Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • Best Episode of the Series


    This episode, like all the lock-centric episodes, was amazing. When I watched this for the first time, I realized that this show was something different, not like other shows. This episode is probably one of the best episodes of any show I have ever watched (or maybe an episode of Dexter) but the ending is second to none. I miss this show

  • Most sublime tale of a man's first steps.

    As the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 prepare for an impromptu memorial service for those among them who are no longer part of the living, "hunter" John Locke, a case filled with knives, murderer Kate Austen and reluctant family man Michael go into the jungle to hunt food, several flashbacks introduce the audience to the past of the "hunter" which is parochial at best, pathetic at worst.

    Apparently, Locke's life adventure reduced to this Australian Walkabout for which he prepared for years, developping skills that only got to carry on after the plane crash he survived due to the fact the guide rejected him on arrival, not unlike the Black Smoke Monster rejects to kill him when he volunteers as a distraction in order so Kate & Michael could scape.

    Convinced that his name might be added to the memorial, everyone on the camp is shocked when Locke shows up alive & well with the product of his hunt, a boar ready to be eaten...what would really shock them, what in fact shocked us all, is Locke's final flashback, moments after the plane crash, when he realizes for first time that he can walk again, no longer rejected he stands up, as tall as he is, ready to face the ultimate walkabout of his life ...as the fire consumes what's left of the wheelchair that bound his past life Locke smiles, free, alive and most of all walking.
  • Awesome.

    The fuselage is burned after it is raided by a group of wild boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boar. Locke encounters the monster, but he does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that he was in a wheelchair before the plane crash and healed after the crash. Ah, the days they ran away from wild boars, I miss those days! I love they way Locke is made out to liik like a weirdo in the frist season, it's so cool. I love Michael, he is so funny, one of my favourite characters in season one. I also love Charlie, the best character on the whole show, he is so funny, and when him and Hurleya re fishing it's too good!
  • 104

    Superb episode of Lost, but that really isn't surprising, is it? I really did not expect that amazing ending, I really was looking forward to the Locke-centric episode just because of how mysterious he was in the first 3 episodes. He was just amazing here tonight.

    Amazing back story, and incredible outcome and effect the crash had on his life. I'm loving all the character interactions between everyone like Kate & Sayid, Shannon & Charlie, just all the characters, really.

    This has become one of the most intriguing shows I have ever watched and this episode just followed that same pattern. Overall, superb episode of this show, Locke definitely became one of my favorites tonight.
  • Sheds some light on John Locke...

    The episode starts well with a boar attack but from there it gets even better, the scene were John Locke finally gets notice by the survivours is awesome, the speech, the music, the knife the "Who is this guy?" it's a great scene. The hunting scenes are the best in this episode when it comes the island parts but then there is the flashbacks. Throughtout the series I have thought that the real time scenes are better than the flashback but sometimes flashbacks are just as good in this episode the flashbacks are the best, especially when you rewatch it and notice things, little clues to the conclusion of the episode. Oh and what a conclusion by the way totally didn't see it coming, it's wonderfully acted by Terry O'Quinn as he shouts the infamous catchprase "dont tell me what I can't do" and then the other conclusion were Locke wakes up on the beach and realizes that the island has healed him that the island is speacil. This remians to be one of the highlight episodes of the first season and even the entire series,
  • It's A Miracle

    We finally get to learn what is the big "miracle" that Locke experienced. And it's goooooooood. -

    Seriously, it's really great. Locke, one of the most intriguing and complex characters of the show is explored more meticulously in this episode, a twisty and surprising cliffhanger superbly written by Emmy-nominated David Fury and excellently ditrected by Jack Bender, the series' main director. Terry O' Quinn is a miracle himself as he litreally rocks the hell out of the role his given. He is exceptional in the action scenes that take place on the Island (the boar hunt, the Monster attack) but his actual talent is fully exposed only in the flashbacks. From the first one to the heartbreaking last one, he makes his character extremely sympathetic and likable to the audience while fully utilizing his acting skills. He is actually the main reason why this episode is so good and touching.
  • Fourth Episode of the Series.

    This show amazes me everytime I watch it. Every episode gets better and better. I am speechless. I have nothing to say except OUTSTANDING! . Well this episode 'Walkabout' is a John Locke centric episode. We go into the past into the life of Locke. The whole flashback everyone is telling Locke 'You can't do this!' and he keeps saying 'I can do anything!' So, I'm like what's up with Locke? So we find out that he got paralyzed and he was in a wheelchair (obviously). But the wierd thing is that when they got off the plane after the crash, he could walk. AHHHHHH. i LOVE LOST!
  • This episode was superb!!!

    Contrary to the previous episode that focus on kate, this episode is superb.

    It´s impossible to focus on every character and make great episodes, since not everyone has spectacular secrets that can make great cliffhangers and make the 40 minutes of an episode worthwhile.

    The way the focused and show us John Locke and his connection to the island was very well done. His flashbacks seem simple and irrelevant, with tue casual drama. However, as the episode progressed, his story became much more interesting. Locke has a very unique view about what the island is. The twist at the end of the episode was very well done.

    Now we have two more mysteries added, and the list continues to grow.

    Now John Locke character is even more fascinating than he already was.
  • Don't tell me how brilliant this episode is

    Usually when you watch the pilot of a series, the writing and acting are so impressive that you find yourself watching to see if they get top it. While this has been true for ninety percent of the series I've watched, sometimes --- not often --- there will come a moment went everything clicks and you decide "I need to stay how this turns out." On Lost, this moment came roughly two minutes before the end of 'Walkabout'. I'd thought it was good up until then, but when I saw that, I knew I was in for the duration.
    Part of this reason was because of the character at the center of the episode: John Locke. Up until, he's seemed a little creepy and eccentric, with absolutely no indication that he's about to become the center of the series and one of the most fascinating characters in television history. Of course, I didn't know that, but there are certainly hints of it both in the scenes we see of him on and off the island.
    Under other circumstance, Locke appears to be this military, survivalist guy, who seemed to be stuck in the middle of a corporate job. Certainly, we have no idea what is in this man's makeup that allows him to gather so much information on hunting and tracking. There is something charismatic about the man--- how else could he have managed to convince a phone sex operator to become a close friend with him solely through months of conversation? More unsettling is the certainty about this man--- he seems to feel that he has a great destiny (and given what I've seen over the past four years, he's probably right)-and that he will not accept defeat in any form "Don't tell me what I can't do" is a phrase he uses over and over in the episode. He shows that when he slaughters the boar basically on his own, when whatever monster it is looks him in the face--- and doesn't kill him. But mainly it's because of his major secret --- before the plane crash, he had been in a wheelchair for four years. This revelation is handled so well and crafted so carefully that Rod Serling would have been proud. Not since the revelation that Nina Myers was actually the mole at CTU during the initial season of 24 have I ever been so shocked.
    Even though the majority of the episode is focused on Locke, there is a quite a lot going on. For starters, there's the fact that the food has finally run out which brings about the boar hunt in the first place. The boars have been attracted by the smell of the corpses in the fuselage --- which leads Jack making another unilateral decision that the bodies and the fuselage should be burned. While this is probably the right call, several of the others --- particularly Charlie and Sayed--- are repulsed by the idea, mainly because it seems to go against what is decent, and it's clear Jack is somewhat uncomfortable with his decision.
    But Jack's got other things on his mind. For one thing, he spends much of the episode telling Rose--- the black woman he saved in the Pilot---- trying to calm her down from post traumatic shock, and mourning the loss of her husband. He succeeds in part, but he doesn't convince her that her husband is dead, even though he was in the tail section of the plane (Turns out her faith is correct, though we're not going to learn that for awhile) Then he sees the man in the suit. No doubt Jack is inclined to dismiss it as a hallucination, but given what we've seen on the island, he should know better. But at the end of the day, Jack is far more of a realist than any of the others, and while that mindset will help him lead, it probably isn't the wisest path to follow.
    Sayed is now in the process of trying to find the power source sending out the transmission that we heard on the transceiver. He is now trying to build an antennae, a project which Kate seems more than willing to help him with. We also the first time get a look at his human side when Claire locates a photograph belonging to him from the wreckage. Who is the woman? We'll find out soon.
    We also get a look at Michael, who joins Kate and Locke on the boar hunt. We're not sure why--- perhaps it's to keep Walt from heading off with Locke, who he doesn't trust even before the knives come out. It 's also clear that unlike Kate and Locke, he is a city folk not built for the outdoors, which probably isn't going to help much in the long run
    Just like in the last episode, what we gather about the remainder of the characters comes in snapshots. Even though Michael can't talk to Sun, he now seems willing to entrust Walt to her care, at least temporarily. Boone and Shannon are squabbling again, this time over on her ability to gather food, which leads her to basically seduce Charlie into catching one for her. Shannon seems to be getting less likable by the episode. Charlie might notice he's being used, if it weren't for the fact that he's still trying to snort, and he's running out of heroin. This is going to be a problem.
    Despite her pregnancy, Claire seems to be becoming more compassionate. She is the one who comes up with the idea for the memorial service, and after Jack refuses, she is more than willing to lead it. Hurley is in a similar frame, in one of the funnier scenes in the show, where he tries to help Charlie fish, in a very primitive way. (Asking Jin for help is out of the question.) And Kate is demonstrating a streak of recklessness --- she now makes her third hike out into the woods with Sayed's antenna, only to drop it when the monster attacks. She wants to get off this island, too, but given what we know about her, it's hard to figure why.
    But it's Terry O'Quinn (to date the only actor on the show who has won an Emmy) who's the real story of 'Walkabout'. Up until now, we've been able to explain at least some of the mysteries as realistic ones. But the revelation about Locke turns the entire series on its ear. We now understand his amazement when he climbs to his feet, and we can understand why he is in awe of this island. Locke will represent our fascination with the island. Problem is, a lot of people--- Jack, for one--- don't drink at this particular lemonade stand, and there may Be more problems coming down the line because of it.
    My score:10
  • This is the high point of Lost for me. Scratch that, this is the high point of TV.

    A benchmark episode of Lost to say the least. After watching the first three episodes of this series (which were all amazing) none the less I was still slightly skeptical, but after the conclusion of this episode I was hooked for good, and I knew I was watching somthing special. Not only was the reveal ending special, the whole episode was, everything from the near perfect pacing, the suspense, to the character interaction. The scene where Locke officailly introduces himself to the group (throws knife near Sawyer, and gives speach about hunting) is perhaps my favorite scene of LOST. This episode is about my favorite character John Locke, but that's not to say there weren't great moments from other characters, in particular the first scene from the comedy duo of Hurley and Charlie. Not much else I can say besides, perfection.
  • El astuto John Locke

    John Locke resultó ser lo que nadie preveía, un personaje esencial e interesantísimo. Su historia nos pone de rodillas, perdonándole de ahora en más todo lo malo que pudiera llegar a hacer.
    Quién no se sintió alguna vez menospreciado por su jefe, por una mujer, por los standards de esta sociedad corroída?
    Yo sí, John Locke también y por eso mi ¿simpatía? por este personaje, de ahora en más, central en la historia.

    Los jabalíes no asustan, se parecen más a mi cachorrita que a un acechador/amenaza. Lost es un gran drama pero estas pequeñas cosas le quitan algo de charm. Walkabout: que lo parió...
  • We have more mysterious noises and animals on the beach at nights, more flashbacks as some more of the lead characters are introduced, more problems that crop up and seem to be solved or that the leadership skills of Jack is required.

    Vincent's barking awakes the majority of the people in the beach, then we discover that there's a serious animalistic noise coming from the remains of the plane, some souls venture forward to find out what it is, only to turn around afterwards and run back out, followed by lots of baying.

    The following morning, yet another fight is broken up, this time over the stash of peanuts. Mr Locke, Colonel as we find out from one of his flashbacks, throws a knife into the chair and explains about boars, about a tactic to hunt them and needs 3 volunteers, then he opens part of his case which shows off about 6 or so different knives.

    Jack announces that all the dead will need to be burnt, some people say that is wrong and they should be buried, but logic wins through as the animals on the island will still be drawn to them, but this time they we just dig them up. Also, as Kate points out, if we burn them just before dusk, they the flames can also be used as a distress beacon.

    Sayad explains to Kate that he will try to triangulate onto the previous french distress call, as for it to be going for 16 years means that there is a significant power source on the island, he believes it can be found. So Kate opts to go on the hunt in order to drop off a triangulate device.

    The hunt for the boar has a little hiccup with a party member getting injured in the leg by his own knife. John Locke is determined to get the boar, even though Kate says he can't, he goes off with the attitude of saying, you can't tell me what to do. This was after another flashback on his own life, where he is confronted with his own past. He remembers the experience of a walkabout plan.

    The doctor sits and chats to Rose, who has been sitting alone on a sand bank staring out into space, she lets him off of his promise to look after her until her husband returned from the bathroom. As they get up to start the fire, Jack sees a man standing in the distance wearing a suit.

    Locke returns with a boar and the cremations start, complete with a brief reading of those passed. Then we have a flashback of Locke in a wheel chair in the walkabout office in Melbourne, it looks like the accident repaired some damage in his spine allowing him to walk once more, or at the least be more mobile than he was when he was in the wheelchair.
  • The food runs out on the island, forcing the lostaways to go on a boar-hunting expedition. Their leader: the psychotic Locke, whose flashbacks reveal a shocking secret.

    I'm not a big fan of this episode. During the first three shows, I found myself liking Locke (the odd orange-peel smile in the pilot aside). However, in this episode, he begins to show his true colours. The man is a complete lunatic. He calls 900-numbers and asks the phone sex operators to come with him on vacations. He leads expeditions into the jungle to hunt boar with a four-inch knife. He thinks that he can go on a walkabout while in a wheelchair.

    There was also a disappointing lack of the Jack/Kate interaction which was so stimulating in previous episodes. And badass Sawyer just pissed me off in this one for some reason.

  • A secret about Locke is revealed.

    Let me just out by saying that even after seeing this episode, I'm still not completely sure exactly how I feel about it. On the one hand, I found this episode very interesting and exciting. On the other hand, up until this episode I haven't been very interested at all in the character Locke, but this episode definitely made me like him a little bit more. Locke is a pretty interesting character, and I thought that the reveal that he was paralyzed before everyone was stranded on the island was pretty interesting. All in all, this definitely wasn't my all time favorite episode of Lost, but it was still pretty good.
  • Great episode for the very fascinating John Locke.

    Having recently gotten into the show Lost because of Terry O'Quinn, who I knew from his work on the show Millennium, I quickly became fascinated with the character of John Locke. He has a connection to the island, and a very unique view about what the island is.

    This episode has Locke leading a hunt for wild boars, and shows his backstory through flashbacks. At first, I found his flashbacks to be very out of character for him, and was afraid about what they would do with the character. However, as the episode progressed, his story became much more interesting. The twist at the end of the episode was very well done, helped to bring his very different past and present together so that they made perfect sense, and made his character even more fascinating than he already was.

    This episode has very strong righting, and showed me why I had originally gotten into the show in the first place: Terry's great acting.
  • Its all about Locke and as the island gets ever more mysterious, so do the characters, and there are some shocks in store!

    From the beggining Locke has always been a very fishy character, a character you no is certainly not what he appears to be and a man who has many secrets. Well as this episode reveals...he does! When the food runs out Locke leads Kate and some others on a hunt for wild boars, meanwhile Charlie tries to empress a lady through his fishing skills, and Jack tries to comfort the woman he was siting next to on the plane, who lost her husband in the crash, although she refuses to except the fact that he's gone. The episode is a perfect mix of fast pace scenes with a constrast of sensitive moments and well scripted convosations between emotional characters. Compared to the previous episode that was quite slow and easy, this one cranks up the suspence level again and keeps you glued to the screen. Although Lockes past and life is explained a lot your still left not fully understanding what he's all about. The twist at the end is a real shocker and very effected and leaves an uneasy feeling about Locke and the island, as it appears it may have something to do with the miracle. Locke does appear to have some issues in his life and is certainly a few fries short of a happy meal thats for sure! You get the feeling the more you watch the more secrets will be revealed and the people you think you no, will turn out to be someone completly different. After all i never expected Kate to be a criminal in the beggining. The whole set up makes you want to keep watching for many reasons but mainly just to find out what individual character is really all about. Other factors being what the creature is, who was the man in a sute that Jack kept seeing and what other secrets the island has in store. The thing is you no that all these questions have to be answered eventually, so your gonna want to keep watching in order to find out! The show manages to get the balance just right between action, drama, character, suspence and even humour. put all this together and you've got one great show!
  • "Walkabout" is the 4th episode of Lost. It is the fourth episode of the show's first season. The episode was directed by Jack Bender and written by David Fury. It first aired on October 13, 2004 on ABC.

    When boars raid the fuselage, Jack decides it has to be burned. Four days after the crash the survivors discover that their food is exhausted, and wonder what to do. Locke reveals the many hunting knives he possesses and suggests they should hunt boar in the jungle, and he, Kate and Michael set out to do so. Michael first enlists Sun to look after Walt until he returns. Sayid gives Kate the transceiver and asks her to find a signal.

    In a flashback, Locke is at work in an office building playing a game of Risk during his lunch hour. His manager, Randy, taunts him when he discovers that Locke is going on an Australian walkabout, saying that there are things that Locke can't do in his condition. "Don't tell me what I can't do," Locke says angrily.

    At home in his studio apartment, Locke is talking to a woman named Helen on the phone and tells her of his walkabout opportunity. He invites her to go to the walkabout, but she declines and says that she does not meet customers. She then tells Locke that continuing the conversation will mean charging for another hour, but that he "can't afford it". He says he doesn't care about the money, but she hangs up on him. Locke angrily hangs up his phone.

    Michael is injured and Locke is thrown off of his feet while hunting, while Kate escorts Michael to the beach and Locke continues (after having a strange episode with his legs going numb apparently). Along the way she climbs a tree to use the transceiver, but when she sees the monster she drops it, and the transceiver breaks. Locke has a close encounter with the monster. However, instead of running from it, he stands his ground.

    At the beach the castaways are clearing supplies out of the fuselage. Claire decides to lead a memorial ceremony for the deceased passengers. Boone suggests that Jack talk to Rose, who has been somewhat distant since their arrival on the island. Rose tells Jack that her husband, who was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed, is still alive. Michael and Kate return to camp. Sayid is angry that Kate broke the transceiver. When she goes to tell Jack about Locke, Jack sees a man in a suit walk into the jungle. Jack chases after him and Kate follows. They find Locke covered with blood with a slain wild boar.

    In a flashback, Locke is in Australia talking to one of the leaders on the walkabout. He refuses to let Locke come because of his condition, saying it's too big of a risk for the insurance company. As the man gets up to leave, Locke is revealed to be in a wheelchair. In a flashback to minutes after the crash, Locke is lying on his back in the sand. He wiggles his toes, then slowly and clumsily stands up when Jack asks him for help with the man under the wreckage.

    That night, Claire holds a memorial service for the dead passengers using information she found in their passports, wallets, and luggage. Charlie takes a hit of heroin before attending; his stash is running low. Jack is not among the group.
  • Walt: So it was like a boar fight!? Michael: Not too much of a fight. It was more like me getting gored.

    The fuselage is burned after it is raided by boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boars. Locke encounters the monster, but he does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Locke was in a wheelchair before the plane crash and that he found himself healed after the crash. Best episode out the first half of the first seasion was "Walkabout". More characters develop, more stories develop and more action. This episode is amazing, Locke was so mysterous and looked an edgy character ubtil we seen this, there was lots of shocking momments here including the whole wheelchar thing. The episode gets a much deserved 10 out of 10, congrats to the writers.
  • The one with the ending that made my jaw drop.

    So early into the show we get episodes like this? Wow. Did ABC accidentally air the season finale instead of episode 3?

    This episode was phenomenal. In the past episodes people have been wondering what's "That Bald Guy"'s story is. He seemed strange. Now we find out why. He was a cripple before the crash. After the crash... not anymore.

    The best thing is, this is kept secret until the VERY end of the episode. The reveal itself is... beautiful. John Locke used to be not only a cripple, but used to have a miserable life. But on the island he's someone. A hunter. Now, the ending of the episode contrasted the two, and I've to admit it made me teary eyed. Not because it was so sad, but because it was simply EXCELLENT.

    The other storylines were good too. I liked Jack's difficulties of being a leader. This sets up the next episode nicely. We also had a couple of mythological puzzles. Obviously, Locke's legs are a big mystery. Can the island heal? He also meets the monster, but instead of running away/being eaten, he smiles and gets back to camp all fine. And Jack sees his father on the beach. What's up with that?

    Overall, simply beatiful episode!
  • The Cripple

    There is no food and Lock goes with Michael and Kate to the jungle to hunt boars. John has a case full of knives and the passangers are already afraid of him. While out there in the jungle they are attacked by "the monster" and Locke looks into the eye of the island. Jack starts having an illusions while Claire holds a memorial service for the dead and they are burned inside the fuselage. FLASHBACK LOCK:
    We see that Lock was constantly mocked by his boss Randy and that he took all of the games to serious. He also has a love of his life but it turns out that she is his psychiatrist. Lock goes to Sydney so he can attend Aboriginal walkabout but he is rejected because of his "condition" and that is when we find out that he was in a wheel chair and when he crashed on the island he was heald and he can now walk again.
    Absolute classic of the show!
  • i'm watching everything again! There are possible spoilers in my review!

    I decided to watch everything again because I don't remeber it well! Now that I know the things there are coming I could pay more attention on the details!
    Like Locke...in this episode he is still has doubts about himself and his limitations...but when he hunt the boar and is successful, he gains a lot of confidence and i think that's when he starts to really like the island and to feel like he belongs there.
    All the characters are imature yet...through the seasons they start to know the island and grow up as person. Charlie is still a fool drug addict with no responsibilities, Jack is a leader but he is not totally confortable about it, Locke is finding himself out, Sun is submiss and Jin isa horrible housband(thinking as an ocidental woman)
    I'm not very excited wih the episode because there was no surprises for me...but i remeber when i first saw it the wheel chair thing was incredible!And it still is!
  • "Don't tell me what I can't do!" The sentence that anyone at some point in their lives would like to utter becomes immortalised forever in Lost, along with its closing Hitchcock moment. After this episode no one could deny Lost as a TV classic.

    Wow! What an episode. Like the Pilot episodes, this one has everything. There is great character drama, which features not just the centric character of John Locke but all the other survivors as well. But there's more on offer here than slow pace drama. There's enough action/adventure moments to keep the episode moving with the survivors running from Boars and the mechanical sounding monster, which makes a second welcome "appearance".
    This episode has alot of mystery elements as well and certainly gives viewers something to think about with regards to the power that the island has over those that inhabit it. Did the island heal Locke from his paralysis? And does the unseen entity that Locke looked up at in wonderment have something to do with it. One thing is certain, even without seeing it: it is not a dinosaur. If it was Locke would be dead. Why was his life spared? Whatever it is is far more sinister but mesmerizing at the same time, and has intelligence to know when and when not to kill out of defense (?).
    What makes this episode even better are the flashbacks. Locke's past history is so interesting and tragic that it captures your attention as much as the island stuff. The ones in Deus Ex Machina are even more emotional. The purpose of Walkabout's flashbacks are to reveal the huge twist regarding Locke, which even Hitchcock would have been proud of. The fact that Locke was wheelchair-bound before landing on the island explains why he worships the island and is so calm and confident now, which is the opposite to how he was in his earlier life. In flashback he is a trembling wreck of a man but now his life has been given meaning, and inadvertently he is at a place he wanted to be and having his own little "Walkabout" hunting Boar. This episode introduces us to the concept that the island is a place to start anew.
    The episode also introduces us to things that would be addressed in future episodes, like Jack's vision of his father, that would continue to haunt him in the following episode.
  • Lost...the story about Locke

    Locke was one of those characters I was unsure of at first, but after this episode I realized why he was the way he was. He was a little scary at first though. I felt bad for him after they showed his flashbacks and how they made fun of him and kept telling him that he couldn't do certain things because he was confined to a wheelchair. So sad. I guess it was a miracle for him to have full use of his legs and feet. Locke becomes a hero when he returns from the woods with a boar that he caught. The panic is over for now, they all have food.
  • All about Locke

    In flashbacks, we learn more about John Locke's past. We find out that he was crippled in his legs. He is determined to prove everyone wrong in what he can or can't do. He wants to go on a walkabout, but is rejected. At the crash site, his legs regain its ability.

    Wild boars have invaded the crash site. Locke, Kate and Michael hunt for boars to eat. After Jack says that they need to burn the bodies, Claire organizes a memorial service. Jack talks to Rose about her husband and the crash. He sees a mysterious man in a suit. When Michael is injured, Kate heads back with him, but Locke keeps going. He encounters the giant monster and everyone thinks he is done for. Kate tries to transceiver, but accidentally breaks it. Shannon wants to prove to Boone that she can fend for herself and she uses Charlie to do it. When Jack starts to chase the man in suit, they see Locke with a dead boar.

    This was a great episode! There are many more mysteries that are unraveled in this episode, especially the mysterious man on the island. This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • another great episode

    The survivors find that they do not have any food and John Locke organizes a peccary hunting with Kate Austen and Michael Dawson. Sayid Jarrah builds some antennas, trying to locate the source of transmission of the distress signal, and Kate offers to install them. Jack decides to burn the bodies since they are attracting wild animals to the survivor's base.

    "Walkabout" is a great episode where the past of John Locke is disclosed. The story is very well constructed, there is a miracle in the end, and the characters are becoming very dense. The community of the survivors seems to begin to reduce the intolerance among them and respect each other
  • Lock is different

    I feel this episode has more meaning than what it shows, maybe I will discover this later. If he could walk in the island then this island has something special. Or maybe it was on his head that he can't walk at the first time. Lock is not easy guy he saw the monster and nothing happened to him. He is different; I think he knows something more than the others, or he knows how to deal with the strange things in the island.
    I know I'm slow but I really can't wait to finish this season, and the whole seasons
  • Huge shocker!

    I loved this episode. Locke is such an interesting character, and Terry O'Quinn portrays him wonderfully! I loved pretty much everything about this episode. My favorite part, though, was when we found out Locke had previously been paralyzed. I think my mouth was literally hanging open during that scene. I never in a million years expected it. This episode made me such a huge fan of Locke. I mean, this guy has a huge back story. I always love Locke flashbacks. And the ones in this episode were some of my favorites. Walkabout is a wonderful episode of LOST. Exactly why I watch the show!
  • this episode was amazing really revealing

    well, this episode of lost was a really good episode. i have just started watching lost because my friends told me to watch it but this episode is really starting to get me hooked. well we finally got to learn a bit more about the mysterious old man. we got to know that he was a cripple and that when he came to this island his legs got cured. amazing i was starting to wonder what "a miracle happened in this island" meant but now i know. so even though i am new to this series i am ready to get more answers like, what is that creature lurking in the forest, and what that girl thats was a prisoner did so come on i hope the other episode are as good as this one
  • we find out about Locke's past....

    Locke was in a wheelchair...interesting. This episode just really shows that there's something about the island, or Locke was incredabily lucky. Locke can now walk and he's the expert on hunting. He goes out and cactches a boar and is a hero. Basically, learning about Locke's past was very interesting. He's an interesting character and he really has a very mysterious past. Locke is a werid, believer of fate guy and he has such a cool past. Overall, the story wasn't very interesting, but it had to be done. I liked the parallels between the flashbacks and the present. Overall, good episode.
  • We find out about Locke's not-so-long-ago past.

    Emotional. Moving. Amazing acting. Completely outstanding music. A perfect 10.

    LOST can't get any better than this. This is best episode of the entire series. The music fits perfectly and just adds to the mix of emotions. The viewer feels so bad for Locke and then is overcome with happiness when he stands up. It's sometimes hard to tell if people are crying because of how horrible it was for Locke or because of how happy they feel for him with the ending. But the entire episode wasn't only about Locke. The boar hunting helps viewers who complain that the islanders would have run out of food. It also deals with the rest of the crashed plane, which was becoming a problem. The episode also involves Sawyer's stealing, which becoming very important in later episodes. If only every episode could be exactly like this one.
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