Season 6 Episode 16

What They Died For

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004)

Jack wakes in his apartment. He finds that the injury to the left side of his neck that he first noticed on the flight back from Sydney is bleeding. As he cleans it David tells him that he has made breakfast. David checks that Jack is coming to the concert that evening and tells Jack that his mom is coming as well. David tells Jack not to get all weird because of his mom being there. Claire joins them as Jack receives a call telling him that the airline has found the missing cargo, Jack takes it that he means his Father's coffin. In a car Desmond finishes the conversation with Jack.

Locke arrives back at his school and is welcomed by a student. He is being watched by Desmond. As Desmond starts his car Ben jumps in front of the car and calls out for someone to call the police. Desmond goes to Ben and greets him with a punch to the face. As he is held down on the bonnet Ben says he won't let Desmond hurt Locke again. Calmly Desmond tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to help him let go. Ben asks who he is and Desmond replies by saying "Do you want to know who I am" and then beating Ben viciously. As he does Ben has a flash of Desmond beating him ("Dead Is Dead"). Desmond leaves with Ben in confusion on the ground.

A nurse is treating Ben for his injuries. He looks at himself in a mirror as Locke wheels in and asks what happened. Ben says he was in a fight with the man who ran Mr Locke down. He tells him that the strangest thing happened while he was being beaten, that he "saw" something. Locke uses his phone to call the police but Ben suggests against it. He tells him that the man was trying to get Locke to let go, not to hurt him and that for some reason Ben believed him.

As the LAPD officer hangs up from Locke's call, Desmond approaches the officer's desk and asks to see a particular detective. Meanwhile, Det. Straume is reminding Det. Ford about the benefit concert set for that evening at his Dad's Museum. He asks Ford to go, but when Ford discovers that the red head he recently went out on a date with will be there, he passes. Desmond is brought to Ford and Straume and turns himself in for running Locke over and beating Linus up. Desmond is taken to a holding cell. He smiles as he joins Sayid in his cell and Kate in the adjoining cell.

Alex runs up to help Dr Linus who now sport a sling. She wonders why anyone would want to hurt "the nicest guy ever". She then insists that she and her Mother give him a lift home. Alex takes Ben to the car where Danielle Rousseau introduces herself. They insist on having him over for dinner. Danielle is pleased to cook for someone other than Alex. She tells Ben that Alex's father died when Alex was two and that Ben is the closest thing to a father she has had. Ben is touched by this comment and tears well in his eyes. He passes it off as "the onions". Ben looks at Danielle closely.

John Locke knocks at Jack Shephard's door. He remarks about a photo of Jack, David and Christian. Locke tells him that they were on the same flight, that after he was hit by a car he was treated by Jack "of all the doctors in Los Angeles". He says that he still didn't want to be fixed. He tells Jack that the same man who ran him down beat up a teacher at his school and said that he wasn't there to hurt him but to help him let go and that these were the same words Jack had said to him when they were last together. Jack doesn't get it. John says that maybe this was all happening for a reason. Jack suggests that he is mistaking coincidence with fate. Locke says whatever it is called he is ready to get out of his wheelchair.

Ford arrives at the cells for Jarrah, Hume and Austin to be transferred. Kate makes her last bid for Ford to let her go but while he looks tempted he tells her it isn't going to happen. In the wagon a smiling Desmond says to Jarrah and Austin that it is time to leave. Sayid says Desmond is a crazy man who gave himself up. Desmond tells Kate that he ran down a man in a wheelchair. He says he is crazy, but do they want to be free. He says that he needs their trust because after he sets them free he is going to ask each of them to do something and they will have to promise to do it. Without conviction and flippantly both Sayid and Austin make the promise as if nothing will happen.

The paddy wagon pulls up just as Desmond said it would and Officer Cortez opens the doors asks for her pay off and frees them. A yellow Hummer arrives and Hurley jumps out. He says to the officer that he didn't know she was going to be there but then realizes he shouldn't have said that. He gives the officer the $125 grand and she leaves. Hurley asks Desmond whether she is coming with them but he says she isn't ready yet. Hurley points out his Camarro. Jarrah goes with Hurley and Desmond says to Kate that she is with him. Kate asks what he means as Desmond takes a Boutique bag from the boot of the Camarro and pulls out a cocktail dress and says "We are going to a concert."

Original timeline (2007)

Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer

Jack is preparing to stitch Kate's shoulder wound. Kate is pale and very upset. As Jack stitches she reflects on Ji Yeon, that Jin hadn't even met her and with gritted teeth that Locke did this to them and that they have to kill him. Jack says "I know". A little later Sawyer and Hurley watch as the sea washes up detritus from the destroyed sub. Kate leans on Sawyers shoulder as a deep sadness consumes them. Jack says it is time to go. He says that they need to find Desmond who Sayid said was in a well. He adds that if Locke wants him then "we are going to need him."

Sawyer wonders why Locke didn't just kill Desmond, Jack says that maybe it was one of his rules. Sawyer comes to the point of his conversation and says that he was the one who killed the people, and their friends on the Sub. Jack tells him that "He" killed them. Just behind them Hurley looks to the side of the track and sees a mysterious boy standing by an ancient hut. Kate checks that he is O.K. and walks on. The mysterious boy is in front of Hurley and asks for the ashes in Hurley's pocket. As Hurley asks what he wants them for the boy snatches them and runs off. Hurley chases him and comes across Jacob seated by a fire. Hurley asks whether he saw a boy with the pouch of ashes. Jacob tells him they are in the fire and that when the fire goes out he will not be seen again. He adds "We are very close to the end".

It is night. Hurley leads Kate, Sawyer and Jack to Jacob's fire. Jacob greets them by their first names. Hurley is surprised that they can all see Jacob. Kate asks Jacob whether he is the one who wrote the names on the wall. She asks whether that is why they are dead. Kate wants to know that Sun and Jin and Sayid didn't die for nothing. Jacob says he will tell the group what they died for and why he chose them. He adds that by the time the fire is out one of them will have to start protecting the Island.

Around the fire Jacob explains that a very long time ago he made a mistake and as a result there is a good chance that everyone is going to die. He tells them that he made the Monster the way he is. He says the Monster has been trying to kill him and that when he did someone would have to replace him and that is why he brought them all to the Island. Sawyer asks why he should have to suffer for Jacob's mistake because he was "doing just fine until you dragged me to this damn rock". Jacob point out that he didn't drag anyone out of a happy existence but that they were all flawed. He says that he chose them because they were all like him - all alone, all looking for something that they couldn't find. He says he chose them because they needed the Island as much as the Island needed them. Jacob tells Kate her name was crossed off because she became a mother, but that it is just a line of chalk in a cave and that the job is hers if she wants it. He explains that the job is to protect the light at the center of the Island.

Jacob says that what they have to protect it from is "him". That what they have to do is what he couldn't do which is to kill him. Jack asks whether that is even possible. Jacob says that he hopes so because he is certainly going to try to kill them. When Hurley asks how he is going to pick, Jacob says he wants them to have what he did not have which is a choice. Jack barely hesitates and offers himself saying that this is why he is here, that this is what he is supposed to do. Jacob asks Jack whether his statement is really a question. Jack is clear when he says it is not a question.

Jacob and Jack find a spot by the creek away from the others. Jacob asks Jack if he remembers the bamboo field that he woke up in after the crash - he says that beyond that field across the ridge is the heart of the Island where the light is and that is where "he" is trying to go and that is what must be protected. Jack says there is nothing out there, but Jacob tells him there is and that he will be able to get there "now", implying that it was more than mere chance that prevented the MiB, and others, from discovering the Source. Jacob says an incantation and takes some water into Jack's cup and offers it to him. Jack asks how long he will have to do this job and Jacob tells him "as long as you can." Jack drinks. Jacob embraces him and says "Now you are like me."

Ben, Richard and Miles

Miles asks Ben whether they are going the right way. Ben says he lived in the houses for a long time. Miles says he lived here thirty years before Ben ("otherwise known as last week") and he is lost. Richard asks if Ben has enough explosives, and Ben confirms he has enough to destroy the plane "ten times over." He says that the C4 is in his secret room behind his bookcase. They arrive at the Barracks and Miles senses something. He won't share it but Richard explains that it is Ben's daughter who he buried near the picket fence. Ben thanks him.

Inside Ben's house Ben accesses his safe. He says that the secret door was where he learned he could summon the Monster until he realized that it was actually summoning him. Richard tells Ben that they want to blow the plane to hell so they take all six packs of C4. They hear a noise and find Zoe in the kitchen. As Ben asks who she is Widmore appears and says that she is with him. As Ben points his rifle at Widmore, he sends Zoe to the dock to get their equipment and then sink the outrigger. When Ben prevents her from leaving Widmore explains that if Ben shoots him Ben's last chance of survival will be gone. Zoe leaves. Widmore asks Richard what they are up to, and when (to Ben's dismay) he explains Widmore says he's had the plane rigged with explosives since he arrived and is, "as usual", three steps ahead of Ben. Ben asks Widmore how he got to the Island. Widmore explains that he saw Jacob after Ben destroyed the Freighter and he was convinced him all he needed to know for "this exact purpose". Before he can explain the "purpose" Zoe radios that Locke has arrived. Widmore orders her to run back and tells Ben, Miles and Richard that if they don't want to die then they need to hide.

Locke steps off the outrigger. He sees Widmore's outrigger packed with metal cases and walks on. In Ben's house Zoe returns and Widmore heads to the hidden room with her. Miles prepares to escape by running and Ben says he will not run or hide because "he" will find him sooner or later anyway. He takes Widmore's Walkie Talkies and keeps one and gives the other to Miles. Richard puts down his rifle and says he is going to talk to "him". He says "he" just wants Richard to join him and talking to him will give them a chance.

Richard goes out. The Smoke Monster rushes at him and smashes him into a tree. Ben turns and very deliberately sits in a chair on his porch. Locke joins him saying he is just the man he was looking for. Locke unsheathes his large knife and sits. Locke says that he needs Ben to kill some people for him and that in return he can have the whole island to himself. Ben agrees. Locke asks about the other outrigger and Ben tells him that it is Widmore's and that Widmore is hiding inside. They go inside and Ben shows Locke where Widmore and Zoe are. Locke tells him to wait outside but Ben says he wants to see this. When he turns the light on Ben says "Sorry Charles." Locke asks who Zoe is and as she starts to reply Widmore tells her not to talk or say anything. Locke's reacts by slashing Zoe's throat. He says that as Widmore told her not to talk to him that made her pointless. Locke tells Widmore that to motivate him to tell him what he wants to know, that the first thing he will do when he is off the Island is to kill Widmore's daughter. He gives his word that he won't kill her if Widmore talks to him. Widmore says he brought Desmond back because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism and that he was a measure of last resort. Widmore tells Locke he won't say anymore in front of Ben. Locke asks him to whisper in his ear. As he whispers Ben shoots him with a pistol. Ben says "he doesn't get to save his daughter." Locke says that Ben never ceases to amaze him but that Widmore had already told him what he needed to know. Be then checks that there are some "other people to kill." Locke gives a gloating look.

Locke leads Ben through the jungle. Ben asks why he bothers walking if he can be the smoke at any time and Locke says that he likes to feel his feet on the ground, it reminds him of when he was human. They arrive at the well and see it is empty, Locke says obviously Sayid didn't kill Desmond, they see a rope hanging in the well. Ben says that someone helped him out but Locke says that someone actually helped him out. Ben wants to know what Widmore said to Locke. Locke tells him that he said Desmond was a fail safe. That if he killed the "beloved candidates" he was one final way for Jacob to be sure that he would never leave this place. Ben asks why Locke is happy that Desmond is still fee. Locke says that when he finds Desmond he will get him to do the one thing he could never do himself: "Destroy the Island."