Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • What Kate Did

    An episode that was definitely worth the hype, it's full of drama and memorable moments both on and off the Island, ending with a cliffhanger that will leave fans in suspense until January.
  • Awesome.

    Kate tends to a wounded Sawyer as Shannon's funeral takes place, which Ana Lucia refuses to attend. As Locke and Mr. Eko are warned not to use the hatch's computer for communication, Michael uses the computer to communicate with someone that he thinks is Walt. Flashbacks reveal Kate's original crime, the murder of her father. I love the start of this episode. Ilove the scene where Sawyer tells Jack thats he loves Kate. I love Kate's back story it is always awesome and very entertaining. Oh my god, I love the scene where Jack and Kate kiss, I love them but then I love Sawyer and Kate too. I love the Hurley and Jacks scenes where Hurley talks about Rose and her husband - so funny. I love Kate and Sawyers scenes too I love the way the horse is with them. Oh and the ending is awesome. Oh and the scene where Michael on the computer talking to somebody who he believes it's Walt - awesome storyline.
  • In this we find what happened or as the title says, what kate did. So there are quite a few flashbacks. We see more of Michael typing to Walt via the terminal and we get to see the rest of the film footage, from Mr Eko.

    Its the following morning of the two groups getting to join as one, we see Jin emerge from the shelter with Sun very much smiling follow him, and as they are cuddling, Jin looks over to Hurley and sees him smile and smiles back.

    Sawyer wakes slightly, pleasing Jack and asks for Kate, Jack explains that after not leaving his side for 24 hours, she is having a break and resting. Then we see her up a tree and picking fruit, she nearly falls out, drops a few to the ground. Whilst picking them up, see senses something behind her, turning she sees a horse.

    We flashback to Kate in the normal world, sitting on a doorstep and playing with a zippo. A man comes up in a car, drunk, then she ends up putting him to bed, before getting back on her motorcycle and driving off. Just as the whole house blows up. Then she enters a diner to see her mom, gets a coffee and has a chat, she gives her the house insurance policy and with a hug says that she wont be seeing her for a while.

    Kate goes back to help nurse Sawyer, saying that Jack should be back on the beach with everyone else, for the funeral of Shannon. Mr Eko says he'll be going, but Ana says that she won't be able to make it, even when Mr Eko says it was an accident.

    Sayid gives the opening to the funeral, admitting to all that he loves her. Jack says a word and then they all say their own farewells. Meanwhile, Kate has put on some music and is mashing up some fruit for Sawyer, who then wakes and tries to strangle Kate saying that he should have killed him.

    Jack and Locke get back to the bunker, to find Sawyer on the floor and the warning buzzer going off. They stop the countdown with a second to go and get Sawyer back onto the bed.

    We get a flashback to Kate buying a bus ticket, getting arrested for murder by a marshall, he saying that her mom turned her in, then she saying that they got the wrong person and it phasing back to her on the island, having a little breakdown and kissing Jack long and hard.

    Michael is asking Locke about the blast doors built into the ceiling, did his buddy have any knowledge or tell them about it. Locke says there is a video and Mr Eko asks if he can watch it too. Both seem to have questions but only Michael is the one to say that the film did not really explain anything, that there were gaps in the film, cleverly spliced.

    Life goes on for most, we see Kate in another flashback, get away from a marshall after he had crashed the car by accident, when trying to light a cigarette whilst driving in heavy rain, as she was driving off a black horse appeared in front of her.

    Micheal asks Locke about all the equipment in the control room and how it is that the numbers can't already be inputted prior to 4 mins. Mr Eko talks more
    to Locke, this time about a book that was found in the bunker on the other side of the island, in this book is a piece of film, it may be the missing piece that explains the orientation better.

    Kate went to see her Dad at an Army recruitment centre, to ask him why didnt he tell her, that the guy she blew up was her real dad, that she had to find it out when she was looking for stuff to put in her scrapbook birthday present for him. She then talks through her craziness to Sawyer, who wakes up and is happy to be in Kates presence.

    Locke and Mr Eko put the film back into the proper order, whilst Kate gives Sawyer a tour of the bunker and then leads him outside. Saying that he needs a haircut, Sawyer says that he might just take himself back inside, as when Kate turns around the horse is there, this time she is able to stroke it.

    Jack and Ana get to have a drink whilst sitting on the beach. The film part that was missing, advises strongly that the computer not be used for anything else, as it may lead to another incident, but as we hear this Michael sees the computer say Hello, he responds and the last section we see is it saying Dad?
  • Escalofríos

    La verdad lo que haya hecho Kate con su vida no me interesa demasiado, ya sabemos que es una descocada y que hizo de las suyas. Lo que me importa y me deja sin aliento es esa biblia, es John/Jesus, es Mr. Eko y su determinación, es esa computadora infernal y el "hellow" del otro lado. Es Matt, son los fantasmas y transmutaciones y recuerdos y Dharmas y filmaciones.
    Me puse a pensar si los nombres de algunos de los protagonistas se corresponden con los apóstoles, pero no los busqué. Esto está cada vez mejor. Leí el Salmo 23 y la verdad si lo que creo que va a pasar pasa...
  • Turns out what she did was is only half the story, alogn with another piece of the puzzle

    One of the things the passengers of Flight 815 is that they all seemed to have parents whose lives were an added burden to them. Locke's father was a con man; Jack's was a drunk; Sun's father is a criminal; Sawyer's mothers affair ended in tragedy. This season we've seen how Shannon's stepmother and Ana Lucia's mothers coldness severely damaged them as people. But now it seems that the person with the most damaged parents is Kate, which led her to finally commit the crime that led to her original arrest. And based on that, hers may have been the most damaged of all.

    Kate's mother was a battered woman, abused and beaten down from the man Kate thought was her stepfather. There are also suggestions of molestation. Kate finally kills him in an effort to bring some peace to her mother. And what does Diane, her mother do? She calls the cops the minute her daughter tells her what she's done. Worse, Kate has learned that the man she thought was her father --- Sgt. Sam Austen (we'll be seeing him again soon--- wasn't her father; the drunken abusive stepdad was, and though he wanted to kill him, he didn't have murder in his heart.

    All of this is revealed in a series of revelations that come about when Kate sees a black horse on the island. And based on what we see, that horse is the same one that helped her become a fugitive for the first time. The question is, how did the horse get here? If it is the same horse (and given the ghosts that Jack, Sawyer and Sayid have seen, I'm not prepared to rule it out) is it here to symbolize Kate's guilt or to help her make peace with what she's done? The fact that Sawyer sees it himself at the end of the episode doesn't make the question meaningless. After all, maybe its a symbol for him too.

    More important is the ghost of Wayne, who seems to be speaking through Sawyer, and tries to choke her early on. Kate reveals every time that she sees Sawyer, she is reminded of the man she hates, and it disgusts her. But it's clear that she's still drawn to him. It's significant that Kate kisses Jack for the first time, and them immediately walks away--- she doesn't think she's worthy of him, even though Jack is as conflicted as she is.

    While the episode largely focuses on, well, 'What Kate Did', we do see quite a bit of some other character, and a lot of time in the hatch. Michael is getting his second look at this place (he really just passed through in 'Collision') and being an architect, he notices the blast doors that are supposed to lower if there's some kind of explosion. Locke brushes off their significance, but they will turn out to be a vital part of his time in the hatch, though we don't know it yet.

    Far more interesting is a conversation between Eko and Locke, which is one of the highpoints of the season so far. Eko gives his longest speech so far on the show--- the parable of Josiah from the bible, and hsi discovery of the Old Testament. It is a lofty telling, and does engaging, especially when he hands Locke a bible, which Locke opens and finds another segment of the orientation film that we saw near the beginning of the season.

    The scene is significant not so much because of any new knowledge that we gain (its actually a bit anticlimactic) but because it demonstrates the real difference between these two men of faith. At one point, Eko asks Locke if he knows the story, and Locke says he doesn't. This is a man who can recite the most obscure anecdotes about history and nature, but doesn't know a thing about a passage from the bible. He has faith, but it is not religious. Eko's would seem to be the more holy of the two, but look what happens while they are splicing the film together when Locke raises the issue of what has happened. "Do not mistake coincidence for fate," he answers. We don't know what motivates Eko (we're going to find out very soon, however) but he may not believe some of the gospel that he preaches--- at least not yet.

    On the beach, Sun and Jin are having a joyous reunion, but Sayid is dully picking up the remnants of his life as he buries Shannon. He is haunted by her, and will be in mourning for the next few episodes. One can't help but feel for him--- after all, Sayid has done an awful lot to help the survivors, and he hasn't gotten much in the way of thanks.. Both Jack and Locke look to him for advice on certain things, but they have a habit of ignoring his advice when it suits them. When people moved from the beach to the caves, it was a blow against the majority, but eventually everybody seemed to move there (now they're back on the beach, but it's not because of anything Sayid has done ) Charlie has made an effort to help Sayid, but mostly he just gets in his way, when Hurley learned which side he fought for in the Gulf War, he recoiled liked the man smelled bad and even though Michael got a lot of help from him building the raft, he didn't offer him passage off, which would've seemed at least partly fair. Sayid is outsider, and he's feel it, though it will take another outsider to make him realize his place.

    The most shocking part of the episode occurs in the last minute, when Michael, doing exactly what Eko and Locke are being warned against doing in the next room, finds out that his son may still be alive. Michael doesn't stop to think for a minute whether he's being played, he just keeps steamrolling ahead, as he always does with Walt, and because off that attitude, his actions will bring even more hardship to everyone else.

    'What Kate Did' is all about ghosts, both real and imagined Everyone may have wanted a blank slate, but their ghosts have followed them here (though only sometimes in corporeal form). Kate thinks she's exorcised part of her demons, but she hasn't. And even when she gets rid of the ones she brought, new ones will come to replace them very fast.
    My Score:8.8
  • Great Scenes There!!!

    Until Now:
    Season 1 was Impressive. There was impressive drama, Strange things on the Island, too much mysteries and the fact that this show concept was entirely new.

    Season 2 problem is that we already know the show formula, there are super fan and there are normal fans, like me that want some quality time with this show.

    Until now, we know what is inside the hatch and what is function is supposed to be. Shannon is dead, some people from the tailplane section survived and are now with our survivors. Jin, Sawyer and Michael are Ok. We know what Kate did. And there are other on this Island.

    Is this good? Of course, but is not superb anymore.

    There are some episodes there will be superb, but one of the things with this season 2 episodes is that the producers are making things slowly.

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    They decided to finally reveal what Kate did. It make sense kept us in the dark, but we already know that she killed a man. This episodes provide us with the actual images. Not only that, since Lost will not air to the next weeks, the Hatch mystery is growing. This was a smart move, mainly because Michael is using the computer to make outside connections.

    This is interesting, and of course, the writers fill the entire episode with Kate drama. There are some characters that showed their faces too, but just to appear only.

    Put Locke and Eko in interactions was one of the good ideas that the writers had.

    My Point of View:

    This episode began with a bang, very impressive. Kate flashbacks was interesting this time. Even the last scene as some information.

    Others characters participation was not important, not as Locke and mr. Eko interaction, that was another great thing that this episode delivered.

    The cliffhanger in the end, maintain things more interesting , until Lost returns.

    Overall, some great scenes in the Island and from the flashbacks make this episode at least great.
  • The long awaited episode.

    I thought the 2 previous Kate episodes were horrible. But this one finally reveals her big crime, right at the beginning, and oh boy it was superb! I didn't see it coming, and it all suddenly made sense. For the most...

    her flashback was really enjoyable, and emotional. I have to give it to the writers. They wrote Kate's mother's character really well. Her reaction to what Kate did was very realistic. The island story had a nice duality to it. Kate's struggle with Sawyer and Jack(or between them...) and Locke/Eko getting to know eachother. The Kate storyline was okay. Not the most exciting, but I thought Sawyer being posessed by the man Kate killed was a good idea, and was very similiar to what Sawyer went through in S1 with the boar. Clever. But sometimes it felt dragged out, and her randomly kissing Jack was kind of there to please the shippers in my opinion, because it just didn't seem to serve any purpose :/

    But as far as Locke and Eko goes. Brilliant. I loved their interactions, they seem to speak the same language. Eko gives John an "extended" cut of the orientation video which reveals that the computer is not allowed to be used for anything else other than pushign the button. And right at that moment, Michael hears a beep. Someone is sending him a message on the computer. "Dad?"

    Cut to black.

    What a cliffhanger. I didn't see that one coming at all. Is it really Walt on the other end? Or is it the others?
  • This was the episode that revealed Kate's original crime, the mysterious Black Horse, Kate and Jack's kiss, the missing Orientation film segments and a message from Walt (??). And yet with all that this episode is rather dull and boring.

    The opening teaser is amazing: Jin and Sun have a shippy moment, Sawyer tells Jack he loves Kate, Kate sees a mysterious Black Horse in the Jungle and we see what Kate's original crime was, which includes a house exploding.
    But then the episode seems to lounge back into a very intense character plotline with added mysteries, which don't really add that much.
    If Locke's flashback episodes are my favourite, then Kate's may be my least favourite. Remember "Whatever the Case May be" was a Kate episode. Thankfully, as dull as "What Kate Did" is, it is not as pointless as the former one. As essential as it was to kow what Kate did to force her on the run, the reveal is a bit disapointing. The actual crime of blowing up the house is visually impressive in the teaser, but the reasons for the crime don't make too much sense. This episode gives us little to make her crime justifiable. Wayne may have grabbed Kate's arm in the teaser but this seemed quite harmless to what could have happened. We could have seen him hurt Kate more, even to the extent of beating her like he supposedly beat up her Mother. Unlike Sawyer, we don't see any reason why Kate should have killed Wayne, other than to protect her mother.
    Sawyer has a far more meaningful and justifiable reason to kill the original Sawyer: he had to listen to and live with the murder of his poor mother. Thus, Kate's story of how she used to lay in bed listening to Wayne beat up her mother beat her up pales in comparison.
    So this aspect of Kate's story I found rather disappointing.
    Another disappointing aspect was that the missing pieces of the Orientation film that Eko disovers in the Bible were hardly revelatory (pun intended). It was only meant to set up the final scene but it could have done that and revealed even more about the Swan Station and the "Incident" which we still don't know anything about.
    The final moment of the episode where Michael seemingly communicates with Walt, as well as the scene where Eko reveals the extended Orientation film to Locke are the highlights past the teaser. Other than that this episode is rather lacklustre. It is rather slow and uninteresting at times. The scope of the series may be returning but this is a slow introduction to this stage of the season. Shippers will be thrilled by the Jack and Kate kiss but it is not why I watch the show. I agree that it is a nice aspect of the show but it is not the reason I watch the show. Most of the episode is "all talk and no action". For the first time since the "Crappy Case" episode from Season One, I found myself half-watching the episode, doing something else at the same time, which tells me that this episode failed to keep my attention.
    There were some reasonable moments but these had nothing to do with the Jack/Sawyer/Kate love triangle. So far in Season 2 there hasn't been too much to shout about/. There have been two outstanding episodes: "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and "Orientation". Other notable episodes have been "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "The Other 48 Days". The remaining 5 episodes have all been rather disappointing. It is interesting that even Shannon's murder has, thus far, not caused many sparks, among the two camps, and if this episode is anything to go by, we may not see any sparks at all, which is another major disappointment. What will it take for the momentum to return? I wait with anticipation.....
  • Superb episode. The best of the show is now here

    This episode in my opinion, was clearly the part where we all know the best of the series is finally here. I mean, everyone is back together in one group living on the beach, the survivors are happy, except for Shannon's death, and John Locke and Eko finally found some more news dealing with the hatch. The future of this project, sure is in their hands lol. Desmond is gone, as Michael asked. Now, it was great and very ideal to see a flashback on Kate. It has been quite a while. Her whole original crime being revealed was revealing, and interesting.
    As for Ana-Lucia, I like her. I think her evil doing times are truly over. She's a much nicer person at the moment, she was innocent over Shannon's death, so there is no reason why to hate her.
    FYI, Kate's whole experience with the black horse and Sawyer acting like a Wayne, was very interesting, and it builds on to some of the islands secrets. The best scenes of this episode were Eko, John and Michael trying to solve the missing pieces of the missing pieces of the Dharma clips. The final scene, showing Michael at the computer and in which we all guess that Walt is really the guy who was talking to him, I was shocked. Truthfully, I know that is not Walt, no kid could type that fast unless he was some braniac. I reckon this could be disastrous, if Michael continues chatting, which he will of course.

    Overall, a very superb episode and it showed me that the best of LOST has finally arrived. Very good week of Lost.
  • A Kate-centric episode.

    As a whole, I would have to say that I really liked this episode an awful lot. The flashbacks in this episode of Kate's life before the plane crashed on the island were great. I really liked the scene with Shannon's funeral. In my opinion, the speech that Sayid gave at the funeral was very well written. Naveen Andrews (Sayid) did a great job of giving that speech. I also really liked the whole storyline involving the hatch. I thought that storyline was very interesting. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone who was involved in the making of this episode, and I'm looking forward to continuing to watch my Lost: Season Two DVD set.
  • Kate: (to her mother after she blew up the house) Well your bed's gone, Ma.

    Kate tends to a wounded Sawyer and sees her father, and later, a horse. As Locke and Mr. Eko are warned not to use the hatch's computer for communication, Michael uses the computer to communicate with Walt. Flashbacks show that Kate destroyed her house with dynamite and consequently murdered her father. Finnaly we see what Kate first did, this was a long awaited episode for me ever since we found out that Kate was a fugitive early last season I have wanted to know how she got there and I really enjoyed the opening scene of this episode where she kills her stepfather, it was so cool.
  • The ending was so great!

    Kate has flashbacks of when she killed her father. She also learns that who she thought was her real father was not and her real father is the father she killed. She also meets up with the Marshal again.

    Jack, Kate and Sun care for Sawyer. Kate sees a black horse on the island. Locke shows Eko and Michael the movie. Eko gives Locke a Bible found on the other side of the island and the Bible has a piece of missing film from the movie. It talks about how you shouldn't use the computer for anything other than pushing the button. Wayne, Kate's father, seems to have come back through Sawyer. Michael communicates through the computer to someone who claims to be Walt.

    This was a really good episode! The ending was fantastic! I don't really like Kate, so the flashbacks didn't mean much to me, but the explosion was really cool! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Kate's past

    In the Flashback of Kate's past we see her escorting a man into the house and helps him in the bed. As she leaves the driveway of the house we see an explosion. Later on we find out that that was her step father that was in the house that she blew up. He was beating on her mom so she killed him therefore making her a fugitive. A very sick Sawyer confesses that he is in love with Kate, which in my opinion is very unlike Sawyer. Because of the lack of communication between Locke Michael and Eko, Michael makes the mistake of using the computer to communicate with who he thinks is his son. Regardless of whom he though it was typing him messages; he should have been a little smarter. What 10 year old talks like that?
  • We see what Kate did.

    Kate tends to a wounded Sawyer and sees her father, and later, a horse. As Locke and Mr. Eko are warned not to use the hatch's computer for communication, Michael uses the computer to communicate with Walt. Flashbacks show that Kate destroyed her house with dynamite and consequently murdered her father. Finnaly we see what Kate first did, this was a long awaited episode for me ever since we found out that Kate was a fugitive early last season I have wanted to know how she got there and I really enjoyed the opening scene of this episode where she kills her stepfather, it was so cool.
  • "Every time I look at Sawyer...I see you, Wayne. And it makes me sick."

    What Kate did to make her a criminal has been a mystery of the show since the second episode. However, this episode has always been a problem for me, simply because I don't really like it. It's technically a good episode, yet it never sits right for me, and I can't help but dislike it.

    Almost every thing that happens in this episode is both good and bad for me. I'll start with the main plot, which is Kate's story. Kate sees a black horse on the island that we later learn is from her past, all while she's trying to care for Sawyer. I'm sorry, but this plot wouldn't seem out of place on a soap opera. Kate spends the whole episode sitting around and moping, all because she's thinking about her past. This episode, to me, officially kills all interesting aspects of Kate's character, and turns her into a whiny teenage girl that's trying to make two different guys notice her. Gone is the criminal who will do anything to achieve her goal. The fact that she's reminded of her previous life and goes nuts over it is ridiculous in and of itself. First of all, all the bad things that happened to her, she was responsible for. If she had not killed her father, she wouldn't have had to go through all of those events. Compare that to Jack, who's been reminded of his past life, also seeing a vision from it. Not only did he not flip out over it, but there wasn't anything he could have done differently. Sympathy goes to Jack or Locke, because they were victims of their circumstances; life dealt them a bad hand. I could care less if Kate's feeling remorseful, because everything that happened to her was her own fault.

    The character herself is not the only problem I have with the story. The events surrounding her are way too sci-fi/melodrama for me. The black horse at the beginning of the episode has no reason for being there, other than to make seeing the horse in the flashback more impacting. The horse represents escape for Kate-it helped her escape from the marshal, and then she sees it when she has escaped from Wayne at the end of the episode. What has she escaped from earlier on? Wayne is the other problem I have with the storyline. What is up with him possessing Sawyer? I get that it's needed to develop Kate's character, but it comes completely out of left field, and is never explained beyond Hurley's transference moment (I do love the "Rose's husband's white. Didn't see that one coming."). Developing characters is one thing, but coming up with outrageous plot situations to do so is quite another. I'm sure that the writers could have come up with a better way of developing Kate's character, although what's developed other than her deciding she likes Sawyer this week, as opposed to Jack last week? The kiss scene in the jungle felt terribly tacked on, as the whole episode has focused on her relationship with Sawyer. Yes, it's to show that she's seeing if Jack is her man, but it still was completely unnecessary.

    The flashbacks, again, are all right purely from an objective standpoint, but I don't like them at all. The marshal, who has been brilliant up to this point, is terrible here. He used to be kind of annoying, yet never over the top. He goes way over the top in this episode, and it's as if the writers knew nothing about Kate's back story except that this guy was annoying, so they went for annoying (The writers of the episode were not involved in Season 1, so that could explain why so many things seem strange). Fredric Lane does the best he can with what he's got, and I commend him for that. The rest of the flashbacks deal with Kate's family problems. One flashback shows how she cares for her mother, and another deals with her finding out some things about her father, or stepfather, whatever. That's the first problem-the plot of the flashbacks should not leave one scratching their heads trying to figure out what's going on ("So wait, she thought the army guy was her father and that the drunk was her stepfather, but he's her real father, and the army guy's her mother-no wait, that doesn't sound right."). The biggest mystery of the episode is not supposed to be who's related to whom in the flashbacks. Also, Kate is extremely bloodthirsty here. Sam says he didn't tell her about Wayne because he knew she'd kill him. What? I thought Kate was supposed to be a goody two shoes, and that's why her being a criminal is so shocking. But her father, (sorry, stepfather), knows that she would kill Wayne upon finding out that he's her father? Then, Kate asks why Sam didn't kill Wayne. Did I miss something? Would Kate have been happy to be a nine year old without a father, because of the fact that the guy might have been a jerk? The guy could have turned out differently, he could have cleaned up for his kid. The last flashback makes no sense whatsoever, and only Lindsey Ginter's fine acting stops it from being painful to watch.

    The subplot of the episode is far more interesting. Eko gives Locke a missing piece of the Orientation film, which says not to use the computer for anything other than the code. Terry O'Quinn and AAA do a great job here, especially AAA. Every word Eko says sounds carefully measured, as if he doesn't want to say one word more than he has to. This could be disastrous in the wrong hands, but the silence of the character makes him intimidating and very likable at the same time. It's also interesting that he says, "Do not mistake coincidence for fate." We thought he was just like Locke up to this point, but Locke would never say that. Or so we think…. When we do see what was missing from the film, I have to be honest. It was disappointing. For Marvin Candle to basically say, "Don't use the computer!" again and again and in different ways, the cosmic fate/coincidence thing kind of goes out the window.

    There are other little character bits that I like. Jin and Sun together is fun to watch, especially with Hurley's thumbs up. I also like Ana-Lucia and Jack together, because it seems like they've been waiting forty-nine days for that to occur. However, for Jack to remember the drink she had at the airport is completely ludicrous. Sayid is the character that always makes me the saddest this episode. It's an insult to him to make him dig Shannon's grave alone, and I always feel terrible when I see it. It's also interesting to note that a little over a week previously (on the island) Sayid attended a funeral for Boone, where Shannon was shattered. Sayid was fairly indifferent there, and didn't really seem too sad. At this funeral, he can't even complete a sentence without breaking down, and Naveen Andrews absolutely breaks my heart, and I feel his pain every time I watch the episode.

    The last thing of note is Michael's examination of the hatch. There are blast doors, and he looks at the cables behind the computer. That's when he gets an "instant message". It's an excellent cliffhanger, and for all the bad that comes of this episode, this is one good thing. The "Dad?" moment is excellent, and will carry over interest to the next episode (that was six weeks away when the episode aired).

    In conclusion, I personally dislike this episode, and think it's very poorly done. Aside from a couple of small subplots that take up less than ten minutes of screen time, the episode is largely illogical and boring. Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly are the two bright spots of the main story, but they can't save it from bad writing.
  • So what really happened, Kate?

    This was a fasinating episode that finally answered that question burning in all viewers minds: So what did Kate do?
    While it is fairly fast paced in flashbacks, the episode moves rather slowly on the island. What makes this episode however, is the near perfect moment when Jack and Kate finally kiss. However instead of realizing that they are in love, the kiss seems to pull them apart. A friction develops between them not resolved until much later. The rest of the episode puts together some pieces about the stange orientation video and raises question about the button. We leave the episode almost bittersweet about Kate, but at least now we understand more of who she really is.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes from season 2.

    I loved this episode because I am a huge Jate fan. I thought the kiss was a great thing to have happen in their relationship. It was also nice to see something happen in season 2 that didn't relate at all to the tailies. They were not my favorite part of season 2 so I enjoyed this episode very much. It's also a great episode because it finally showed what exactly Kate did that made her a fugitive. It's easier to understand Kate and her actions thanks to this episode. This was definatly one of my favorite episodes of the season. Lost fans are always waiting for answers and this episode is a perfect example of why it's worth the wait.
  • Review

    I thought that the beginning of the episode dragged a little bit, but it got much better as it got closer to the conclusion. I thought Kates backstory was very well done - though the producers better explain the Horse. This is now the second time that someone thinks they have seen something but then someone else sees it as well (Sayid and Shannon seeing Walt being the first one) I thought the flashback tied into the main story very well. Sawyer saying he loves Kate to Jack and then Jack and Kate kissing did indeed confirm the triangle may be starting. She seemed a little uneasy after she kissed Jack, hopefully she will pick one of the two within the next couple of episodes. Locke and Ekos on screen connection is very well and I think it has something to do with the "Fate" and "Faith" of both of the televiosion personas they play. Finnaly Michael sees someone typing to him on the computer and is led to beleieve it is his son, though I doubt that will be the case.
  • great episode

    A Kate flashback episode, this episode looks into Kate's original crime that got her whole life spinning out of control. Her relationship with Sawyer haunts her about her past. Locke and Eko discover the film that's missing from their bunker instruction video. Michael receives messages from the vintage computer. This is a revealing episode, it connects the story from the other flashbacks and her present life. It's an exciting episode. The writers surely did a good episode, this is really good. I really enjoyed this one. The drama is well written, the acting looks so natural and not pretentious, mixed that with the supernatural theme of the show, it's one awesome episode.
  • Due to the UK Christmas schedules, I happened to see \"The Mummy Returns\" which features Mr. Eko in another character (a baddie). During the film, one of the principal characters says to Brendon Fraser \"Do not mistake coincidence for fate

    And then I happened to see Series 2 of Lost the following evening and Mr Eko mutters a very similar phrase to Locke.

    By the way, it turns out Brendon Fraser\'s character is fated to defend a sacred order, although he doesn\'t know it. And yes, I\'m ashamed to admit I watched a naff sequel to a naff film.
  • A very revealing episode that never stopped shocking me

    This episode was one of my very favourites from the second series. So many things are discovered, it left me pretty jaw dropped. What Kate originally did to start the US Marshall's hunt for her is revealed- she blew up her step father. The camp attend Shannon's funeral. As Sawyer struggles to recover from his infected bullet wound Kate's dead stepfather Wayne appears to communicate to Kate through him. Kate starts to feel that she is becoming insaine and repeatedly sees a black horse roaming the jungle. Jack and her have their first kiss spontaneously when he finds her trying to pull herself together in the jungle, which Kate seems to regret. Ecko gives Locke a seperate peice of the dhama initiative film that he found on the other side of the Island, which they watch- it says 'do not attempt to use the computer for anything else than entering the code'. At the end of the episode Michael discovers the computer and manages to communicate to Walt through it.

    I loved this episode, and the kiss between Jack and Kate was so cute!!
  • One of my least favourite Lost Episodes

    I thought this was one of the worst episodes of lost series 2 and possibly of the entire series of Lost so far, it was a huge dissapointment because i had been looking forward to finding out what Kate did and not only was what she did a let down, the whole episode was poor and a lot of it was a waste of time, there wasnt much excitement or humour and Kate's actions were way too erratic just like Hurley in "Everybody Hates Hugo". I also didnt like Sawyer saying "You Killed Me" to Kate because i still think it was a bit crazy. The flashback was a lot better than the action on the island apart from finding out what Kate actually did.
  • While this episode is a definate improvement over the previous episode, it still doesn't deliver what I except from Lost.

    This episode deals with Kate once again. Her criminal life. Why was she chased by the authorities? The first scene of her flashback is trully amazing. It's surprising and gives a good punch.

    Unfortunately, just like the few previous episodes, this episode fails to deliver the level of excitement of the opening scene. The pacing is sometimes awkward, sometimes better, but even compared to Lost it's slow.

    In the episode basically it shows Kate taking care of Sawyer, but then, the man who was murdered Kate takes over Sawyer's body... uhm. Sounds pretty weird, and it is, but it's good. I think.

    The only thing left worth mentioning is the super ending. Michael chats with his son through the hatch computer. Creepy.
  • This chapter reveals you what you wanted to know about Kate...

    This is a great episode with a lot of drama, action and intensity. The Flashback is about Kate and why she was prosecuted by the police. We can see how Kate is waiting for somebody outside her house and then we find out that the man she was waiting for was his step-father, whom she killed at the time she leaves the house. Buuut, and this is an example of how shocking can Lost be, we later discover that the one who she killed was her real father, and the man who raised her was not her real father... yes! Very confusing, i know.

    Anyway, on the island we can see how Kate is confronting an inside battle on his mind about her feelings. She hears her father on inconscient Sawyer and then she freaks out. When this happens, Jack appears on scene and, after a little talk, she kisses him, apologising and running away after this.

    So... Whether Jack or Sawyer, someone she has to choose, hasn´t she?

    Personally, I prefer Sawyer... Ok, Ok, not Sawyer, but Jack!!
  • So we find out what Kate did.

    I loved this eisode from the beggining to the end, it was fantastic and definitly nervewracking espicially when she kills he father. Alos the other part of the orientation video was shown, which was a good way to put it in episode.

    First off I loved when Eko gave the missing segment of the orientation film to Locke, since he found it in The Other 48 Days in another hatch called "The Arrow" it really shows that everything is somehow related and as Damon Lindelof refers to it as a excavation.

    Second I loved the part where Kate killed her father by blowing up the house, your kind of like what just happened? It was so suden which is why I love this show it can surprise you at any time.

    Third I loved the futher elaboration on the love triangle between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer, and Jack finally gets to kiss Kate, who kissed Sawyer in the begining of season 1. This episode really is great, perhaps not alot happened on the island, but it did open alot more future events for the season, such as Michael contacting Walt on the computer.

    Sawyer: Are we saved?

    Kate: No Sawyer, not yet.

  • First part of season 2 ends, which means, we are getting better episodes! Yes! What Katie did..?

    Incredible opener, very hmm.. explosive.
    Kate's crime is revelaed. The whole episode was intense. Shannon's buried, Sawyer's body 'taken over' by someone from Kate's past, timer almost running out... and the ending.

    The episode was paced much better than previous episodes. Flashbacks were interesting, too. No boring stuff.

    This episode also had several mysteries. For example Sawyer's takeover. The victim of Kate's crime came back... only wanted to know 'Why?..' As soon as Kate answered, the spirit gone, and Sawyer got much better.

    Anyhow, the ending of the episode is incredible. Michael's adventure is on. And it wont stop until episode 24.
  • At first I thought this was a bad place to put Kates epsiode but it fit perfectly! There really did not need to be a flashback with so manythings happening. (spoilers)

    This is the first episode were they really didint need a flashback and still make it great. There were so many storylines going on. We know what Kate Did but I think the reason for killing him seemed useless but her thinking that Sawer was Wayne was another great littile Island thing. The horse might be the monster refer to \"23rd Psalm\" Anyway on another note. Sayids grief was hardly mentionend and Anas was more so... The Bible scene Between Locke and EKo was great but I dont know why the tape was in there (On a littile laugh I the first time I saw it. EKo was M.R Candle Lol) Hurley was great in the first scene Somehow knowing that hes the HUmor in the show makes what he did funny.

    Micheal found the chat on the computer this is so out of character becasue Micheal has never been a curoius person so for him to start chating it up and thinking his son was on the other line.
  • Yay! We finally get to know what Kate did to land her in trouble with the law!

    This was an AWESOME episode! I can't believe that Kate blew up her step-father! (Though I don't blame her - he was a good-for-nothing drunk! I might have done the same thing if i was angry enough at him.) I also can't believe her mom turned her in!! I'm glad her dad gave her a head start though - that's what I would have done. Her step-father in Sawyer's body - now that was creepy in a cool sort of way.....like the man Sawyer killed in he boar's body. (I'm convinced that he was in the boar's body - despite what Locke said - I think that Locke believed that the Golden Retriever was his sister from the way he talked about it....)

    Kate's kiss with Sawyer? EWWWW!! I HATE JATE!!! YAY SKATE!!! I wish it had been Sawyer she had kissed instead - when he woke up. I'm sure he would have loved another kiss (And I'm sure half of the female population would be wishing that they were Kate, lol!) I thought it was cool how the black horse (it was a gaited horse - I'm guessing a Tennessee Walker.....maybe a Missouri Fox Trotter or an American Saddlebred - and yes I am a horse person) was in both a flashback and on the island. Maybe the losties could find more horses, sharpen some sticks or something, and charge into battle with the Others! (Just a random thought...)
  • this episode was very exciting, for a second i felt like i was watching prison break and thats how gripping it was.

    This episode has to be one of my favs at the moment, coz i know people have sed that lost is nuthin like prison break but wen i saw this episode, i was on the edge of my seat just like every episode with prison break. i thought that the last scene was amazing,the computer scene when michaelas all happy because someone says hello and then wen he asks who is this? he gets the reply of dad?. it was wiked, my mouth fell to the ground and i can't wait to see the nect one, it was so exciting leaving you confused!
  • at last!

    i had been waiting eagerly to find out about kate's crime for a really long time and i think finally finding out makes her even more human (even though there is no excuse for a murder).

    there is some nice interaction between kate, jack and saywer that makes me wonder about how they are going to get along together in the future, kate obvisouly being in love with both of them, both of them loving kate. strikes me like her heart really is with saywer but that she loves the safeness she could find in jack and then again maybe she just believes that she doesn't deserve him for "never going to be good" (she's mistaken there because she has proved over and over again on the island, that she actually is).