Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • We get to know a bit more about Kate, while seeing her relationship develope between her and the two guys, Jack, who she kisses in this episode, and Saywer, who we see her show real emotion towards.

    While I would love to see Saywer and Kate get together sooner rather then later, its nice to see the character development that Kate is going through by kissing Jack, though we all know that thats not going to go anywhere. I can't wait for the next episode and to find out what happens next in this love triangle. Too bad that Shannon is now dead, I was really liking her and Sayid.
  • What Kate did is revealed.

    Wow what an episode. I liked it a lot. I knew that Kate did something bad but I did not know that she would kill her own father to protect her mother from him. I love the Locke Eko connection. They are so mysterious and I like that a lot. What is up with that black horse. Now that is creapy. Kate and jack finaly kiss, and I knew it was coming.
  • Kates startling crime is revealed. Locke and Eko become a detective duo and uncover more secrets about dharma and sawyer becomes possessed by the ghost of kate's stepdad...no really.

    I don't know if this is intentional, but every episode of lost seems to make the series more mysterious rather than uncovering the truth. Despite revealing some major information to us, the storyline of this episode has also stirred up several questions to add to the long list.
    For one, why is the black horse that once helped kate escape the law running round on the island.
    For another, what the hell is the guy on the tape talking about? Incidents? The only revelation we got from the tape is that you're not meant to use the computer for anyhting other than entering the code, which i king of gathered from the abridged version of the film.
    Finally, why is it that mere moments after Eko and locke view the tape something wierd happens to the computer. BAD TIMING PEOPLE.
    Don't get me wrong, i loved this episode, it's just kind of annoying that we still don't know anything more about the hatch and the islands history than we did at the start of the season.
    I was pretty happy with Kates backstory, it doesn't change the viewers opinion of her in any way, which could have been a danger.
    There were also some nice interactions between Sawyer and kate and Jack and Ana lucia.
    And the scenes between Locke and Eko are getting pretty intruiging too.
    All in all this was and excellent episode despite leaving us with more questions about the series.
  • Finally!

    We finally found out what Kate did to get her into so much trouble. It had some clever plot twists, as well. And the episode ending with Michael and the computer was brilliant! What's up with Dr. Eko? He's a little TOO spiritual and all-knowing for my taste. But it is interesting how he and Locke seem to have connected. A really great episode!
  • lost is back on form

    This was one of the better episodes of this season. Some episodes have been a tad on the slow side especially the first few episodes of this season. However things are starting to look up, we finally know what Kate did and why, Sawyer[who just keeps on growing on me] is awake, the missing part of the tape has been found, someone pretending to be Walt or is Walt is communicating on the computers and the character of eko is getting more and more interesting, all in all a great episode with a great cliffhanger,

    shame about the long LONG wait for the next episode!
  • We finally know whatshe did and it was somewhat of a surprise

    First of all i must say that eventhough she is one of the most popular charachters, Kate is not that appealing to me. I don't like her backstory that much and I don't always agree with the way the writers develope her charachter. But i did enjoy this episode. I Loved it that she clearly likes Sawyer but ended up Kissing Jack. And the stuff with the horse was just creepy! And the encounter with her real father possessing Sawyer was also creepy but the scene that Sawyer said: That's the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me" was really great. I also didn't expect that she killed her real father. We now know why her mother screamed help when she entered the hospital. And the scene with her stepfather was really really touching. I didn't expect much of this episode but it was really great!
  • Kate's past is revealed, while Locke and Eko make a discovery about the tape. Shannon is burried and Sayid struggles with his grief. Michael connects to an unknown person.

    In general, this was an average episode… not outstanding like most of them. There were some great scenes (as always), but overall it wasn't the best episode, although it did reveal a lot about Kate.
    Sawyer is definitely my favourite character on this series... I love seeing his softer side, like when he told Jack he loved Kate. That doesn’t beat the scene when he told Jack about meeting his father in the second to last episode of last season, but it was still touching. My favourite part of the show was when he realized that they weren't saved ("Son of a bitch!"). The scenes with him and Kate were cute ("You know that horse, Freckles")... I can see a love square (not a triangle) on the horizon now that Ana is at there camp. Sawyer-Kate-Jack-Ana... very soap opera-y. We learn a lot about Kate... her past, her family, why she was on the run. Her real father... or the man that she calls ‘father’... and her mother lied to her all her life about her paternity. Her step-father... or her biological father... was an abusive drunk who she hated and who she sees everytime she looks at Sawyer. The horse she was seeing, she thought, was the ghost of her step-father... the man she killed. I think when she touched the horse at the end, she was able to put that part of her life behind her... or at least, for now... and move on. She's an interesting, but complex character, like everyone on that show. She seemed to be going crazy there for awhile and she even said so the Sayid (“... cause I’m going crazy.”). Did Sawyer really choke her, or was that all in her head?
    The scenes with Sayid where very touching, especially at Shannon's funeral ("...we did meet; we did speak. At least, I loved her."). He had to dig her grave... don't you think someone would offer to do that for him? I loved the scene with him and Kate, and him putting the necklace on Shannon's grave ("I saw Walt in the jungle before Shannon was shot... does that make me crazy?").
    Jin finally got the handcuff off his wrist... very freeing. How long has that been on his wrist for? And Hurley provided us with some great comic relief, as always (“So, Rose's husband's white. Didn't see that one coming.”)
    Locke and Eko... very much alike... both men of faith ("Don't mistake coincidence for faith."). Eko is an interesting man... can't wait to see his flashback.
    Finally, Michael... that was a great ending (or cliffhanger, I should say) and makes up for the fact that this episode wasn't the greatest. Could that be really Walt he is talking to? I guess we will find out next episode... or should I say, in January... can I really wait that long?!
  • So Kate offed the guy who she thought was her step-dad but was really her real dad.

    I don't think what Kate did could have lived up to anyone's expectations. It's been built up for well over a year now. But I was satisfied with it. It was still a little far fetched, but at least reasonably realistic.

    We get to see Kate really open up this episode, which is nice since it's always difficult to tell what's going on in her head. I'm not sure if I'm excited about the religious turn the show's seeming to take though since I'm not very religious myself, but I'll stick with it.

    And the ending is classic Lost style. The more we find out, the less we seem to know.
  • We have to wait until January!?!?!

    I find it, in my opinion, to be one of the best episodes of this season!
    It had a little bit of everything... drama, suspense, thriller, romance and humor. We come back to the not knowing what is happening, how did the horse get there, what really is the Dharma iniciative, does the bunker have net (lol), was it Walt on the computer!?!?! So many things...!
    It ended with that amazing cliffhanger that made me screem at the TV (It's always a good sign when that happens)!!
    And Sawyer is finally back... :D
  • WOW!!!!!!!! This has got to be the best episode of Lost I have ever seen. After weeks of boredom and nothingness it is finally back on form! Even Michelle Rodrigiuez was bearable!

    WOW! If I had to sum this episode up in one word that is what I would use. After the last, somewhat disappointing episode, I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but I was hooked from the first scene... by the second I was up off my seat! Sawyer saying he loves Kate...wow, but as we see later on was it really Sawyer? Then Kate kisses Jack, which was an amazing scene, tremendously well acted, you could feel the emotion, especially with the look on Jack's face as he tries to calm Kate down. Then she says she has feelings for Sawyer! I love this love triangle storyline and it the fantastic tension it creates!

    As for Kate's backstory I do agree that we had lost interest in what she did, truthfully it should have been revealed last season while we all still cared, but placing it here it ended up adding more to an understanding of what Kate feels for Jack and Sawyer than anything about her personality. In a very Wuthering Heights-esque way we see Kate as the Catherine Earnshaw character, torn between the good guy who will take care of her and the bad, passionate guy. The tension within Kate herself is almost as good as the tension between the three characters themselves. Hopefully we will see more of this storyline, but they won't give us too much to fast. Subtle scenes like last weeks where Kate got Sawyer to take the tablet are the best and make scenes, such as where she kisses Jack all the more powerful.

    In any case there was a lot more to this episode other than the Sawyer-Kate-Jack triangle and I think no matter what you watch lost for there was something for everyone. I loved the Eko and Locke pairing and that they pieced the film together which begs the question why it was split up in the first place, and what happened at the other station? I must admit, as someone else said, I could also see it coming that Michael would use the computer for something else even though the film said not to. I thought too that his questions about the hatch reflected a lot of questions that the viewers may have been having. Locke seems to have accepted the button pushing responsibility blindly and while that is part of his character there are a lot of questions that the viewers may want to ask. Contacting Walt, though, that was fantastic and after weeks of dull storylines about the 'tallies' it is great to see that finally moving along.

    Finally Charlie and Hurley provided great comic relief in this episode and contributed to it having it all. Perfectly put together, this is by far one of the best episodes of Lost I have ever seen!
  • Great Episode

    The Black Horse.... I hope he is for real,Giant Polar Bears,Speeding Wild Boars and Horses, wait a few episode and you'll see a flying Shark i love it.
    This is why i watch this show, i hope they'll go and explore the island some more, maybe than they will find some more great things, maybe some more Pirate ships, or Dynamite...
  • Well, it's about time, even though we all forgot that we even cared!

    Kate's big crime was that she blew her father to pieces. Although she thought it was her step father until she approached her actual step-father who she always thought was her father.

    So was Sawyer ever possessed during his 'illness'.

    We saw more of the hatch film! I didn't want to say the rest of the film, because you never know!

    And sadly my tape caught off a few moments early but luckily I was told that Michael was able to get a new screen on the computer in which he got a response from his son!

    I would just like to say I totally saw the whole Michael messing with the computer like the film said not to do.
  • A very intriguing episode of "Lost."

    This episode was a very revealing episode. As Kate's crime is revealed, it taught us why Kate did the things she did, and why she acts the way she does around certain people (take Sawyer/Jack for example).

    The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger (it ended with Michael communicating with Walt via the hatch's computer), but I suppose it's not as bad as the one in the season one finale.

    The producers have taken my brain out of my head and dragged it across the floor yet again.
  • Kates original crime is reveled. Sawyer is still hurt but gets better towards the end of the episode. Michael sees something surprising on the computer. Locke and Ecko find something wierd on the tape. The survivors gather to bury another one of them. Jac

    This episode was awesome!! One of the best this season. So Kate blew up her real dad?? Wow! That was her crime and now its coming back to haunt her, through Sawyer. That was wierd. She looked like she was really going crazy. It was sad when everyone was at Shannon's funeral. I hope no one else dies soon. Sawyer is finally awake!!! Its good to have him back. I missed his funny lines. It was wierd when Locke and Ecko were watching the missing part of the tape and they saw the part on no communicating and at the same time in another place thats what Michael was doing. I wonder if that really is Walt. If it is that means there is another computer onn the island. And now for my fav. part, Jack and Kate finally kissed!!!!! They make the cutest on-screen couple. They were ment to be. I hope they talk about what happened between them though. I hope they hook up for this season. I hear there is going to be a Sawyer-Kate-Jack triangle. That means lots of drama on the island!!!
  • My indepth review of What Kate Did

    Lost Season 2: Episode 9: What Kate Did
    Episode Centric: Kate

    Many comments I have read suggested that Kate had no good reason to do what she did. But when I think of the problem I see deep psychological issues. Kate, who has all this anger built up at Wayne throughout the years, finally explodes and kills him. Some think that Kate’s reasoning was not very strong, but what I believe to be the cause was that she thought, at least in her subconscious mind, by killing her father she would be free of the curse of his genes. But we know this is not true and she actually becomes more like him by doing so. I don’t believe the murder was very well planned though. If her “stepfather” dies in an explosion and she suddenly disappears than people might be getting suspicious. And telling her mother when she knew she loved the jerk was a wrong move. Did she not expect her to say anything? And is it just me or did it seem like the man she had thought was her father was a noble person? That woman cheats on him while he’s in Korea and he tries to keep the truth from Kate because his ex-wife loves Wayne. He also tried to take Kate when she was 5 and even gave her a head start before he called to turn her in. As for the horse all I have to say is that “the plot thickens.”

    Inside the Hatch
    I loved the suspense when Jack and Locke came back into the hatch to find the alarm going off, and finding Sawyer lying on the ground. Later when Sun left, leaving Kate with Sawyer was a bad move on her part, unless she didn’t know what happened. When Eko was telling the story to Locke it seemed to me like he (Locke) thought of it as fairy tale. One thing I have noticed is that these two have very different kind of faiths, such as when Eko told Locke not to confuse consentience as faith. I may be the only person that thinks that they may not get along very well. About the film, that’s what I expected the missing piece about the computer to say all the way from Orientation… except for the fact that it might cause another incident. When that sound started I expected for a second that Michael might have messed up the computer. Then when I saw someone typing a message on the computer I knew it had to be from was Walt. (Or was it?)

    Sayid and Shannon’s funeral
    This scene had some beautiful music. But it seems to me like the islanders aren’t making too much of a deal of Shannon’s death. When Boone died Jack was ready to kill Locke, even though he didn’t directly kill him. Now Ana Lucia killed Shannon and he goes out to give her a drink. This just goes to show that Sayid is a much more reasonable man than Jack. Sayid showed some great grief during the funeral scene, even though I’ve always wondered how a man like Sayid could love Shannon. I also thought it was polite thing for Eko to do to go to the funeral, even though he didn’t know her. It was inconsiderate of Kate to not go to the funeral; staying with Sawyer should have been the doctors job.

    Romance between our Islanders
    I knew from the first episode that Kate and Jack would kiss… but not like that. The music made it seem creepy and awkward. I have to wonder why Kate did that. Was it to shut Jack up or for some other reason? As for Kate saying that Sawyer would get a kick out of her treating him like a baby; I very much doubt that. Sawyer seems like a man that would rather take care of himself. And I wonder if Sawyer meant someone other than Kate when he said “I love her.” Another part of this episode that I loved, was how Sawyer thought they had been rescued… then they step out into the jungle. (“Son of a @#$%”) Why did Jack say that all women are crazy, and what is also what is Jacks deal with Ana Lucia? He seemed to really be into Kate and than Ana Lucia comes in. He even brought AL a drink (That could very well be used for medical purposes.) He doesn’t even seem to care that she shot Shannon. (I wouldn’t of cared, but that’s because I’ve always hated Shannon.)

    Read more of my reviews at johnlocke108reviews.blogspot.com

  • Cool episode.

    This episode was mostly about Kate's background and how and why she killed her biologic father. This being said, not much time is left for what is going on on the island. In fact, we can see that Kate is attracted by both Jack and Sawyer, Jack being the good guy she has always been looking for and Sawyer the bad guy with whom she shares a lot. Even if she kisses Jack in this episode, she seems really close to Sawyer and I think that we are soon going to be given a Kate/Sawyer love relationship. Moreover, there is also the discovery of a part of the film about the Dharma Organization that had been cut which is found by the characters and it leads to a nice Mr. Eko/Locke dialogue. Moreover, at the end, Mickael sees the word "Dad" on the computer screen and starts chatting with either his son or anybody else (maybe with the "others", like a kind of test). That was a pretty good end which in my opinion revived the show. Concerning the other characters, we see a bit of Sayid (burying Shannon's body), Ana-Lucia, Hurley, Charlie, but not really much.

    So, to sum up, that was a good episode with a mysterious ending...
  • Hands down, the best episode of this season. I must admit that I have been disappointed for most of this season but after watching this episode I finally remembered why I love this show.

    Ana Lucia notwithstanding (albeit at the end) we have finally gotten back to the core characters and things are rolling along again. Life, it seems, is resuming. I am, after this episode, able to forgive the past few episodes that seemed to progress \\\"island-time\\\" about 3 or 4 hours total. Resumption of time has finally taken place.

    Further, we get to delve more into Kate\\\'s past with no apparent pretention. This is the most honest I have seen Kate\\\'s story thus far and it finally has a feel of realness to it. We have found a reason to not be wary of her (although we can maintain fearfulness). Good job to both the writers and the actress.

    Poor Sawyer. Beaten, shot, beaten, yelled at, damn near eaten by a shark and beaten again. It\\\'s nice to see him conscious and firing off the banter with the occasional term of endearment aimed at Kate. He really grows on you. And apparently on Kate, too.

    Now, a word on the Locke/Eko dynamic. There is definitely something between these two. Their interaction fairly reeks of, well...(remember back to the first season) the pieces on a backgammon board: one light, one dark. Skin pigment aside, I get the feeling they are holding each other at extreme arms-length and are not about to show their hands, in whole or part, at any cost. They are or at least will be soon, at odds with each other, near as I can tell. They parallel one another in that respect. We will have to see.

    Michael, Michael, Michael...you are being drawn into a trap, brother. Think it through, man. But wait, that would be totally out of character for you.

    Otherwise, the show I love and wait patiently for is back on and I am psyched for the future.

  • Kate is indeed a cold-blooded killer, Eko knows more than he's saying and another computer on the island?

    First, while I think this was a great and revealing episode, the whole Kate backstory trigger was unclear on my first viewing. It took me a while to realize she thought Sawyer was channeling White. Once that mad sense, her backstory triggers made more sense when the horse or Sawyer was around her.

    The big thing in this episode is the film fragment. Why was it cut out? Who cut it out? Why was it on the other side of the island in the Arrow bunker hidden in a book? The whole thing about not using the computer for anything other than the numbers was odd.

    Then after all that ominous blather about using it only for the numbers, Michael starts chatting on it? Ok first... remember Locke tried typing and nothing happened... the keyboard was dead until the 4 minute alarm. Next Michael is looking over the equipment... why? That stuff was built when he was a kid most likely... reel to reel data tapes? I mean come on. Like he's gonna know what to do with any of it? Then suddenly there's a beep and the word 'Hello?' on the screen and the ketboard suddenly works and he can freely chat at the system carrot? Hmmmmm.

    What was really cool is that apparently it was Walt. this means yet another bunker somewhere on the island with another computer.
    Oo I just thought of something... maybe Walt's in an underwater station? That would explain the cable that Sayid found going into the ocean on the beach, the Dharma logo on the shark that attacked Sawyer on the raft, and the fact that Walt is always soaking wet whenever anyone sees him... hmmm the thought plickens...

    Till next time.
  • Kate, too, has daddy issues. And Sawyer issues, and Jack issues.

    I feel like Locke at the end of "Deus Ex Machina," when the light from the hatch window reaffirmed his faith in the island. This episode reaffirms my faith in 'Lost,' as it indicates that writers haven't abandoned the narrative that worked so well last season.

    The episode does everything you should expect an episode to do: It moved plotlines forward, revealed morsels of information about the hatch and Kate's past, and gave all the major players some time in the spotlight. The secondary characters were again reduced to background noise, but honestly, who really cares what they're up to when the star players are doing so well?

    So, what Kate did has finally been revealed. It wasn't surprising in the least, and I think casts an even greater shroud of ambiguity over her character, but the flashback scenes were quick, concise, and thus the best of the season. Her actions may have been predictable, but at least the writers no longer need to skate around the issue. How long it takes her to tell any of the other characters remains to be seen.

    Was Wayne really using Sawyer to channel his anger at Kate? It's possible, as we've seen dead fathers come back in various other forms (Jack's apparition, for example). It could just as easily have been Sawyer deliriously questioning his own checkered past, leading Kate to hear what she wanted to hear. What can't be disputed is the horse - a very real horse. It shows an indisputable connection between the island and the outside world, the type of supernatural biggity-boo that's been missing so far this season. I was glad to see Kate confront her past by shooing Sun and trying to draw out Wayne. It's something that many of the other characters aren't yet willing to do, and shows a tremendous amount of growth for her. She may be closer to redemption than any of the others.

    Sawyer finally woke up, and was disappointed to find they hadn't been saved. It's good to have him back; the show has experienced a notable decline in snarky sarcasm the last few episodes.

    Most importantly, the episode reveals a good deal about the bunker. Michael points out blast doors in the ceiling, to protect from an explosion (or rather, I think, the mysterious sickness). He fiddles around with the electronic equipment, something I'm surprised Sayid never got around to.

    Then there's Locke and Eko. Their scene at the table, with Eko revealing the missing piece of film, was one of the best of the season. The relationship between the two of them seems more tenuous than I first expected. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate," Eko warns Locke. To a point, I think his rational approach may be right. Locke is capable of finding mystical meaning in just about everything. But at the same time, Eko seems to be ignoring the incredible number of coincidences that have happened to bring the two pieces of tape together. Locke and Eko both had to survive the plane crash, survive attacks by monsters and Others (when so many of their companions have died), discovered the bunkers, found the tape in the bunkers, and (in Eko's case) thinking it important enough to carry across the island. And that's a few of the coincidences relating to just these guys. Too account everything that's happened to coincidence is just as misguided as accounting it all to fate.

    I still expect to Locke and Eko to keep close. Their views may not align perfectly, but their personalities are too much alike (and too different from many of the other characters) for them to become adverseries. I more expect them to challenge each other's perspectives, for mutual benefit.

    The cliffhanger at the end was killer. Apparently the computer can be contacted from another on the island, but can't initiate the contact itself. Is it really Walt on the other side? Possibly. Is it the Others? Probably. The popular theory among many viewers is that it's all part of the Dharma Initiative's behavioral experiment, but that seems too easy to me. There's too much danger and too many supernatural occurrences - murderous monsters, murderous Others, connections with the outside world - for this to just be some academic experiment. That may have been all it was at one point, but it sure as hell isn't now.
  • We learn a little more about Kate, but the revelation about the movie was cool - and where's Walt?

    Enjoyed this episode - although I wish Kate would make up her mind between Sawyer and Jack. I feel better about Kate's past - but it's cool to see the similarity between her, Sawyer (both killed their father) as well as Jack who had 'rat' on his dad due to performing surgery after drinking. I want to know more about the movie and it's significance and 'where is walt.

  • Average episode, good TV. (possible spoiler, though it's been mentioned several times here on this page already)

    was another descent show, the show isn't about a mystery it's a character show, everyone knows that by now. No real suprises, (spoiler->) Kate blowed a person up, that's her thing I guess. While Hurley may still be my favorite character, Mr. Eko I think is a great new addition to the show, his character is a locke counterpart, and he was good in OZ.
  • I always knew she commited a murder but i didn't guess it would end up like this.

    being an obsessed jate shipper, I am very dissapointed that Jack end up offering Ana-Lucia some drink near the end of the episode. We learnt about what kate's crime is in this episode and Sawyer's healing fast ;) love it. best episode so far. There is also a mysterious black horse appearing in this episode. my guess is its with the polar bear. some kind of animal experiment gone wrong?
  • Awwwww what a kind person Kate is taking care of this person... KABOOM what the hell?!

    A good episode of Lost, one of the best this season, a good flashback story of what Kate did to be a fugitive, and more infomation about the hatch and a head-scratcher at the end, just the way Lost should be, I wish I could come up with a show half as good as this.
  • I think I know the plot of whole show!!! I didnt come up with it my self, but i wished i had.

    Here's what The person that wrote this thinks of the plot of the series:
    That there is a magnetic field that surrounds the Island, which makes the Island and the experiments (?) on the Island invisible to the outside world. Flight 817 crashed into that magnetic field because it was so far lost already, it stumbled upon it by coincidence, and now they are all a part of an experiment that has run amok. There is an illness that has taken over the others that was released as part of the experiment. No one is watching them.
    This is the clincher - every time they push the button, they are keeping the shield up and keeping the Island invisible. If they would just not push the button, the Island would become visible and they could be saved. The whole show revolves around the button.

    This really needs to be expanded to include the why's of the visions and coincidences on the island. I heard a podcast that said the show rips off Stephen King's the stand. .. so now all we need to do is watch all the episodes of lost so far, watch the minute details and watch all of stand and we will know the truth!!
  • Thats what she did?

    I always wandered what Kate did in her past that got her in trouble with the law. We knew this:

    1. She did something that her mother is afraid of her.
    2.She robbed a bank
    3. She got the person she loved killed

    But we knew she did something before all those and we learned she is a killer/arcinist. I didnt see that coming, I thought her crime would have been a case of nice girl hanging with a crowd since she seems very nice to be a killer. But as always expect the unexpected. Maybe in another flashback episode we will learn on what her step-father did so bad to her mother that Kate had to kill him.
  • More of Kate pasts is revealed.

    Kate is looking after Swayer then in some sort of trance he asks her "Why did you kill me Kate"?

    Kate is shocked to hear this, because it takes her back through the years of when she killed her biological father, whom she hated.

    I figured out Kate's past from the first season, that she killed her step dad. But, what blow me away was how she did it.....bombing the house....brilliant.

    Kate also kissed Jack, which in my view was very tastless, and not half the kiss that she and Sawyer had.

    The episode also showed us a lost reel of the video tape in the hatch, that Mr Eko had in his possession. Micheal was contacted through the computer by Walt or someone possing as Walt.

    Overall the best episode so far of the season. Although, it lacked in many areas, because the show is becoming crap, it was the best of the rest.
  • Best episode of the season bar none!

    Finally, this is the kind of episode that got me hooked on Lost in the first place. Episodes have been taking a dip lately but this one just stepped up the pace again. Often other episodes include loads of unnecessary travel between important events, but this one really was exciting from beginning to end without having the tempo slip down. Thank you for geting my hopes up again, and now I\'m only sad as I have to wait 6 weeks until the next episode!
  • Heck YES!

    This episode was about Kate's background. The flashbacks werent all that bad and shorter than usual. Saying that, theres more story to the island. The film in the bible that Mr. Eko found was very clever. Then at the end with Michael.
    Message: Hello?
    Message: Who are you?
    Michael: I'm Michael. Who are you?
    Message: Dad?
    Holy crap, could that be Walt???
    We'll have to see the next episode i guess, it looks good. This is going to have Eko's flashbacks which I want because he is my favorite character of Season 2. He reminds me of Locke. Both are men of faith. I cant wait!!
  • As nice as it was to learn what Kate did, what's with the horse?

    Okay, so Kate killed her birth father because he was "bad". Sorry to hear that. But what's with the horse?!?! I love this show, but every week it's getting more and more ridiculous. First the polar bear, then Jack's father, then Walt, now a stinking black horse who saved Kate from doing time for her dad's murder!!! Geez, this show better get to the point real quick because I'm losing interest.
  • what Kate did...

    This ep was an important. It just didnt really make sense with the whole kissing scene, we all know Kate admires Jack, but maybe she kissed him to get the \"good\" out of him since she has the \"badnes\" from her real biological father Wayne. Also what the hell was michael doing typing on that damn computer? I was like nooooO!! dont press the button the button is bad!!!
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