate an audience again and again with a very clever format and precise 'game plan', with intellectual plot lines get kudos from me. So my question to you, the writers, is why sway from your proven ways and insult our intelligence.

    Any loyal fan base, the ones that keep any show alive, the ones that truly appreciate the hard work taken by the writers, actors, even the lowly stage hands, YES even they are appreciated, if not by everyone but definitely by me. These fan bases believe in the show and that is why we deserve the respect of said writers.

    Maybe you think i am a crack in the ocean, such a beautiful term ain't it. But how can anyone watch that hocus pocus of an ending and not be infuriated. Anyway i'll shut up now for i am fearful that i sound like a broken record player and after all i only wanted my two pence worth. So hear it is. Please please don't follow the white rabbit down the mysterious rabbit hole. Your format works and well i might add......
  • Awesome.

    Michael returns with news that the Others are virtually defenseless. Ana Lucia tries to get Henry to tell the truth. Hurley takes Libby on a surprise date. In the hatch, Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and releases Henry. In flashbacks, Ana Lucia works as a bodyguard for Jack's father in Australia. Wow - an awesome episode. I love this episode. I love the Ana Lucia and Henry scene where he is trying to kill her. I love the Locke and Henry scene too - amazing! I love the scene with Sawyer and Ana Lucia. I also love the fact that Anan Lucia knows Jacks dad. I love the Micahel story too. I love the scene with Jack, Sawyer, John and Kate. Ana Lucia is going to kill Henry - awesome scene. I love what Micahel does, awesome storyline one of my favourite moments on Lost when he kills Ana Lucia and Libby. Just didn't see it coming, awesome ending.
  • The Ending is cold, sad, viollent and shocking, probably the most shocking scene ever broadcasted on TV!!! Without the Final Scene, the rest is only Setup!!!


    It is Obvious that when the writers kill someone, an episode is overrated. With that Knowlegde, they knew that they could try to do one of the most shocking moments in TV ever seen.

    So the final Scene, show the final idea to do that. This is the only Highlight of this episode.

    For Example, Michael conversation with Jack is full of flaws, since Kate and Jack apparently have amnesia and they kept their minds frozen. Ana Lucia Flashbaks has some details, since the writers predicted that her flashbacks would bring nothing new, they tied Christian in it and gave us a Hint for the future.

    Emotions - » This is what this episode offer, a final Shocking Scene that make this episode Unforgettable.

    Progression - » Michael is back, Two "Losties" are gone, this is enough.

    Ending - » Is what Sold this episode so high. The ending is powerful, cold, viollent, sad and highly shocking.

    Overall - » This episode is an fine example what a shocking ending can do.
  • Surprises await,leading to one of the biggest shocks of all time

    This is a critical episode in the series, and while the gut reaction is to go to the ending, I'll try to go a little deeper than the casual. It centered on Ana again, and considering we supposedly learned her big secret, it's hard to imagine another flashback could be more illuminating. Boy, was I wrong

    After killing the man who tried to kill, Ana quit the force rather than deal with ramifications (her mother found out) She became a glorified security guard for Oceanic Air (talk about career change) It was there that she met a man who wanted her to come with him, and though he never tells Ana his real name, we know it's Christian Shephard, and that this just after Jack ratted him out to the medical board. The two of them head off to Sydney, and though it hasn't yet been made clear why he was in there (no doubt there's yet another flashback involved), he says that he's there to see his daughter. Again, I missed this because I don't pick up on these subtleties the woman he has a long, drunken conversation does bear a striking resemblance to Claire. Is it possible she's his daughter?

    Christian remains a fascinating character, who was clearly trying to rebuild his past relationship because he couldn't talk to his son. (We run into Sawyer in this flashback, too, so it's pretty clear after Ana leaves him, he gave up pretty soon after.) And just like he couldn't face his past, Ana is still having trouble facing her own demons. Only once again, the demon has a face--- Henry. Without warning, Henry suddenly tries to kill Ana. His reasoning? She killed two of them, therefore she's not a good person. But Ana only killed one of them, and that was clearly in self-defense. Henry says that he never would've, but I don't believe him, even in retrospect. Henry then tries to work on Locke again, telling him that he was coming to the hatch to get him. Again, I'm not convinced that there was truth to this. Locke is important to the island, but, as we shall find out pretty soon, Locke wasn't immediately important to the Others plan.

    But then, he's not the only one practicing deception. Michael finally regains consciousness, and tells Jack, Kate and Locke a story about the Others. He said that he counted twenty two of them, that they live in tents, that they eat fish, and that they don't have any guns. This doesn't sound close to what we've learned in 'The Hunting Party' and ''Maternity Leave' about the Others, but because they're so focused on taking vengeance, none of the others see that they're being played. So they go off to leave to get the guns, leaving Ana alone. What they don't know is that earlier in the episode, Ana got kind of up close and personal with Sawyer, leading to the first, and by far the dirtiest sex scene in the series history. (I'm still not quite sure how Ana managed to hide the gun.) She goes to the armory, tells Henry to cut himself free (clearly she saw Shane at one point in her life) with the full intention of killing him 'trying to escape'. But she can not find the nerve, and realizes a gun can not solve her problems.
    Given all the trouble that Henry will wreak upon the Lost-aways in the series, one can't help but wish Ana had shot first and then had doubts. But she doesn't. Instead she gives the gun to Michael, and pays for her doubt with her life.

    Meanwhile, Hurley and Libby are in the process of trying to have a nice romantic lunch, and it seems that despite all the bumbling, someone on the island is going to find happiness. But the island doesn't allow for romance, and Libby has to leave to get blankets. Unfortunately, she goes to the hatch,--- and runs write into Michael just after he kills Ana. In a panic, Michael shoots Libby twice as well. (Libby's death is the only one in the series I take specific issue with; there was clearly a lot more about her the learns, and the producers would demonstrate that in the last few episodes of season 2. Cynthia Watros shot a pilot that was never produced, and I can't escape the feeling that her characters death was done as an insurance policy. There were more stories to be told; unfortunately the writers have made clear that we will never find it out.)

    I have to admit my first reaction to this scene--- after I got over the shock---- was that Michael had somehow been programmed by the Others to become an assassin. Maybe with the same drugs they used to make Claire so docile. The more likely scenario was that they made a trade his son's freedom for Henry's, and that Michael who we know was desperate before, might have felt this was his only option. Even knowing that it's coming, it still comes as a huge blow, and we know now that even Michael does get his son back from the Others, he'll never be free of them.

    Even though we don't see half the characters--- Sayid and Jin are only seen in passing, and we don't see Claire, Charlie or Eko at all--- this is still a pretty powerful episode. There's a showdown coming between the survivors and the Others, and even though they think they have the advantage, it's clear that they're headed for a major surprise. (And considering how unsurprised Henry was when the shooting started, I think he knows where the power is.
    My score:9.2
  • This is really getting to a climax!

    This show has a continued rise to it, and i wasn\'t expecting what michael did to happen at all! So now i really got to study this and figure it. I have been a LOST fan since the first episode, and it has gotten better and better by the episode. I wonder how LOST will end its final season in the next year or two? This show is really getting good. You can\'t miss out on this. And i wonder if they are going to war with \"The Others\"? We will see.... Jason M. W.

  • WOW... Breath-takingly TRADIC END!

    They find an exhausted Micheal episode in the jungle -- he talks about the other and gives info on their lives.
    So its obvious that he didn't get caught by the others...he's been alon in the jungle, investigating the others. He tells Jack and Locke that they will take them to the others as soon as he rests well -- getting closer and closer to the FINALE...

    Aside from Michael -- there is an unexpected, shockin sex scene of "Ana & Sawyer" -- How hot was thatt??!! Lol!
    God knows how long has Ana Lucia been keeping her passion for Sawyer inside her. :D

    Anyways the ending was really tradic and shocking that made my jaw open soo widely -- Michael shots Ana and than accidentally Libby(saddest death along w/ Shannon's) -- This was the scene that made me start hating Michael. I wanted to strangle him, why would he do that? He better have a reasonable explanation or I dont think Im going to be able to stand him from now on. Cant wait for the next episode..

    Overall, one of the best of Season 2 // A Perfect 10 out of 1O! :)
  • Much of this episode is all a big set-up for the next episode and it is only the end that really remains memorable.

    This episode is perhaps one of the most overrated episodes of Lost. It is not a bad episode, in fact it is quite the opposite but it is not as awesome as I hoped it would be.
    The reason that it is overrated is purely because of how it ends.
    Taking that aside the episode has some nice moments but nothing that pushes my buttons.
    There were two other moments that I did like. One was the comfrontation between Locke and non-Henry Gale, when Gale tells Locke that before Rousseau caught him in her net he was coming for Locke, because he is one of the "Good ones".
    More Good/Bad - Black/White references! Who are the other "Good" people. I would imagine Claire, Sun, Aaron and Walt, seeing as they have kidnapped him.
    The second noteworthy thing about this episode was the flashback, which I think, ending aside, was better than the island action, purely because it brought up alot of interesting connections. We had THREE in fact. One is that Ana-Lucia met Christian Shepherd, Jack's Father. The second is that Sawyer passed by Christian and Ana-Lucia moments before Christian, himself, would meet Sawyer in the bar, which we saw in Outlaws. Thirdly, and perhaps more shockingly, Christian Shepherd visits the home of an Australian woman, begging to see his daughter, who may be Claire, which would bring an amazing connection to Jack!
    The end of the episode had fans screaming in jubilation when Ana-Lucia was killed off! I was one of those people! Didn't like her attitude! However, I was getting to like Libby, despite my feelings that she was somehow behind what is happening on the island.
    The episode title has two meanings: Ana-Lucia and Christian Shepherd travelling together, two characters to be killed off. I thought it also interesting that the title is also an alcoholic reference. Not only does the episode reference drink throughout, including Libby telling Hurley she will get the wine from the hatch, but both the characters that are killed off all ran into the law with DUI charges! Coincidence! Did they title the episode as an in-joke, on behalf of the actors?
    This episode was impressive, yet disappointing at the same time. The end is indeed truly shocking but it seems that it overshadows the rest of the episode somewhat.
    R.I.P. Ana-Lucia and Libby
  • Wow! What an ending...

    I'm speechless after that ending. I couldn't believe the drastic sudden turn of events like that. Let me just say that there better be a good explanation for it in the next episode. Aside from that, this episode was interesting. Hurley's interest in Libby is growing although I'm getting the impression that she is becoming less interested in him. The flashbacks are centered around Ana Lucia and the murder she committed. It also shows some time she spent with Jack's father which I found to pretty much be the most boring part of the episode. The highlight is when Jack decides to venture out in search of the "Others" and finds Michael. They bring him back to the hatch where he has many more details to share about the "Others". This leads to the dramatic event at the end of the episode which still has my jaw hanging.
  • Jack and Kate bring an exhausted Michael back into camp, Henry decides to have a chat with Ana, Hurley plans a date with Libby. Michael has some news and actions for the others.

    We see that Henry is still on his hunger strike when Ana goes in to deliver a bowl of chopped up fruit, he's not talkative out loud, as she goes closer to hear him mumble, he attacks and gets the better of her, just as he is about to finish off the task then Locke comes to Ana's rescue and hits Henry with his crutch.

    We have a flashback to Ana's past, where her mother takes her to the morgue to show her the corpse of the man that confessed to shooting Ana, who she could not identify but when he was let go, was shot 5 times in the chest. Ana hands in her badge to her mother and then we see her working security at the airport, then we see her off duty and drinking in a bar and talking to Jacks Dad, who offers her a temporary job offer around being a protection person for him in Australia for a short period of time.

    We also see that Henry is getting into the mind of Locke with his good vs bad vain of thought, as when Locke asks him why he did not crush his skull when he was trapped under the door, yet he tried to kill Ana, Locke doesn't understand that. But Henry says that she's bad and Locke is good, but he also goes onto say that his leader is brillant but not very forgiving, so if Jack does or does not bring a traded prisoner back then he's dead anyway, as he will have failed in his mission to bring Locke back.

    Ana wanting a gun goes and asks Sawyer, who suggests she goes and asks Jack, but they tussle and it ends up with Ana making out with Sawyer fully in order to get a gun. After Michael wakes up and tells them of his story, Jack decides that they can take them, so they all head off to see Sawyer regarding getting all the guns back, leaving Ana to guard the prisoner, whom she goes into see and hands him a knife to cut himself free, but she can not bring herself about to kill him. Michael comes through to talk to her, finds out about the prisoner and says to Ana that he'll shoot him, takes the gun and shoots Ana. Libby clutching some blankets comes around the corner and on instinct Michael shoots her twice, before he opens the armoury and shoots himself in the shoulder.
  • Wow!

    Michael returns with news that the Others are virtually defenseless. Ana Lucia tries to get "Henry Gale" to tell the truth. Hurley takes Libby on a surprise date. In the hatch, Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and releases "Henry Gale." Ana Lucia remembers her job as a bodyguard for Jack's father, Christian. This is a amazing episode where we see Ana Lucia and Libby get the boot and from the most unexpected Character Michael.
    There was some great character development which sadly came to a end when Ana Lucia and Libby where shot.
    Many fans like this episode because there most hated character was killed off after a long wait.
  • An Ana Lucia-centric episode.

    After having seen this episode, I have to say that all things considered, I thought that this was an absolutely amazing episode. Sawyer's involvement with Ana Lucia storyline was definitely my favorite aspect about this episode. His interaction with Ana Lucia was absolutely priceless. I have to say that I have very mixed feelings about Ana Lucia's death. Part of me, is upset that they killed her off because I kind of liked her as a character, but at the same time, I'm glad that they killed her off because I thought that she was taking too much screen time away from the original cast members, and I didn't like that at all. I also really liked the whole Hurley and Libby storyline in this episode. It was great to see Michael back again in a more prominent manner because I have to say that I was really starting to miss him. In closing, I thought that this episode was amazing in every possible way, and everyone who was in involved in the making of it did a great job, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Two DVD set.
  • The ending really hurt...

    Ana Lucia has flashbacks of how she got to Sydney. Jack's father, Christian, and her meet at an airport bar. They go to Sydney together, as Christian hires her as his bodyguard. He goes to see his daughter. Ana Lucia leaves him at a bar.

    Jack and Kate bring Michael back. When he wakes up, he tells them about seeing "the Others." He tells them that they can take them. Ana Lucia talks to Henry, but then he tries to kill her. Locke comes just in time. Ana needs a gun, so she tricks Sawyer by having sex with him and taking his gun. Hurley plans a romantic date for Libby. Ana tries to kill Henry, but she can't do it. Michael says he will, but then, he shoots and kills Ana Lucia. Libby walks in and he kills her also. He opens the door to Henry and shoots himself.

    Wow! What an ending! I liked Libby and Ana Lucia, so I'm really sad that their stay on the island didn't last too long. Michael, I didn't care for, so the only concern is...why did he do it? That's the only reason I would want him alive. I feel bad for Hurley now. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • One of the most sickening endings in television history.

    One of the most sickening endings in television history.
    Simply. Put.

    The episode was great too, but it was the last 3 minutes that made it what it is, to be honest.

    Michael's return was handled fairly well, though it was stupid how everyone believed his obviously fake story. First of all, how are they supposed to have only 2guns when we saw in The Hunting Party that the others took all the guns Jack and co carried(at least 4, Locke had two, probably Kate had one too, so thats 5) . Secondly, WHY doesn't Kate say ANYTHING About the fake clothes and beards? Michael here says that they are hillibilies and live like hillibilies. Kate (and now Jack too, since she told him) should know that its a big fake. But nooo...

    Oh well.

    Ana is attacked by Henry for killing a good man(Goodwin), so Ana wants revenge on him. Has sex with Sawyer for a gun,but doesn't shoot Henry. And it's a part of her character development. She finally redeemed herself, her character closed the circle. However, Michael decides to SHOOT Ana and let Henry go. What did the others do to Michael to make him do this? But unfortunately, Libby interrupts Michael, and gets shot too... two killings within only a minute. His goal is obvious(rescue Walt) but hell, it's everything BUT justified. Very sickening, cold, dark, stressful. Lost writers really shocked me right here.
  • I hate Ana Lucia and Michael.

    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold And she's buying the stairway to heaven. When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for. Ooh, ooh, and she's buying the stairway to heaven. There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings. In a tree by the brook, there's a songbird who sings, Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it makes me wonder. There's a feeling I get when I look to the west, And my spirit is crying for leaving. In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, And the voices of those who stand looking. Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it really makes me wonder. And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune Then the piper will lead us to reason. And a new day will dawn for those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, It's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder. Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him, Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll. And she's buying the stairway to heaven.
  • Ana Lucia/Libby

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes hands down!!! Michael comes stumbling out of the woods which was a major disappointment for me because he truly got on my nerves this season. To top off my disappointment with him, he shoots Libby. I could care less for Ana Lucia because she got on my nerves too. Sad to say but like Shannon, I was glad to see her killed off the show. As for Libby, I was disappointed that she was killed off because I was intrigued by her relationship with Hurley and I felt we were cheated with her lack of flashbacks. The fact that both Ana Lucia and Libby were both killed off the show at the same time makes me wonder if it had anything to do with there DUI charges they got in Hawaii???
  • What a shocker! SPOILER

    Just when everyone thinks that everything is getting better, something worse than before happens. Afterwards, Jack confronts Sawyer for the gun, only to realize that his gun is gone. The revalation that Henry tried to kill Ana is revealed. Ana tries to kill Henry, but cannot. Michael then agrees to do the deed and says the most infamous words in Lost history: "I'm Sorry" and shoots Ana Lucia. Libby startles Michael and she is shot as well. I know both actresses have done bad things in life, but the characters began to develop well. My suggestion to the writers is: Get Rid of Michael. This episode was just plain wrong. I am very angry at the moment.
  • The best ending in LOST history

    It continued from S.O.S where Jack and Kate were bringing Michael back to the hatch. We then see Ana-Lucia's flashback which also continued from her previous centric: Colission. In the flashback, her mother seemingly knew that she was the killer of Jason McKormac. It was quite an emotional time when she decided to quit the job. Just like Christian, she was having trouble. Back on the island, Henry (Ben) tries to kill Ana-Lucia and now she wants revenge. I don't know why everyone hates her but it wasn't her fault- Shannon's death, it was the others.

    So Libby sensed that something was up, so Ana told Libby what had happened and Libby replied "Ana, don't do anything stupid". It was a good thing to say.

    But man I can't get over the flashbacks, hell they were incredible. Ana meets Christian (Jack's father) and they both agree on going to Sydney, Australia.
    So they go, and Christian has a fit over some daughter of his. Now I must warn you people that are reading this review that what I am about to say next could ruin suspense so stop reading if you haven't already watched beyond this episode....

    Christian's daughter (CLAIRE LITTLETON!!!) was the girl he was after while knocking on the door at that place. (If you watch the third season 'Par Avion' you'll know what I'm talking about). Soon Michael wakes up and reveals that he's found the others and that they are worse off that they are (which isn't true). A very interesting scene as Michael was determined to get Walt back from the others.

    Later on, Hugo and Libby go on a date but Hurley forget's the blankets so then she goes off to her fate.

    Ana-Lucia and Sawyer end up getting caught in a net (if you know what I mean) so that she could grab the gun off Sawyer. Jack, Kate and John go to Sawyer later and force him to give back the guns but it was already too late, Ana had grabbed the gun, and now she is with Henry in the armoury. She instructs him to free himself using a knife. As he is doing it, he reveals some of the things that Goodwin said to him and how he thought he could change Ana-Lucia, but he was wrong and now he's dead. She points the gun at him "Yes Henry, this is it".

    In the flashback, Ana and Christian decide to go different ways; she wanted to go back to L.A and he wanted to stay and get pissed. As he leaves her, Sawyer bumps into the car's side, hilarious. Before Christian left, she warned him to go back, but he says "I can never go back". Ana calls her mother and gives her the flight details...

    Back in the hatch, Ana, feeling guilty, reveals to Michael that she couldn't kill Henry. Michael decided to do it instead. He takes the gun, stands in the spot looking at it and says "I'm sorry" and shoots Ana-Lucia, killing her. Libby appears and Michael shoots her as well....

    I don't even know what to say except, I'm sad to see Ana-Lucia go, after all she has been through. She wasn't as bad as people thought.

    But overall; outstanding episode with only two left until the finale.
  • Great ending.

    Michael returns with news that the Others are virtually defenseless. Ana Lucia tries to get "Henry Gale" to tell the truth. Hurley takes Libby on a surprise date. In the hatch, Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby and releases "Henry Gale." Ana Lucia remembers her job as a bodyguard for Jack's father, Christian. This is a amazing episode where we see Ana Lucia and Libby get the boot and from the most unexpected Character Michael.
    There was some great character development which sadly came to a end when Ana Lucia and Libby where shot.
    Many fans like this episode because there most hated character was killed off after a long wait.
  • "I can't do this anymore."

    This episode will forever be remembered for its ending, which is a tad unfair to the whole thing. It's an Ana-Lucia flashback episode, but is also important to another character-Jack's father, Christian. Warning: As with all my previous reviews, I assume that the reader has seen the episode, so I'm not going to hold back with any spoilers. I won't spoil upcoming episodes, but if you haven't seen this one, stop reading now or forever hold your peace.

    I'll leave the ending for last, its logical place. The main storyline is hard to pinpoint, as the whole episode seems to be working for what happens last. However, Ana-Lucia's story seems to be the most important. It starts with Fenry's sudden attack on her in the armory. This works really well, and I for one always think that Ana's going to bite the big one. The fact that Fenry's not been moving any part of his body for the last couple of days makes it all the more impacting when he suddenly jumps up and begins to strangle her. Of course, it's Locke to the rescue, as he gives Fenry a good thumping with his crutch.

    After the attack, Ana-Lucia decides to exact some revenge, and starts demanding a gun from Sawyer. The scenes between the two are pretty funny, and Ana hits the nail on the head when she says that Sawyer's angry because Jack's spending time with Kate. Notice how Sawyer instantly drops the grin and laughter, and starts ordering her away like a dog. She does finally manage to get the gun, at a high price (or a low one, depending on how you look at it), and tries to do away with Fenry. The juxtaposition of Ana opening the armory door with Sawyer and Locke telling Jack what happened with her is perfect, and it's also terrific when just as we think Fenry's going to get it, Ana slides the knife to him and tells him to cut himself free. Michael Emerson's note perfect, "Whaaat?" is exactly what the audience is thinking. He also starts speaking about Goodwin, and how he thought Ana-Lucia could be changed, and be useful to the Others. We all know how that turned out. That's when Ana pulls the gun-and doesn't kill him. Her last scene of the episode is played excellently by Michelle Rodriguez, who is a well-known actress from the show, but is never considered one of the show's best. Her performance for this entire episode is great, most notably the scene with Michael, where everyone who hated her can't help but feel some sympathy for her-in more ways than one.

    The flashbacks, just like those in Dave, are pretty hard to evaluate. On the surface they're about Ana-Lucia-she's the island character having them. However, aside from numerous other 815ers popping up in them (Jack, Jin, and Sawyer in a great little moment), Christian Shephard also plays a large role. In fact, aside from the two flashbacks where Christian isn't involved, Ana-Lucia plays a secondary role, and the flashbacks are really about him. The two sole Ana flashbacks focus on her relationship with her mother, and this episode changes the dynamic we saw in Collision. Instead of the mother constantly being on Ana's case, yet still loving her, Mrs. Cortez seems to genuinely be trying to help her daughter. In the first flashback I always get the impression that she's about to cover up what Ana did, and the last flashback really shows a nice relationship between the two. The phone call is quite sad, and I think it's the most touching moment of Ana's back story.

    The rest of the time we seem to be presented with Christian's back story, and we find out what he was doing in Sydney. There's a lot put on fate-Christian as usual blames fate for his position, although he later admits that he's pathetic, and is simply running from his troubles. He says fate calls him to go to Lindsey's (the Aussie woman's) house, and thinks fate brought the bar to him. Ana-Lucia goes along with this-she acts as Christian's bodyguard (under the name, "Sarah," which is the name of Jack's ex-wife), but the difference between her and Christian is that where he can't decide to go back and make things right, she can. Ironically, both Christian and his son Jack, who couldn't mend their own relationship, help Ana-Lucia strengthen her own parental relationship. She decides to go back to America after seeing what's become of Christian, and when she sees Jack desperate to give his dad a good funeral, she wants to mend her relationship with Mrs. Cortez, so that the two of them can be as close as Jack and his father obviously were. It's interesting that Ana never finds out that it's Christian who Jack's trying to bury, or else things might have been very different. The mystery of just who Christian is trying to see won't be answered until Season 3, but anybody who really pays attention to what the woman looks like and what she sounds like can develop a pretty good guess as to what's going on.

    There are numerous other character moments occurring on the island. Locke is still trying to get answers out of Fenry, but what the Other says this time is shocking. The way that scene opens, with Fenry silhouetted between the crutch and Locke's body, is a beautiful piece of cinematography, and what Fenry says is hilarious-"I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch." After a lot of talk, Fenry says that he was coming for Locke-that's what he was doing when he was captured. He also says that the leader of the Others will have him killed, although there's something about the way he talks about Goodwin that always makes the scenes clash in my opinion. He makes it sound like he's the most unimportant Other in the world when talking to Locke, yet he talks about Goodwin like he was a fool, and expendable to boot. We'll get a little more insight into just where Fenry stands in Otherland in the season finale. There's also a great scene between Locke and Jack, where the two pretty much make amends. Jack says he's wrong, and that Locke and Sayid were right. It's a huge breakthrough for Jack, yet when he finds out just what's going on between Locke, Ana, and Fenry, one can only think that he'll go right back to persecuting the man of wavering faith.

    The Hurley-Libby subplot seems to have been used to get some comedy into this episode, as well as make the ending more powerful. Sawyer only has a couple scenes, and most are pretty intense (his "sympathy vote" line about Kate is quite funny though), so the comedy really falls to Hurley. The scene with Sayid is very moving, especially when you consider how much it must hurt Sayid to be talking about his happy times with Shannon. That's quickly forgotten in the number of funny lines with Hurley, though. My favorite moment from the sequence is when Hurley tells Libby they're on a secluded beach, and she points out that Jin is sitting a couple hundred feet away, cleaning fish. The thumbs up that he gives Hurley is the same one Hurley gave him upon seeing Sun and he emerge from their tent.

    Of course, Michael is the catalyst for the last three episodes of the season. He returns, and the scene when he describes what he saw at the Others' camp is great-Harold Perrineau is amazing, and his description always sends a shiver up my spine. It sounds like the season finale is going to deal with a Losties-Others battle, but thoughts of that suddenly change, after seeing what happens at the end of the episode (Warning: this is your last chance to turn back if you don't know what happens). Michael takes the gun from Ana, saying that he'll do away with Fenry. Harold Perrineau is amazing again, with his fury getting the better of him as he talks about the Others, and how close he was to getting Walt. Then we realize it was all a ploy, so he could get the gun. "I'm sorry," is a great line to give him, just before he shoots Ana-Lucia point blank in the chest. This alienates him forever from a lot of fans, but I still can't help but like him-the fact that his eyes are glassy with tears and he seems genuinely upset over what he did can't help but make me feel for him. We'll learn his motives in an upcoming episode, but his actions now are certainly going to make that one heck of an episode. His situation is made even worse by the fact that he pumps two for the road into Libby when she sees him. This is clearly a complete accident. She came into the room, saw what happened, and Michael whirled around, firing as he went. He never intended to do it, as his face reads complete shock when he sees her fall. Then it seems that he does what he originally intended to do. He opens the armory, and shoots himself in the arm. The repercussions of this won't be seen until the next episode, but like Locke's wheelchair reveal, this will go down as one of the most shocking endings in Lost history-everything about it is great.

    The ending of this episode is amazing, but the rest of it is a little underwhelming when you actually stand back and look at it. Other episodes have had more emotional content, and others have had more action. It's often the case with Lost that the ending is so spectacular it creates a false impression of the episode-that's what happened here. Don't get me wrong, this episode is not bad by any means. It's just not the best of the season.
  • great episode

    Michael comes back from the forest, Jack and Kate helps him back to the hatch. When he wakes up, he offers new details about the others. Hurley plans a date with Libby. Things happen in this episode, it takes the series to a different turn. It's unexpected and shocking, but it takes the show into a new level. The writers plotted this episode really well. The characters played out really well. I enjoyed this episode, it shows something that we didn't really expect. It raises the tension for the show as it nears the end of the season. It's a really good one.
  • The action is gaining momentum when at the end of the episode we got (supposedly) two bodies, a traitor and most likely an escapee. Will Jack finally take action with the others, as Ana Lucia tried to encourage him to?

    At the end of last episode Jack and Kate's little adventure got a surprising ending when Michael appeared out of the jungle, looking worse to wear. He can't have had it easy when trying to get "his boy" back. Along with "my son" that is a phrase I really wouldn't mind hearing from him ever again. Seriously, way to go with making the character one-dimensional.

    We get a new connection between the lostees when it's revealed that Ana-Lucia ran away from her problems along with Jack's father. Who interestingly enough insisted on calling her Sarah. What made the death of Ana-Lucia more tragic was the fact that she was on her way to redemption before the unfortunate plane crash. And then she was forced to take the extreme measures again, when the others started to harass them, going as far as killing Goodwin.

    Henry brings up an interesting question, was Goodwin really trying to kill her, or did she take self protection one step too far? This just shows how good a manipulator Henry is, and he goes on using the same methods on Locke, claiming he was on his way to get him when he was captured by Rousseau.

    Jack's apology to Locke might have come a bit too early, as the catastrophe might have been avoided had Locke not lied about Ana Lucia's cut. She did go with it, as she did with her will to avenge Henry's attack on her. For an ex-cop she did fall easily for Henry's age-old trick of getting the capturer near enough to take a swing at them. And although at the end she couldn't bring herself to kill Henry, she didn't hesitate in giving the gun to Michael, believing his intention was to kill him himself. In away the plane crash sealed Ana-Lucia's fate, the circumstances forced her to go back to her old self and maybe beyond, but in the end the choice to plan and execute the murder of Henry was her own.

    It can't have been easy for her to try and play nice with Sawyer, and he realises right away there's something she wants. For a conman he's not too bright; Ana-Lucia's sudden change in approach should have ticked him off. I'm certainly not blaming him for taking what was offered to him (hell, I would have gone for it, too!), but he should have realised she had an ulterior motive.

    As sad I am to (supposedly) see Ana-Lucia go, it wasn't a surprise. When I first heard about Michelle Rodriguez joining the cast I right away assumed she was going to be there just for one season, if that. And Ana-Lucia's character did fulfill its purpose: Jack has been more pro-active when it comes to the others, as opposed to the more reactive approach he had before the tailies joined them.

    Libby getting shot was a surprise, although she didn't appear to have any real purpose on the show, besides being the love-interest for Hurley. Her death might serve as making him into a more aggressive person, wanting to get back at the others, regardless of whether she lives or dies. The rest of the season should be filled with action and drama, one might expect. And hope.
  • Micheal is back, but he's not the same. An Ana Lucia flashback episode. Hurley asks Libby out on a date.

    This was one of the most shocking episodes of any show I have ever seen. I was not expecting the ending at all. Ana Lucia was a major character for a couple of episodes, and now she's dead? I never would have expected it. Libby never even got her own flashback episode, and now she's dead! What makes Lost great is that they are not afraid to take risks like this. I can't think of any other show that would kill off two characters in one episode. This was definitely one of my favorite Lost episodes. I felt so bad for Hurley when Libby got shot...
  • Evil Micheal.

    This appeared to be a very normal episode about Ana Lucia's life. On the island she believes that she has to kill Henry Gale. So she turns to Sawyer for a gun but can only get hold of it by seducing and sleeping with Sawyer. She gets the gun and heads off to the hatch. Meanwhile Hurley forgot something from the picknik so Libby agrees to go to the hatch to get in. In the flashback we learn more about Ana and how she got into contact with Jack's dad when she quite the police force because her mother learned that she killed the man who shot her. So when Ana gets to the hatch she goes to kill Henry but breaks down Micheal tells her he will do it but shoots her dead and then Libby when she appears. Michael then opens the door and lets Henry go. OMG what an episode, fantastic. I think the next one is equally as good. If not better.
  • Review

    Well...didnt exactly see that ending coming from a mile away. The only reason that I really liked the Ana Lucia flashback was because it had Christain in it, which gave us a nice little connection. Christain also appears to have a daughter, meaning Jack would have a sister. Something tells me that might come up in an upcoming flashback episode of Jacks. I thought the ending was clearly shocking, with Michael turning against his people to set Henry free. What it looks like is that Michael shot himself, which means that he is going to act like Henry did everything. Clearly there is still something more Micheal has to do with everyone on the beach, because I doubt he would go simply on "The honor system" with the others. Letting Henry go was apart of a bigger plan and I doubt that he never had any contact with the others, as he told Jack, Locke, and Kate. The next couple of episodes should be good, as season 2 is coming to a fast and dramatic close.
  • michael kills Ana lucia and libby and then himself to let ben escape (by the way he survives) all to get his son back!

    this was 1 of my all time saddest episodes of lost mainly because my favourite character (ana lucia) was killed out but 4 some reason i could see it coming (and i live in the uk so i didn’t no she was hated until recently). Her flashbacks have always been interesting but there are still at least another flashback needed (when we see her get shot and finding out she’s pregnant est., this 1 wasn’t as good as her 1st 1 but still fantastic 2 watch! i was happy when she slept with sawyer because i liked them 2 together but it would nether last! and then her last scenes come and i already knew he was going to show her so i did expect it! i was quite upset and very sad to see a brilliant character leave a brilliant show!
  • Three Deaths, in one day. I give this an "OMFG"

    After rescuing Michael, Jack and Kate go back to their camp. In this episode there is a lot of questions that are asked by audience.

    Why? Why? and Why?

    Henry Gale [one of the others] Tries to kill Ana-Lucia, and she wants revenge. We Learn by Ana Lucia's flash backs that she was brought into Australia by Jack's father. She was trying to "escape" the world she was living in, after her mother found out her daughter Ana-Lucia had killed someone. Back to the Island, Ana-Lucia is guarding one of the rooms Henry is in, Michael asks for the gun Ana-Lucia has so he can kill Henry, She gives him the gun.

    Then out of nowhere he says "I am sorry" then shoots Ana-Lucia, then Libby comes and sees Micheal with the gun, and she screams. Libby is soon shot by Michael, then Michael soon kills himself. This might be because, one of the "others" told him to do that so his son Walt would be released, I guess we will have to see the conclusion on a future episode.
  • Interesting episode... (may contain spoilers)

    I like this episode, it tells a lot more about Ana Lucia. Really cool! I like the scene where she and Sawyer kiss passionately and apparently have sex and Ana Lucia tells Sawyer if he tells anyone, she will kill him. I like this episode, it was one of my favorite in Season 2 (and that is saying very much). Also, Michael returns to the jungle apparently tired and really weak, and he tells Jack, Locke, and Kate that they will be able to destroy the Others since they are nothing special. They go out with Sawyer so that he gives them the weapons and guns that they need, while Ana Lucia stays with Henry. Then, Michael wakes up and asks for her gun in order to kill Henry, but instead kills Ana Lucia, and with his desperation, also kills Libby (or apparently it looks like that) nd lets Henry escape. Also, Hurley plans a date with Libby, but he is unable to do things write. It was an interesting episode, it was really exciting...
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