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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • Did That Just Happen?

    Locke First Flashback Episode in the series is one of the best episodes in Lost history this episode really had me at the edge of my seat and still does every time i watch it.
    The food on the island runs out and panic erupts when the fuselage is raided by boars.Locke gets a idea to hunt them so Locke, Kate and Michael go on a walkabout.
    After Locke Splits up from the others he has a close incounter with the monster.
    Meanwhile the other survivours burn the dead bodies to create a signal fire.
    In a flashback that reveals one of the biggest twists in lost history we see Locke was in a wheelchair.
    This episode is probably one of my favourates.
  • In the episode the survivors realise that they are running out of food until a man named john Locke shocks them all and they realise hes not what he seemed after he tells them they should and also having knives on him Kate,Michael Locke hunt wild Boar.

    This is my Favourite episode of Lost ever what tension what storyline John Locke my favourite character Terry o quinn with tremendous acting in this episode I feel this episode is good because it shows how someone who at the first three episodes you only see glimpses of goes from zero to hero after I saw this episode I was eager to find more out about John Locke this was the episode were I decided that John locke is my favourite character and the episode is so brillant with the twist at the end I was just amazed by how stunning this episode is I havent been amazed by any other episode as I was amazed by this.
  • The twist at the end brings home the bacon!

    Just warning people: if you haven't seen this episode, do not read any further!

    I love John Locke. That about sums up what I feel about the episode, Walkabout, where you see him off the island, and also more on the island. So, at the beginning, I'm thinking, why the heck would a guy have a boxfull of knives? Easy! He went to Australia for a walkabout! Of course, he seems to know an awful lot about hunting and boars, and who knows what. How does anything make sense? He works at a box company! Well, then we learn that he used to be in a wheel chair and that the plane crash jolted his legs to life or whatnot! It all comes together then! The writers came at ya from left field! Awesome plotline and characters! Thats all there is to it!
  • The episode that established Lost as more than "that weird show".

    So much happens in this episode. We learn that Locke's full name is John Locke, putting all the theorists in a flutter. We also learn that Locke is a hunter. Who is this man? It turns out he's an office drone who was crippled right up until the plane crash. How was he crippled? We won't learn that until much, much later. Anyway, the monster comes back in this episode, and Locke "sees into the eye of this island". Apparently, what he saw was "beautiful", but we still don't know what he saw. The big reveal, where we learn Locke's "condition" is the first great flashback twist. Terry O'Quinn should have won that Emmy for this episode.
  • "This is destiny. This is destiny. This is my destiny. I'm supposed to do this, damn it! Don't ever tell me what I can't do, ever!"

    Possibly the most famous words to come from the show, they also come from the show’s most enigmatic character. John Locke has been a mysterious, shady figure since the first time we saw him. He’s been helpful enough, but has never contributed to anything big the group tries to do. When this episode ends, all of our assumptions about him will have been obliterated, only to be replaced with a myriad of questions.

    The episode is not all about Locke, however. Many of the characters that have simply been “that guy” begin to have their histories unraveled, and many new flashback windows open. Michael is one. He and Kate have a conversation about what he was doing in Australia. Many guesses were proven right this time, as he tells her that Walt has only been in his care for two weeks. It will be a long time before we get a Michael/Walt flashback, but these two characters will be some of the more dynamic of the bunch. Harold Perrineau is arguably the best actor of all fourteen, as he has acted just like a new father perfectly from the very first episode.

    Shannon and Boone’s bickering once again explodes into “action”, in a dull but hilarious subplot. Determined to prove to Boone that she can fend for herself, Shannon tries to catch a fish. Of course, the only way she knows to fish is to get someone to do it for her. Since Charlie isn’t doing anything but heroin, she recruits him to help. The following scenes between Charlie and Hurley are extremely funny, as Dom Monaghan and Jorge Garcia make a great comedic pair (And if Billy Boyd had been paired with Dom…). It’s nice to get some comic relief, as the first four episodes of this series have been rather grim, with monsters ripping pilots to shreds, marshals dying, and polar bears getting shot. The relationship between Shannon and Boone is another that won’t be fully explored for a while, yet is interesting to watch. Shannon, though not very helpful, still does not warrant the verbal beating Boone is constantly giving her. The viewer can sense that there is something lying deeper in the siblings’ relationship.

    Jack’s past is also illuminated a bit more this time around. Everyone is electing him leader in this episode-Claire tries to get him to read the names of the dead at the burning, and Boone thinks that Jack is the only one that can talk to Rose. Jack backs out of as many requests for his time as he can, showing that being the camp’s “president” is not on his to-do list. When he does go try and comfort Rose, we start to get a glimpse into his back story as well. He tells Rose that being a doctor is a family business, and as soon as he does, he noticeably shuts down. He also sprints into the jungle upon seeing a strange man. Obviously the man means something to him, but just what is not clear to the audience yet. Sayid also gets a bit of his own spotlight, when we see the photos Claire gives to him. The woman in them, just like Jack’s mystery guy, clearly is important to Sayid, and this will provide fuel for his upcoming flashback.

    Of course, Locke’s story is the most important to the episode. The juxtaposition of Locke’s increasingly frustrating, pathetic flashbacks with the action on the island works perfectly. Every time the audience travels backwards with Locke we’re treated to everyone’s nightmare life, with a terrible, overbearing boss, no job satisfaction, etc. Yet, the cool, confident hunter figure we see on the island is completely different. The audience is left wondering what has happened to this guy to make him so sure of himself on the island, and it’s not until the very last flashback that we find out. Even though Locke’s call to the dial-a-date service was sad and moving, it was completely eclipsed by the final flashback in the travel agent’s office. Locke being thrown off the walkabout tour is bad enough, but the reveal that comes after is possibly the most shocking in Lost’s history. No one would ever have expected John Locke, the mighty hunter, bringer of boar, slayer of swine, to have been in a wheelchair. The most brilliant thing about the reveal, though, is the cinematography. The fact that there’s no slow crawl around the desk accompanied with a big gong sound makes the reveal all the more shocking. The audience is treated as if we’ve known this fact the whole episode, and we get on with an incredibly sad scene that still gets me after seeing it way too many times. The heart-wrenching music and the acting by Terry O’Quinn is the icing on the cake. O’Quinn’s strangled yell, which eventually fades to a whimper, is perfect for the scene. It’s also great to see his wheelchair, along with his old life, go up in flames.

    Walkabout is one of the highlights, not only of Season 1, but of the entire series. The action, mystery, and character moments of this episode are amazing, and it propels the action for the rest of the season. With the introduction of Jack, Sayid, and Michael’s past we get the basis of flashbacks, and Jack’s man in the suit will lead to one of the most important discoveries of all. Definitely an awesome episode.
  • What an ending!

    There's always a character, a certain character, in every show, that stands out, and becomes fan-favourite instantly.

    What Lost does extremely well is how it ties in the flashback story with the island story - or how it CONTRASTS the two.

    John Locke. An ordinary man - who worked in a box-factory, appears to be a hunter on the island, which comes in handy as the food supply is non existant anymore.

    Of course, the big question is, how? Well, that won't get answered, but what will get answered is why did John have such a humiliating job. It's revealed in the last minute of the episode that he was in a wheelchair. Yet, on the island, he's perfectly capable of walking.

    While the episode, until the end, was similiarly paced and put as the previous one, the ending takes it to a new level. In fact, the ending makes this episode "classic".

    It brings back the mystery element to the show that was missing from the previous episode - did the island 'heal' John? Overally, the ending scene was pivotal. Everything came together: top notch acting by Terry O'Quinn, incredible writing my David Fury, and Michael Giacchino's brilliant score which still gives me goosebumps.
    One of the finest episodes endings the show ever produced.
  • One of the best episodes of the entire series.

    This episode was absolutely incredible. It introduces arguably the most pivotal character of the entire series: John Locke. It shows that he not only got his walkabout that he wanted to go on in Australia, but a new beginning to the miserable life that he was living before Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. But, at the end of the episode, they reveal that he got the use of his legs when the plane crashed. Those last 10 minutes of the episode are, in my opinion, the best 10 minutes of any episode of Lost. --

    Locke: Don't you walk away from me! You don't know who you're dealing with! Don't tell me what I can't do, ever! This is destiny... this is my destiny. I'm supposed to do this, dammit! Don't tell me what I can't do! Don't tell me what I can't do!
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Not only the best episode of LOST, but, arguably, the best episode of TV I have ever witnessed that is both entertaining while incredibly touching...

    Walkabout... I never expected this episode to be what it became. If you find fault in this episode, then you may not have watched the same episode, since once you watch this, you can only become a fan of this show. In fact, I can remember watching this way back in '04, when I had picked up the show with the pilot. Before watching the episode, I thought the show was really good, but it hadn't quite hooked me yet. There was something missing, and it was a character that I connected with. This episode came around and immediately, I fell in love with the story of Locke.

    I think that the episode is able to become so incredible with creating tons of conflict that seems simple at a glance, but when once you delve into it, you will find that the episode was able to grab lots of symbolic occurrences, mysterious plots, and definitely is both entertaining and becomes touching. At first, you kind of feel that Locke is just some nerdy loser in a box company, but once his full story is told as he undergoes the ridicules from being a paraplegic, a man of faith and fate, and someone who's been involved in fake relationships, you cannot help but try to hold back the tears from watching him as he is rejected his claim to join the Australian walkabout. This revelation shows us why Locke wasn't one of those that acted hysterical when he awoke from the crash and why he was even on the plane. However, it doesn't tell us enough to make the character uninteresting due to the fact it only gives us a look at his job and a relationship he has with some hooker of sorts that he talks to on the phone. This culmination of experiences and stories along with Jack and Rose's conversations about her husband and the crash allow you to find a wealth of emotions that makes the episode very rewarding and extremely touching as Locke, who thought his destiny was ruined by the tour guide that rejected his claim, finds meaning in his life when he is able to stand on the island and is free from his wheelchair.

    Just don't forget that this isn't the whole episode. In fact, Jack must confront Rose as she sits on the beach alone while she tries to overcome the fact that maybe her husband is alive still. It is interesting as well, when we see Jack replace her place on the beach when he sees his father on the island, alive and well.

    Another plot that is touched on in the episode is the burning of the fuselage, as boars from the inner rings of the island have begun to scavenge the bodies which are beginning to decay. It is hard for all the survivors to face the fact that the bodies of the deceased must be burned, as Claire rounds up all the information she can on the departed and makes her own ceremony to honor them.

    Plus, Hurley and Sawyer conflict with each other over food and their differences, Shannon uses both Charlie and Hurley to prove to her brother that she can provide for herself, Sayid and Kate devise a plane to use as transmitter to find the source of the French Woman's transmissions, and Charlie battles his addiction. And don't forget that the monster makes an appearance, as Locke confronts it while running after a loose boar.

    As you can see, the episode has a wealth of depth without drowning the viewer with too much going on. Add in that it creates a touching story of one of the unknown characters that is both sad yet incredibly touching in a happy way and you find that Walkabout is Lost and TV's best hour of any episode or show aired. It is simply amazing with great writing that conveys many emotions and brings along great conflict and story. In fact, if this episode is ever topped by anything else, I might just have a heart attack.
  • A very great episode all about John Locke!

    This episode would've been one of the best so far in the series.

    It began in the middle of the night with wild boars eating the dead bodies in the fuselage which put all the survivors in a compromising situation whether to bury or burn them. The flashback of Locke at the very start was revealing how he was in a wheelchair for four years and since he came to the island he could walk again! it was like a miracle!

    I thought the most awesome part was when Sawyer was sitting on one of the seats from the plane and he was complaining about their lack of food and then Locke threw a knife onto the chair next to him and said " We hunt"!
    It was a very adventurous episode especially when Kate, Michael and Locke were hunting for the boars. Sayid also gave Kate a radio to try and find a signal on the way but instead the black smoke known as the monster came and she dropped and broke it! But more importantly Locke was out there trying to find the boar where the monster was headed.
    It was funny when Michael asked Sun ( the Korean lady) to watch Walt while he was away hunting but she doesn't speak English so it was complicated. The most interesting thing about this episode was when Jack was sitting down on the beach talking to Rose about her dead husband who she thought was still alive( but he was in the tail section of the plane) Jack saw a man dressed formally off in the distance looking at him and then walks away into the jungle, So Jack went after the man he saw but instead he found Locke dragging a dead boar.
    The end was emotional and quite sad when we saw Locke's flashback about going to hunt in the Australian outback and how the bus manager wouldn't let him get on the bus because of his condition. At the very end was a meeting about the passengers who didn't make it and was run by pregnant woman Claire while Charlie was using drugs and Jack was somewhere else.
    Overall this was a superb and revealing episode!
  • We learn a lot about Locke..........

    This episode was good. It showed us about Locke and we saw him hunt boars.
    The episode starts with Locke waking up on the beach,right after the crash. He wiggles his feet and toes.
    They work.It go's back to reltime where we see Vincent waking everyone up.
    The survivors go to the fuselodge to find some Boars.They were eating the dead bodies.
    They decide they must burn the bodies.The camp panicks as they are out of food. Locke suggests they hunt and shows everyone his 400 knives.
    On the island, Mike plans to go hunting with Locke, and leaves Walt with Sun.
    Meanwhile Sayid has a plan to find the French transmission. Kate decides to help.At the fuselodge, Claire is gathering up personal belongings from the dead people.
    She decides to do a sort of memorial.Also, Shannon tries to prove to Boone that she's not useless by catching a fish.
    She uses Charlie to get her one, much to his delight!Mike, Locke and Kate find a boar, but Michael gets attacked and Kate must bring him back.
    Locke decides to stay and hunt.On their way back to the beach, Kate climbs a tree to attach the antenna. When she gets to the top, she sees the monster knocking down trees as in charges through the jungle in the distance. She drops the antenna and breaks it. The monster is heading straight for Locke.Michael and Kate return. The camp learns that the hunt was not successful and, worse, that Locke is most likely dead.
    Later on, Jack spots a man in a suit. He chases after himto find Locke, who has a boar with him.
    Night falls, the fuselage is burning, and Claire reads the names of the dead in a memorial service. Michael congratulates Locke on the hunt and asks if he got a good look at the monster. Locke says he didn't see anything.
    The flashbacks showed us that Locke was once in a wheelchair and wasn't allowed to do the stuff he wanted to do, because of it.
    The episode was good, but the flashbacks let it down.
  • Review

    The scenes of the survivors on the island really stood out to me in this episode and the John Locke flashback was nothing more then okay for me. I did find it interesting that this cool guy that Locke portrays on the island was actually somewhat of a social reject back home where he was bullied around by his boss at a box company. It just goes to show us that we cant look at a person and tell who they really are, and that part of the flashback I found interesting. The island scenes were great, with Michael, Kate, and Locke trying to hunt for Boar. The jungle moving in the middle of the night was really cool too. I am loving this intense mystery that surrounds this show, solid episode overall
  • Locke's secret is revealed.

    John Locke is one of the most intriguing characters on the show Lost. This is the first to give us some back ground story about who this man actually is.

    I was particularly impressed with how the episode developed to showing the viewers how John Locke was really in a rut, if you will, with his life. It was almost depressing watching his life. That resulted in surprise from what we first knew about John. The story also put forth the realization for the viewers that the title of the show, "Lost," did not only refer to the characters being lost, but that prior to being on the plane, they were lost internally. There was something for which each was striving to overcome or change in their lives.

    All in all, this was a great episode for the show because it not only advanced the overall storyline of the show, but it also began to establish what this show would be like.
  • "Walkabout" is the episode which made me believe "LOST" is truly something special.

    This is the episode that truly grabbed my attention and made me beleive that this show could be something great, it is outstandingly well written, the dialogue is absolutely superb. The acting in the memorable final scene, where it is revealed to the audience that Locke was previously in a wheelchair will always leave the hairs on back of my neck tingling. The music plays an important role in creating this brilliant drama truly making this episode something special, for me this will always be one of the classic episodes of this series bringing extreme emotional intrigue toward the character John Locke through great execution of outstanding acting, dialogue and musical input.
  • The survivors find wild boars ravaging through their plane at night. Locke suggests they hunt the wild boars after their food supply starts running low. We later find out why Locke was so eager to hunt and who the wheel chair belongs to...

    Mr. Locke woke up at the beggining of the season and moved his foot. this is because he fuigured out we could walk! that's why theres a wheel chair on the island. The reason Mr Locke was so eager to go on the 'Walkabout' was because he planed on going on one before he was put on oceanic flight 815. The host of the walkabout said can not participate due to his disability. So when the plane crashed he could walk... but how? this is later revealed in a much later episode. Whilst the 3 survivors (Locke, Sarah and Michael) go on the walkabout one of them is injured and Sajid's invention which will allow them to recieve better communications is broken some other survivalists go to the top of the mountain to recieve a better transmittion, they find a message playing through the transmitter saying "someone come rescue me, help, it killed all the others... help me!"... in spanish! and....... it had been playing for 15 years...
  • Great Episode, possibly the best of the entire series. best flashback too!

    Walkabout is a Locke Centric episode. the episode starts out with The Losties arguing about food when look finnaly speaks up and suggests that "We Hunt". Mike and kate offer to help John hunt, but kate has other reasons for going (helping sayid with finding the source of the transmission)
    As the 3 of them hunt mike is too loud and the boar attacks them, mike was hurt badly while locke was knocked to the floor starring at his toes. in his flashback it shows that he is put down and told that he can't do anything from his boss randy, also that he intended to do a walkabout in australia. As Kate tells locke he can't go off the in the jungle looking for the boar because he must help her with mike he replies "don't tell me what i can't do" and storms on. As kate continues to bring mike back she stops and tells him that she must climb a tree to find the source of the transmission. While up there she sees the big unknown "monster" knocking down trees in the direction that Locke was heading. Meanwhile back on the beach jack tries to convince rose to eat or drink something and that there going to burn the bodies. when kate returns everyone believes Locke to be dead when Jack sees some unkown man on the edge of the jungle he bolts into it and sees locke covered in blood holding the boar. Then it shows later that night when the losties are burning the dead. It is then revealed through another locke flashback that he was in a wheelchair when he got on th plane but not after the crash, the island had fixed him. And as locke stared at his old wheelchair in front of the burning fuselodge he knew that he is watching his miserable past burn away!
  • This episode made me just say "I will watch LOST until the series ends!!"

    This episode made me just say "I will watch LOST until the LOST series ends!!"

    This episode was really moving - at the end with locke - I was about to cry, it moved me that much.

    During the episode - you start to find out about Lockes past, the 3 episode before this one, you think locke is a real Weirdo - But when watching the episode, you just fell so sorry for him, and you really start to care and like locke.

    I was very happy at the end of this episode, it was just a hint of what is to come with LOST.

    when the credits rolled i said - "I will watch LOST until the series ends!!"

    And i will !!! ...............unless i die first.
  • This episode revealed locke was in a wheelchair before the crash.IT WAS FABULOUS!

    well , i just loved the part we locke is mainly introduced on the show ... because before i seemed suspicous because he sat alone playing games and also he smiled at kate with an orange with fruit in his mouth lol =D ! Soo as i was saying locke throws a knife in he plane seat (on the island obviously) right next to the one sawyer s sitting in ... and locke says 'we hunt' ... i just loved it!Plus more great acting ... i really did enjoy this episode.We thought had died wich made me drop because i really grew to like locke to be me fave character in that episode... but the locke comes through some trees bloody.I was relieved.A fab episode for season 3... its one that makes yu wanna watch more n more.
  • Great episode.

    Another great episode. The plane survivors find themselves undersiege from wild boars. Kate and Michael helps out Locke in finding a new food source. This week we learn about the secret of Locke, we are told what he was doing before boarding the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. The writers came up with an exciting episode to watch. This is a real ground breaking show. Each episode delivers another excitement. Finding out about Locke's secret is really exciting. We get to see who he is or what he is, but the best thing about this episode is the way it was presented.
  • one of Lost best episodes. Locke rocks

    this is a very good start to the story of Locke. With food running out Locke must go hunt boar. It is so good seeing him do this, it is the begaining of his realization to what who he is, what the Island, and his Destiny. his confretation with the monster is a very geart part to the show, which all the way into the begaining of season 3 we still dont really know what he saw. hes flash backs start out strong and compeling. it grabs me and by the end, with the telephone scean and the bus station, i am in tears. the hunter is born.
  • It is an excellent chapter, which takes the history to completely different level and makes it even better than it was before.

    I want to share with you guys what happened in this chapter and how the chapter develops in the most impressive way that you can even begin to understand how the, you, I or them developed such an impressive plot that could rival any other experience you could have ever felt during your lifetime experience.

    Dear reader I can assure you would be simply shocked by viewing this chapter and you would also be tempted to stop all your regular activities and develop an acute sense of respect and admiration towards the narrative of this man who makes himself call the author.
  • There is a mass funeral/body burning at the fuselage. Locke exposes his hunting ability and also we learn about his past. Also, we are introduced to Rose.

    Well, one more of our survivors secrets is revealed in this episode. Turns out that our warrior Locke led a somewhat depressing life before the crash. I don't know wether to pity his past life or be proud of his accomplishments now. I don't know what is more sad, his not being able to go on the walkabout or being in love with a sex phone operator. It's really quite terrible. Shannon comes off as the most selfish person on the island and we start to get a feeling there's more to Sun than she's letting on.

    Also, we're introduced to Rose who will have small parts clear through the first season. Rose is uncharacteristically depressed in this episode and once again our hero Jack is there to save and comfort. We are still unsure about the signal from the French woman, and what was that "thing" that was after Locke in the jungle? Did he really get a look at it? To be continued...
  • Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles...

    Throughout the last three episodes, Locke has been a tough one to figure out.Sitting on the beach in the pouring rain, smiling at Kate with an orange peel in his mouth - Locke is now known as \'the weird one\' - but this is about to change, as we jump back into his past and discover an amazing secret... Once yoiu watch this episode for the first time - watch it back, for it will be much more accomplished. I - for one - did not see the twist coming, but just try to watch it, not taking any guesses as to what might happen. This was actually the first episode to make me cry - with the final flashback, linked to the music, to the last shot of the episode - it is easy to see why LOST is so effective. Also, there is an atmospheric line said by faith-strong Rose, that everybody should remember, and there is an occurence which will be the focus of the episode after. Locke is a great character, and even when we find out his biggest secret, we know he has more sevcrets to tell - and that is why each character can become so compelling...

    A classic LOST episode...
  • Do miracles exist? For John Locke they do...

    The episode starts and Vincent the dog is barking. It seems like there´s something inside the rests of the plane, and Vincent´s barks are lud enough to wake up the whole camp. After realising there was something in the fuselage, Jack and Sawyer light it and discover a couple of eyes looking at them. What turned out to be wild boars, now have run away to the jungle. The reason for such thing is that the dead bodies have atracted the boars, and the best solution is to burn the bodies in order to prevent the boars from coming again.

    But there is another much more important problem: they´re runing out of food. John Locke admits having a solution and says he will hunt the wild boars. For that, he has brought a case of knives previously checked in the luggage compartment.

    Consequently, Michael and Kate decide to go with Locke and help him. But Kate has her own reasons to go, and it´s because she offered herself to carry some kind of antenna made by Sayid in order to source the signal they received.

    When the three of them penetrates the jungle, Locke finds where the boars are, but they had to be extremely careful and quiet when catching them. A wrong movement makes the boars hear their sounds and they suddenly run away, making Locke and Kate fall and hurting Michael´s leg. As Michael is too hurt to continue the hunting, he and Kate go back to the camp, but Locke is determined to catch those boars. After Kate says he can´t do that alone, Locke answers “ Don´t tell me what i can´t do”.

    On their return, Kate tries to attach the antenna to a tree but it falls down when she sees the “monster” going directly where Locke is. When they finally return, Kate comunicates that John may have died but, when Jack sees a misterious man in the jungle, he follows him and finds no other than Locke with a dead boar with him. But, what´s even more misterious is the fact that Locke has an unbelievable secret: he was in a wheelchair, but now he can walk...
  • A shocking secret about Locke is discovered.

    This episode was amazing... the last scene is so shocking and you honestly cannot see it coming. This episode stunned me, and made addicted to Lost. This episode gives Locke so much character development, and it is very revealing. In the first few episodes I was bored to tears whenever Locke was on, especially when he was playing that game with Walt. I really wanted Locke to just get off of the screen! I can't get over the ending though, the actor is really good at acting. If you haven't seen this episode, go buy the DVD! It's my favorite episode of any TV series! I am now a Lost fanatic :-)
  • when the survivors run out of food, locke decides to help them in a hunt for wild boar. and we find out that one of the survivors couldnt walk before they came to the island.

    this episode is great as it introduces me and my sisters favourite character of this series. it reveals another mystery of the island(it has healing powers). we also see more of the monster. my favourite part of this episode is when locke throws the knife and reveals he is a hunter and also when we find out he was disabled before he crashed on the island. the funniest part of the episode was when sawyer said to jack "and you gave him his knife back" and also when hurley muttered "who is this guy" when locke opened a suitcase full of knives.
  • Easily one of season1's best.

    The most interesting character of all. John Locke. Up until he 'introduces' his knife-collection, he's not *that* interesting.. However. After he showed what he's capable of...

    Boar hunting. Sounds great. Boar = meat = food = yummy.

    So they go hunting. Locke, Michael, Kate. Kate, mainly beacuse of Sayid's plan to trace the frech woman's transmission. Michael, to find out about Locke(since Walt is hanging with John alot). And Locke because...? Faith. Yes.

    If i had to name this episode, i would have given the title 'Faith' To it. You will soonly learn its not only boar hunting. And that John isnt only a knife expert.

    Its more complicated, sadder, and more dramatic, than you think. It's... just... the way it is. Lost is the best on TV. Period.
  • John has a big secret, and apparently so does the island... *SPOILERS*

    In the first John centric episode, a shocking revelation is made: John was paralyzed from the waist down until the moment the plane crashed on the island. Which means the island seems to have not only horrific monsters, but also strange healing powers. What’s causing them? And why was John paralyzed in the first place? Hopefully we’ll find out, but John doesn’t seem to care. As long as he has the use of his legs, he has faith in the island.

    Back at camp, a family of boars pays a visit to the rotting bodies inside the fuselage. Jack decides they have to burn it. Meanwhile, John makes it his mission to find the mother boar. Especially now that he can walk, John will do anything he wants, and he won’t let others tell him what he can’t do. After a possibly fatal attack, John returns with the boar. And Jack sees a man in the ocean, and again in the jungle. Who is he? And why can only Jack see him?

    Walkabout is an important episode for the development of John – he’s become extremely strong-willed and it will show through as the season progresses.
  • The first episode that made me cry with happiness and sorrow for Locke. MY STAR RATING: **** out of **** (CONTAINS MINIMAL SPOILERS)

    MY STAR RATING: **** out of ****

    This episode will get you hooked. It blows away Tabula Rasa and maybe even the pilot. Well, it blows you away more on character development atleast. The acting in this episode is great and we finally find out what is up with the strange character, Locke.

    We find out the secret that he tells to Walt in walkabout. We see the monster yet again. We see more of the others on the island.

    This is a episode full of exploding eye candy and will keep you beggin for more. It will make you love Locke! This show is ona roll and will continue to be.

    The last scene will leave you in tears.

  • This episode is the reason why I started watching LOST. I was almost hooked from the Pilot Episode with the Monster, Polar Bears, Distress Signals from the Island which are 16 years old, and a great cast. But this episode is the reason why I LOVE LOST!!

    This episode is the best episode of LOST so far. The Beginning and End sequences are absolutely brilliant. This is the first time I have seen in a TV series which ended the episode where the beginning left off.

    I was hooked and a fan of the Character "Locke" right away. The scene in which got the best of my attention was the mysterious spotlight on Locke. When Sawyer and Hurley are fighting, and when Sawyer sits down and says; "And how are we going to find this sustenance." Then VUUEEEE Locke's knife hits the seat right where he is.

    The first speech Locke gives is brilliant.

    "We Hunt..."

    And the Character of Locke is so great!

    And the Ending was absolutly was the best Shocking moments in TV history to date.
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