Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • Yay! We finally get to know what Kate did to land her in trouble with the law!

    This was an AWESOME episode! I can't believe that Kate blew up her step-father! (Though I don't blame her - he was a good-for-nothing drunk! I might have done the same thing if i was angry enough at him.) I also can't believe her mom turned her in!! I'm glad her dad gave her a head start though - that's what I would have done. Her step-father in Sawyer's body - now that was creepy in a cool sort of way.....like the man Sawyer killed in he boar's body. (I'm convinced that he was in the boar's body - despite what Locke said - I think that Locke believed that the Golden Retriever was his sister from the way he talked about it....)

    Kate's kiss with Sawyer? EWWWW!! I HATE JATE!!! YAY SKATE!!! I wish it had been Sawyer she had kissed instead - when he woke up. I'm sure he would have loved another kiss (And I'm sure half of the female population would be wishing that they were Kate, lol!) I thought it was cool how the black horse (it was a gaited horse - I'm guessing a Tennessee Walker.....maybe a Missouri Fox Trotter or an American Saddlebred - and yes I am a horse person) was in both a flashback and on the island. Maybe the losties could find more horses, sharpen some sticks or something, and charge into battle with the Others! (Just a random thought...)