Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2004 on ABC

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  • We have more mysterious noises and animals on the beach at nights, more flashbacks as some more of the lead characters are introduced, more problems that crop up and seem to be solved or that the leadership skills of Jack is required.

    Vincent's barking awakes the majority of the people in the beach, then we discover that there's a serious animalistic noise coming from the remains of the plane, some souls venture forward to find out what it is, only to turn around afterwards and run back out, followed by lots of baying.

    The following morning, yet another fight is broken up, this time over the stash of peanuts. Mr Locke, Colonel as we find out from one of his flashbacks, throws a knife into the chair and explains about boars, about a tactic to hunt them and needs 3 volunteers, then he opens part of his case which shows off about 6 or so different knives.

    Jack announces that all the dead will need to be burnt, some people say that is wrong and they should be buried, but logic wins through as the animals on the island will still be drawn to them, but this time they we just dig them up. Also, as Kate points out, if we burn them just before dusk, they the flames can also be used as a distress beacon.

    Sayad explains to Kate that he will try to triangulate onto the previous french distress call, as for it to be going for 16 years means that there is a significant power source on the island, he believes it can be found. So Kate opts to go on the hunt in order to drop off a triangulate device.

    The hunt for the boar has a little hiccup with a party member getting injured in the leg by his own knife. John Locke is determined to get the boar, even though Kate says he can't, he goes off with the attitude of saying, you can't tell me what to do. This was after another flashback on his own life, where he is confronted with his own past. He remembers the experience of a walkabout plan.

    The doctor sits and chats to Rose, who has been sitting alone on a sand bank staring out into space, she lets him off of his promise to look after her until her husband returned from the bathroom. As they get up to start the fire, Jack sees a man standing in the distance wearing a suit.

    Locke returns with a boar and the cremations start, complete with a brief reading of those passed. Then we have a flashback of Locke in a wheel chair in the walkabout office in Melbourne, it looks like the accident repaired some damage in his spine allowing him to walk once more, or at the least be more mobile than he was when he was in the wheelchair.
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