Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • This was the episode that revealed Kate's original crime, the mysterious Black Horse, Kate and Jack's kiss, the missing Orientation film segments and a message from Walt (??). And yet with all that this episode is rather dull and boring.

    The opening teaser is amazing: Jin and Sun have a shippy moment, Sawyer tells Jack he loves Kate, Kate sees a mysterious Black Horse in the Jungle and we see what Kate's original crime was, which includes a house exploding.
    But then the episode seems to lounge back into a very intense character plotline with added mysteries, which don't really add that much.
    If Locke's flashback episodes are my favourite, then Kate's may be my least favourite. Remember "Whatever the Case May be" was a Kate episode. Thankfully, as dull as "What Kate Did" is, it is not as pointless as the former one. As essential as it was to kow what Kate did to force her on the run, the reveal is a bit disapointing. The actual crime of blowing up the house is visually impressive in the teaser, but the reasons for the crime don't make too much sense. This episode gives us little to make her crime justifiable. Wayne may have grabbed Kate's arm in the teaser but this seemed quite harmless to what could have happened. We could have seen him hurt Kate more, even to the extent of beating her like he supposedly beat up her Mother. Unlike Sawyer, we don't see any reason why Kate should have killed Wayne, other than to protect her mother.
    Sawyer has a far more meaningful and justifiable reason to kill the original Sawyer: he had to listen to and live with the murder of his poor mother. Thus, Kate's story of how she used to lay in bed listening to Wayne beat up her mother beat her up pales in comparison.
    So this aspect of Kate's story I found rather disappointing.
    Another disappointing aspect was that the missing pieces of the Orientation film that Eko disovers in the Bible were hardly revelatory (pun intended). It was only meant to set up the final scene but it could have done that and revealed even more about the Swan Station and the "Incident" which we still don't know anything about.
    The final moment of the episode where Michael seemingly communicates with Walt, as well as the scene where Eko reveals the extended Orientation film to Locke are the highlights past the teaser. Other than that this episode is rather lacklustre. It is rather slow and uninteresting at times. The scope of the series may be returning but this is a slow introduction to this stage of the season. Shippers will be thrilled by the Jack and Kate kiss but it is not why I watch the show. I agree that it is a nice aspect of the show but it is not the reason I watch the show. Most of the episode is "all talk and no action". For the first time since the "Crappy Case" episode from Season One, I found myself half-watching the episode, doing something else at the same time, which tells me that this episode failed to keep my attention.
    There were some reasonable moments but these had nothing to do with the Jack/Sawyer/Kate love triangle. So far in Season 2 there hasn't been too much to shout about/. There have been two outstanding episodes: "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and "Orientation". Other notable episodes have been "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "The Other 48 Days". The remaining 5 episodes have all been rather disappointing. It is interesting that even Shannon's murder has, thus far, not caused many sparks, among the two camps, and if this episode is anything to go by, we may not see any sparks at all, which is another major disappointment. What will it take for the momentum to return? I wait with anticipation.....