Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • The food runs out on the island, forcing the lostaways to go on a boar-hunting expedition. Their leader: the psychotic Locke, whose flashbacks reveal a shocking secret.

    I'm not a big fan of this episode. During the first three shows, I found myself liking Locke (the odd orange-peel smile in the pilot aside). However, in this episode, he begins to show his true colours. The man is a complete lunatic. He calls 900-numbers and asks the phone sex operators to come with him on vacations. He leads expeditions into the jungle to hunt boar with a four-inch knife. He thinks that he can go on a walkabout while in a wheelchair.

    There was also a disappointing lack of the Jack/Kate interaction which was so stimulating in previous episodes. And badass Sawyer just pissed me off in this one for some reason.

  • We learn a lot about Locke..........

    This episode was good. It showed us about Locke and we saw him hunt boars.
    The episode starts with Locke waking up on the beach,right after the crash. He wiggles his feet and toes.
    They work.It go's back to reltime where we see Vincent waking everyone up.
    The survivors go to the fuselodge to find some Boars.They were eating the dead bodies.
    They decide they must burn the bodies.The camp panicks as they are out of food. Locke suggests they hunt and shows everyone his 400 knives.
    On the island, Mike plans to go hunting with Locke, and leaves Walt with Sun.
    Meanwhile Sayid has a plan to find the French transmission. Kate decides to help.At the fuselodge, Claire is gathering up personal belongings from the dead people.
    She decides to do a sort of memorial.Also, Shannon tries to prove to Boone that she's not useless by catching a fish.
    She uses Charlie to get her one, much to his delight!Mike, Locke and Kate find a boar, but Michael gets attacked and Kate must bring him back.
    Locke decides to stay and hunt.On their way back to the beach, Kate climbs a tree to attach the antenna. When she gets to the top, she sees the monster knocking down trees as in charges through the jungle in the distance. She drops the antenna and breaks it. The monster is heading straight for Locke.Michael and Kate return. The camp learns that the hunt was not successful and, worse, that Locke is most likely dead.
    Later on, Jack spots a man in a suit. He chases after himto find Locke, who has a boar with him.
    Night falls, the fuselage is burning, and Claire reads the names of the dead in a memorial service. Michael congratulates Locke on the hunt and asks if he got a good look at the monster. Locke says he didn't see anything.
    The flashbacks showed us that Locke was once in a wheelchair and wasn't allowed to do the stuff he wanted to do, because of it.
    The episode was good, but the flashbacks let it down.
  • Locke is so much more interesting than Kate...

    ...Now there are 47 survivors after the Marshal died, and suddenly in the night the survivors wake up to something rooting around in the fuselage. Jack and Sawyer go investigate and a boar piglet runs out.

    So Locke forms a hunting party made up of Kate, Michael, and Locke. They traipse into the forest searching for the boar to make a meal.

    Michael is wounded from the boar and is taken back to camp along with Kate, leaving former paralytic Locke to fend for himself and to catch the boar.

    So now we know Locke can walk, and he runs into Jack with the dead boar (dinner) while Jack has this vision of his father, standing there on the beach.

    Meanwhile survivors are shocked at Jacks idea for the bodies... to burn them but then they hold a memorial service while doing so.

    This episode was really revealing, it shows us Locke's past.
  • It is an excellent chapter, which takes the history to completely different level and makes it even better than it was before.

    I want to share with you guys what happened in this chapter and how the chapter develops in the most impressive way that you can even begin to understand how the, you, I or them developed such an impressive plot that could rival any other experience you could have ever felt during your lifetime experience.

    Dear reader I can assure you would be simply shocked by viewing this chapter and you would also be tempted to stop all your regular activities and develop an acute sense of respect and admiration towards the narrative of this man who makes himself call the author.
  • another great episode

    The survivors find that they do not have any food and John Locke organizes a peccary hunting with Kate Austen and Michael Dawson. Sayid Jarrah builds some antennas, trying to locate the source of transmission of the distress signal, and Kate offers to install them. Jack decides to burn the bodies since they are attracting wild animals to the survivor's base.

    "Walkabout" is a great episode where the past of John Locke is disclosed. The story is very well constructed, there is a miracle in the end, and the characters are becoming very dense. The community of the survivors seems to begin to reduce the intolerance among them and respect each other
  • Locke Centric

    Into the Bald!

    I loved this episode......it had many great reveals: Locke was a paraplegic and in a wheelchair with no action below the waist, he has a case full of knives and he is the first survivor to get a good look at the monster.

    Everyone is starving and they need food....in comes Mr Locke with his bright idea "We hunt".

    Micheal who wants to prove something to his son, volunteers to go on the hunt with Kate, as always tagging along, gets injured. Locke with something to prove now that he can walk by the miracle of the island decides to find and kill the boar himself.

    Overall, brillaint episode.......packed with emotion and adventure.
  • What an ending!

    There's always a character, a certain character, in every show, that stands out, and becomes fan-favourite instantly.

    What Lost does extremely well is how it ties in the flashback story with the island story - or how it CONTRASTS the two.

    John Locke. An ordinary man - who worked in a box-factory, appears to be a hunter on the island, which comes in handy as the food supply is non existant anymore.

    Of course, the big question is, how? Well, that won't get answered, but what will get answered is why did John have such a humiliating job. It's revealed in the last minute of the episode that he was in a wheelchair. Yet, on the island, he's perfectly capable of walking.

    While the episode, until the end, was similiarly paced and put as the previous one, the ending takes it to a new level. In fact, the ending makes this episode "classic".

    It brings back the mystery element to the show that was missing from the previous episode - did the island 'heal' John? Overally, the ending scene was pivotal. Everything came together: top notch acting by Terry O'Quinn, incredible writing my David Fury, and Michael Giacchino's brilliant score which still gives me goosebumps.
    One of the finest episodes endings the show ever produced.
  • Beginning to get very interesting

    (contains spoilers)

    Okay, so far we know that there are around 48 survivors of the plane crash, that there is some huge wierd beast living on the island, that there are polar bears in the jungle, and that people aren’t straightforward (although I guess we should know that from real life right?).

    This episode concentrates on Locke, the more-than-slightly odd fella.
    The group are interupted (scared) by some wild pigs in the middle of night. Next day Locke comes up with a plan for hunting them, which is kind of important, seeing as they’ve eaten most of the food.

    So a small group goes off a hunting pigs. Kate too, but she is more concerned with placing an antenna so Sayid can try to trace the power source of the mysterious French broadcast. Trouble is, despite Locke’s plan things don’t turn out to well and Michael ends up gored/gashed by a pig. Kate tries to help him back to the beach, with a little stop along the way to place the antenna. Only for the mysterious beastie to make an appearance, and, by the looks of it, head off to eat Locke who is still in hot pursuit of the bacon.

    But Locke returns safe and sound, and with pig! Not only that, but we know he saw the beast up close and personal, yet when Jack asks him about it, he denies having seen it.

    Then there is the issue of the mysterious person Jack kept seeing. And the fact that he was very uncomfortable with the idea of a memorial service for the dead people (they’ve no been burned).

    Lots of wierdness in this episode Locke was in a wheelchair, unable to walk until the crash. Not only that but he now seems to be living his fantasy life as he gets to be the action-bush-man type. Also, are there other people alive out there? But overall, I’d say this was my favourite episode so far, any coincidence that it was written by “The Fury”?
  • we find out about Locke's past....

    Locke was in a wheelchair...interesting. This episode just really shows that there's something about the island, or Locke was incredabily lucky. Locke can now walk and he's the expert on hunting. He goes out and cactches a boar and is a hero. Basically, learning about Locke's past was very interesting. He's an interesting character and he really has a very mysterious past. Locke is a werid, believer of fate guy and he has such a cool past. Overall, the story wasn't very interesting, but it had to be done. I liked the parallels between the flashbacks and the present. Overall, good episode.
  • i'm watching everything again! There are possible spoilers in my review!

    I decided to watch everything again because I don't remeber it well! Now that I know the things there are coming I could pay more attention on the details!
    Like Locke...in this episode he is still has doubts about himself and his limitations...but when he hunt the boar and is successful, he gains a lot of confidence and i think that's when he starts to really like the island and to feel like he belongs there.
    All the characters are imature yet...through the seasons they start to know the island and grow up as person. Charlie is still a fool drug addict with no responsibilities, Jack is a leader but he is not totally confortable about it, Locke is finding himself out, Sun is submiss and Jin isa horrible housband(thinking as an ocidental woman)
    I'm not very excited wih the episode because there was no surprises for me...but i remeber when i first saw it the wheel chair thing was incredible!And it still is!
  • Walkabout gives an insight into John Locke who has been through something tremendous...

    This episode continues the approach the series has taken in its previous episodes and takes a closer look into one of the survivors: John Locke.

    We see plenty of interesting flashbacks from Locke's life before the plain crash. Who he is, what he does and why he was in the plane. And the biggest revelation comes last - just before the final fade out. To john Locke the plain crash brought a very positive surprise!

    As we take a look into Locke's past we also have to stay focused on the present day situation on the island. This episode brings up the problem of getting more food. While some are gathering food others are organising a memorial service for the dead and finding a way to get a rid of the bodies.
  • A secret about Locke is revealed.

    Let me just out by saying that even after seeing this episode, I'm still not completely sure exactly how I feel about it. On the one hand, I found this episode very interesting and exciting. On the other hand, up until this episode I haven't been very interested at all in the character Locke, but this episode definitely made me like him a little bit more. Locke is a pretty interesting character, and I thought that the reveal that he was paralyzed before everyone was stranded on the island was pretty interesting. All in all, this definitely wasn't my all time favorite episode of Lost, but it was still pretty good.
  • We learn about Locke in this episode.

    I think Locke is a little strange and creepy, but he's very nice. And I can't believe he started to walk again. I wonder how he got into the wheelchair in the first place. And he saw the creature, but lied about it. Why? What is this creature? Man, this show is soooo nerve-wracking lol. But it's good.
  • 104

    Superb episode of Lost, but that really isn't surprising, is it? I really did not expect that amazing ending, I really was looking forward to the Locke-centric episode just because of how mysterious he was in the first 3 episodes. He was just amazing here tonight.

    Amazing back story, and incredible outcome and effect the crash had on his life. I'm loving all the character interactions between everyone like Kate & Sayid, Shannon & Charlie, just all the characters, really.

    This has become one of the most intriguing shows I have ever watched and this episode just followed that same pattern. Overall, superb episode of this show, Locke definitely became one of my favorites tonight.
  • A very great episode all about John Locke!

    This episode would've been one of the best so far in the series.

    It began in the middle of the night with wild boars eating the dead bodies in the fuselage which put all the survivors in a compromising situation whether to bury or burn them. The flashback of Locke at the very start was revealing how he was in a wheelchair for four years and since he came to the island he could walk again! it was like a miracle!

    I thought the most awesome part was when Sawyer was sitting on one of the seats from the plane and he was complaining about their lack of food and then Locke threw a knife onto the chair next to him and said " We hunt"!
    It was a very adventurous episode especially when Kate, Michael and Locke were hunting for the boars. Sayid also gave Kate a radio to try and find a signal on the way but instead the black smoke known as the monster came and she dropped and broke it! But more importantly Locke was out there trying to find the boar where the monster was headed.
    It was funny when Michael asked Sun ( the Korean lady) to watch Walt while he was away hunting but she doesn't speak English so it was complicated. The most interesting thing about this episode was when Jack was sitting down on the beach talking to Rose about her dead husband who she thought was still alive( but he was in the tail section of the plane) Jack saw a man dressed formally off in the distance looking at him and then walks away into the jungle, So Jack went after the man he saw but instead he found Locke dragging a dead boar.
    The end was emotional and quite sad when we saw Locke's flashback about going to hunt in the Australian outback and how the bus manager wouldn't let him get on the bus because of his condition. At the very end was a meeting about the passengers who didn't make it and was run by pregnant woman Claire while Charlie was using drugs and Jack was somewhere else.
    Overall this was a superb and revealing episode!
  • Review

    The scenes of the survivors on the island really stood out to me in this episode and the John Locke flashback was nothing more then okay for me. I did find it interesting that this cool guy that Locke portrays on the island was actually somewhat of a social reject back home where he was bullied around by his boss at a box company. It just goes to show us that we cant look at a person and tell who they really are, and that part of the flashback I found interesting. The island scenes were great, with Michael, Kate, and Locke trying to hunt for Boar. The jungle moving in the middle of the night was really cool too. I am loving this intense mystery that surrounds this show, solid episode overall
  • Do miracles exist? For John Locke they do...

    The episode starts and Vincent the dog is barking. It seems like there´s something inside the rests of the plane, and Vincent´s barks are lud enough to wake up the whole camp. After realising there was something in the fuselage, Jack and Sawyer light it and discover a couple of eyes looking at them. What turned out to be wild boars, now have run away to the jungle. The reason for such thing is that the dead bodies have atracted the boars, and the best solution is to burn the bodies in order to prevent the boars from coming again.

    But there is another much more important problem: they´re runing out of food. John Locke admits having a solution and says he will hunt the wild boars. For that, he has brought a case of knives previously checked in the luggage compartment.

    Consequently, Michael and Kate decide to go with Locke and help him. But Kate has her own reasons to go, and it´s because she offered herself to carry some kind of antenna made by Sayid in order to source the signal they received.

    When the three of them penetrates the jungle, Locke finds where the boars are, but they had to be extremely careful and quiet when catching them. A wrong movement makes the boars hear their sounds and they suddenly run away, making Locke and Kate fall and hurting Michael´s leg. As Michael is too hurt to continue the hunting, he and Kate go back to the camp, but Locke is determined to catch those boars. After Kate says he can´t do that alone, Locke answers “ Don´t tell me what i can´t do”.

    On their return, Kate tries to attach the antenna to a tree but it falls down when she sees the “monster” going directly where Locke is. When they finally return, Kate comunicates that John may have died but, when Jack sees a misterious man in the jungle, he follows him and finds no other than Locke with a dead boar with him. But, what´s even more misterious is the fact that Locke has an unbelievable secret: he was in a wheelchair, but now he can walk...
  • Information time.

    This episode was fairly good. It starts off by scaring us at the beginning but teaches us that there are boars on the island.

    It's starting to sink in that they might need to be here for a long time but that it's ok because they have substance.

    We learn more about Locke who is turning out to be a very interesting character.
  • Lost...the story about Locke

    Locke was one of those characters I was unsure of at first, but after this episode I realized why he was the way he was. He was a little scary at first though. I felt bad for him after they showed his flashbacks and how they made fun of him and kept telling him that he couldn't do certain things because he was confined to a wheelchair. So sad. I guess it was a miracle for him to have full use of his legs and feet. Locke becomes a hero when he returns from the woods with a boar that he caught. The panic is over for now, they all have food.
  • "Walkabout" is the 4th episode of Lost. It is the fourth episode of the show's first season. The episode was directed by Jack Bender and written by David Fury. It first aired on October 13, 2004 on ABC.

    When boars raid the fuselage, Jack decides it has to be burned. Four days after the crash the survivors discover that their food is exhausted, and wonder what to do. Locke reveals the many hunting knives he possesses and suggests they should hunt boar in the jungle, and he, Kate and Michael set out to do so. Michael first enlists Sun to look after Walt until he returns. Sayid gives Kate the transceiver and asks her to find a signal.

    In a flashback, Locke is at work in an office building playing a game of Risk during his lunch hour. His manager, Randy, taunts him when he discovers that Locke is going on an Australian walkabout, saying that there are things that Locke can't do in his condition. "Don't tell me what I can't do," Locke says angrily.

    At home in his studio apartment, Locke is talking to a woman named Helen on the phone and tells her of his walkabout opportunity. He invites her to go to the walkabout, but she declines and says that she does not meet customers. She then tells Locke that continuing the conversation will mean charging for another hour, but that he "can't afford it". He says he doesn't care about the money, but she hangs up on him. Locke angrily hangs up his phone.

    Michael is injured and Locke is thrown off of his feet while hunting, while Kate escorts Michael to the beach and Locke continues (after having a strange episode with his legs going numb apparently). Along the way she climbs a tree to use the transceiver, but when she sees the monster she drops it, and the transceiver breaks. Locke has a close encounter with the monster. However, instead of running from it, he stands his ground.

    At the beach the castaways are clearing supplies out of the fuselage. Claire decides to lead a memorial ceremony for the deceased passengers. Boone suggests that Jack talk to Rose, who has been somewhat distant since their arrival on the island. Rose tells Jack that her husband, who was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed, is still alive. Michael and Kate return to camp. Sayid is angry that Kate broke the transceiver. When she goes to tell Jack about Locke, Jack sees a man in a suit walk into the jungle. Jack chases after him and Kate follows. They find Locke covered with blood with a slain wild boar.

    In a flashback, Locke is in Australia talking to one of the leaders on the walkabout. He refuses to let Locke come because of his condition, saying it's too big of a risk for the insurance company. As the man gets up to leave, Locke is revealed to be in a wheelchair. In a flashback to minutes after the crash, Locke is lying on his back in the sand. He wiggles his toes, then slowly and clumsily stands up when Jack asks him for help with the man under the wreckage.

    That night, Claire holds a memorial service for the dead passengers using information she found in their passports, wallets, and luggage. Charlie takes a hit of heroin before attending; his stash is running low. Jack is not among the group.
  • this episode was amazing really revealing

    well, this episode of lost was a really good episode. i have just started watching lost because my friends told me to watch it but this episode is really starting to get me hooked. well we finally got to learn a bit more about the mysterious old man. we got to know that he was a cripple and that when he came to this island his legs got cured. amazing i was starting to wonder what "a miracle happened in this island" meant but now i know. so even though i am new to this series i am ready to get more answers like, what is that creature lurking in the forest, and what that girl thats was a prisoner did so come on i hope the other episode are as good as this one
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Locke's secret is revealed.

    John Locke is one of the most intriguing characters on the show Lost. This is the first to give us some back ground story about who this man actually is.

    I was particularly impressed with how the episode developed to showing the viewers how John Locke was really in a rut, if you will, with his life. It was almost depressing watching his life. That resulted in surprise from what we first knew about John. The story also put forth the realization for the viewers that the title of the show, "Lost," did not only refer to the characters being lost, but that prior to being on the plane, they were lost internally. There was something for which each was striving to overcome or change in their lives.

    All in all, this was a great episode for the show because it not only advanced the overall storyline of the show, but it also began to establish what this show would be like.
  • "Walkabout" is the episode which made me believe "LOST" is truly something special.

    This is the episode that truly grabbed my attention and made me beleive that this show could be something great, it is outstandingly well written, the dialogue is absolutely superb. The acting in the memorable final scene, where it is revealed to the audience that Locke was previously in a wheelchair will always leave the hairs on back of my neck tingling. The music plays an important role in creating this brilliant drama truly making this episode something special, for me this will always be one of the classic episodes of this series bringing extreme emotional intrigue toward the character John Locke through great execution of outstanding acting, dialogue and musical input.
  • The survivors find wild boars ravaging through their plane at night. Locke suggests they hunt the wild boars after their food supply starts running low. We later find out why Locke was so eager to hunt and who the wheel chair belongs to...

    Mr. Locke woke up at the beggining of the season and moved his foot. this is because he fuigured out we could walk! that's why theres a wheel chair on the island. The reason Mr Locke was so eager to go on the 'Walkabout' was because he planed on going on one before he was put on oceanic flight 815. The host of the walkabout said can not participate due to his disability. So when the plane crashed he could walk... but how? this is later revealed in a much later episode. Whilst the 3 survivors (Locke, Sarah and Michael) go on the walkabout one of them is injured and Sajid's invention which will allow them to recieve better communications is broken some other survivalists go to the top of the mountain to recieve a better transmittion, they find a message playing through the transmitter saying "someone come rescue me, help, it killed all the others... help me!"... in spanish! and....... it had been playing for 15 years...
  • Charlie: "What? Fishing? My grand-dad used to take me out, taught me everything he knows. Everything he knew, he's dead now, god rest his soul. Yeah, I'm like a... I'm a fishing fiend! I mean England's an island so I just throw it in and... fish."

    One of the best episodes of season 1, and of the entire series. The survivors come to the harsh reality that: a. they are out of food, and b. they have to find some way to dispose of the bodies in the fuselage before the boar eat them. It is then that Locke reveals he is not what he seems to be. He opens his suitcase in front of everyone to reveal a dozen some-odd knives, and goes on a rant about boars and how to catch one. Locke is determined to go into the jungle and catch a boar, but he'll need help, so Kate and Michael volunteer to go with him.

    All the while, we see a Locke flashback every now and then. It's revealed that he's picked on at work, and seems a bit delusional. And we also find out he talks to a phone sex operator named Helen, and he wants her to go to Austrailia with him, to go on a walkabout: a dangerous trek into the jungle.

    Back in real time, Michael is attacked by a boar, so Kate has to take him back to camp. Locke is out on his own now, and has a bit of a shock in store: he comes face-to-face with the island's "monster"! A look of wonder comes across his face, but the audience doesn't get to see the "monster."

    At the main camp, Charlie enlists Hurley's help, as he tries to catch a fish for Shannon (hey, she's the island's hottie, I'd catch fish for her anyday). Jack goes to sit with Rose, who has isolated herself from everyone else. Eventually, she tells him her belief that her husband, who was in the tail section of the plane, is not dead. Of course, everyone knows no one in the tail section could have made it. Jack turns around, ready to take Rose back to the camp, when he sees a man in a suit standing in the bushes. As quickly as he appears, he disappears. Kate comes over to Jack to tell him that Locke is gone. Jack looks off into the jungle and again sees the man in the suit. Jack runs into the jungle, chasing him, only to run into Locke, dragging a big boar behind him.

    That night, the fuselage and all the dead are burned. Locke flashes back to Austrailia, right before the walkabout. A man behind a desk tells him he is not allowed to go because of his condition. Locke argues with him, and the camera pans to reveal Locke is in a wheelchair. "Don't ever tell me what I can't do, ever!!" Locke yells at the man. It the flashes back to right after the plane crash, on the beach. Locke looks down at his feet and realizes he can walk again, he doesn't need the wheelchair. It's nothing short of a miracle.

    I apologize for the length of the review, but this episode is just breath-taking. After this, Locke remained my favorite character, until season 2, and he's still one of my favorites. That wheelchair-reveal still makes the hairs on my neck stand up. This is must-see tv, here. Terry O'Quinn does some incredible acting here. The music for the show is just as great. And that man in the suit... what a Twilight Zone moment for the show. In a rare turn, it is a question that is answered almost immediatly, in the next episode.
  • I'm John, John Locke.

    Another excellent episode, this one was about the mysterious Mr Locke.

    His flashbacks weren’t as interesting as Kate’s but they still managed to impress me and give me a view into Locke’s character, and damn it was a ride.

    So the island habitants are running out of food, and some wild pigs are coming to eat the dead bodies so they have to burn them.

    Michael doesn’t seem to like this mysterious guy named Locke who has a bag filled with knifes. Locke says that they have to haunt and he’s going into the jungle, Michael and Kate are going with him while Michael leaves his son Walt with Sun.

    Meanwhile others like Shannon (the super b!tch) is told by her brother Boone to find some food for her own, instead she asks Charlie to catch some fish who in his turn asks Hurley to catch some fish. Shannon used them and then she ends up with the fish and without knowing what to do with it, she and Sawyer are really nerve-wrecking.

    Meanwhile Rose, the woman who was saved by Jack is being on her own and not taking care of herself. Everyone wants Jack to do something about the crash and the dead people but he’s tired of doing everything, he does go to Rose and comforts her and tells her about the bodies. Rose says that her husband Bernard is still alive somewhere.

    Anyway, Kate, Michael and Locke go into the jungle. They are attacked and Locke falls down and Michael is hurt. Locke follows the beast into the jungle while Kate tries to use the machine that Sayid made for her, ellas she lets it fall and it breaks. Also she sees the big monster coming into Locke’s direction, it sees him but nothing else happens.

    Soon we discover more about this mysterious bald guy. He had a woman who he met on the phones, and he was going to Australia for a trip but was refused because he was in a bad condition, he couldn’t walk.

    When he was send back to Sidney is when the plain crashed.

    The episode was excellent, added more mystery to Locke and it was pretty how Claire said goodbye to the ones who didn’t survived the crash.
  • Jack Locke's dignity.

    Watching this episode, all I could do was be amazed. The Jack-in-the-chair aspect was interesting, but the part I found most fascinating with the episode was how it portrayed Locke's near-total misery of a life. Dead-end job, complete-and-total SOB of a superviser, no relationship except a pay-to-talk woman. And Locke's no idiot. Seriously. If you were trying to find a dog on the island, would you think to whittle down a reed to make a dog-whistle? I probably wouldn't. At least not at first. This is clearly a man with a deep, complex, thoughtful (meaning thinks a lot, not oh, isn't that sweet of you) nature.

    And that's what I found so interesting about this episode. Here's a man who clearly has abilities and could do something special and extraordinary with his life, and what's he doing? Toiling in some dead-end job.

    And then of course, I started thinking about how some of all that is exactly like my life: the cubicles of doom, the office politics, the lack of excitement, and wow, it got on my nerves a little. How dare television point out I'm wasting my life!
  • Great episode for the very fascinating John Locke.

    Having recently gotten into the show Lost because of Terry O'Quinn, who I knew from his work on the show Millennium, I quickly became fascinated with the character of John Locke. He has a connection to the island, and a very unique view about what the island is.

    This episode has Locke leading a hunt for wild boars, and shows his backstory through flashbacks. At first, I found his flashbacks to be very out of character for him, and was afraid about what they would do with the character. However, as the episode progressed, his story became much more interesting. The twist at the end of the episode was very well done, helped to bring his very different past and present together so that they made perfect sense, and made his character even more fascinating than he already was.

    This episode has very strong righting, and showed me why I had originally gotten into the show in the first place: Terry's great acting.
  • The one with the ending that made my jaw drop.

    So early into the show we get episodes like this? Wow. Did ABC accidentally air the season finale instead of episode 3?

    This episode was phenomenal. In the past episodes people have been wondering what's "That Bald Guy"'s story is. He seemed strange. Now we find out why. He was a cripple before the crash. After the crash... not anymore.

    The best thing is, this is kept secret until the VERY end of the episode. The reveal itself is... beautiful. John Locke used to be not only a cripple, but used to have a miserable life. But on the island he's someone. A hunter. Now, the ending of the episode contrasted the two, and I've to admit it made me teary eyed. Not because it was so sad, but because it was simply EXCELLENT.

    The other storylines were good too. I liked Jack's difficulties of being a leader. This sets up the next episode nicely. We also had a couple of mythological puzzles. Obviously, Locke's legs are a big mystery. Can the island heal? He also meets the monster, but instead of running away/being eaten, he smiles and gets back to camp all fine. And Jack sees his father on the beach. What's up with that?

    Overall, simply beatiful episode!
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