Season 6 Episode 16

What They Died For

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • lostt

    Awesome show
  • The best Tribal Council ever!

    (Ed. Note: I am currently writing up this review while recovering from having my gallbladder removed on Wednesday, 19 May. So if it seems like it's not as coherent as usual, blame it on pain medication and my need to take frequent breaks as I write! Thankfully, I should be back to relative normalcy in time for the finale!)

    With this penultimate episode, there is little need for new mysteries to solve. Instead, it's all about resolving long-standing plot elements. In typical "Lost" fashion, it's not always obvious that a plot has resolved or even how! But the answers are there, and many of them confirm or support the speculation in the review for "Across the Sea".

    It's always important to remember that even though the mythology depends on the conflict between Jacob and Adam (the smoke monster), this is only meaningful in terms of what the main characters have been dealing with since the crash of Oceanic 815. This is readily apparent in this episode. Jacob's actions in "Across the Sea" may have started the story, but it's always been about the journey taken by the survivors.

    Jacob's decision to finally explain why he orchestrated the crash of Oceanic 815 helps to bring the series full circle. Many fans had already caught on to the double meaning of the series' title, and as it turns out, that's precisely the quality that Jacob was looking for in his Candidates: people who felt alone, lost in the world, unable to break out of their negative patterns. In short, someone exactly like Jacob, as he admits himself.

    It explains why Kate was supposedly eliminated as a Candidate, though it's rather annoying to think that Kate doesn't have a higher purpose in the story, to explain her prominence from the very beginning. And it definitely makes it clear that Jack was always going to be the one to take Jacob's place. Jack has always been searching for his place in the world, as exhibited by his never-ending control issues. Now, the man who always wanted to fix things has the opportunity to do just that.

    It's good to finally see Richard, Ben, and Miles coming back into the story. It's a little annoying to see Richard taken down so easily, but it does underscore how Richard has been operating under his own illusions based on partial information. It wouldn't be shocking to see Richard again, but considering how many supporting characters have been killed off, his apparent death could be permanent.

    Widmore survived just long enough to explain his actions over the course of the series, if in a rather abbreviated manner. Widmore's desire to kill off everyone on the island aligns well enough with Adam's ultimate designs. Widmore's assertion that Jacob came to him and explained the error of his ways suggests that he had been fooled into fighting on the wrong side. Certainly Widmore's comments to Locke in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" suggests that Widmore knew a war was coming and that he had been convinced that wiping out everyone on the island was the right move. Those actions led directly to Adam's ability to use his "loophole". So in general terms, it all fits together. (Although it was disappointing to learn that Widmore had not been in contact with Jacob all along.)

    As always, Ben's motivations are questionable. Sending Miles away with a walkie-talkie to wait for orders was definitely a clue to his intentions. Selling out Widmore was a means to an end on two levels. First, it gave Ben the opportunity for his promised revenge on Widmore, once it was clear that the "rules" no longer applied.

    Incidentally, what "Across the Sea" and this episode firmly established is that the "rules" have never been fully explained because they were, in effect, arbitrary. Originally, Eve set the rules, and Jacob and Adam simply assumed them to apply. Then Jacob took control, and established his own set of rules. It's easy enough to assume that Ben and Widmore either followed their own rules, or assumed that the rules between Jacob and Adam (perhaps passed to them from Richard) applied to them as well. In either case, as in the real world, the "rules" only apply so long as those bound to them agree they apply.

    Second, Ben killed Widmore as a deliberate way to gain Adam's trust. In order for the events of "Dr. Linus" to have any meaning, Ben cannot be giving in to corruption for the purpose of survival. Instead, looking back on it, Ben was doing everything possible to derail Adam's plans. He shot Widmore once he knew enough to take action and, presumably, to try to stop him from telling Adam what Desmond was supposed to do. And Ben was ready to kill Desmond if it meant derailing Adam's plans, if his expression at the end of the episode was any indication.

    Ben has seemed ready for a redemptive act for a while, but would any such action ever be truly acceptable, given the characters' innate shades of grey? Ben was always insistent that the ends justified the means, and that he was really the good guy. Now that he knows he was manipulated himself by Adam for decades, he seeks to have one moment where he fools Adam and saves the day.

    But it's equally clear that Jack is going to need Desmond as well. Desmond appears to be the one person who can survive the Source without being transformed; that would appear to be why Jacob had asked Widmore to bring him to the island. So if Ben tries to derail Adam's plan to destroy the island (thus presumably unleashing hell by destroying the Source, metaphorically or otherwise), Jack and his allies would logically try to stop him. How ironic would it be for Ben to die, assumed to be a villain, while committing what would truthfully be a selfless act to save the world?

    Ben's story in "Lost X" was remarkably touching in counterpoint. It would be wonderful to see Ben and Danielle together, raising Alex. It was great to see Mira Furlan again, presumably for this one last time, and it definitely served the purpose of showing how all these individuals are coming together in surprising ways.

    It still all comes down to what the writers do with "Lost X". Desmond continues to bring together the passengers of Oceanic 815 (and now, even those who weren't on the flight, but are related to "Lost Prime", like Ben) for a single purpose, and it seems like it's more than simply getting them to experience memories from another life. One can only assume that this factors into whatever Desmond is supposed to do within the Source.

    Back in the review for "LA X", it was speculated that it would come down to someone choosing either reality ("Lost Prime" or "Lost X"). Either Jack or Desmond seemed like the logical "candidate" to make that choice. With Jack taking Jacob's place to see this final confrontation with Adam through to the end, Desmond' nature makes him the perfect choice to make the call.

    This would align well with Desmond's actions in "Lost X". Without knowing it, Widmore could have given Desmond all the information he needed to become this perfect "failsafe". It's clear that Desmond in "Lost X" is acting with purpose, bringing everyone together, and timing appears to be vital. This implies that the connection between the two Desmonds continues to exist on some level.

    Perhaps Jack, in combination with Desmond, will come to the realization that "Lost X" represents not only a timeline where Jacob never forced them to come to the island, but also a reality in which none of the survivors of Oceanic 815 were ever truly alone. Plus, safely underwater, the Source would remain inherently protected, since it appears that the Incident caused the island to sink.

    Whatever the case, the writers will have to reveal the nature of "Lost X", and more important the nature of the island in that timeline, in the finale. A solid case has to be made for how defeating Adam ties into the existence of "Lost X", and what the implications are of the choice, if there is one. Because while delivering everyone into a reality where everyone is still alive and complete in some fashion sounds great, the implication for "Lost Prime" cannot be ignored.

    Overall, this was about as solid a penultimate episode as anyone could have expected. A number of important matters came to light, a Candidate was chosen, and the stage is fully set for the endgame. There are still a few key plot elements to resolve, but with the finale running two and a half hours, there's plenty of time to do it right.
  • Awesome!

    This is one of the most important and well made episodes in LOST history. The tragic end of jin and sun and sayid...It set up all the pieces for the end. A masterfully written and acted addition to the LOST cannon. Jack and the Man in Black are set to meet each other for the final battle. The stakes are high and the flash-sideways are starting to make sense to the greater story on the Island. Seeing Hurley, Jack, and Kate mourn the loss of their friends was emotional ad poignant...these characters have truly grown into a family...very well done!
  • LOST has gone beyond limits.

    Seriously, there are episodes in LOST which really are fantastic, but the way they're approaching the ending is not only unrealistic, but so far fetched I can't even suspend disbelief anymore. The writers of LOST seem to be lost themselves, and after watching episode after episode for almost 6 seasons, I am disappointed with the direction the writers are taking for the finale. I might have to go back and watch the better episodes in order to force myself to forget all this nonsense.

    Desmond's really the only character who I really have any connection with anymore. The last two episodes made me forget about the rest to mere futility.
  • Jacob finally breaks the ice. Spoilers!

    Well we get a new protector of the island, and of all people it was Jack of course! We get to see Desmond stalk more people to arrange a gathering at this 'concert'. But lets stop for a moment here. Sayid said that Jack needed to go to the well because Desmond was there, yet we then find out that Desmond was already out of the well so thats something to figure out. MIB said that he helped 'himself' out, but I believe that figure of speech was that Desmond is helping MIB off the island now that he knows why he is there, courtesy of Widmore. Long live Widmore! He is dead now btw, in case you didn't notice. Back to the picture here, Jack is ready, willing and able to protect and he has to go to the 'light' for the next step in the plot. What they died for helped get the ball rolling again, and who knows what is going to happen next. Til Sunday my friends, til Sunday. Where did you go Richard??!!
  • The End in Near !.

    The END is near , and i don't think i can Handel it .

    as always an outstanding performance from Locke , Ben , Jack and Des . Emmys People ! . and now we know what there are choosin to protect the island but why them because there life is as Jacob's ( empty , hate , anger , Alone , etc .. ) . and Jack is the new protector . Ben is amazing when he choice the dark side . Locke has reach his limit's of anger and he is ready to destroy the Island . Des is bring them all together to one last amazing scene as sure of it . and as always Lost delivers and so many great scene and things happened ! ..

    Can't wait to the finale of best amazing show ever made and will be . 10/10 .
  • One more to go

    Perhaps the greatest television show in ABC history, one of the best dramas of all time, it all comes to a end on Sunday night.

    While this episode did advance some things, did we really get any questions answered? What is the purpose of the numbers? Why were these people candidates (that obviously won't get answered now)? Why did the real Locke want to protect the island?

    I didn't like Jack accepting his role as the protector of the light within any second thoughts. Does he realize he will not return to society for 20-30 years? Napoleon certainly wasn't loving his exiled lifestyle.

    Now we can just hope the finale delivers.
  • Since last episode, I can´t help to feel that this is being too "rushed into an end"...

    Since last episode, I can´t help but feel that this is being too "rushed into an end"... I really wasn´t expecting to see Widmore die just like that, and same thing with Richard (just guessing he is dead), now I kind of know that we will never know things like the truth behind Walt, Mr. Ecko, the big deal with Claire´s baby in the beginning, why pregnant women die on the island, among a lot of other unanswered questions... I think the show needed some more episodes so we don´t get the feeling that they suddenly realized they had 3 or 4 episodes left and tried to explain as many things as they could (most of them in a lousy way) or giving closure to characters by killing them "just like that"... I feel like after all we have been through all this years we deserved a little bit more...

    Ps. Am I the only one that when I see re runs of episodes from the first 3 seasons I feel like the show was going to a totally different direction and feel kind of cheated about what it tourned out to be?
  • One of the season's best!!

    I loved this episode! The actors are all at the top of their game as the show winds down to an epic end. The writing, the plot...just everything happening makes me feel really optimistic that this will end the way it should end. I'm really loving how both the Island story and the sideways are so engaging and connecting more and more. Jack as the candidate makes perfect sense too and the more you think about it, there is no one else who should take that job given the character's arc, so it was really satisfying to see that happen. ps. I think Richard is still alive and I think Juliet will end up with Sawyer and may also be Jack's sideways ex wife!
  • The best episode of this season...Yet!

    What An Episode
    The best episode of this season , and am pretty sure
    the finale is going to be Amazing.
    I cried most of this episode,Not just because of the things that were happening but to tha fact that I've been watching the best thing in my life for six years and its going to end next sunday.

    Everything that happend in this episode was very shocking, in all the scenes that desmond was in i was
    soo excited that i started laughing.
    Desmond rocked in this episode, also the rest of the characters they really did their best.

    The end of this episode was really suprising.
    One more episode and the best series ever made will end.
  • Desmond never stops to amaze me. Ben (sadly) either

    So.. that was episode what had amazing pace. It had great story, those alternative reality stories.. all that. It was just brilliant composition in the end.

    I loved Desmond. That char just never stops to amaze me. He going to police, giving himself up to get to Kate and Sayid and the whole scene before on the school with Ben. Loved that.

    And Ben. He is back after missing for quite a long time and what kind of decisions he takes. Playing on Locke side, being ready to kill everyone.. shooting Withmore. Ok, that was understandable but.. That was it? Withmore have been on the horizon, buzzing everyone up for so long and now.. he just gets killed? And Richard too. Lost is just killing way too fast way too many people. There is I think only very few people left on the island. So.. what will happen with them?

    (and the whole Jack and Jacob thing was so predictable)
  • Better than the last episode...

    I'm still annoyed with how this has turned out but I did like this episode. It was good to see the aftermath of the previous episode and the island stuff was generally quite interesting. I pretty much have no idea why any of this is going on...I'm guessing they need to 'walk into the light' to move on or something...at least Jack was chosen as the candidate...even though that whole storyline is part of why this show annoys me lately.

    The flash sideways was more entertaining as everyone seems to be coming together to a concert...I'm looking forward to see what this is all about...
    I still don't get why all this stuff is happening on the island...oh well...I guess we'll find out in the finale...
  • Intriguing...

    but they still have alot of things to resolve in the last episode and alot of questions to answer if the last 6 seasons are going to make complete sense. Even with it being a 2 hour special I don't see them being able to cover everything in it, but maybe I will be proven wrong. I also would like to know what the man in black actually gains from leaving the island, does he just want to get off it so he can drink beer in hawaii... I mean getting off the island cannot be his only desire, it seems alot of effort just to leave the island if he doesn't have some other, more intricate, plans once he leaves
  • Pieces are falling together, for those who are still in denial about the fact that " what the island is all about " and who jacob and MIB is at this point you will never get over it.

    So we have seen what the island is all about and now we have a new protector. But we still don't know who will prevail? good or evil? Especially the fact that we don't know what role Desmond is going to play. I think after this episode, Jack ( new protector of the light ) is or might be at a disadvantage. Lets see, jack has sawyer, kate, Hugo on his side. And, Lock (MIB) has Linus and maybe Desmond but with MIB's powers he still has an advantage. The people who are yet to take sides are Richard and Miles and I might be missing a few like clair and lapidus ( doubt it). I forgot who else can make a difference in the battle of good and evil. I personally think that the greater evil in this is in fact MIB even though Jacob did do a mistake but really it was forced upon him and drove him to a decision to kill his brother. But count how many MIB killed, I lost track ! It's no excuse just to get off the island. Manipulation, lust etc .. are all signs of evil exhibited by MIB. Sure its a noble cause that he wants off the island but how many he has to kill to do it? Now he's thinking about destroying the island all together? IT means he's going to kill everyone else ! I mean, if the light is just an overflow of electromagnetism flux that can capture the brainwaves of dead people and make them seem alive to others that's pretty powerfull stuff. One grenade thrown in the light can blow the whole island. And bombs, not to hard to find them on the island. Can't wait for the finale.
  • An Episode that was Very Well Done

    Ladies and gentlemen, tonight was LOST! This is one of the best episodes of the season and its because it was very well handled. Last week I gave by far the harshest review of LOST that I have ever written because no matter what answers were given good or bad, no matter what mysteries were solved, or how they were interpreted (even though I had a few complaints on these) the episode (to me and others!) was not handled well. When I say "not handled well" I mean three things: the writing was not that great (a shocker because the two most gifted writers for the LOST show genre wrote it), the acting was good but not great mainly because the writers decided to make the decision of leaving the child characters out to dry for half the episode, and the story was not that intriguing. Wrap that present in the fact that the episode was so pumped up to be one of the greatest LOST hours ever (which if you are honest with yourself you can realize that it really wasnt even if its one of your favorite episodes). Now whether the expectation was put on us by the producers, writers, and actors on the show or us the fans and watchers is up for debate but the fact remains the same that the episode let a lot of people down.

    This week's episode What They Died for was different. To me it handled all three faucets well that I listed above: the writing was very good, the acting was great, and the story was intriguing. Now I know many would say that this episode would be very hard to compare to last week's because Across the Sea is alot different from all other LOST episodes because of its narrative construct but I would argue that this is the reason why you can "contrast" the two. Last weeks episode was very different from many LOST episodes because the things this show does well time and time again was not done well in last week's episode and it became a little worse when the episode did not meet expectations; and the overall rating of 8.5 on TV.com and worse on other LOST blogging sites is proof. But enough about last weeks episode, this one did for me what I hoped it would: It re-energized me for what I always believed would be a great finale. From the mythology with Jacob, the conversation with Jacob by the fire, Jack's coronation, Ben's mutiny (who saw that one coming because I didn't but great twist by the writers), and Man In Black's final plan everything was handled so well! Plus I am very interested to see what the writers have up their sleeve for the finale's plot because I know that the plotlines from tonight won't fill up two and a half hours. But all and all I believe it will be great and Darlton will revive themselves of last week's decent Across the Sea. Everyone buckle your seatbelts we're headed for a very exciting ride!
  • Well, we know who got the job. Question is, is he up for it? Read before you rate.

    Finally the islanders meet Jacob, and the dude comes clean about what he wants from them, why he choose them and blah blah blah and then asks the question whose answer almost everybody knows….who wants the freaking job? Well as I said we all know (almost) who volunteers (yes not chosen, but volunteers) and then Jacob proceeds to make him immortal and officially hand down the responsibilities.

    Smokey, still pissed that he wasn't able to kill all of the islanders in the submarine decides to do a bit of it in his free time and also re-connects with his old buddy, Linus, who asks a very important question; why walk when you can float? You have to love the dude's sense of humor. Anyway it is to Linus that Smokey reveals his diabolical plan for the Island, and how he intends to go about it…sort of. Scary!

    In the alt verse, Desmond is on some mission to throw a reunion party for all those who flew on the flight with him. Even tries to run Locke all over again. I still don't know what the point of the alt verse is.

    I am in between calling this episode a waste of a perfectly good hour or something better then the last episode but I do know that we probably saw the last of Jacob, and now that he has been replaced…who needs him? We got the new guy to answer our questions, if he has the time that is.
  • The most eerie and important call.

    The final candidates are summoned in the midst of death - for Smokey continues the slaughter - to be offered the choice Jacob never had; selected because each of them was all alone, with no one who needed them in the outside world, Jacob explains that the reason why Kate was crossed off was because she became a mother thus someone needed her after all, still the job it's hers if she wants it, in fact they all have the same choice.

    As soon as they enter New Otherton, Miles's ability reveals Ben that grandpa Alpert buried his daughter after they were gone, touched by the gesture, Ben thanks Richard for the very last time before Smokey attacks them. In another place, Ben is invited to dinner in a home where his daughter got to live a full life along with her mother, Danielle to lose a husband without the horror of pulling the trigger herself and Ben gets to embrace the warmth of human connection with the only two people he could possibly fit, as if they would've been waiting for him to come back home to them, the Rousseaus and Ben Linus are a family again.

    However, in the island, the work is not done as Smokey keeps going, Miles keeps running away from him and Jacob keeps waiting for the candidates to make a choice, a choice that Jack takes for them. Jacob finally has someone to take over his place.
  • Well, we finally got down to it, the row to the last episode of Lost!

    Great Episode, Great Season all along! We've got to know a LOT of stuff about the island, and a lot about their characters in the last 6 seasons, we started by being introduced to Jack (and that's why it made sense to me that jack was the one taking Jacob's place keeping the island safe 6 seasons after the beginning).

    But now, just now in the end we start to get the whole picture, what Lost was all about from the beginning.

    For 5 seasons we stood on the TV watching Lost, because of the mystery the show had, you just could't wait till next episode to see if you got any answers to the ones laid down on previous episodes.

    And then. this season, we stay on the TV watching impatiently, because all those questions are being answered. WHAT A GREAT SHOW!

    There are still a lot of questions that haven't been answered, and thats why the last episode is so exciting, everything will make sense, finally, and just on the very final episode.

    (back on this episode review) I kind of wished that hugo would get Jacob's Job, but in my mind there was no question it was going to be Jack.

    This next episode will bring us the final battle between good and evil and will give us all the answers we are waiting for, I believe this was just a warmup episode, to show us that the season finale has a lot of potential!

  • On your Marks...

    Well at least we're back to business.

    I can't report that too much happened on the island besides 2 significant scenes. The first was Jacob's final play. After lil' Jake snatched the ash back from Hurley (The ash has been explained! Well, not really...), he used it in a fire and declared that when it goes out, it will be the last time they see him. Jacob finally showed himself to the Final Four, and they had a lengthy fireside chat about who would be the island's new protector. (As if we couldn't guess) He told them about the 'Cave of Light', or the 'Heart of the Island' (Ugh) And he explained why he chose each of them- they were flawed like him. I never really theorize on these reviews (I hate being wrong, and besides, this late in the game, what's the point? Just watch it all play out) but I did figure that Jacob chose everyone because of the back stories we've all been watching throughout the course of the series. As they have been interesting and compelling to us, they have been interesting and compelling to him. We this out of the way, it was nice to understand that Jake crossed out Kate's name because she became a mother. Awww. "It's just a line of chalk. The job's still your is you want it." How cool would it have been if she said 'yes'? Or Hurley, or anybody less obvious than Jack? I don't know about you, but I thought I saw a tinge of jealousy from Sawyer as they watched from afar while Jack took his initiation drink. "Now you're like me," Jacob cryptically stated. Without that being clearly defined, I guess we have to assume Jack is now ageless and cant touch people and grant them powers. I guess there's a lot to mull over this new duty, including how long Jack can do this task ("For as long as you can") and if it really is necessary. MiB says it doesn't need protecting, and after last week, it seems like Jacob sort of resents this damn Island, and is glad to be rid of the job. Considering MiB wants to 'destroy' the whole island, there may be something to Jacob's fears after all. The second significant part of the island story was Man In Black appealing to Ben's dark side. He came over to the barracks, (where Charles and Ben finally met in an anti-climatic scene that felt like an afterthought) and killed poor Zoe. Also, he may have totally obliterated Richard, who foolishly thought he could appeal to the monster. If this is the last time we see of him, that may be hilarious! Less funny was Miles, who went to the effort to come all the way out here to help do something, and then ran away like a b*tch the moment trouble came up. He may get the last laugh, though, because everyone else is DEAD.

    If I could go on a side tangent for a sec, besides providing a few chuckles, I've never been a fan of the Miles character, and here at the end of things, I can't quite understand what the point of bringing him on was. He hasn't brought much to the show (nothing that Hurley, Sawyer, or even Charlie didn't deliver- in better ways) and of the Freighter 4, I'm a little annoyed that he's still kicking while the awesome Daniel Faraday lies dead. The moment with Alex's burial spot was okay, but more because of how it connected to the Sideways plot, not because of anything specifically that Miles offers to the story. More on the Sideways later. Okay. Back to business. Widmore whispered something in UnLocke's ear, but Ben shot him dead right then and there. "He doesn't get to save his daughter!" Smokey couldn't kill all the candidates so this is his last resort. Somehow Desmond is going to help him do this- or help the Final Four kill Smokey. Desmond just became the series' hottest free agent! He's working overtime in Alterna-land, and this might have been my favorite 'Sideways' yet. I don't know what it was, but something about everything gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I loved seeing Jack his son, and Claire having breakfast together. Claire seemed so happy. That made me happy. John came to Jack and is 'ready to get out of that chair'. This made me happy. Ben was invited over to Alex's and... ROUSSEAU! YES! Honestly, that's all I wanted, folks! Rousseau in a dress! Just once! This made me happy. I'm getting a good feeling about the way Otherverse turns out! The possibility of Ben, Danielle and Alex all becoming a happy family might be worth this entire season! Desmond turned himself in to Sawyer and locked up with Kate and...SAYID! Seeing him alive and kicking here certainly quells the pain of his death on the Island. During the prisoner transport, Des clued Jarrah and Austen in on a master plan he's got going, and after they paid off ANA LUCIA (Yes! But 'she's not ready yet') Hurley took Sayid, while Kate will be going to a concert with Desmond (Faraday?)! This is getting thrilling, which has never happened for the side stories on LOST going into the finale. It's time to wake up!
  • Exciting

    That's the LOST I love ! Not one minute is wasted here, the plot is moving forward at a very fast pace, but it never feels rushed. Even the FST is mobing forward, with Desmond's plan coming into fruition ... should be a hell of a concert !!! Strong performances from all the cast, especially Michael Emerson ( good to have the old, nasty Ben back ), Terry O'Quinn, and Mark Pellegrino, who's giving us the best, most human version of Jacob he's ever done, and sums up why the 815ers were picked in a way that's both meaningful and well-handled ( contrary to, say, the explanation of the Whispers or ghost Christian ). Some great lines : "I've been wrong before" ( understatement of the decade ), "And I thought he had a god complex before" ( oh Sawyer, I totally forbid you to die in the finale ! ) "I'm gonna destroy the island" ( which cleverly reminds of "He wants us to move the island" ! ). Add to that the nice, human moments ( Jack, David and Claire, Ben with Alex and Rousseau - nice to have you back ! )... If the finale is on par with that, color me more than happy !
  • *** Spoiler-free *** All season 6 hyper creative elements in one cookie jar

    Let's pretend Across the Sea never happened. It's what I told myself before watching this installment even if I have tremendous respect for its writers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. The only thing I wanted was a direct sequel to The Candidate and it's exactly What They Died For was.

    First all mind blowing elements from past episodes were back, from the synchronized editing to the dual connections. Second all characters were featured and the format was as heavy as in The Last Recruit. Following Desmond whereabouts was just fascinating and Henry Ian Cusick's performance was excellent. I wished for no more featured character and they delivered, again. As for the story it was intense and unpredictable. As expected, because of the upcoming finale, all arcs collided to unveil what The End will be about. An other thing I enjoyed was the well balanced pace because for once it wasn't too short and in fact it nearly felt like a longer episode when it wasn't. I suppose so many events happened that there was just the perfect amount of creativity to appeal the audience.

    Last but not least The Candidate's destiny was linked to the Across the Sea story so it should make more sense for the people who hated it. I did and it didn't change my mind about it but if I had to rated it again I would probably change my 3 out of 10 to a 4, or a 2. Viewers are wicked ! But even if Lindelof and Cuse didn't write the best season 6 episodes let's not forget that they always succeeded to deliver captivating finales. And considering their The Constant is my all time favorite episode I have no doubt that The End will be the finale Lost deserves. Heaven or hell ? Stay tuned…
  • Here was me thinking they could go one episode without killing a major character.

    It would appear that Richard has fallen pray to the same thing that got Illana and Frank: that they have no time for him in the finale. That said we didn't see an establishment shot of him mangled body, so with his immortality ability he may have survived, but I doubt it. However I'm starting to come around to the killing off ancillary main characters. While the Sun and Jin thing is still painful getting these characters out of the way for a more focussed finale may be a good thing. After the finale (on Sunday, it's like only four days until Lost finishes!!!) we'll never see these characters again and so if there's not time to service them properly then they may as well get rid of them. Plus that was one Hell of a slam from the Monster, so if it was Richard's finale moment there's far worse ways to go!

    After last week's trip into the past this week we were right back with our main characters, complete with flash-sideways. It was another multi-centric episode as was expected and managed to cover most of the main characters. Each character had some nice scenes and each of them interacted with another character from the island. Ben's scenes were interesting as he had dinner with Roussau and Alex. It was nice to see the French woman again after over two years and their scene was well handled. At one point I thought Ben was going to pull Roussau, which thankfully they didn't go for. His attachment to Alex was sweet and appropriately echoed his island self.

    While the sideways stuff was really good, the on island stuff just didn't do it for me and I think I can see a clear reason straight away: Desmond. He was in the flash-sideways, but not seen on the island. Considering how big a part he had to play in the sideways universe this week it was shocking not to see him on the island. Also who helped him out of the well? While the timeline of the episode is a bit hard to confirm (Jack and co's scenes could've happened a while before Ben's) it was annoying not to get to see it, unless of cool there's an awesome reveal in the finale (like it was Frank after surviving the submarine!).

    In the sideways universe he continued to show people their other lives. I question whether he knew hitting Ben would help him remember or if he just felt like it, but it's not really that important. Him offering himself up to the cops was played brilliantly and it was great to see his plan unfold. Seeing Anna-Lucia again was a great moment, off the top of my head Walt, Shannon and Mr. Eko are the only main characters we've not seen this season (and Nikki and Paulo) so it's been a great touch in this final season to revisit most of them. I liked Hurley's line about if Anna-Lucia was coming with them as she of course was a main character, just not important to this season. Also the fact that Hurley is helping Desmond and recognised Anna-Lucia shows that he's remembered a lot more about his island life than those flashes in "Everybody Loves Hugo" indicated which is awesome!

    Like I said though the on island stuff didn't do much for me. I felt Widmore deserved a better send off than what we got here. After being such a huge character to kill him off before the finale seemed a waste, but again it may have been a necessary evil. It might have made this episode weaker, but maybe the next one will be stronger for it. As such an amazing character it's hard to get a read on Ben and that's a good thing. Will he actually kill the candidates as we assume Locke wants him to? I'd like to believe had Desmond been in that well he wouldn't have pulled the trigger but who really knows!

    The highlight on the island was the scene with Jacob, although I still have a few issues with it. Why did we see his younger self first? I assume it's the same kid Locke saw a couple of times, but it didn't look like him to me. Would a line about how Jacob can make himself appear as a younger version (or older which could explain the cabin scenes in season 3 and 4) of himself have been so hard? But the sit down with the mysterious character was very cool. It almost made last week's poor episode worth it as enigmatic lines like "I made the Monster" made total sense to us because of it. I also loved the simple answer as to why Kate's name was crossed off. It really humanised Jacob as the guardian of the island isn't going to be the safest job so to have crossed off Kate as she had a child to look after was a really good answer for that mystery. That said I still feel a full 22 episode season would've done this show more justice. Being told these things by Jacob was great, but if we got to see them happen it would've been a lot better. But with time running out some important scenes have to be cut down to simple exposition.

    So we go into the final ever episode (oh my God I'm so excited!) with a good setup from both universes. Sure the on island stuff didn't manage to do much more than act as a lead in to the finale, but the flash-sideways were great all round. For me this season has been losing steam since about the halfway point, but if the finale is as mind blowing as it better be then it could make everything worthwhile. I'm expecting a lot from the final ever episode, but I don't think I'm the only one! Also in case you didn't know, we only have to wait until Sunday night!
  • face to face finally

    This was a good eposide, I get why they are doing the alt universe now its all going to a head on sundays eposide. Where something remakrable will happen, but thats sundays eposide. Last nights eposide too was better then last weeks and defintly a very strong eposide for the season. Jack is the Islands protector. The alt. universe is if Lock ends up destroying the island, by useing Desmond, like I said sundays eposide will be good. Jack will finally get what he wants redemption for all the pain he caused. Now the race is on to see who can get to Desmond first. Desmond is the key to everything
  • At last something. How come it's the American dream that wins?

    At last, we wasted last week's show to bring us some kind of conclusion for some more, as expected, revelations.

    We're told that the candidates were chosen for their flaws. I guess unlike the other 200+ passengers their flaws had to be pretty grave indeed. Are they really?

    As expected, Jack nominate's himself to take over the Island without much of a struggle from Hurley, Kate or Sawyer. He dumbly asks, "How long will I have to do this job?", to Jacob. Regardless of the time slides and people talking about them it still doesn't sink in.

    John Locke as ever is performed on bar. We have a great scene carried by Locke and Jack based on faith. So we kind of get some conclusion, plus a nod to Locke not smokey. The scene is carried by the strength of acting by Locke though!

    Still, I think the reason behind the selection of the characters was weak, as well as Kate's crossing off the board for being a mother. Killing is fine, if you're a mother. But we won't let anything bad happen to you. What????

    To the American dream. Let's face it, the down and outcasts haven't had their chance to say, "Yes, I'd be up for it". Jack, a doctor, a natural leader might is an obvious choice. Sawyer would have been more of a rogue to hero type, and would have better set off a CHANGE in character for the final episodes. Jack, a leader per se would not surprise. Jack is a dream person. A natural leader, privileged upbringing, all round nice guy who has his off days. It would have been better to have a moment where Jack ultimately sacrifices himself. If we see this in favour of someone else, then I think that is what Jack does best. The show has always done best with it's anti-heroes. Locke, Linus, Said have been very, very strong. Maybe I'll be in for a surprise. I hope you will be too!
  • Back on track, still not top drawer stuff but intriguing.

    So here we see what happens to Ben, Richard and Miles in their hunt for something to blow up the plane. Sure took them a long time to hike to Dharmaville when you consider what Jack et al went through since they separated. Smoky/unLocke/MIB keeps it nasty, so long Widmore, Tina Fey, er Sonia, Ricardus..thought Widmore would have a larger impact in the endgame. In the sideways LA the story takes an interesting turn, take your bow Michelle Rodriguez, but really how does a cop explain three missing prisoners?? Danielle also gets a curtain call, she makes a cute couple with Ben. And how about that Linus? Gets a good old Lost whupping for old times sake and shows his evil side again. And then the final four get the talk, such as it was, from the ghost of Jacob, one of them volunteers and takes the magic waters. When Jacob explains his choices it rings true for Sawyer and Kate who were lost souls but Jack was a successful surgeon, recently divorced and had some daddy issues but it seems Jacob manipulated him. Similarly Hugo was tormented by the numbers, otherwise he was a basic happy go lucky sort head-bleeped by Jacob. Oh and back to the sideways world there seems to be a music concert coming up that will be a synergistic event - can Jack really get paraLocke walking by concert time??
  • last 3 episode countdown.Spoiler alert!

    Lost still surprise me,and its only two episodes left.This episode reviled that Jack and Sawyer can be compared with Jacob and the black smoke.Jack is taking over Jacobs job,watching the "light tunnel" .Sawyer didn't seems happy about it.He did the mistake of setting up the bomb,causing 3 deaths.
    I have a hunch that Sawyer might sacrifice him self,by going in to the tunnel and become the black smoke to fight the black smoke,but this I'm not certain.Benjamin is working with "Locke" and is promised the island for him self in return.This i find a bit weird,since at the end "Locke" said hi will destroy the island.Will Ben be the one who save them all??
    Is Richard dead?And where is Desmond? What will happen with them in the other parallel universe?Lock will probably walk again,but what about Sun?Last time we saw her,she was in the hospital.Two episodes left and still a lot of unanswered questions!
    My weekdays will be empty without Lost!
  • Dangling plot points get resolved for the big finale.

    Last episode before the finale cleared the way of all other pot points and answered the big questions, now we just need to see how it turns out.

    I was a little dissapointed by the way the Ben, Richard and Miles story went. Richard was always with Jacob and was supposedly immortal. It seemed like a cheat for smokey to suddenly be able to kill him now, although it looked cool and I suppose it was a visually entertaining way to die, which is what TV writers try for first. After all, why couldn't smokey kill Richard before for hundreds of years? What changed now? It looked cool, but really didn't make sense if you think about it.

    Miles feeling Ben's daughter sets up Ben throwing Widmore to the wolves, as he finally gets revenge for his own daughter dying. Again, the story made sense, but after years of the shadowy Widmore being on the show, that was a sudden way to go out. I expected a big battle and instead he and his assistant bite the dust hiding in a little room. Miles ran off into the jungle, so I don't know if his story is done or not.

    However, the rest of the story with the main characters were very good, as they finally met Jacob and they know why they are there. Jack became the new Jacob and there will be a show down between Ben/Locke and Jack with the remaining losties in the finale, with an explanation of the side-flashes. Others on here think the island will be destroyed, but I don't think so. I think Jack will be the new Jacob and will recruit new people who are Lost with Saywer and Kate dying and Hurley being Jack's new Richard. I also predict Ben will die and smokey will be defeated, but maybe not die, but might take over Ben's body, and the cyle will start anew. Just my two cents.
  • A very 'special' episode, that should put to rest doubts that the writers knew what they were doing, and restore those who had their faith shaken by 'Across the Sea'.

    I enjoyed the previous episode very much, it hasn't made it into my top ten but it was a great episode and one which people were too quick to criticise. It looks like those critics might be eating their words this week as 'What They Died For' ticks all the right boxes and ranks with some of the very best episodes of LOST.

    The episode picks up where we left off with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer aka the four remaining candidates. They're all resigned to their fate now as they come to terms with the fact that it was their 'destiny' all along to remain on the island. Hurley sees a young Jacob (not a ghost)in the jungle who demands he hands over his ashes. Chasing the boy he comes across a no-longer ghost Jacob who tells Hurley to bring Jack, Kate and Sawyer to meet him. Jacob proceeds to tell them why they were brought to the island, what they must do, and who must be his replacement. It's seemed obvious for a while that it must be Jack, and when he steps forward for the job it is a great moment, completing his journey from a man of science to a man of faith, from an arrogant jerk(at least that's what I though of him in earlier seasons) to a likeable Jacobesque hero. The way the choosing of the candidate is executed is perfect, there's no big drama just great dialogue and some amazing acting on all parts, with Hurley and Sawyer perfectly adding the right amount of light-heartedness to the proceedings, Sawyers "he always had a god complex" line is classic. Beautiful, beautiful television.

    For the first time in a few episodes we get to see the great Michael Emerson in action again as Ben, as he Richard and Miles head to the barracks to get some C4. While stocking up on explosives they meet Widmore and Zoe, whose meeting is cut short when MiB turns up to the party. Widmore and Zoe attempt to hide, Miles runs and Richard and Ben wait to see what happen. Richard is quite forcefully hit by a giant fist-like smoke monster, and it's unclear whether he is dead (I really hope not). The Smoke Monster effect was done really well, reminding me of Eko's death in season 3, and really caught me by surprise. After the smoke has cleared though Locke walks out to confront Ben ultimately talking him in to killing Widmore, who tells MiB why he's on the island to save his daughter's life. Widmore does seem to give up his purpose quite quickly but then it seems to be through Jacob's will that he came back. It's also a thrill to see Ben back to his old evil ways though with only a finale to go it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

    The alternate reality parts of this episode are the best yet with a big focus on Jack, Locke, Ben and Desmond. It's clear from this episode how well the AR segments were planned from the start, and it's becoming clear how things will pan out in the finale. Hurley now seems to have all his memories of the island back and is keen to help Des, in a truly epic storyline where he beats up Ben (to make him remember, indicating that Ben has a purpose in the finale) turns himself in only to help Kate and Sayid break out, assisted by Ana Lucia and an envelope of money from Hurley. I always liked the alternate reality segments from the start, and this episode really highlights the careful tapestry that has been woven throughout them.

    What this episode does so well is redeem six years of character development and clues (the place where Jack woke up in the Pilot was close to 'the source', it was also the site of the white tennis shoe hanging from the bamboo) so that when Jacob passes the torch to Jack, when you see Desmond's plan come together and when the episode ends with MiB's threat to destroy the island you are sure it's all been worth it. Great writing, superb acting, epic all the way down, bring on the finale.
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