Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • The long awaited episode.

    I thought the 2 previous Kate episodes were horrible. But this one finally reveals her big crime, right at the beginning, and oh boy it was superb! I didn't see it coming, and it all suddenly made sense. For the most...

    her flashback was really enjoyable, and emotional. I have to give it to the writers. They wrote Kate's mother's character really well. Her reaction to what Kate did was very realistic. The island story had a nice duality to it. Kate's struggle with Sawyer and Jack(or between them...) and Locke/Eko getting to know eachother. The Kate storyline was okay. Not the most exciting, but I thought Sawyer being posessed by the man Kate killed was a good idea, and was very similiar to what Sawyer went through in S1 with the boar. Clever. But sometimes it felt dragged out, and her randomly kissing Jack was kind of there to please the shippers in my opinion, because it just didn't seem to serve any purpose :/

    But as far as Locke and Eko goes. Brilliant. I loved their interactions, they seem to speak the same language. Eko gives John an "extended" cut of the orientation video which reveals that the computer is not allowed to be used for anything else other than pushign the button. And right at that moment, Michael hears a beep. Someone is sending him a message on the computer. "Dad?"

    Cut to black.

    What a cliffhanger. I didn't see that one coming at all. Is it really Walt on the other end? Or is it the others?