Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • Why do we have to watch Kates flash backs when there are so many unanswered questions????

    This Kate centric episode was a bore with very few redeeming moments. The flash backs were completely pointless and could have been filled with something that actually made it worth the viewers while to sit through the episode. Kate is more an irritation than anything else and I have little interest in the intrigues of the Kate, Jack, Sawyer love triangle when there are so many unanswered questions and new questions popping up constantly.

    The black horse is interesting. Is it really there or is it some thing Kate dreamed up that the island with its “magical” properties conjured up. If it is there why is it there, where did it come from and why do we only see it now? One possibility is that the Horse is some form of Guardian spirit sent to provide protection or possibly bring a message much like Jacks meeting with his dad in the 1st season which like the horse cannot be completely considered a hallucination. Maybe Kate should have asked the horse what it wanted to tell her and maybe it would have helped her to decide is it going to be Jack or is it going to be Sawyer. When we look at the broader picture the island is taking a toll on the psychological well being of survivors and we have to consider whether the survivors may not have had deep seated issues that needed attention before the crash which have been aggravated by the trauma of crash and all the events that have followed or whether there is something on the island that is slowly driving them all mad. (they have been going loopy since they started eating the hatch food) We have also seen Shannons visions of Walt which might have been written off as a hallucination until Sayid also saw the same thing. However we do know that Walt is “different” and we can only hope that we will get to the bottom of why he is different.

    We finally see Locke and Ecko sit down together. This made this episode worth watching. These two are definite parallels of each other. Both being men of faith, both knowledgeable when it comes to survival. Both are men of few words but when they speak it is both powerful and enigmatic. Their greeting of each other summed them up so perfectly. While Locke can be considered more esoteric Ecko can be considered more dogmatic yet both are aware that there is more to the island than can be explained by reason. I think that this is what is leading to Jacks gradual disintegration as he needs reason for everything the same way he needs air to breathe and what is going on defies reason. I have to give credit to the writers for the way that they brought the missing piece of the orientation tape into the picture. Echo’s story was magic, beautifully told and yet not up in your face. In this we see that Echo’s faith rests strongly on his religious convictions while Lockes rests more on a belief in the powers of the universe and that everything and everyone fits into this.

    The piece of the tape causes the stories thread to take another twisted turn and is perfectly timed with Michaels 1st communication with Walt. We are left wondering if Michael is really communicating with his son or is this something like Kates horse that has manifested by his desire. It also poses the question why did the communication start only when Michael was alone with the computer? Why has this never happened to any one else while they are on button duty. Can it be that some one is possibly watching the people in the hatch and being aware of Michaels desire to find his son is cunningly taking advantage of that desire to manipulate Michael. There is definitely more to this than the mere coincidence that we have become used to as followers of lost.
  • finally find out what kate did

    this was a good one. we find out that there's more to the tape than we originally saw. kate and sawyer see the black horse again and apparently kate knows what the horse is. it was prety funny that we saw hand of trainer on the side. it was pretty funny considering that the hand was moving up and down the steady the horse. great ending as we see that walt is messaging his dad.
  • This was once again an excellent episode and finally we find out 'What Kate Did'...

    We have been waiting for so long to find out what Kate did so I paid more attention to the flashbacks than the show. I was surpised because i thought she would have done something like a robbery or theft or attempted murder but not murder.

    It was very clever that we found out that the guy she killed was her real father, rather than the Army General guy. It was quite unfair that the mother had to tell what Kate did but thats why she was on the run.

    Back on the island she kissed Jack which was ubfair to him because she actually loves Sawyer and thats what happens.

    This was an episode which wasn't really that exciting but it had to be there to catch up on the characters.
  • Nice episode with a great finish!

    The Episode starts calm with Sun and Jin but quickly gains momentum developing into a really great one. We get to know a lot more about Kates interesting background and the situation between her and Sawyer in the hatch is really interesting, either.
    But what really rocks in this episode is the missing piece Eko provides Locke with and its incredible ending with Mike at the PC.
    I cant wait to see the next one, since i really want to know how the Jack - Kate - Sawyer - situation developes and what Mike will be able to get out of the PC before Locke stops him...
    One of the better Season 2 Episodes so far...
  • GAAH! Jack and Kate kiss! Enough said!

    LOVED this episode! I am a huge fan of both Jack and Kate (both individually and as a "couple")and this was a fantastic on so many levels! Kate's backstory reveals the specific details of her crime - an abusive stepfather who she blows up after the last straw - and the surprises of the island force her the face her past. On a whim of despair Kate confides in Jack... by kissing him! Gaah I could watch that scene over and over! LOL! But seriously, it was an amazing episode and definately on of my favourites!
  • What was all the fuss about?

    I know this episode was supposed to explain What Kate Did, but I really was left more confused by the whole thing. More of Kate’s back story is revealed, she set her father's house on fire while he was inside, and it killed him. Her mother turned her into the police, but she got away. Kate sees a horse on the island, and she thinks her father is haunting her through Sawyer. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the Orientation film, but I didn't really get what it was. The film says for the people in the hatch not to use the computer for anything other than typing in the numbers. Michael goes to the computer, and someone has typed in Hello?. Michael types in Hello? the person asks who is it, and Michael says who he is. Then the person replies Dad? This episode really got quite boring and I ended up missing a few parts, there are so many mysteries now that I'm losing track what the hell this show is about.
  • Finally the anwser for Kate

    Well was surprised to see that we got quite some anwsers in this one, no more mysteries and now e know what the hell has heppened to 1 of the main characters.
    Since Kate is one of peoples favorites I reccon, my guess that many agree with me that this episode has no specific adding to the story but has an nice sidekick effect on the question.. who is Kate??
  • This was a great episode.,,but why the horse?

    This was, as they say, a Kate 'centric episode.
    We finally got to see why she was in trouble and why Marshall Edward Mars chased her to Australia.
    And I guess we know who she's keen on too.
    Poor Doc, I felt sad for him.
    I'm still just the teeniest bit bemused by the horse portent though. Yet another obscure prophetic Lost-ism I guess.
    The show seems to have lost all the personal angst for the moment as well. Everyone seems to be playing 'nice' right now, but I don't think that's going to last. I expect some of the old animosities to rear up again pretty soon.
    And, with Kate off the menu for the doc, I guess he's moving on to Anna-Lucia. Now there's a hard nut.
    All in all, I thought this was one of the best eps of the season.
    Can't wait (for a change) for the next episode. I feel like they've put the wheels back on the train and we're moving forward again.
  • The One Where We Learn What Kate Did.

    I thought they wrote this ep. really good at first i was pissed to hear that Kate gets another ep. when other main characters havent even had two yet. But, when this one started I fell in love with it. I so happy we finally learn what happen to make Kate go on the run from the cops. I'm glad it wasnt something stupid the reason was a good one for cops to be looking for her in different places that was she blew up her house with her father in it. It was kool to see that horse amd to see Sawyer being controlled by her dad. This has to be one of my favorties.
  • Awesome episode. But quit complaing about everything, oh and quit analysin it as well just enjoy the show.

    Firstly, i think that this episode was great and that anybody who didn't probably wasn't watching it properly. I thought that this episode was the best so far in the second series.
    I would also like to say that if you didn't like an episode please stop complaining about it so much and let other people enjoy it. I find it really annoyin when i look at the reviews page and see a loa of people dissin a show. You have the right to your own opinion but really you don't need to repeat what someone else has already said just agree with their review. I know that i am beenin a hypocrite by complainin about this but really it just needed to be said. Now please take notice of this and quit complainin all the time.
  • Faith vs. Fate

    I wasn't too impressed with the Kate part of the episode. It was a liitle unnerving I guess to see Kate in that state. At least we finally got some more backstory on her. I thought her backstory was a good beginning to her life of crime, it helped to almost complete the character we've been seeing on the show for the past year and a half. I'm sure there are still some surprises left in store for us from Kate though.
    I almost broke down when Sayid gave Shannon's eulogy. I remained mostly composed, but I think this finally gave some closure to her death to all of us fans.
    As for the action under the hatch, that really made the show for me. I love the interaction between Locke and Mr. Eko. Their complete foils to eachother. One believes in faith, the other in fate. Mr. Eko's bible anecdote really displayed this attribute. Each week the writers seen to give us a sip of the mystery under the hatch, and the last minute of the show almost felt this a gulp. Finally, some answers about Walt are soon to come, but how many weeks must we suffer?
  • Kate + Jack + Sawyer... and a horse? Odd....

    This was an excellent episode from every standpoint: acting, writing and directing. What makes it even greater is that we finally get to see Jake and Kate kiss, even though it seemed to be a tormented exchange. The only one thing that bothered me was the whole horse thing. How are they going to explain this? First a polar bear, now a horse. The polar bear I understood, due to Walt\'s talents but I honestly don\'t know what to think of a horse showing up on a tropical isle. Hopefully the writers have a darned good explanation for it!
  • I was riveted to the screen the whole time.

    I was the first to say I hadn't liked most of the flashbacks this year. But...


    Kate's abusive alcoholic stepdad hits on her...she gets revenge by killing him...not just killing him, but blowing up the whole dang house...Kate's own mom turns her in...then we learn that Kate killed her *real* dad...


    Now THAT'S a flashback.

    Add to that the image of Sayid on the TV, and the last shot with Michael and the computer...

    wow, great stuff.

    After a slow start to the season, Lost is back in top form.

  • Finally we know what Kate did, but... who cares?

    Great episode and everything but I stopped caring about what Kate did a long time ago, if they told us in season one I'd be all "Damn!" but just telling us randomly in some random episode sort of kills the whole mood.

    The whole fact that Kate killed her incestous father is dampened by the fact that Locke, Mike and Eko make a discovery about the film, saying that the computer can be used for things other than just typing in the code to reset the count down, this is apparant when Mike gets a message from his son.

    So some questions are answered but with the usual Lost style, more are asked. Season 2 is taking it's time getting going, but by now it should really start to get into full swing, hopefully that comes soon.
  • I sound sad I know but I had been waiting for Jack and Kate to 'get it on' from the beginning of the 1st series.

    I sound sad I know but I had been waiting for Jack and Kate to 'get it on' from the beginning of the 1st series.
    I dont get these two characters at all cause it is obvious they are attracted to each other (Jack perving at Kate when she comes out of the shower in an earlier episode and Kate in series 1 saying to jack 'Were you checking me out?' and the looks she always gives him.
    I mean you'd be pretty horny stuck on a desert island for 2 months, especially with Matthew Fox around!! Lol. So a bit of luuuuurve between the Kate and Jack characters would be very nice to see. I'm picturin a steamy sex scene ala Leo and Kate in Titanic!! Well that's just me anyway.
    I hope Kate and Jack get it on and no, why would she wanna be with sawyer if he reminds her of her dad- that's just mad! They have a friendship but I think she fancies Jack.

    Now then, onto the actual episode- hmmm bit wierd about her past I find it mad how all the characters in this have absurd and dramatic pasts, I mean what are the chances? It just reminds me of some soap we get over here produced by the BBC called 'East Enders' its just so OTT!! I mean how many people can die/have affairs/teenage preganancies/kidnaps etc etc in one town square. Same goes for Lost! It is very entertaining though and I suppose that's why I'm writing this now. Lol.

    The horse incident was also wierd. One way to look at it is it was the horse that brought Kate to the island, it was her saviour in some way? Well I am not even going to try and guess any of the plot, do the producers just make it up week by week?

    What I love about this program is it keeps you guessing and yeah, wanting more. I'm from Liverpool, England and its been a pain cause the 1st series has only just finished over here so I had to download series 2 episodes 1 - 11 off the good old world wide web! (Cheers ABC) I would love to watch more though!
    I am believe that Lost has a deeper meaning and ties in freely with religion, (they are entering the code into computer but dont know why, all this fate, pre-destination stuff!)

    Also there's another theory, may be all the characters who are associated with the numbers in some way, will live i.e Kate's character will live cause she was wanted for a $23,000 reward. The characters who have no ties with the numbers will be killed off, i.e. Boon and Shannon. Oh well, it was just a suggestion if anyone has any theories on this give us a shout cause I've been thinking about writing my dissertation on Lost I'm doing media studies at college and I've got to go into 10,000 words so if anyone has any theory behind lost or knows of any media theorists that correlate with Lost let me know.

    I could go into more depth about the episode but I just wanted to concentrate on the kate - jack scenario and the fact its taken them this long to kiss, so come on- get on with it cause we girls wanna see some action!!!!!!
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  • Are we meant to feel sorry for Kate now?

    Well shock horror she killed daddy dearest.
    So this episode just confirmed what most of us already worked out.

    I'd be a lot happier if they just killed her off.

    Of course that's never going to happen.

    Thank God for fan fiction.

    At least Sawyer is awake now and the paranoid fans of his can breathe.

  • As Kate’s backstory continues, her original crime is revealed. She thinks something is haunting her through Sawyer. Locke and Eko make an interesting discovery about the film, and Michael has a mysterious encounter with the computer.

    Yet another nail-biting ending and a 3 week gap again the suspense is killing me, I can\'t wait to see next installment as this has to be one of the best show\'s i\'ve seen on TV in years, Is it really Walt that comunicating on the computer or not? so may questions.............. and not enough answers..........
    Keep\'em coming......DeeDubs
  • About the people with murder in their hearts remember that also Jack thinks he has killed his patients by not saving them and not being able to do anything to help them.

    About the people with murder in their hearts remember that also Jack thinks he has killed his patients by not saving them and not being able to do anything to help them.

    Jack is always thinking like this when a patient of his dies but he did everything he could to help them.

    This is just my opinion and I think he also thinks that has murder in his heart.
  • I saw one mistake in this eppisode

    lol I saw one mistake in this eppisonde at 41.min there is an hand standing in to the frames funny stuff nice eppisode. looking forward to see next one and so one and so one and so one and so one and so one and so one and os one
  • This episode was a little above average. It was about time ABC showed us Kate's original Crime.

    This episode was very slow and didn't have that much that interested me. It was great that it showed Kate's original crime. Also the ending was outstanding. It was the perfect cliffhanger for the Holiday Break. Still, the rest of the dpisode could have been much better. They could have revealed a little more than they did. It was great how Walt actually talks to Michael on the computer. It was your average episode of Lost. I've seen much better though. The episode spent to much time on Shannon's funeral. Even though the episode was not so great, Lost is still TV's #1 show to me at least
  • Time to reveal a major piece of the puzzle. Spoilers ahead.

    As Lost is largely based on its mysteries, the writers must decide how long to keep the viewers in the dark before revealing a satisfying answer, along with what hints they’ll drop along the way. This episode details the origin of Kate’s criminal past and, unlike other events like this, the reveal happens in the prologue. The writers know how huge a fanbase Lost has and how much discussion it provokes at watercoolers and on internet forums, so they must be aware of the criticism that this season has progressed slowly. What Kate did is one of the biggest questions among fans (probably the biggest is how Locke became paralyzed). By revealing it, they must’ve hoped that it would ease some worries. The actual crime, even though it is patricide, may be disappointing, but it may be interesting to see in Lost’s long term scope.

    Like Jack, Kate’s flashbacks to date have been told in reverse. Now we’re at the beginning with her original crime: killing her sleazy father. It is a rather audacious thing to do for someone who never had any run ins with the law before. The end reason isn’t as obvious as we were lead to expect, which some found hard to believe. Kate was never molested, raped or beaten by Wayne, although he did make some really disgusting, incestuous (even if he didn’t know it) comments to her. She killed him because she found out he was her real father and her mother was too blinded by her “love” to realize what kind of person he was.

    Kate, like some on the island, believes in fate. She felt that because her father was a bad man, she could never be a good woman. It is interesting to see the philosophical ideas brought forth on Lost. Kate doesn’t believe in the idea of tabula rasa, a theory developed by the real John Locke (ironically, her first episode was titled “Tabula Rasa”). Are we born with a blank slate, with our personalities formed by our surroundings and experiences, or are we born with some intrinsic blueprint? Kate clearly thinks the first, but that could be disproven.

    Both of Kate’s fathers parallel the men she’s interested in on the island. Sgt Austen is similar to Jack as Wayne is similar to Sawyer. She never thought she could be good since Wayne would always be a part of her, yet she is still drawn to Sawyer. This does help her settle her problems with her father, as Wayne appears to channel the catatonic Sawyer. One of the things the writers pointed out in their commentary podcast (which I hope they do often) is that these characters have problems with people off the island, and these unresolved issues spill over to those who are on the island.

    We see it on the island, as Kate’s lack of sleep causes her to become unglued. The transference of Wayne to Sawyer’s feverish system could’ve been the result of lack of sleep, much like Jack experienced in “White Rabbit”. She’s trying to figure out her daddy issues by talking to Sawyer, who thankfully wakes up (I’ve missed lively Sawyer) and by kissing Jack, which isn’t magic and just ends awkwardly.

    Kate now joins several other characters who have some animal tied into their identity. Walt has the polar bear, Sawyer has the boar, Charlie has the moth and now Kate has the horse. For Kate, this horse represents freedom, as the horse provided Kate a venue to escape from the Marshall. It isn’t a halucination. How did *the* horse find its way to the island? It could be that the horse is involved in one of the Dharma Initiative’s experiments like the shark. It's pressence could be explained simply because Kate is on the island too.

    It was great to see the Marshall back on the show. The dynamic they’ve shared in past episodes may be a stock relationship (the criminal and the man who aggressively pursues the criminal), but through the writing and the acting, it is fresh. I would like to know more about him and how this particular case caught his interest, since it brought him, too, to the island.

    One subtle clue thrown in the episode that many (including myself) missed the first time was the appearance of Sayid on a TV in Kate’s flashback. This was the scene where she sees Austen at the Army Recruitment center. Some wondered what Sayid would be doing on TV. Considering his time in the Republican Guard, it isn’t too hard to see why. I saw one telling promotional photo from this episode possibly explaining why he would be on TV, but I will avoid discussing it now because the Sayid cameo was even briefer than Hurley’s cameo in “…in Translation”.

    Ana-Lucia, after a few high profile episodes, spends most of the episode on the sidelines, brooding over what she did (and making something out of those large sticks.) She is still confused, but is more peaceful than her panicked state which marked most of “Collision”. It’s nice that they didn’t just forget it and have her merge with the tribe. The funeral for Shannon certainly isn’t making her more eager to socialize either.

    I’m so glad to see Jin and Sun together and happy (as evidenced by Hurley’s thumbs up and their peaceful walk out of that hut). However, it must be a little awkward for them to be intimate right in the middle of the camp. At least Shannon and Sayid were a ways off. I’m still looking forward to seeing some guy standing near the tent with a shocked expression on his face.

    Michael, for lack of asking “what the hell is this” in the last episode gets to explore the hatch, which allows us to learn more about the hatch in return. Michael’s prowess with architecture shows him the blast doors, something no one else had seen and Desmond failed to tell them about. Blast doors certainly elevate the extremity of the incident in the audience’s imagination.

    This curiosity leads him and Eko (who must’ve had a bell go off when he heard there was a film) to watch The Orientation video. Locke naively believes that whatever was cut was only a frame or two here and there, but fans knew that there was more missing, especially considering the film lapses at several important junctions, one of which details what the computer must not be used for. It is interesting that Locke is shown this way, and it helps set up the Eko-Locke relationship arc.

    The missing segments of the film certainly raise certain questions. Why were these pieces removed from the original film? Who did it? Why is it stored on the other side of the island? The theory that the film was worn down and had to be cut from the film isn’t credible anymore: it would be too much of a coincidence even for Lost. Perhaps it is part of the experiment, if it is more psychological. Would someone try to use it for communication if they didn’t know it from the film?

    Before Eko tells Locke about the film, he tells him the story of Josiah and the discovery of what would become the Old Testament. I’m not quite sure how parallel the missing footage is to the Old Testament, but the scene between these two men of faith, one more logical than the other, is critical to these two characters. Locke and Eko seem to be the characters who will get be bitter enemies, or become good friends (perhaps that’s why the Gilgamesh clue was thrown in the last episode).

    The ending is particularly interesting considering the twist involving the Walt (or is it?) instant message. So much emphasis was placed on the missing piece of the Orientation film that it is unexpected, but still works in the frame of the show. We must remember that approximately six days have passed since Walt’s abduction, so Michael is still experiencing potent emotions. This moment could be served as a catalyst, as one person pointed out on a message board, for the second part of this season: the search for the lost children. Obviously Michael is not going to ignore it.

    There are certainly a lot of questions. Was the person on the other end Walt? Was it a person? Where is the other end of this conversation coming from? If it was Walt, was he writing from another Dharma station or using the same type of power that he used to manifest himself for Shannon? Although Michael didn’t initiate it, would this qualify as something warranting of another incident? Is another incident iminent (probably yes by season’s end)? This was a great cliffhanger to leave the last episode of 2005 (a month and a half wait! Urgh!) Well, at least it gave me time to catch up on my Lost reviews.
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  • Think it's worth noting that the television in Kate's Father's office showed Sayid in what might have been handcuffs.

    For a small town girl Kate really knows how to hit someone. She's a very cunning and powerful women and I find it hard to believe that she would develop such spirit and spite overnight.

    Also, I think it's worth noting that the television in Kate's Father's office showed Sayid in what might have been handcuffs.
  • Finally! Took them long enough.

    I really did like this episode. We finally know what Kate did to make her mother so afraid of her and who she killed. It also wasn't a boring killing either. The house blowing up surprised even me. I didn't give the show full points because the part with Sawyer grabbing Kate made me think on the Exorcist.

    Great ending too. Just when they start getting messages on the computer, the screen goes dark. I can't wait for the next episode, this show is going deeper into something that I want to know about.
  • To byl, swietny odcinek, zatkalo mnie na koncu kiedy odezwal sie Walt, nie moge sie doczekac nastepnego odcinka...

    To byl, swietny odcinek, zatkalo mnie na koncu kiedy odezwal sie Walt, nie moge sie doczekac nastepnego odcinka...
    Zaskoczyl mnie tez motyw z Waynem ktory wcielil sie w Sawyera, pewnie dlatego Sawyer powiedzial ze kocha Kate, a biedny Jack mysli ze ma konkurenta na dobre. Sama sie juz pogubilam w tym czy chce zeby Kate byla z Sawyerem, bo Ana Lucia przez moment mi podpadla mu do pary, ale moze ona rzeczywiscie bardziej pasuje do Jacka. Ech ten Jack jest jednak nie w moim typie
  • er...um, lwdi, hasn't there been a lot of love on the island. What do you suppose is happening between Sun and Jun, and Walt and Micheal, or doesn't those instances count if it doesn't have anything to do with Kate and Jack?

    Love love love,

    Love love
    Ai wo sakebou ai wo yobou,
    Love love love loooovee

    Sayid says his good byes. Mr. Eko says more than one word. Locke is given missing footage of the film. Micheal discovers more than he was looking for. Kate and Jack realize each other's genders. And the rest of the cast stands idlely by. When the h%## did they build TENTS?
  • I live for the fluff and this episode gave it to me!!

    I thought it was the cutest thing ever!!! I have been waiting to see Jack and Kate kiss since episode 1!!! Jate (Jack and Kate) fanatics can understand where I am coming from here. I also am waiting for some Charlie and Claire fluff as well. Them 2 couples make the absolute cutest couples ever!! This episode also baffled me (but what Lost episode doesn’t?). I could get that the horse was representing her father but why a horse? As far as I know they didn’t live on a farm and it’s not like they had a horse. Anyone who can answer my question, please reply.
  • This episode is mostly based on Kate and what her first crime was, very shocking to say the least. More things are revealed regarding the video and the computer, Micheal has an interesting encounter with it too.

    This episode is a *You will watch the next one* type. Heh, ALOT is revealed in this one.

    Lost is the best, the emotion in this show is unbeleivable and every episode is more intriging then the next.
    I'm new to this show but, I've managew to catch up from the start and I have to say I'm hooked... I cannot wait until the next episode in January!
  • Wow, Kate I can't belive it!

    This eposide showed Kates origanl crime! She blew he abusive father up. It was so worth the wait! The eposide was spectacular!! The Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Ana-Lucia love triangle is heating up. When Sawyer said he loved Kate you could see the jeolusy in his eye. The was a pivotal eposide for Jate fans because the finally kissed. I wish Kate didn't run away because I wanted to see the reaction. There were very few Ana-Lucia scenes which made me so happy after last weeks AL filled ep.! So sweet to see Jin and Sun togther but It made me feel even worse for Sayid who lost his love Shannon ( Stupid AL shot her)! Charlie and Hurley also were great for comic relif. The Walt Cliffhanger made me want to go insane knowing I would have to wait till Jan. for a new one. Can't wait to learn Eko's back story!
  • Finally some love on that creepy island!

    I\\\'ve waited a long time for Kate to admit her feelings for Sawyer. She\\\'s been in denial for such a long time, and we also find out why: he reminds her of all the things she hates, not really the biggest shocker, but a good reason. Kissing Jack was without a doubt her way to try to convince herself that she doesn\\\'t like Sawyer. On the other hand it didn\\\'t look like Jack was too thrilled by the kiss either, since he went straight to Ana-Lucia who it looks like he has a soft spot for.
    Best episode so far this season!
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