Season 6 Episode 3

What Kate Does

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • This is getting too weird

    Lost just has lost the plot
  • what an episode !

    one of the best episode in the study character Jack , Sayed , Kate , Sawyer , the new guy and of curse Clare , yea welcome back Clare . Jack he was welling to die for sayed that Jack that we always know but his friends before him , and sayed Trust jack in his life that's how we know Sayed . one of the best scene in the show . Sawyer i have never felt sorry him til now ! he was going to ask Juliet to marry her that's a new thing for Sawyer and how he grows up for the first season , Kate don't care about any one but her that's is a really new thing for Kate . Jack , Sayed . Kate , Sawyer they all deliver there best performances . hope the Emmys are waiting for them .
  • Tabula Rasa 2

    Kate finds herself on the run, while Jack is tasked with something that could put a friend's life at risk. After the first episode was really satisfying you would have expected this episode to be just as god sadly it is a very dissapointing effort which sees Kate run from the law...AGAIN. The scenes on the island were also very average, I dont really care for the character Sayid anymore and now that I think that he is no longer the Sayid we knew I wasnt bothered if he took the pill. Dogen continues to be a wierd character that has potential but Lennon reminds me of an other Phil. Miles is underused once again. There were some good parts to the episode the return of the sickness which to be honest I totally forgot about, Claire returns I could see this coming after she featured heavily in the flash sideways and the scene were Sawyer cried was actually really emotional and well acted by Holloway. all this aside it was still one of Lost's worst hours. Not as bad ast Stranger in a Strange Land and SOS but still as pointless as them.
  • Kate episode..

    So.. I do not know. It had good and it had bad parts. I loved the scene by the harbour between Kate ans Sawyer. Weird, I never liked anything with Sawyer but it was just heartbreaking.

    And even the storyline with Claire was not very bad either.. It had it's moments but..

    The whole thing on the jungle other hand.. It was quite.. I have no words and Jack in back in the ruins or temple, or how to call it.. that was even more confusing. I mean, I have never complained this show to be confusing, but what's the point of adding new mysteries when that is last season and they should solve old ones.
  • I wasn't too impressed with this episode.

    I've watched Lost since it's first season and I've managed to get past all the confusion but this episode was completely far-fetched - on Island and off. The on-island stuff is just really strange...the temple, new characters and the Sayid death thing just isn't working for me. It doesn't make much sense and seems disconnected from the past seasons.

    I really don't like the new temple characters at all either. Kate going after Sawyer was probably the best part of the episode but even that wasn't that amazing.
    The off-island stuff with Kate had me really excited. I'm a big fan of Claire so I was looking forward to see more of her. My problem? It all seemed a bit unbelievable.

    Why would Claire go back with Kate? Why would she ask her to come up to the adoptive parents house? It felt fairly contrived if I'm honest. This was disappointing. I like Kate, I like Claire but I didn't particularly enjoy this storyline. The ending with Claire appearing on the island was good as I'm very intrigued to find out where she's been for the past two seasons but I'd read about that return anyway...

    For an episode in the final season this really wasn't at the quality you'd expect. Pick up please.
  • One of the worst episodes of the entire programme

    It seems as if they have completely changed the director and writers for this one episode. I am a huge Lost fan but this episode is overacted, the dialogue is super obvious and cheesy and Kate's story after the flight was ridiculous. All the scenes in the temple were awful, the only good bit was Sawyer managed a bit of an emotional pull when breaking down to Kate about Juliet. There is a reason this is the lowest rated episode of the whole series as it really is the worst. Very strange after a great 2 part opener. Lets hope it picks back up
  • Okay, doesn't quite deserve a 10, but I had to balance out all the undo rage against this solid episode...

    "What Kate Does" may have been slower and more focused on the character of Kate than many fans wanted so soon in the season, but this episode was well written, well acted, and quite revealing plot wise...

    Every season has had a standout 'dud'...season 1's "Homecoming", seasong 2's "Fire and Water", season 3's "Stranger in A Strange Land", season 4's "The Other Woman" (well, season 5 was all amazing and the exception), but my point is that this episode was so much better than "Fire And Water" or any of the above mentioned misses, that it's absolutely wrong to say that it's the worst LOST episode ever...I think it'll be redeemed in the grand scheme of the season and I enjoyed it a lot...it was shocking to see how in the minority I am...

  • You'll enjoy this one *minor spoilers*

    I don't know why the reviews below are mediocre. I thought it was a great, necessary episode after the premier. "What Kate Does" felt very well paced and there were no moments in the episode where you wanted the scene to finish or hurry on.

    As from the first episode the viewers know that "Nothing is irreversible", and this theme is continued in the episode. With Kate and Claire making a connection and them being together when the baby almost arrives. Since i'ts an alternate timeline some things are slightly different and thats why the baby wasn't delivered (my theory).

    There is also some hints of a family revelation that may happen in the next episode. And Sayid's death is partially explained. All we know is that he is "claimed".
  • LOST fans are getting to greedy imho .

    this is an absolutely normal episode in a LOST way, what makes it great!

    so why is so low rated? because LOST fans are now used (specially after that awesome premiere) to an insane speed of events with more questions and answers and they've become so arrogant and greedy that cannot allow the series to slow down a bit.

    please go watch some season 1 and 2 episodes and compare them with this one.

    you wouldn't even tell the difference.

    this is a solid episode where we can see some great connections between both history lines or whatever and i can't wait for episode 4!

    i am not going to tell anything else about this because pretty much everything was said in here.

    PS. sorry about any english mistakes. i live 2 or 3 borders and a sea away from an english country :P

    PS2. i gave it a pity 10, but this episode is an easy 8.8 to 9
  • While 'What Kate Does' does not scale the lofty heights of 'LA X', it is certainly an enjoyable, well written episode.

    So Lost, pray tell us, what does Kate do, exactly? Well, according to this fine instalment of the world's greatest televisual experience, young Ms Austen hijacks taxis, runs roughshod over the luggage of poor struggling doctors (Artz is back, ladies and gentlemen! You've been pining for him for years, haven't you?!), steals the handbags of pregnant youngsters and subsequently feels horribly guilty about it all. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. She feels guilty about anything to do with the koochie-coo, cute-as-buttons wickle baby thing growing inside Emilie De Ravan. Couldn't care less about the other havoc she's wreaked. But of course, this is off-Island, flash-sideways Kate. The Kate for whom flight 815 did come hurtling down into the ocean is a little more empathetic, finding herself caring for the well-being of an understandably distraught Sawyer, while also desperate to find the aforementioned Claire in order to reunite her with Aaron.

    It's an interesting dichotomy this and one that looks likely to set the trend for the remainder of the season. As predicted, Horowitz and Kitsis continue with the structure established in 'LA X (parts one and two)', juxtaposing a timeline in which 815 didn't crash with one in which Jack and his fellow Losties were unsuccessful in their attempts to change history. Few hints are given as to how these two will ultimately reconcile, preferring instead to present the duality as is and allow the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions. However, as a result, it allows us to acquire some intriguing insights into the show's central characters, to contrast their personalities and neuroses in differing sets of circumstances, drawing parallels and establishing how their problems are resolved, if it all. It's somewhat fitting that Kate's penchant to run grinds to a halt as a result of realising exactly what she was stealing from Claire; in the show's chronological timeline, it is effectively the protection of baby Aaron that allows her to finally settle. There are some well-played scenes between Lilly and Ravan, particularly in the hospital, as apprehension gives way to affection and genuine emotion shines through from both parties. The story does occasionally feel a little capricious, as its teleology becomes rather predictable from the moment that the pregnancy is revealed, and the fact that Claire's water breaks just as the prospective recipient of her child turns her back on her is more than a little convenient. Still, on the whole, this is an enjoyable retread through the damaged psyches of both characters (Kate and Claire), which reminds us of just how far they've both come.

    The on-Island narrative is even better. Again, there are certain less desirable elements - Kate's sudden re-interest in Claire's well-being feels a little too well timed in terms of the narrative's inherent motifs, especially given that Sawyer's having an emotional breakdown right in front of her eyes, and those Others that transport she and Jin could do with a little more subtlety in their portrayals - but overall, Kate's storyline here is solid. Her concern for James is touching and the sequence in which he breaks down in front of her at the pier is heartwrenching. Lilly is excellent, but Holloway is astounding, never veering too far towards mawkish and selling every last ounce of emotion with the gravitas and crushing weight that it deserves. As per, Lost is stupendous at representing consequence. There are no quick fixes here; Sawyer does not cry for a bit and then forget about Juliet completely. The trauma is built into the narratives and it works wonders. Hopefully, this will continue in the weeks to come.

    Putting aside Kate's story, there is a nice B-strand involving Jack and Sayid to address too. For the umpteenth time, the writers give little away, still refusing to explain exactly how our favourite torturer is in this condition, but what they do reveal proves somewhat fascinating. Sayid has been 'claimed', you say? Would that, perchance, be by Smokie? The guy 'dressed' as Locke? It certainly seems like the Natives aren't particularly fond of the guy, especially after hearing the news of Jacob's departure last week, and the concept is one that has arisen within the arc plot before: remember Rousseau's men? They were exposed to the monster/elements within the Temple and subsequently turned bats**t crazy. It would therefore make logical sense that this is what these Others are referring to. Of course, whether or not Sayid is ill is another matter entirely, and one that certainly harbours much promise for forthcoming episodes.

    While 'What Kate Does' does not scale the lofty heights of 'LA X', it is certainly an enjoyable, well written episode. Kate's on and off-Island narratives work well in conjunction with one another, providing a neat assessment of the psychological ennui that torment the character, and Evangeline Lilly rises to the challenge, almost but not quite matching Josh Holloway in their beautiful scene at the dock. It's a bit of a shame that the episode relegates the mythology to C-storyline status and it perhaps could've done with an injection of Locke and Ben, but generally, this is another strong slice of television from a production crew at the very top of their game.
  • An ordinary but necessary episode. An interesting scene is the one when Lennon is pretty wondered with Jack's courage by taking the pill. Jack confirmed his superheroe status.

    I think tidus1117 is absolutely right in his theory, the parallel story is a flashforward, the island will sink by the end of the show, but i also think there won't be a final and definitive answer to all the questions but a kind of open end in which you'll adjust your own theory. The people who believe in the metaphysics will be satisfied and people like me who thinks the only rational explanation to what is happening in the island is alien technology or technology from a distant future will be satisfied too. I bet that in very end we'll see that the island although sunk will continue to be alive. An widely end enough to all tastes.
  • As much as it pains me to give LOST a failing score, this episode certainly earned it.

    Now don't get me wrong. I'm not going to be like some fellow fans that after one mediocre episode begin to think that the show has lost its pizazz (i wouldn't be surprised if those LOST fans are also Heroes fans). LOST has not lost its pizazz seeing that the season six premier was amazing. The reason i didn't like the episode was because of the off island storyline of Kate. I mean, haven't that on-the-run storyline already been a bit overplayed? I know I'm sick of it. The on the island storyline didn't really have much of anything happen aside from sayid having some sickness that Claire also has. The first on island showing of one of my least favorite characters, Claire, comes off kind of lame as she comes out of the jungle as a blonde version of Rousseau. I know LOST will pick up the metaphorical ball that it dropped in the upcomming episodes and by the end of the season, we'll look back on this episode as season 6s version of The Other Woman.
  • People need to have some patience.

    I know the word ''patience'' is a dangerous word to use when it comes to Lost. Haven't we all been waiting the last 5 season for some answers? Don't we deserve some answers after all those years? Yes we sure do, but it's not that easy.

    With the final season on it's way, we just can't expect every episode to be epic, dramatic and conclusive. People who have been devoted fans all this years know that Lost goes deeper than that. This episode was a prime example. Everybody was in an epic state after the final season kicked off last week. In this episode we see kate what kate does after flight 815 landed on LAX in the alternate reality, flash-sideway, flash forward or whatever this storyline turns out to be in the end. We see what ''the others'' have in mind with Sayid, what Sawyer thinks of the whole situation and some semi-interesting conversation between Jack and Kate. The episode ends in a typical Lost way: You have more questions than answers. (although I have the feeling that the amount of questions are rising, I feel that Lost is working to some conclusions)

    See Lost as a game of chess. You will have your grande finale, but for that to happen, every piece needs to be in it's correct place first. And this episode was good tactical move.
  • Wanna know what is the alternate reality??...This is my theory...

    At the end of the show the island will be underwater!
    yeah the alternate life will happen. Something like this will happen
    In the encouner with the Jacob's Nemesis someone or a group of people will somehow manage to go back in time and see what happened after the Hydrogen Bomb and there they will destroy the bad guy then the whole island will somehow or for some reason go underwater changing everything!!! Then the scene we see with Jack on the Plane in LAX (season 6 episode 1) will be shown as in all the things we've seen will be what will happen now to their lives...

    So that means that everything that happened on the island (season 1-4) never happened? well sort of, but the thing is that You Cant Change Destiny. they manage to change their life setting but all the important things Will Happen. Claire giving birth, Sawyer meeting Juliet, Jack and Kate find love... etc etc..

    Juliet Before diyng got a glimpse of that life... she said: "we should get coffee sometime" my guess is that Juliet's meeting with Sawyer will involve coffee maybe they meet at a coffee shop and she wants to make sure they meet...
    Thats why she says: "it worked".

    the thing is that if my theory is true then I dont think that we will get the answer (to what is the alternate reality) until one of the last episodes...

    On the other hand I think this episode even though it was very slow paced it was full of emotion, Sawyer and Kate scene was amazing I could feel what Sawyer was feeling! There are still lots of questions that we need to know Claire's infection?? is she been controlled by evil? I thought she was protected by Jacob... What will happend to Sayid? Will Sun and Jin soon reunite? What will happen to Richard? How can we Kill Jacob's nemesis!!??

    Please send any comment regards my theory I think its the closest thing I could create with what has happened so far thx for reading :)
  • This episode is currently rated the lowest in the show's history! WTF, it wasn't even close to the worst of the series...what's wrong with people...this was a great hour of TV!

    I'm amazed that so many people are being so hard on this episode. I think it is one of the best Kate character episodes in the series. 'What Kate does' is not kill her father Wayne in the new time-line, and she stops running (albeit temporarily) to help Claire and Aaron in keeping with her previous destiny . That's a huge revelation towards the redemption of the character...

    The re-emergence of the 'infection' that hearkens back to season one's revelation by Rousseau was the kind of pay off that makes LOST so satisfying now at the end of all things...

    Sawyer's genuine loss and pain, Kate's admission of guilt, Jack's humility...awesome!...We are going in the right direction here, have some patience...it's only week 2...

    If all that some people want are final answers without being engaged in the ongoing mystery then I for one am happy that the producers delivered an episode that so many people didn't like. It was not the pinnacle episode of the series of course, but deserving, necessary, and certainly not boring or filler, imho :)
  • Season 6 finds its pace

    This is why I watch Lost ! In this episode, you've got the perfect balance between mysteries ( more on the sickness ! yeah !!! ) , humor ( "I'm not a zombie" ) , and character moments ( the dock scene brought tears to my eyes, I must confess ) . The flash-sideways weren't as distracting as last time ( maybe I'm getting used to it ) , and gave us enjoyable Kate/Claire scenes. Add to that a Star Wars quote ( "They didn't ask any questions" is an Empire quote, if I'm not mistaken ) , some unexpected twists ( Ethan "I-keep-popping-up-although-I-died-five-seasons-ago" Goodspeed ), and a huge crossover, what's more to ask, really ?
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Irresistible Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway performance, intense Kate dual story, some disappointing temple elements but mirror connections and strange cliffhanger

    Even if this episode title revealed the featured character for once it didn't negatively affect the experience. In fact it made the anticipation even more intriguing because Kate is definitely my favorite female character. Evangeline Lilly is so beautiful and talented. Moreover Kate is not the stereotype of the murderer next door because we all know her story is that much more complex than that. And that's exactly what this episode was about, better understand who she is.

    As expected the story was split like in LA X. The island and urban arcs developed further. The first one was not only about her but also a lot about Sayid and Sawyer. Josh Holloway gave by far his best performance and his emotional words and authentic acting could even turn a stone into a vivid gem. His con profile makes him so unpredictable that guessing his next move is always a pleasure for the mind. And like on a chessboard once the black island arc had developed for a few minutes the focus turned to the white urban arc featuring Kate and Claire. To tell the truth I never really liked Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton but I think she did a better job in this episode and her interaction with Kate was quite interesting. Moreover I'm sure some young or pregnant women relate to her so she's definitely a mandatory character.

    However even if I found the acting really good at times and the dual story captivating I have to admit that there're still a few elements that bug me. For example I'm not really fond of the temple and don't think the Japanese guy is convincing. He reminds me too much of the Asian scientist who managed the Dharma Initiative. Therefore he's less believable. I also don't like the its sets because they're far too cheap and almost jar with the jungle. It should be more chaotic and wild, like the characters. It's specially disappointing considering the attention to some details like the caustic effect during the pool scenes, where Sayid was drowned. The different make-ups, specially on Matthew Fox and Lilly, also greatly contribute to make the two arcs believable. Both Kates are wild but the one on the island is definitely dirtier, and it only makes her more irresistible.

    Last but not least let's not forget how some new elements are intriguing. They definitely opened new connections between the characters and left a few question marks on their way. What's the link between Sayid and Jack ? What's next for Claire and Swayer ? But in the end the cliffhanger definitely stole the screen because I had waited for it during the whole LA X episode and it never happened. Now they're getting at what this 6th and last season should be all about, the connection. The one that probably binds the variable and the constant. The one that links both worlds, the island to the rest. Do I see some smoke far away or is the monster already upon us ? If the events were occuring on Skull Island, King Kong would definitely be scared like a little and fragile monkey. But the problem with Lost is that watching it makes you dream of electric polar bears so I wouldn't be surprised to see John Locke turn into a giant ape, destroy the temple walls and escape with our gorgeous Kate in distress.

    What Kate did. Why don't you find it out all by yourself ?
  • conclusions

    what katie does left a few hints and guidelines for what's coming, the season 2 hours premiere as well as season 5 finale managed to mislead us a bit by telling us that Lock -or whoever took his body- is the evil, and Jacob was the good one, but it seems the reality is not the opposite, it was Jacob who toys with getting people into the Island, who was the one who directed the lost ship into the Island, as we saw in the opening scene of season 5 finale, and through out that season we saw how he carefully choose the people who were on the Island way before they got there, their misery -in this case Sawyer, and John Lock- was on him I guess. The guy in black simply doesn't stand the Island and he only wants to leave, maybe by killing Jacob, and taking Lock body he will find his way, but still a battle will start soon, Kristian and Claire will be part of it -Claire found out the truth and that's why she is a rebel- and soon Sa'id will find the same truth, and Sawyer will be approached and convinced by Lock to join the other front, still lots for Desomnd and Widmore to do, lots of missing pieces, but it's clear the view is different from what we think it is so far.
  • Ok, but must do better

    This is the kind of Lost episode which probably works best when the whole series is watched in one (or two) viewings. While previous seasons have presented 2 stories in different times, the current gives us 2 stories told at the same time in different (or alternate) spaces. We see what would have happened to Kate if she hadn't ended up on the island, and we see her receiving a measure of closure in her on-off relationship with Sawyer in the reality where the bomb goes off but they still end up on the island. This Sawyer lived in the 70s and fell in love with Juliet which opens the way for Kate and Jack to get together, just like the Lost writers have always hinted. It seems to me that Daniel always predicted that the future cannot be altered but maybe it can be spun off into a new alternate reality, leaving the original timeline to still have happened (albeit with some differences). The island has always been the site of special energy which seems to draw people towards it even though it is hard to find if you actually look for it. From Richard hundreds of years ago to the people on flight Oceanic 815, people are draw to the island where they are subjected to both Jacob and the smoke monster/Jacob's opposite. Essentially a fight for the souls of the men and women that land happens, seemingly Jacob's rival has always won and we have been given many examples of this, all Jacob needs is one to go his way, and maybe he gets released from his island prison and people are no longer drawn there.

    Back to the episode, we are shown the ways in which Kate's future of having a bond with Claire and Aaron is maintained even though the plane doesn't crash, I imagine a lot of this last series will show the ways in which the events on the island are shown to have been unchangeable even though they never crashed, a lot of what Daniel said about changing what happens seems to have been forgotten, and it was only last season.

    On the island we are given another example of someone who dies (Saeed)and is being taken over by Jacob's rival, this is how he wins against Jacob, who seems unable to do such a thing and relies on convincing people to follow him. Christian was always Jacob's rival who convinced Claire to go with him, just like he tried to talk Jack into believing it was actually his dad.

    This was not the best episode (how could it be after that opener) but it was decent Lost, I do worry slightly that they only have a set number of episodes left, but I figure that they are trusting people to think for themselves rather than spoon feeding all the answers. I think I'm following but some people don't seem to be and they may end up disappointed.
  • Not the best episode, but necessary to tell this season's story.

    No, it didnt have a lot of action; yes the jack/sayid/others story seem a bit contrived, but the focus was on kate and on claire and was necessary to follow up on the season premiere by showing, and many times at that in just this episode, how most of the main plot points are destined to happen regardless of where the characters are: claire destine to keep the baby, the fact that Ethan is there, baby keeps the same name, and what looks like how kate will end up with Aaron. Slower than we're used to, but needed storytelling nonetheless.
  • This episode was aweful. Only that was remotely interesting was the ending. With this being the last season, this episode didn't even more the overall plot forward. Amazing two hour opener - horrible follow-up

    There were so many things about this episode that was just plain aweful. The two hour opener did a lot of setting things into motion along with a great revelation on the "smoke monster". The follow up leaving you with a big "ugh" or "Wow, I hated that" coming out of your mouth after watching. It was so bad, I don't even know where to start. Positive: I liked the name of the episode. "What Kate Does" Which is a follow-up to "What Kate did"
    The ending was intersting with Claire showing up. Which is also somewhat confusing considering we last saw her with Christian. Waiting on Answers there.

    Negatives: Didn't move the plotline foward at all. And, honestly? The whole thing sucked. I wish I could say skip this; however, you can't int he Lost world. If you have to see this, sucks to be you. I'm glad I got it over with. It's your turn.
  • 7 stars for what seemed like 7 minutes of content.

    The entire episode seemingly contained 5-10 minutes of actual content; and the words "It was ok..." come to mind.


    Kate, while playing the bad-girl, still ends up doing 'the right thing'...

    Sawyer grieves a bit more over Juliet dying...

    Jack is righteous...

    Sayid is infected with the islands version of demonic possession (but seems normal right now)...

    The Asian-guy (Dogen) figures that out (via electric-shock and burning), and wants Jack to give Sayid a pill, which ends up being poison...

    Claire returns to the show by shooting two people...

    Jin is in pain.


    My only question would be: how is Kate consternated by Sayid coming back to life? She's traveled through time, lived through the heart of an atomic explosion and seen a monster made out of smoke; yet, Sayid rising from the dead is a veritable enigma, somehow...
  • What does Kate actually do?

    The momentum of the mind-blowing premiere comes to a halt with this second installment. A LOST tradition, I suppose, but in this final year (which is still only a half-season) I couldn't help but suffer from the "so-much-to-do-so-little-time" mentality of watching. The mystery surrounding Sayid's resurrection was frustrating. The Others continue to be vague and speak in riddles, while the survivors refuse to ask the right questions. While many are enjoying seeing Jack in full on guilt/responsibility mode for so much that has recently happened, what's really great is seeing how this shapes him as a leader (which for everyone he is still is) and how this plays into the redemption of the character.

    Also great to see- well bittersweet, actually- was Sawyer's continued disregard for all things Island. He's a man without purpose now, and lamenting Juliet's death is the best work Josh Holloway has ever done on the show. They should have got on that sub, so many years ago...

    I wasn't a fan of Others Aldo and Justin at all. "Remember me? You hit me with your gun!" Stop whining. With Mr. Holds-a-Grudge, and Mr. Friendly 2 escorting Jin and Kate through the jungle, this combo did a lot to undermine the intimidating mystique of the entire others crew. Also lacking excitement was the Claire and Kate paring in the alternate timeline (I refuse to use the term "Flash-Sideways" because that just sounds stupid). It's great to see Claire again, though, and it's very interesting to me because it isn't an 'alternate history'. Cuse and Lindelof have professed this reality is every bit as real the on-island story. In their way, they are showing us that certain things were destined to happen to these castaways. Claire was always going to name her baby Aaron. Characters will still inevitably cross paths. That said, Claire still wanting to be in Kate's company after being held at gunpoint was pretty ridiculous.
    And Ethan has become a tired running joke.

    Some are complaining that we didn't get any of the Fake-Locke, Ben, demi-god storyline this week, but I can never fault an episode for what it didn't give us. Only what it did. And what did Kate actually DO?
  • Not really about Kate, but that's a good thing

    The season premiere took the familiar trappings of "Lost" and tossed them upside-down and sideways. This is not particularly surprising, but it does leave the true nature of the narrative structure and purpose a bit mysterious. Is the "Lost X" timeline meant to feed into the "Lost Prime" timeline somewhere down the road, or is "Lost X" just an extended example of how "course correction" works in the "Lost" universe?

    The more events in "Lost X" are revealed, the more it seems that all the differences still result in similar interactions. Ethan is still involved in treating Claire and her pregnancy. Claire chooses the name Aaron for her son. Kate befriends Claire, and Kate even seemed to be forming a kind of bond with Aaron. Kate uses the false identity "Joan Hart". These are just some of the obvious connections between "Lost X" and "Lost Prime"; others may be found in repeated viewings and closer inspection. (It should be noted that the ultrasound showed the date 22 Oct 2004, which settles the debate over when the events of "Lost X" take place, even if it is a month later than one would expect.)

    The argument against "Lost X" being just a long-term example of "course correction" hinges on the apparent transfer of knowledge of "Lost Prime". Jack seemed to recognize Desmond on the plane in the previous episode, and Claire seems to come up with the name Aaron out of nowhere in this episode. Both could easily be explained within the context of "Lost X" and unrevealed character histories, but such synchronicities are rarely accidental on "Lost".

    Of course, the most interesting elements of the episode are covered in the "Lost Prime" universe. Sayid's apparent return from the dead is obviously a major plot point. As predicted in the review for the previous episode, it now seems certain that Sayid is connected in some way to Jacob's rival. This connection is referred to by Dogan and Lennon as an "infection", which harkens back to Danielle's description of what happened to her fellow scientists when they came in contact with the smoke monster.

    This could very well resolve one of the loose threads that seemed like it would never be resolved: the "sickness". It seemed like the whole "quarantine" issue with the Swan Station, the vaccines, and Danielle's story would all be dismissed as a matter of mistaken context. Instead, they now all connect to Sayid's circumstance. What happened to Danielle's crewmates seems to be happening with Sayid now.

    Dogan's revelation that the same thing happened to Claire fits what little was shown at the end of the fourth season. Claire was "taken" by Christian, who based on his manipulation of Locke at the same time, was clearly a form taken by Jacob's rival. This fits the pattern that Jacob's rival, as the smoke monster, can take on the form of those who are dead. On the island, it appears that the dead themselves can be "inhabited" by Jacob's rival.

    A lot is going to have to be clarified in Claire's backstory from the time after the attack on New Otherton to this point. She's slipped into a pseudo-Danielle mode, setting traps and living on the land, and like Sayid, she clearly has a corporeal form. So did Jacob's rival kill Claire and then bring her back to life, as seems to have happened with Danielle's crew? Claire seemed to be alive and well mere hours and days after disappearing in the fourth season, so it's not a long process.

    There may be an even more interesting connection. Dogan suggests that Jack and the other survivors of Oceanic 815 were brought to the island for a purpose, which has always been an underlying subtext. For that reason, it always felt like Desmond's role in bringing down Oceanic 815 didn't add up; it couldn't have been a simple coincidence, especially with the plane being so far off course. But what if Kelvin was influenced to distract Desmond at just the right time? Kelvin could have been "infected", especially since Jacob's rival seemed to suggest, in the previous episode, that he was hoping one of the Oceanic survivors would be suited to manipulation. (On the other hand, based on the conversation between Jacob and his rival in "The Incident", it could have been Jacob, and his rival was just taking advantage of the situation.)

    Whatever the case, the implication is once again on the table: the crash of Oceanic 815 was no accident. It served a greater design. While previous theories pointed to Widmore, this new spin on the same story doesn't preclude his involvement. After all, the war between Ben and Widmore is looking more and more like a "war by proxy" between Jacob and his rival.

    As if Sayid's status wasn't concerning enough, there's the small matter of Claire and her ability to "spread the infection". It seems rather plain that Jin, Sawyer, and Kate could come into contact with Claire, and could very well end up "tainted" by Jacob's rival. With the equal potential for some of the survivors and Others in contact with Sayid becoming "infected", it could be that Danielle's very early prediction that the JackLocke Tribe would eventually turn on one another might come to pass.

    But beyond the very welcome return of the gorgeous Emilie de Ravin to the series, the events of "Lost X" are a reminder that there was something important about Aaron. More to the point, things were going to go very, very wrong if Aaron was "raised by another". While this was implied to be a ruse, it certainly doesn't seem to be the case now. In fact, if Claire was "tainted" by Jacob's rival, then Kate's vision of Claire off the island was very likely Jacob's rival himself. Why would he have wanted Aaron to not come back to the island? It's almost certainly connected to the same reason why Claire was warned not to separate from Aaron in the first place.

    For that reason, it seems odd that this episode title suggests that this is a Kate-centric tale. While Kate factors into the plot in both timelines, the most important connections appear to be Claire-centric. This wouldn't be the first time that a Kate-centric episode had less to do with her than someone else, and it is a little disappointing to think that the welcome advancements in her character in the fifth season didn't receive a more direct exploration.

    Overall, for an episode that didn't seem to have very much action, a great many connections were implied. There's still plenty of room for interpretation, but the big picture is forming, and with quite a few episodes left, there's enough time to deal with the finer details.
  • Sawyer and Kate escape the Temple, while Jack and the Others investigate Sayid's condition. In LA X, Kate meets Claire -- and both their lives are intertwined by Aaron.

    This episode was pretty good. I enjoyed Sawyer's scenes in the Barracks, as well as Jack's scenes opposite Dogen. They have good chemistry, and I hope they have more scenes together in the future.

    It was great to see Claire again, but apparently she is extremely dark these days. I hope she and Sayid both overcome their "infection", whatever it may be.

    Seeing Kate's storyline in LA X was interesting because she seems to be a genuinely bad girl, instead of a misunderstood fugitive. I liked Lilly's acting in these scenes because she really handles playing a slick, clever criminal well.

    Three hours in, and the final season of Lost is off to a great start. I can not wait to find out more answers as the season unfolds.
  • By no means the best episode but good none the least. "What Kate does" is following a very fast paced, jam packed, awesome two hour premiere making it feel pretty slow. Hang on because it picks up at the end and leaves you with a fantastic cliffhanger.

    Oh, hey Claire! One of the best things about this episode is seeing Claire on the screen again. Not only in the flash-sideways do we see her but also on island. Ethan Goodspeed! Seeing Ethan again made me jump and then I heard him give his name and was a bit confused. Claire just can't get away from this man. I also enjoyed Sawyers moment on the dock. Josh Holloway has been doing a great job letting out his emotions which really reals me in. Good news for anyone who really hates this episode, next week will be plenty of Locke/MIB/Flocke. Although I enjoy every character on some level, Locke/Flocke I enjoy the most. I absolutely cannot wait.
  • Too much to talk about, so I tried to keep it brief: Good follow-up to an excellent premiere, despite losing some of its energy

    It's always tough for shows to follow up premieres, especially if your show has an incredible premiere, and ESPECIALLY especially if that show is Lost. Luckily, Lost is able to keep the momentum moving, even if it's not quite as energetic as last week. There was some good focus on all characters, and we were able to see another strong Kate centric episode, even though her scenes are nearly stolen by a couple of others.

    Part of me expected this to be your typical "Kate runs away from the cops" episode, but I have to say, it was quite the surprise to see the Kate and Claire reunion last well beyond that taxi cab ride. The parallels between each universe continue to appear, as we see that Ethan ends up being her docter when they go into labor, and even though these two women don't know each other in the alternate universe, Kate is still helping her and her son. I have to give much props to the writers for setting up the universe this way, because it's really bringing up some interesting points. The way that Claire said the name "Aaron" just came to her is almost a sign that these two realities are going to have to merge at one point and become one. They're related to each other in way's they don't know yet, and Juliet's phrase "It worked" may end up being the thing to remember. I actually enjoyed the scenes off the island. Unlike the flashbacks from the third season, and some of the flashforwards, we know that there's a point to these besides character development.. it's almost like an entirely seperate show, which doesn't make the transition from on-island to off-island so abrupt and unwanted.

    Claire's return on island follows a pretty chilling description of what is infecting Sayid. This Dogan character is interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing more scenes with him. What really makes me curious is whether or not this "darkness" that spreads throughout each character is an offshoot of the Man in Black or if it's the man himself..or maybe it's something completely different? All I know is that it's certainly a step closer to understanding the dynamics of this Island, though part of me, unfortunately, doubts that we'll learn everything. Either way, the idea that Claire may be "infected"

    It was pretty cool to see Arlo from Season 3 return.. for those of you who don't know, Arlo is played by the actor who plays Mac on It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia. Sort of like last episode, he didn't have too much screen-time, but he got more lines at least. It was pretty cool to see him, if not only for continuity. However, him being killed by Claire was great.

    Evangeline Lilly had some good episodes the last couple of seasons, but she's definitely not my favorite character (and I'm assuming she's not the favorite of others either). This episode was about middle of the line in terms of her acting. Her interactions with Claire are what made the episode so powerful, and I have to say, Sawyer just about steals the entire episode from Kate, even though it's a Kate-centric episode. His grief over Juliet has lead to some great scenes so far from him. Who knows, maybe an Emmy nod is even going to come his way, although I'm pretty doubtful it would happen.

    Overall, besides the Locke/Ben group on the other side of the island, we got a good focus on just about every character. Jack got some great scenes with Dogen, Kate and Sawyer and Claire all were able to step up into the spotlight again, and even Miles and Hurley got a couple of lines in. With so much going on in this final season, I would think it'd be difficult to keep the focus on everyone, but so far, it's going very well. I think it was a given that the show would lose some of its energy coming off of the premiere, but it was still a great hour of television. I just hope that we can get some of the intensity back that was missing the last two hours.. and seeing as it's involving Locke and his people, I have a feeling we'll be seeing some tension arising. I have my fingers crossed.
  • Great Episode! Welcome back Claire!

    For anyone who loves the characters' slow burn towards redemption, this episode delivered. Kate's destiny is somehow entwined with Claire and Aaron. I loved that Ethan was the doctor who in this new reality is a totally different force than on the Island reality. On Island, Jack is really coming into his own and we're finally getting some clarity on what the mysterious illness is that Rousseau talked about way back in season 1 and why she shot her fellow research team members. Sayid's storyline is serving multiple purposes and I thought the way it played out tonight was paying off some almost forgotten storyline that needs to be addressed...loved it!
  • This show gets better and better, it has us all guess what will happen next - what will happen on the island, what will happen in L.A.

    This is another excellent episode of the best show on TV. This was another great Kate eccentric episode - first she runs from the police, high jacks a cab with Clair in it. Once she opens Clair's bag and see that she was pregnant she goes back to find Clair, gives her a ride to the people who were going to adopt her baby only to find out they are long longer going to adopt him. During the visit she starts labor and Kate once again helps her through the delivery just like on the island. Back on the Island, Kate chases after Sawyer only to have him kick her to the curve sort to speak. So now she has to make a decision whether to go back to the group or stay and try to re-befriend Sawyer. We also find out that Sayid is not who they think he is, he has the black smoke inside of him and it needs to be killed before it takes him over. Of course Jack doesn't trust the people at the temple so more decisions have to be made. At the end we see Claire is still alive and keeping an eye on things as she saved Jin from being killed. As I said before this is another excellent episode from the best drama on TV.
  • I love lost , but this episode lacked everything, except for the last 10 minutes, Is this the pace the rest of the season is going to have? If so, my god, whatever good thing they intended to do by "retaking" the season 1 storylines is

    going to fail spectacularly. Yes , we love Claire, Aaron and Season 1 Kate, but come on! You didn't give us anything spectacular!! this is the final season!!! Who cares about Kate punching Aldo, another waste of time of our precious last season (with all due respect to the actor who plays him) And once again Damon and Carlton, you played us with the "We'll tell you who we are right after we talk to sayid" (or after the following commercials for that matter) And that is a recipe you have followed ever since Season 1, introducing new characters and never saying what they are or what their purpose is. Yes, I know, it is part of the ride , but come on! Can't we have once in a while a straight answer? What does Kate do? Bore people to death...
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