Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • The one with the ending that made my jaw drop.

    So early into the show we get episodes like this? Wow. Did ABC accidentally air the season finale instead of episode 3?

    This episode was phenomenal. In the past episodes people have been wondering what's "That Bald Guy"'s story is. He seemed strange. Now we find out why. He was a cripple before the crash. After the crash... not anymore.

    The best thing is, this is kept secret until the VERY end of the episode. The reveal itself is... beautiful. John Locke used to be not only a cripple, but used to have a miserable life. But on the island he's someone. A hunter. Now, the ending of the episode contrasted the two, and I've to admit it made me teary eyed. Not because it was so sad, but because it was simply EXCELLENT.

    The other storylines were good too. I liked Jack's difficulties of being a leader. This sets up the next episode nicely. We also had a couple of mythological puzzles. Obviously, Locke's legs are a big mystery. Can the island heal? He also meets the monster, but instead of running away/being eaten, he smiles and gets back to camp all fine. And Jack sees his father on the beach. What's up with that?

    Overall, simply beatiful episode!