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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • Best Episode of the Series


    This episode, like all the lock-centric episodes, was amazing. When I watched this for the first time, I realized that this show was something different, not like other shows. This episode is probably one of the best episodes of any show I have ever watched (or maybe an episode of Dexter) but the ending is second to none. I miss this show

  • Most sublime tale of a man's first steps.

    As the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 prepare for an impromptu memorial service for those among them who are no longer part of the living, "hunter" John Locke, a case filled with knives, murderer Kate Austen and reluctant family man Michael go into the jungle to hunt food, several flashbacks introduce the audience to the past of the "hunter" which is parochial at best, pathetic at worst.

    Apparently, Locke's life adventure reduced to this Australian Walkabout for which he prepared for years, developping skills that only got to carry on after the plane crash he survived due to the fact the guide rejected him on arrival, not unlike the Black Smoke Monster rejects to kill him when he volunteers as a distraction in order so Kate & Michael could scape.

    Convinced that his name might be added to the memorial, everyone on the camp is shocked when Locke shows up alive & well with the product of his hunt, a boar ready to be eaten...what would really shock them, what in fact shocked us all, is Locke's final flashback, moments after the plane crash, when he realizes for first time that he can walk again, no longer rejected he stands up, as tall as he is, ready to face the ultimate walkabout of his life ...as the fire consumes what's left of the wheelchair that bound his past life Locke smiles, free, alive and most of all walking.
  • Awesome.

    The fuselage is burned after it is raided by a group of wild boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boar. Locke encounters the monster, but he does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that he was in a wheelchair before the plane crash and healed after the crash. Ah, the days they ran away from wild boars, I miss those days! I love they way Locke is made out to liik like a weirdo in the frist season, it's so cool. I love Michael, he is so funny, one of my favourite characters in season one. I also love Charlie, the best character on the whole show, he is so funny, and when him and Hurleya re fishing it's too good!
  • Fourth Episode of the Series.

    This show amazes me everytime I watch it. Every episode gets better and better. I am speechless. I have nothing to say except OUTSTANDING! . Well this episode 'Walkabout' is a John Locke centric episode. We go into the past into the life of Locke. The whole flashback everyone is telling Locke 'You can't do this!' and he keeps saying 'I can do anything!' So, I'm like what's up with Locke? So we find out that he got paralyzed and he was in a wheelchair (obviously). But the wierd thing is that when they got off the plane after the crash, he could walk. AHHHHHH. i LOVE LOST!
  • Don't tell me how brilliant this episode is

    Usually when you watch the pilot of a series, the writing and acting are so impressive that you find yourself watching to see if they get top it. While this has been true for ninety percent of the series I've watched, sometimes --- not often --- there will come a moment went everything clicks and you decide "I need to stay how this turns out." On Lost, this moment came roughly two minutes before the end of 'Walkabout'. I'd thought it was good up until then, but when I saw that, I knew I was in for the duration.
    Part of this reason was because of the character at the center of the episode: John Locke. Up until, he's seemed a little creepy and eccentric, with absolutely no indication that he's about to become the center of the series and one of the most fascinating characters in television history. Of course, I didn't know that, but there are certainly hints of it both in the scenes we see of him on and off the island.
    Under other circumstance, Locke appears to be this military, survivalist guy, who seemed to be stuck in the middle of a corporate job. Certainly, we have no idea what is in this man's makeup that allows him to gather so much information on hunting and tracking. There is something charismatic about the man--- how else could he have managed to convince a phone sex operator to become a close friend with him solely through months of conversation? More unsettling is the certainty about this man--- he seems to feel that he has a great destiny (and given what I've seen over the past four years, he's probably right)-and that he will not accept defeat in any form "Don't tell me what I can't do" is a phrase he uses over and over in the episode. He shows that when he slaughters the boar basically on his own, when whatever monster it is looks him in the face--- and doesn't kill him. But mainly it's because of his major secret --- before the plane crash, he had been in a wheelchair for four years. This revelation is handled so well and crafted so carefully that Rod Serling would have been proud. Not since the revelation that Nina Myers was actually the mole at CTU during the initial season of 24 have I ever been so shocked.
    Even though the majority of the episode is focused on Locke, there is a quite a lot going on. For starters, there's the fact that the food has finally run out which brings about the boar hunt in the first place. The boars have been attracted by the smell of the corpses in the fuselage --- which leads Jack making another unilateral decision that the bodies and the fuselage should be burned. While this is probably the right call, several of the others --- particularly Charlie and Sayed--- are repulsed by the idea, mainly because it seems to go against what is decent, and it's clear Jack is somewhat uncomfortable with his decision.
    But Jack's got other things on his mind. For one thing, he spends much of the episode telling Rose--- the black woman he saved in the Pilot---- trying to calm her down from post traumatic shock, and mourning the loss of her husband. He succeeds in part, but he doesn't convince her that her husband is dead, even though he was in the tail section of the plane (Turns out her faith is correct, though we're not going to learn that for awhile) Then he sees the man in the suit. No doubt Jack is inclined to dismiss it as a hallucination, but given what we've seen on the island, he should know better. But at the end of the day, Jack is far more of a realist than any of the others, and while that mindset will help him lead, it probably isn't the wisest path to follow.
    Sayed is now in the process of trying to find the power source sending out the transmission that we heard on the transceiver. He is now trying to build an antennae, a project which Kate seems more than willing to help him with. We also the first time get a look at his human side when Claire locates a photograph belonging to him from the wreckage. Who is the woman? We'll find out soon.
    We also get a look at Michael, who joins Kate and Locke on the boar hunt. We're not sure why--- perhaps it's to keep Walt from heading off with Locke, who he doesn't trust even before the knives come out. It 's also clear that unlike Kate and Locke, he is a city folk not built for the outdoors, which probably isn't going to help much in the long run
    Just like in the last episode, what we gather about the remainder of the characters comes in snapshots. Even though Michael can't talk to Sun, he now seems willing to entrust Walt to her care, at least temporarily. Boone and Shannon are squabbling again, this time over on her ability to gather food, which leads her to basically seduce Charlie into catching one for her. Shannon seems to be getting less likable by the episode. Charlie might notice he's being used, if it weren't for the fact that he's still trying to snort, and he's running out of heroin. This is going to be a problem.
    Despite her pregnancy, Claire seems to be becoming more compassionate. She is the one who comes up with the idea for the memorial service, and after Jack refuses, she is more than willing to lead it. Hurley is in a similar frame, in one of the funnier scenes in the show, where he tries to help Charlie fish, in a very primitive way. (Asking Jin for help is out of the question.) And Kate is demonstrating a streak of recklessness --- she now makes her third hike out into the woods with Sayed's antenna, only to drop it when the monster attacks. She wants to get off this island, too, but given what we know about her, it's hard to figure why.
    But it's Terry O'Quinn (to date the only actor on the show who has won an Emmy) who's the real story of 'Walkabout'. Up until now, we've been able to explain at least some of the mysteries as realistic ones. But the revelation about Locke turns the entire series on its ear. We now understand his amazement when he climbs to his feet, and we can understand why he is in awe of this island. Locke will represent our fascination with the island. Problem is, a lot of people--- Jack, for one--- don't drink at this particular lemonade stand, and there may Be more problems coming down the line because of it.
    My score:10
  • This is the high point of Lost for me. Scratch that, this is the high point of TV.

    A benchmark episode of Lost to say the least. After watching the first three episodes of this series (which were all amazing) none the less I was still slightly skeptical, but after the conclusion of this episode I was hooked for good, and I knew I was watching somthing special. Not only was the reveal ending special, the whole episode was, everything from the near perfect pacing, the suspense, to the character interaction. The scene where Locke officailly introduces himself to the group (throws knife near Sawyer, and gives speach about hunting) is perhaps my favorite scene of LOST. This episode is about my favorite character John Locke, but that's not to say there weren't great moments from other characters, in particular the first scene from the comedy duo of Hurley and Charlie. Not much else I can say besides, perfection.
  • Walt: So it was like a boar fight!? Michael: Not too much of a fight. It was more like me getting gored.

    The fuselage is burned after it is raided by boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boars. Locke encounters the monster, but he does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Locke was in a wheelchair before the plane crash and that he found himself healed after the crash. Best episode out the first half of the first seasion was "Walkabout". More characters develop, more stories develop and more action. This episode is amazing, Locke was so mysterous and looked an edgy character ubtil we seen this, there was lots of shocking momments here including the whole wheelchar thing. The episode gets a much deserved 10 out of 10, congrats to the writers.
  • The Cripple

    There is no food and Lock goes with Michael and Kate to the jungle to hunt boars. John has a case full of knives and the passangers are already afraid of him. While out there in the jungle they are attacked by "the monster" and Locke looks into the eye of the island. Jack starts having an illusions while Claire holds a memorial service for the dead and they are burned inside the fuselage. FLASHBACK LOCK:
    We see that Lock was constantly mocked by his boss Randy and that he took all of the games to serious. He also has a love of his life but it turns out that she is his psychiatrist. Lock goes to Sydney so he can attend Aboriginal walkabout but he is rejected because of his "condition" and that is when we find out that he was in a wheel chair and when he crashed on the island he was heald and he can now walk again.
    Absolute classic of the show!
  • "Don't tell me what I can't do!" The sentence that anyone at some point in their lives would like to utter becomes immortalised forever in Lost, along with its closing Hitchcock moment. After this episode no one could deny Lost as a TV classic.

    Wow! What an episode. Like the Pilot episodes, this one has everything. There is great character drama, which features not just the centric character of John Locke but all the other survivors as well. But there's more on offer here than slow pace drama. There's enough action/adventure moments to keep the episode moving with the survivors running from Boars and the mechanical sounding monster, which makes a second welcome "appearance".
    This episode has alot of mystery elements as well and certainly gives viewers something to think about with regards to the power that the island has over those that inhabit it. Did the island heal Locke from his paralysis? And does the unseen entity that Locke looked up at in wonderment have something to do with it. One thing is certain, even without seeing it: it is not a dinosaur. If it was Locke would be dead. Why was his life spared? Whatever it is is far more sinister but mesmerizing at the same time, and has intelligence to know when and when not to kill out of defense (?).
    What makes this episode even better are the flashbacks. Locke's past history is so interesting and tragic that it captures your attention as much as the island stuff. The ones in Deus Ex Machina are even more emotional. The purpose of Walkabout's flashbacks are to reveal the huge twist regarding Locke, which even Hitchcock would have been proud of. The fact that Locke was wheelchair-bound before landing on the island explains why he worships the island and is so calm and confident now, which is the opposite to how he was in his earlier life. In flashback he is a trembling wreck of a man but now his life has been given meaning, and inadvertently he is at a place he wanted to be and having his own little "Walkabout" hunting Boar. This episode introduces us to the concept that the island is a place to start anew.
    The episode also introduces us to things that would be addressed in future episodes, like Jack's vision of his father, that would continue to haunt him in the following episode.
  • All about Locke

    In flashbacks, we learn more about John Locke's past. We find out that he was crippled in his legs. He is determined to prove everyone wrong in what he can or can't do. He wants to go on a walkabout, but is rejected. At the crash site, his legs regain its ability.

    Wild boars have invaded the crash site. Locke, Kate and Michael hunt for boars to eat. After Jack says that they need to burn the bodies, Claire organizes a memorial service. Jack talks to Rose about her husband and the crash. He sees a mysterious man in a suit. When Michael is injured, Kate heads back with him, but Locke keeps going. He encounters the giant monster and everyone thinks he is done for. Kate tries to transceiver, but accidentally breaks it. Shannon wants to prove to Boone that she can fend for herself and she uses Charlie to do it. When Jack starts to chase the man in suit, they see Locke with a dead boar.

    This was a great episode! There are many more mysteries that are unraveled in this episode, especially the mysterious man on the island. This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • Lock is different

    I feel this episode has more meaning than what it shows, maybe I will discover this later. If he could walk in the island then this island has something special. Or maybe it was on his head that he can't walk at the first time. Lock is not easy guy he saw the monster and nothing happened to him. He is different; I think he knows something more than the others, or he knows how to deal with the strange things in the island.
    I know I'm slow but I really can't wait to finish this season, and the whole seasons
  • We find out about Locke's not-so-long-ago past.

    Emotional. Moving. Amazing acting. Completely outstanding music. A perfect 10.

    LOST can't get any better than this. This is best episode of the entire series. The music fits perfectly and just adds to the mix of emotions. The viewer feels so bad for Locke and then is overcome with happiness when he stands up. It's sometimes hard to tell if people are crying because of how horrible it was for Locke or because of how happy they feel for him with the ending. But the entire episode wasn't only about Locke. The boar hunting helps viewers who complain that the islanders would have run out of food. It also deals with the rest of the crashed plane, which was becoming a problem. The episode also involves Sawyer's stealing, which becoming very important in later episodes. If only every episode could be exactly like this one.
  • In the episode the survivors realise that they are running out of food until a man named john Locke shocks them all and they realise hes not what he seemed after he tells them they should and also having knives on him Kate,Michael Locke hunt wild Boar.

    This is my Favourite episode of Lost ever what tension what storyline John Locke my favourite character Terry o quinn with tremendous acting in this episode I feel this episode is good because it shows how someone who at the first three episodes you only see glimpses of goes from zero to hero after I saw this episode I was eager to find more out about John Locke this was the episode were I decided that John locke is my favourite character and the episode is so brillant with the twist at the end I was just amazed by how stunning this episode is I havent been amazed by any other episode as I was amazed by this.
  • The episode that established Lost as more than "that weird show".

    So much happens in this episode. We learn that Locke's full name is John Locke, putting all the theorists in a flutter. We also learn that Locke is a hunter. Who is this man? It turns out he's an office drone who was crippled right up until the plane crash. How was he crippled? We won't learn that until much, much later. Anyway, the monster comes back in this episode, and Locke "sees into the eye of this island". Apparently, what he saw was "beautiful", but we still don't know what he saw. The big reveal, where we learn Locke's "condition" is the first great flashback twist. Terry O'Quinn should have won that Emmy for this episode.
  • One of the best episodes of the entire series.

    This episode was absolutely incredible. It introduces arguably the most pivotal character of the entire series: John Locke. It shows that he not only got his walkabout that he wanted to go on in Australia, but a new beginning to the miserable life that he was living before Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. But, at the end of the episode, they reveal that he got the use of his legs when the plane crashed. Those last 10 minutes of the episode are, in my opinion, the best 10 minutes of any episode of Lost. --

    Locke: Don't you walk away from me! You don't know who you're dealing with! Don't tell me what I can't do, ever! This is destiny... this is my destiny. I'm supposed to do this, dammit! Don't tell me what I can't do! Don't tell me what I can't do!
  • Not only the best episode of LOST, but, arguably, the best episode of TV I have ever witnessed that is both entertaining while incredibly touching...

    Walkabout... I never expected this episode to be what it became. If you find fault in this episode, then you may not have watched the same episode, since once you watch this, you can only become a fan of this show. In fact, I can remember watching this way back in '04, when I had picked up the show with the pilot. Before watching the episode, I thought the show was really good, but it hadn't quite hooked me yet. There was something missing, and it was a character that I connected with. This episode came around and immediately, I fell in love with the story of Locke.

    I think that the episode is able to become so incredible with creating tons of conflict that seems simple at a glance, but when once you delve into it, you will find that the episode was able to grab lots of symbolic occurrences, mysterious plots, and definitely is both entertaining and becomes touching. At first, you kind of feel that Locke is just some nerdy loser in a box company, but once his full story is told as he undergoes the ridicules from being a paraplegic, a man of faith and fate, and someone who's been involved in fake relationships, you cannot help but try to hold back the tears from watching him as he is rejected his claim to join the Australian walkabout. This revelation shows us why Locke wasn't one of those that acted hysterical when he awoke from the crash and why he was even on the plane. However, it doesn't tell us enough to make the character uninteresting due to the fact it only gives us a look at his job and a relationship he has with some hooker of sorts that he talks to on the phone. This culmination of experiences and stories along with Jack and Rose's conversations about her husband and the crash allow you to find a wealth of emotions that makes the episode very rewarding and extremely touching as Locke, who thought his destiny was ruined by the tour guide that rejected his claim, finds meaning in his life when he is able to stand on the island and is free from his wheelchair.

    Just don't forget that this isn't the whole episode. In fact, Jack must confront Rose as she sits on the beach alone while she tries to overcome the fact that maybe her husband is alive still. It is interesting as well, when we see Jack replace her place on the beach when he sees his father on the island, alive and well.

    Another plot that is touched on in the episode is the burning of the fuselage, as boars from the inner rings of the island have begun to scavenge the bodies which are beginning to decay. It is hard for all the survivors to face the fact that the bodies of the deceased must be burned, as Claire rounds up all the information she can on the departed and makes her own ceremony to honor them.

    Plus, Hurley and Sawyer conflict with each other over food and their differences, Shannon uses both Charlie and Hurley to prove to her brother that she can provide for herself, Sayid and Kate devise a plane to use as transmitter to find the source of the French Woman's transmissions, and Charlie battles his addiction. And don't forget that the monster makes an appearance, as Locke confronts it while running after a loose boar.

    As you can see, the episode has a wealth of depth without drowning the viewer with too much going on. Add in that it creates a touching story of one of the unknown characters that is both sad yet incredibly touching in a happy way and you find that Walkabout is Lost and TV's best hour of any episode or show aired. It is simply amazing with great writing that conveys many emotions and brings along great conflict and story. In fact, if this episode is ever topped by anything else, I might just have a heart attack.
  • Great Episode, possibly the best of the entire series. best flashback too!

    Walkabout is a Locke Centric episode. the episode starts out with The Losties arguing about food when look finnaly speaks up and suggests that "We Hunt". Mike and kate offer to help John hunt, but kate has other reasons for going (helping sayid with finding the source of the transmission)
    As the 3 of them hunt mike is too loud and the boar attacks them, mike was hurt badly while locke was knocked to the floor starring at his toes. in his flashback it shows that he is put down and told that he can't do anything from his boss randy, also that he intended to do a walkabout in australia. As Kate tells locke he can't go off the in the jungle looking for the boar because he must help her with mike he replies "don't tell me what i can't do" and storms on. As kate continues to bring mike back she stops and tells him that she must climb a tree to find the source of the transmission. While up there she sees the big unknown "monster" knocking down trees in the direction that Locke was heading. Meanwhile back on the beach jack tries to convince rose to eat or drink something and that there going to burn the bodies. when kate returns everyone believes Locke to be dead when Jack sees some unkown man on the edge of the jungle he bolts into it and sees locke covered in blood holding the boar. Then it shows later that night when the losties are burning the dead. It is then revealed through another locke flashback that he was in a wheelchair when he got on th plane but not after the crash, the island had fixed him. And as locke stared at his old wheelchair in front of the burning fuselodge he knew that he is watching his miserable past burn away!
  • This episode made me just say "I will watch LOST until the series ends!!"

    This episode made me just say "I will watch LOST until the LOST series ends!!"

    This episode was really moving - at the end with locke - I was about to cry, it moved me that much.

    During the episode - you start to find out about Lockes past, the 3 episode before this one, you think locke is a real Weirdo - But when watching the episode, you just fell so sorry for him, and you really start to care and like locke.

    I was very happy at the end of this episode, it was just a hint of what is to come with LOST.

    when the credits rolled i said - "I will watch LOST until the series ends!!"

    And i will !!! ...............unless i die first.
  • Great episode.

    Another great episode. The plane survivors find themselves undersiege from wild boars. Kate and Michael helps out Locke in finding a new food source. This week we learn about the secret of Locke, we are told what he was doing before boarding the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. The writers came up with an exciting episode to watch. This is a real ground breaking show. Each episode delivers another excitement. Finding out about Locke's secret is really exciting. We get to see who he is or what he is, but the best thing about this episode is the way it was presented.
  • one of Lost best episodes. Locke rocks

    this is a very good start to the story of Locke. With food running out Locke must go hunt boar. It is so good seeing him do this, it is the begaining of his realization to what who he is, what the Island, and his Destiny. his confretation with the monster is a very geart part to the show, which all the way into the begaining of season 3 we still dont really know what he saw. hes flash backs start out strong and compeling. it grabs me and by the end, with the telephone scean and the bus station, i am in tears. the hunter is born.
  • A shocking secret about Locke is discovered.

    This episode was amazing... the last scene is so shocking and you honestly cannot see it coming. This episode stunned me, and made addicted to Lost. This episode gives Locke so much character development, and it is very revealing. In the first few episodes I was bored to tears whenever Locke was on, especially when he was playing that game with Walt. I really wanted Locke to just get off of the screen! I can't get over the ending though, the actor is really good at acting. If you haven't seen this episode, go buy the DVD! It's my favorite episode of any TV series! I am now a Lost fanatic :-)
  • The first episode that made me cry with happiness and sorrow for Locke. MY STAR RATING: **** out of **** (CONTAINS MINIMAL SPOILERS)

    MY STAR RATING: **** out of ****

    This episode will get you hooked. It blows away Tabula Rasa and maybe even the pilot. Well, it blows you away more on character development atleast. The acting in this episode is great and we finally find out what is up with the strange character, Locke.

    We find out the secret that he tells to Walt in walkabout. We see the monster yet again. We see more of the others on the island.

    This is a episode full of exploding eye candy and will keep you beggin for more. It will make you love Locke! This show is ona roll and will continue to be.

    The last scene will leave you in tears.

  • This episode is the reason why I started watching LOST. I was almost hooked from the Pilot Episode with the Monster, Polar Bears, Distress Signals from the Island which are 16 years old, and a great cast. But this episode is the reason why I LOVE LOST!!

    This episode is the best episode of LOST so far. The Beginning and End sequences are absolutely brilliant. This is the first time I have seen in a TV series which ended the episode where the beginning left off.

    I was hooked and a fan of the Character "Locke" right away. The scene in which got the best of my attention was the mysterious spotlight on Locke. When Sawyer and Hurley are fighting, and when Sawyer sits down and says; "And how are we going to find this sustenance." Then VUUEEEE Locke's knife hits the seat right where he is.

    The first speech Locke gives is brilliant.

    "We Hunt..."

    And the Character of Locke is so great!

    And the Ending was absolutly was the best Shocking moments in TV history to date.
  • Don't tell me what I can or can't do!

    Simply put, this is THE BEST episode of Season 1 of Lost.

    This episodes reveals the truth and delves into the dark past of one of the most important characters on Lost. Ever since the first episode, John Locke was the creepy guy who sat alone and didn't talk to anyone. But this episode shows us that he is not who we think he is. With the flashbacks of his past, we see that he is picked on at work, desperately isolated, and talks to a a phone sex operator and wants her to go with him to a Walkabout in Australia.

    Back on the island, the smell of the dead bodies are attracting wild boars to the survivors' beach encampment so Jack decides to burn all of them in the fuselage. But that's not their only concern - they just ran out of food. Luckily for them, Locke finds his luggage and reveals to everyone that he carries an odd assortment of knives with him at all times. So he goes boar-hunting with the help with Michael and Kate. After struggling to catch a boar after a failed attempt that ended with Michael getting hurt, Locke is finally able to bring one back for dinner.

    That night as the dead bodies are burned, Locke has another flashback to just before the Walkabout and shows us one of the most shocking secrets about him. Someone in an office is telling Locke that he can't go on the Walkabout because of his condition, Locke says he's dealt with it for four years and it hasn't stopped him from doing anything he wants to. The camera pans out and it's revealed that Locke is in a wheelchair.

    "A miracle has happened on this island"
    That miracle is this episode.
  • Locke scores bigtime with one of my favourite episodes.

    With episode number 4 entitle "Walkabout" it really is the first episode where all the characters are cool with eachother and used to eachother. It also really is the first episode where we really start to learn who Locke is.

    Before this episode Locke was the weird guy who sat out in the rain. What with him not saying anything to anyone (except Walt) and the first thing he says to all the other castaways is "It's boar." From that moment on you knew he ould be the weird guy, but also mad cool.

    Even when he's packing his knives he stays iselated from everyone elso, until the truly need his help. Locke's flashback in this episode was my second favourite (my favourite being his second flashback). He acts so cool and wise on the Island, but in his flashback he's no better then the average person. Locke being the only one brave enough to face the monster, i guess he really does think it's all fate.

    Lock- This is, this is my destiny, I'm suppose to do this damnit! Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do! Don't Tell Me What I Can't...

  • great episode

    during this episode the survivors are still reeling from the crash. there is not a lot of guideance. the viewer eventually finds out that john locke was wheel chair bound before the crash. a mystery that has still not been solved. the fact that jack knows the only way to dispose of the dead bodies is to burn the remains, catches a few survivors by suprise. but eveyone eventually agrees.
  • great episode. we delve into Locke's background

    another character development episode. we don't learn that Locke was disabled until near the end when he's trying to go on the Austrialian outback spiritual ride. After the crash, he is able to walk again and goes hunting. A bit disappointed that they don't show the monster. Not quite sure if Locke actually killed the boar or if the monster did. Also wished to know if he attacked the monster or if the monster was already filled that he didn't bother with Locke and just left the body like how he left the airplane pilot. The dead boar kind of looked like the dead pilot.
  • One of LOST Season 1\'s epecially brilliant episodes.

    The creators of the show implemented a very exciting, mysterious and emotional picture on John Locke.

    All the emotion, mystery comes to a particularly moving finale which sets an exciting course for John Locke.

    Establishing a positive connection between Locke and the audience was done so with great finesse and solid writing.

    Walt\'s \"He said a miracle happened on this island\" from a few episodes back is emphasized as brilliant foreshadowing and another one of the show\'s trademark teases.
  • What's with Locke?

    So we learn on this episode that John Locke was the one that had the wheelchair.. in fact, he did for 4 years.. somehow or someway once the plane crashed John Locke was perfect again.. his leg was fine and he was running around helping people and hunting boars.
    Our beloved Sawyer was the one that had to find out almost the hard way how they were going to eat, with Locke throwing a knife at the seat next to him..
    So did he get all of those knives of his into the plane? I wish i knew.. and what was up with that call that he received? "Is this line secure?" Why would a man who is in wheelchair and works for a box company need to talk to someone in a line that was secure?
    I got my eye on Locke, he is a really weird guy..
  • Amazing.

    Walkabout gives an insight into John Locke who has been through something tremendous... Seeing Locke at 1st gives you a bad feel then you see him in this and see that he is really nice so something bad must of happen before the crash and after the flashback or he is just happy to be walking he doesnt really care if people thinks he's crazy. This is a great ep. i love it alot.
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