Season 2 Episode 9

What Kate Did

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • In this we find what happened or as the title says, what kate did. So there are quite a few flashbacks. We see more of Michael typing to Walt via the terminal and we get to see the rest of the film footage, from Mr Eko.

    Its the following morning of the two groups getting to join as one, we see Jin emerge from the shelter with Sun very much smiling follow him, and as they are cuddling, Jin looks over to Hurley and sees him smile and smiles back.

    Sawyer wakes slightly, pleasing Jack and asks for Kate, Jack explains that after not leaving his side for 24 hours, she is having a break and resting. Then we see her up a tree and picking fruit, she nearly falls out, drops a few to the ground. Whilst picking them up, see senses something behind her, turning she sees a horse.

    We flashback to Kate in the normal world, sitting on a doorstep and playing with a zippo. A man comes up in a car, drunk, then she ends up putting him to bed, before getting back on her motorcycle and driving off. Just as the whole house blows up. Then she enters a diner to see her mom, gets a coffee and has a chat, she gives her the house insurance policy and with a hug says that she wont be seeing her for a while.

    Kate goes back to help nurse Sawyer, saying that Jack should be back on the beach with everyone else, for the funeral of Shannon. Mr Eko says he'll be going, but Ana says that she won't be able to make it, even when Mr Eko says it was an accident.

    Sayid gives the opening to the funeral, admitting to all that he loves her. Jack says a word and then they all say their own farewells. Meanwhile, Kate has put on some music and is mashing up some fruit for Sawyer, who then wakes and tries to strangle Kate saying that he should have killed him.

    Jack and Locke get back to the bunker, to find Sawyer on the floor and the warning buzzer going off. They stop the countdown with a second to go and get Sawyer back onto the bed.

    We get a flashback to Kate buying a bus ticket, getting arrested for murder by a marshall, he saying that her mom turned her in, then she saying that they got the wrong person and it phasing back to her on the island, having a little breakdown and kissing Jack long and hard.

    Michael is asking Locke about the blast doors built into the ceiling, did his buddy have any knowledge or tell them about it. Locke says there is a video and Mr Eko asks if he can watch it too. Both seem to have questions but only Michael is the one to say that the film did not really explain anything, that there were gaps in the film, cleverly spliced.

    Life goes on for most, we see Kate in another flashback, get away from a marshall after he had crashed the car by accident, when trying to light a cigarette whilst driving in heavy rain, as she was driving off a black horse appeared in front of her.

    Micheal asks Locke about all the equipment in the control room and how it is that the numbers can't already be inputted prior to 4 mins. Mr Eko talks more
    to Locke, this time about a book that was found in the bunker on the other side of the island, in this book is a piece of film, it may be the missing piece that explains the orientation better.

    Kate went to see her Dad at an Army recruitment centre, to ask him why didnt he tell her, that the guy she blew up was her real dad, that she had to find it out when she was looking for stuff to put in her scrapbook birthday present for him. She then talks through her craziness to Sawyer, who wakes up and is happy to be in Kates presence.

    Locke and Mr Eko put the film back into the proper order, whilst Kate gives Sawyer a tour of the bunker and then leads him outside. Saying that he needs a haircut, Sawyer says that he might just take himself back inside, as when Kate turns around the horse is there, this time she is able to stroke it.

    Jack and Ana get to have a drink whilst sitting on the beach. The film part that was missing, advises strongly that the computer not be used for anything else, as it may lead to another incident, but as we hear this Michael sees the computer say Hello, he responds and the last section we see is it saying Dad?
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