Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • Its all about Locke and as the island gets ever more mysterious, so do the characters, and there are some shocks in store!

    From the beggining Locke has always been a very fishy character, a character you no is certainly not what he appears to be and a man who has many secrets. Well as this episode reveals...he does! When the food runs out Locke leads Kate and some others on a hunt for wild boars, meanwhile Charlie tries to empress a lady through his fishing skills, and Jack tries to comfort the woman he was siting next to on the plane, who lost her husband in the crash, although she refuses to except the fact that he's gone. The episode is a perfect mix of fast pace scenes with a constrast of sensitive moments and well scripted convosations between emotional characters. Compared to the previous episode that was quite slow and easy, this one cranks up the suspence level again and keeps you glued to the screen. Although Lockes past and life is explained a lot your still left not fully understanding what he's all about. The twist at the end is a real shocker and very effected and leaves an uneasy feeling about Locke and the island, as it appears it may have something to do with the miracle. Locke does appear to have some issues in his life and is certainly a few fries short of a happy meal thats for sure! You get the feeling the more you watch the more secrets will be revealed and the people you think you no, will turn out to be someone completly different. After all i never expected Kate to be a criminal in the beggining. The whole set up makes you want to keep watching for many reasons but mainly just to find out what individual character is really all about. Other factors being what the creature is, who was the man in a sute that Jack kept seeing and what other secrets the island has in store. The thing is you no that all these questions have to be answered eventually, so your gonna want to keep watching in order to find out! The show manages to get the balance just right between action, drama, character, suspence and even humour. put all this together and you've got one great show!