Season 5 Episode 11

Whatever Happened, Happened

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • A major revelation, and two life altering decisions

    The most important thing we learned about the castaways in the first three seasons of the show was that they all had huge issues with their parents. And the one with the most complex ones was probably Kate. Her mother divorced the man she thought was her father, and her stepfather was a drunken lout who beat her mother, and probably abused Kate. She finally killed him when she learned that he was actually her real father. The man who she thought was her father loved her like she was his daughter, but was not related to her by blood. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when we understand Kate's relationship with Aaron, which is basically the same. All the evidence we saw was that Kate was a superb mother, and that she had even less of a reason to return to the island than Sayid did.

    Part of the story of the last couple of seasons of Lost will involved all the characters achieving an understanding with their parents. We get the sense of that when Kate finally meets Roger Linus in the aftermath of the 'attack' on the Dharma Initiative. We've only seen him in the worst possible light so far, but when he learns that his son has been shot, the agony and grief he demonstrates feels genuine. Granted, it's a little difficult to feel sympathy for a man who beat his son hard enough to break his glasses, but we do get the feeling from his actions with Kate that he really does feel like fatherhood is a job that overmatched him (no doubt he missed his son's birthday again this year). And it is because of Kate's life with Aaron that she is able to do something that I honestly think would have been unthinkable of her even before she got on Ajira 316 --- try to find a way to save the young Ben's life.

    Of course, she doesn't have much choice. Juliet, who now seems to have been promoted to head doctor, is doing to her damnedest to save the boy who grew up to make her life a living hell --- but she's a fertility specialist. When James goes to our resident surgeon, Jack now decides to demonstrate his new philosophy. Rather than jump at the chance to fix something, he decides that he's just going to make sandwiches and let the present work itself. Maybe he's working on the theories that Miles' is espousing in the side-splitting discussions he has with Hurley trying to explain how time travel works. However, I can't help but think there's a certain justification to it. He has saved Ben's life before (in the future; man Carlton and Damon are making this difficult) and maybe he just feels like that this is nothing but a zero sum gain. When Kate confronts him saying that she liked the old Jack, the one who tried to fix everything better, Jack counters by telling her "You didn't like the old me." Snap. He has a point there too, though.

    One wonders why Kate ,who was essentially treated as chattel by Ben on the island the first time around, would want so badly to save him to the point of taking him to the Others. Maybe it has something to do with why she came back to the island in the first place. In the flashback, we learn that somehow Kate managed to locate Cassidy and Sawyer's daughter, Clementine. (How she did it is a matter that boggles the mind, considering: a) she never knew Sawyer's last name, b) she did know Cassidy, but she never knew her last name, and c) even allowing for b, Cassidy would never have given her daughter Sawyer's last name.) Cassidy has not forgiven him, and even when Kate tells her of Sawyer's heroic last action, she thinks that he did it because he was a coward and couldn't face his responsibilities. (Some people theorized that Cassidy was lying about Clementine being Sawyer's child, but when we see her at five, she looks a hell of a lot like him.)

    Kate was struck by something else. She went to the supermarket to pick up some milk for Aaron. He walked away from her, and just disappeared for almost a minute. Kate panics and runs to the front of the store, only to find him in the hands a woman who looks an awful lot like Claire. I still don't believe Kate went back to the island for Sawyer, no matter what Cassidy might say about him breaking her heart. No, she couldn't live with the guilt that she had taken a child away from his mother, and that has always been bothering her, even as she has been showering Aaron with love. So she makes the decision which is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of the show --- when Kate goes to Carole Littleton, and tells her the truth about what happened to her daughter, and that she's going back to try and find her daughter, because a mother must always act in the best interest of the child. (Again we raise the question, where the hell is Claire. She doesn't seem to have been traveling with the island, and she doesn't seem to be in the present. It's only because we knew that she'd be coming back for the last season that I didn't seriously consider the possibility that Claire was dead.)

    Now Kate has come back, and she seems to be raising havoc just by being here. Juliet's behavior is contradictory--- on the one hand, she gives him to Kate, saying she'll stall as long as possible before notifying James, on the other, she then goes directly to James, tells him what she's done, causing him to go back and help her. What's more, she has a really dark scene where she walks in on Jack, and demands to know why he left her in the lurch. Jack then gives the answer that he came back in order to save them, and when Juliet points out the obvious, he admits that he doesn't really know why he came back. Juliet is broken up by the fact that she might lose a patient, but she seems far more disturbed by the fact that she's sent Kate back into the jungle with the man she loves. James/Sawyer seems similarly tormented. He answers Cassidy's claim that he wasn't fit to raise a child by agreeing with it, and then seems all defensive when Kate asks him about the life that he's started with Juliet. It's hard to tell whether he's helping Kate because Juliet asked him to or whether it's because he believes he's supposed to.

    In any case, they end up face to face with Richard, who is as enigmatic as ever. When Kate asks if they can save Ben, he says yes, but his innocence will be lost and he will always be 'one of us'. Even though this is probably the exact moment that Ben started down the path of being the monster he became (though as Sayid saw in the last episode, he was already halfway there) Kate doesn't hesitate a moment before handing him over. We're not yet sure what kind of problems Ben will face when Richard takes him to the temple. But his present isn't much safer. For in the last scene of the episode, he awakes to find John Locke standing over him, welcoming him back "to the land of the living." I hope to hell he was going to find out the true meaning of payback.

    'Whatever Happened, Happened" is not quite as strong as some of the episodes we've had so far, but it featured superb work by Evangeline Lilly. I defy even the most rapid ant-Kate fan to watch the last two scenes with Claire's mother and Aaron, and not to at least shed one tear. (Giacchino uses some of his best music to wed the scene together as well, once again using the theme that "we're on a journey") Ken Leung and Jorge Garcia also provided this episode with some desperately needed humor as Miles tries to explain to Hurley exactly why and how time travel works. (Talk about the blind leading the blind, though; I think his explanation would give Daniel headaches.) I'm also a little upset with Cuse and Lindelof from cutting away from the Others just when it seemed like we were going to get some answers about the Temple, and basically, everything, but considering what we'll get in the next episode, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
    My score:8.6
  • A Tearjerker Kate-centric! :)

    It was AMAZING like all Kate-centric episodes. I felt so sad for her when he left Aaron.

    But if you look at it in general, it was a dull episode. Why? > Because all the things turned out just the way we predicted. ;) Like Sawyer whispering to Kate's ear about his daughter and Kate ending up leaving Aaron with his grandma. These are all the solutions that we predicted and we got em' right. :D
    So the writers didn't quite ''suprize'' us this week. At all. But it's okay, still a great episode. :)

    Miles' and Hurley's humor was hilarious. Hurley is priceless, he is so funny. Richard taking Ben telling Kate and Sawyer that he will never be the same. WOW!
    They really did turn Ben into an evil man. He was going to be a nice boy all this time if Sayid hadn't shot him. Speaking of him, where the heck was he tonight?

    The ending was worth watching the whole thing. Finally we have Adult Ben and Locke back. Boy I loved Ben's face, like he just woke up seeing a ghost. :D

    9.5 out of 10 =)
  • Finally! 5 reasons this episode works:

    Finally! This is the episode I've been waiting all season for. Not this Kate-centric episode specifically, but I've been just waiting for that first A+ episode this year and I think it's finally arrived (Death of Jeremy Bentham and LaFleur were both very close, though). I guess what I liked best about "Whatever Happened Happened" is that it basically played out exactly how I wanted it to. What I mean by this, is it took every twist and turn I wanted, and answered questions (mostly within this contained story- something they haven't done in a while). In a weird way, it was even "thinking" the way I would. More on that later. So I've got the Five Best things that I think worked here.

    5. Roger Linus might have the hots for Kate. There was something deviously amusing about Big Bad Ben's dad making googly eyes at Ms. Austin. Maybe cause we know he has no chance in hell! Still, she was oddly nice enough to the guy, especially knowing what becomes of he and his son in the future. Also good to know that the workman wasn't a complete deadbeat.

    4. Cassidy returns. I can't express how great it is to see supporting players get solid returning guest spots like this. We get to see little Clementine grown up (so cute!) and seeing Kate having another woman to talk about motherhood (and Sawyer) with was cathartic and very welcome.

    3. Richard saves Ben. More generally, it was the whole overall segment that I liked. Ben is brought to the mysterious Uber Other, who obviously knows the greatest secrets of the Island, and you can insert all the literary metaphors you want for the castaways handing away the dying youth to his ultimate destiny. There was something really epic about this moment which is a testament to the director, because it's always hard to make something we already know will happen seem unexpected and important. Looks like we got our answer. He won't remember any of this. (Essentially, a "rebirth.")

    2. Jack says no. Yes! Because that's exactly what I would have done, and probably many others. This scene screamed volumes to me. Not only is Jack's reasoning exactly right, but the undertone, not mentioned, is that he's not going to cover Sawyer's ass. Everyone desperately trying to save the most evil bastard on TV was odd to me. What's it to Kate? What's it Sawyer? And especially Juliet, Ben having ruined her life? I'm always gonna have Jack's back, and it's a revelation that he may have come to terms with destiny and fate trumping out logic and reason.

    1. Hurley, Miles and the time-paradox debate. Normally, Lost doesn't let asides like this play out this long, but considering the state of fandom right now, this was very necessary. Hurley is the voice of the people. He thinks what we think, and asks what we ask, and here he quite literally takes the words right out of my mouth with the joke about fading from existence, "Back to the Future" style! Considering these shows are shot before the producers can get feedback from viewers, this is brilliant anticipation by the writers! Props also go to Miles for doing his damnedest to explain how time travel *On This Show* is supposed to work. Not only did he clear things up a bit for me, it really almost all made sense! Oh S***! moment of the year: Ben awakes to see resurrected John Locke staring him in the face.

  • Best show on the planet delivers another classic, Excellent kate-centric episode.

    I honestly have loved every single Kate-centric episode and this was nothing short of amazing. We finally get to find out why Kate came back to the Island (I didnt see this coming)and what happened to Aaron and why she left him, also What Sawyer told her during season 4 finale (on the helicopter b4 he jumps).

    The whole Ben being shot story continues and was just superbly done (don't worry, everything will make sense once you watch this ep).
    I don't like to spoil things incase someone just wanted to know if this was a good ep b4 they watch it, which is why I won't mention what exactly happened but What I will say is this is one of the best episodes of the current season, not to say all of them aren't, but this is one of the better ones of Season 5. Can't believe only 23 episodes left:-(
  • Ben clings to life as he gets help from a couple of unexpected friends to keep him alive.

    What? Huh? Why did that person do that when such and such thing happened?

    This episode was confusing from start to finish and was frustrating. While I love Lost, I am not a Lost fanboy and so have to call things as I see it when I feel that the episode delivers something that doesn't make sense. I might as well make a list of things that don't make sense:

    1) Kate wanting to help Ben. There are various reasons why her actions don't make sense. A) He's the one that tried to take her son...strike that tried to Claire's son that she now has passed as her own away. B) Kate never gave a damn about coming back to the island much less at Ben's request. C) Ben's eventual history as a murderer and manipulator.

    We all know what Ben will do in the future and all of his crimes. Kate helping Ben has no benefits for her or anybody else except causing pain and misery.

    If the writers really wanted to establish a more credible of making us believe that Kate cares about Ben, they would have given us something we've never seen before....an actual connection between the two. Let's move on:

    2) Sawyer and Juliet helping Ben makes no sense either.

    The same reasons why Kate shouldn't care about Young Ben applies here. There's never been a close connection with Sawyer and Juliet.

    They all know what Ben will do in the future so why would anybody help him. Would you help Hitler as a boy knowing what he'll do in the future? Probably not. Heck boy or not, you know him dying would be the right thing for all of mankind.

    So many characters acting out of character here. The writers I don't know what they were doing here maybe they think the audience isn't paying attention here or won't care about the logic of this episode just churned out something really confusing.

    One other reason why Sawyer and Kate didn't have to help Ben as it is:

    Ben was going to the Others anyways with Richard thus eventually someone from Other side would have helped him. This actually would have made the most sense here!!! It would establish even more the loyalty and connection that Ben has with the Others.

    Some people are saying that Jack refusing to help Ben actually is what makes Ben evil in the future along with Sayid shooting him. However, that's such a huge jump to make....However, even if we ponder that logic then why doesn't Ben kill Sayid and Jack when he's grown up and in control? The point is evil men will become evil regardless of what happens to them.

    The only character who remained true to his character was Jack. Jack was the only one that "gets it" but the writers elected to make him the odd man out? Huh?

    Even the confrontation that Jack and Juliet about Young Ben was also confusing. Juliet says that she was well of without Jack and others coming back, yet she's mad because Jack wasn't "there" for her? Huh?

    It's either one or the other. Add to that everything that I just said and well this episode will have you scratching the head. Sure it sets up the eventual
    death of Ben but surely they've could have gone a different route here.

    At least add in a couple of extra scenes, scenes that we haven't actually seen before showing a closer connection between the characters and Ben. Yet they didn't do and so many of the actions done by several characters don't add up at all.
  • Kate goes above and beyond to save Ben's life as a child, since Jack refuses to help his enemy. In flashbacks, we see Kate's favor to Sawyer, and she finally loses custody of Aaron.

    I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this episode! Normally, I don't expect much from a Kate-centric episode. However, I REALLY enjoyed the character last night. Evangeline Lily rocked her scenes, and made me glad that Kate Austen is still around.

    Last night, Kate evolved from being the 'Love Triangle Chick' to being a heroic, mature character. When she gave up Aaron to his biological grandma, and made the decision to return to the Island, and find his real mother, I was blown away. Usually, Kate-centric episodes are over dramatic, and have more to do with her own selfish desires in men; Last night, she bloomed into a likeable, much more stable character. I'm glad to see her develop like that.

    In the meantime, I really enjoyed Juliet telling Jack off. I kept thinking they would kiss or something, and further complicate the love... uh, pentagon. So, I'm glad they did not!

    I also REALLY liked Miles and Hurley's argument. Miles, played by Ken Leung, has a lot of charisma. I hope he gets a centric episode, soon.

    The storyline was a little lacking in excitement, but it more than made up for that with Kate's flashback storyline. I'm glad to see the lead female of the show get a much-needed bit of development. Way to go, Kate! LOL
  • A Kate-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the storylines in this episode were great, especially Kate's. I thought that it was a very interesting storyline. It was really great seeing Kate interact with Sawyer's ex-girlfriend Cassidy. I also really enjoyed Sawyer's storyline too. It's so great seeing Sawyer acting as a leader to everyone on the island instead of Jack. I also thought that this episode had some pretty funny moments with Hurley and Miles. I also loved Juliet in this episode. Elizabeth Mitchell did an amazing job in the scene where she tells Jack that the people that stayed on the island didn't need to be saved. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • The second flashback episode of the season. I will discuss spoilers on what was a well-paced and reasonabely interesting episode. Kate-centric.

    First and foremost, I would like to say that this is the first time I have ever liked a Kate-centric episode. I have never been a fan of her character. The writers often try too hard to make a character who had the potential to be interesting really dull. Or maybe it was supposed to be the other way around, but oh well.

    This episode finally gave Kate a little more depth. Why did she go back to the island you ask? Was it for Jack? Nope. Was it for Sawyer? Probably a little bit. Her reasoning? She had to go find Claire. She realised, during her slight loss of Aaron in the grocery store, that she was in over her head. She had to do something about all of the terrible things that have happened. What an interesting reason for an interesting character turnaround.

    The second reason I loved this episode is that I didn't realise how much I have missed the non-linear flashback narratives. Don't get me wrong, I have loved this season more than any of the others; however, I have been feeling incredibly anxious while watching each episode. How would they fit all of what I wanted to see into one episode? No flashback meant no character centricity and so a multitude of characters had to be looked at all in one sitting. Last week's Sayid-centric episode didn't really do it for me (which is odd because I love Sayid) and so here we are.

    On a final note, Kate's secret whisper to Sawyer in the chopper? Really obvious secret that has taken far too long in being revealed. Also, did Richard say that Ben would forget having been shot and his innocence would be taken away? I like the last idea, but I was really gunning for the Ben is a crazy-awesome liar and has ALWAYS known who the castaways were and that they would time travel. That bothers me a little. Nice little mention at the end when Richard was all like "I don't answer to Charles and Ellie". Also, Charles was on the island in 1977. As was Ellie. Daniel and Penny are definitely over 30. That wouldn't explain why Daniel had no nose-bleeds... but, unless we have more timeline screwups or else adoption stories... Well, I guess we will have to see.
  • As the survivors rush to save the life of a young Ben Linus, flashbacks show the time spent between Kate and Aaron and answered the question of what she did with Aaron before returning to the island.

    While the episode's main focus was the relationship of a parent and a child, there was also a lot of coupling going on last night. Kate and Sawyer, Kate and Jack, Juliet and Jack, Ben and Richard, and Hurley and Miles. Before getting into Kate's backstory with baby Aaron, let's explore said couples.

    Kate and Sawyer, this one focused on 1977 island events and 2004-07 events. Sawyer has changed drastically from the man we once knew and a whole lot from the man Cassidy knew. It seems that sometime in late 2005, given Aaron's still young age, that Kate took some of her settlement to her old partner to give money for Sawyer's daughter, it was there that she revealed the truth to the lie that was now world news. Cassidy did not really buy the picture of Sawyer that Kate painted, and was doubtful that he was a good man, and believed he stayed on the island to escape his responsibilities back home. While that is viable story, in 1977 Sawyer has turned himself into James LaFleur a stand up guy, and Kate is beginning to see that, but he proves it when he joins Kate in bringing young Ben to Richard.

    Then there was the tension between Jack and Kate. A lot of it was stemmed from things we already knew, Jack stop being the man Kate fell in love with because he started doubting himself and his actions since they crashed in 2004. In 1977 he refuses to help save young Ben which angers Kate who just had to give up Aaron and is annoyed that once again Jack refuses to step up.

    There was also a little Juliet and Jack tension, Juliet who behaved admirably trying to save Ben's life, him growing up to be the man who will never let her leave the island and who kills her lover, yet she never hesitates in saving him. I think this might be a sign of her love for LaFleur and their new life. While Jack on the other hand will not lift a finger, and she goes to give him a piece of her mind, all the things that have been bothering her since her old friends returned and started ruining her new life. So in a semi-sexy scene she walks in on Jack as he is getting out of the shower and says she needed him to operate on Ben, explaining he is just a kid. She wants to know why he came back, and tells him that she did not need saving, and he should figure out what his purpose is in all this.

    Miles and Hurley brought the humor with the theories of time travel. Seriously why had no one asked where Daniel Faraday is? As Miles explained that because this was their present anything they would do already happened in their past after this time, which was the future to all those around them. It is starting to make more sense. I did love Hurley checking out his hand to see if it was disappearing like Marty McFly's did in Back to the Future. The best moment came when Juliet stormed in, and they left and Miles said "Dude talk to me more about time-travel."

    So as Sawyer and Kate were taking young Ben to Richard they were ambushed and then came the big moment, Richard already knows Ben, well we knew that. What we did not know was that Richard saved Ben and turns him into the monster we all know, which explains why Ben does not know them when he gets older, although he may cause he still goes back and kills the Dharma Initiative so many years later. The real interesting thing is that one of Richard's followers says that Ellie and Charles will not like this very much, to which Richard responds "I don't answer to them." Then he takes Ben into the temple, the one where the smoke monster comes from, the one that made Danielle's people go crazy and he heels him. Then Ben wakes up in 2007 to see John Locke who welcomes him back to the land of the living.

    The backstory of Kate and her time with Aaron over the three years after the island was very powerful. So Kate kept her word and visited Cassidy and Clementine and explained what happened to Sawyer and to give her some cash, which was her own gesture. Though it seems that Kate continued the friendship over the years as an older Aaron and Clementine seemed to recognize each other and play together well. This could also explain the tension between Jack and Kate, assuming he knew who Cassidy and Clementine were. So after the now infamous marina scene Aaron wanted some milk, then a juice box, so they stopped at a grocery store, and when Jack called Kate's cell she lost Aaron. I almost thought that there was like a weird time shift, since the clerk stocking drinks looked at Kate like she was nuts talking about her son, and Aaron disappeared so quickly, and was with a woman who looked like Claire from behind, and then stared at her oddly. Luckily nothing happened he just got away from her, I did that a lot at his age. That morning Kate visits Cassidy one last time, and said she was not surprised he would one day be taken, because she needed to fix her heart since Sawyer broke it, Aaron fixed it, wow that is a huge insight. Kate took Aaron to Carole Littleton, and explained everything, so now two people out there new they lied. She explained that she was returning to the island to find Claire. She then went back to Aaron's room, to say goodbye, and without many words delivered a high emotion performance. Bravo to Evangeline Lily, she delivered a very powerful performance in this episode. As far as LOST episodes go this one was very powerful and emotional, and explored the relationship of parents and the importance of a child. It also explained how the Ben became Ben, how the feud between Ben and Charles Widmore started, and what Kate did to keep Aaron safe.
  • A filler episode filled with flashbacks and righteousness.

    I've never been 'touched' by this whole erin/kate relationship, so all of the flash backs in this episode were lost on me. Kate's righteous attitude was to much for my taste and didn't make much sense. Sure, we are supposed to think that it comes from all of this 'mothering' she did with erin, but come on. Shes always been pretty righteous, but saving ben, just because hes a child? That's pure insanity. I don't feel the moral code of ethics applies to a psychopath when you have traveled back in time to a magic island. Maybe its some kind of analogy to the whole going back in time to kill hitler fantasy, and the writers are trying to show humanity at its best, or its the complete opposite; showing how righteous ideals that have been ingrained in humans aren't infallible and don't apply to every situation. The only thing I really liked in this was jacks attitude toward the whole event, as he was the only one making any sense. Unfortunately, kate is a slave to her ingrained righteousness, so on impulse, she stamps her feet and storms off in a tantrum to 'do the right thing'; which ends up creating a monster. Ben being taken into the temple, and what richard said, made me think, does he become a 'carrier' like the rest of rousseau's group, which she was forced to kill. But it doesn't seem like the 'others' are all carriers, since juliet is one. It just made me wonder what that whole element of the story is about.
  • Whatever Happened, Happened

    We've heard the three words mentioned for a long time in this season, it was only fitting that we got an episode title out of the words that will ultimately define the entire season. This episode was really well done, I have it rated 4th this season right behind 316, Lafluer, and Because You Left. This was Kate's best centric episode in a long time. I usually don't like her centrics because she's a character that needs some other big character to be good. This is why I enjoyed "Eggtown" in season four, because Jack was a big part of that episode. Cassidy being the thing that Sawyer told her about wasn't that big a surprise to the series fanatics. It made sense. Was very happy to see that they had a relationship built on Sawyer's promise. Cassidy had an interesting theory that Sawyer didn't try to rescue everyone, but did it to get away from Kate. Kate and Sawyers discussion in this epsiode was very good, as we have been promised that she will pick between Jack or Sawyer by the end of the series. Sawyer right now says he doesn't want her, but I look for Juliet to die by the end of the season, taking Sawyer from the man of power and have him break down, giving Kate another chance with him. Jack has changed into a man of faith who doesn't know what he has been put on the island to do. He can recognize that Ben is a little kid and wants him to die, which surprised everyone that he knows on the island. Hurley and Miles had some great discussion. For the hardcore fan base it just served as more reinforcement to what we all ready know. Hurley played the "I don't get all this" casual fanbase who thinks that its all confusing. I did like it at the end when Hurley stumped Miles, because that question is something even the hardcore fanbase hasn't really had an answer to yet this season. I'm thinking the end of the epsiode, when Sawyer and Kate basically say "yes, take away Ben's innoncence and make him the man he becomes", that that will serve as the answer as to why he can't remember. Richard said he wouldn't remember anything up until this point if he took him, so that's the way it will be. So once Ben is released from The Temple I will look for more Oceanic / Ben interactions which would then be unexplained by the Hurley train of thought. Overall, really good character devoloping episode. Only couple of things I could say bad about it. Kate's scene in the grocery store with the fake out might have been a shout-out to April Fools, but I didn't think the scene was really needed. Couple of other slow scenes, but other then that I enjoyed it a lot.
  • filer episode, nothing more

    Whatever Happened, Happened is a good episode but it isn't nearly as good as the rest of this season. It's quite boring and the although it does reintroduce a heavy dose of oldschool lost with plenty of flashbacks, the flashbacks are boring and reveal nothing that people didn't already know or at least assume. Kates storyline has grown old and boring. All she does is use jack when shes not near sawyer and then when she is with sawyer she uses him. The two highlights of this episode are that Jack obviously doesnt care anymore because when all he did was care, all that happened to him was that he got crapped on and mistreated. The other highlight was the conversation between hurley and miles. This episode was decent but i expect more out of my favorite show than this and i KNOW they will bounce back strong next week.
  • I'd say 3 filler eps in a row is enough.

    My main gripe with this episode is that it really gives little new information on what is going to happen next. The only relief was that little Ben ended up in the Others' hands. The just play out scenes to be longer than they should be. At one point during Kate and Sawyer's dialogue I just wanted to say get to the point! I enjoyed the conflict that was created by Jack and those ramifications. The storytelling and acting here was fine, but we basically already knew all of this. and how many times do they have to show that dock scene? Luckily, for the sake of the show, next weeks ep should feature some more pertinent narrative and action.
  • This episode closes a few circuits. This is the best episode in season 5, no doubt about that. Those that are judging this episode as a filler, need to watch the Simpsons again, then they'll know what filler episodes actually are.

    Why Ben becomes one of "The Others". We know what happened to Sawyers's daughter, (I had huge expectations that he'd go back to his true family, the Grand Mother or Jack or Jack's mother) We also know where Kate was going when she was hiding the phone call from Jack when they were together off the island. Even though we knew that Sawyer was getting wiser with his life (Season 5), he actually informs Kate that he is, and is with Juliet because of it.
    It is stupid to force us to have 100 words for a review. Are you planning on paying for this?
  • Rules are rules

    Some fans were concerned, after the previous episode, that the producers and writers were going to violate their own time travel rules by letting Ben die. Of course, the more reasonable explanation was that they had already considered how to make it all fit together before putting pen to paper. When dealing with an island with miraculous healing properties and rather strict time travel rules, the solution to Ben's plight wasn't particularly hard to predict.

    Sometimes, though, knowing the outcome doesn't mean losing the tension within a story, because getting there is not always so predictable. Ben had to live; the characters themselves make that clear time and again during the episode. How Ben survives is the question. The writers did a perfect job of demonstrating why the principle of "whatever happened, happened" is so damning, especially when they know what the future will hold.

    For the Oceanic Tribe, Benjamin Linus is practically the devil in flesh. The writer evoke the classic Hitler question when dealing with Ben: "If you could go back in time to when Hitler was young and defenseless, would you kill him to save millions?" Sayid's answer is certainly obvious by now, and one can only assume that he'll pay the price for it, sooner or later. But Jack also makes the choice in this episode, and he doesn't try to be coy about it. Nor does he apply one bit of pragmatism to it; he all but sits in a corner and sulks, letting Sawyer and everyone else deal with the problem instead.

    Because everything is connected, and "whatever happened, happened", Jack's decision not to save Ben (and to a lesser extent, his stubborn attitude) directly leads to the circumstances that turn Ben into the man/monster that he becomes. Granted, it's not quite that simple; the seeds were already within Ben, thanks to his father's brutality and his desire for something more. But this is the moment of truth.

    It's not just Jack, however. Sawyer is directly involved, because he has come to see the Dharma Initiative and Juliet as "his people". It's hard to grasp it entirely, but in fairness to Sawyer and his fellow survivors, they've lived much longer with the Dharma Initiative than they did with the Oceanic Tribe. It makes perfect sense that Sawyer would save Ben on Juliet's behalf. In a way, the Oceanic Six suffered much more than Sawyer's crew did, once the time travel stopped.

    Kate, of course, is led to this decision by her guilt and grief over leaving Aaron. Surprisingly, this episode is probably one of the best for Kate, perhaps going back to the very beginning of the series. The reason is simple: Kate is finally showing signs of real character development. She came to the self-realization that she kept Aaron for her own selfish reasons, rather than what would have been best for him.

    Kate's biggest problem has always been her penchant for finding purpose and meaning in others. She has defined herself in relation to other people, particularly men. She has shown moments of independent action here and there, but she never had a definitive and self-actualized purpose. So she became, in many ways, the trophy to be won in the ongoing struggle between Jack and Sawyer.

    Kate's decision to return to the island had nothing to do with Jack, thankfully, and had everything to do with making things right and finding her own destiny. One might say that returning to the island to find Claire and return Aaron to his mother is still suborning her own path to serve another's, but this is not the same thing. Kate held on to Aaron so that someone would need her. Letting Aaron go was about letting go of that need within herself.

    The fact that Sawyer is with Juliet removes a key temptation for Kate to slip back into familiar patterns. Making the choice to save Ben, standing up to everyone in the process, Kate is doing what she needs to do to accomplish the goal she has set for herself. It's a small step, but in time, this could (and should) lead to a stronger Kate.

    Of course, that doesn't make it any easier to see her leave Aaron behind. It's good to see Kate taking charge of her life to a greater degree, but Aaron is losing the only mother he's ever known. She also took quite the chance in setting up Claire's mother to take Aaron. What if Claire's mother didn't want to raise Aaron? It's hard to imagine that she wouldn't, but the possibility remains. More importantly, Aaron is going to have some serious issues. He lost a father figure when Jack left, and now he's losing his "mother". Abandonment issues, anyone? And it's still quite possible that his real mother is occasionally stopping by in dreams and spirit form! (As the parent of a young boy, this was easily one of the most heart-wrenching moments in a long time.)

    At least she's set up an extended "family" for him. Kate's relationship with Cassidy and Clementine was a great red herring, but it also implies that Claire's mother was being left with something of a support system. Sawyer's request to Kate was not much of a surprise, but it paid off well. Cassidy made it very clear that Sawyer's growth as a man is a work in progress, regardless of how much he's changed since the crash.

    Turning back to Ben, Richard's comment about how Ben's memory will be erased and "his innocence will be taken" is quite interesting. It would be tempting to apply the memory-alteration to Ben's memory of the Oceanic Tribe as a whole, but that doesn't ring true. It's more likely that Ben simply wouldn't remember Sayid shooting him. It debunks a few good theories on Ben's future motives, but many others remain intact. (In fact, this is probably why Ben is obsessed with Juliet; the enigmatic "her" could have been Juliet herself!)

    Ben's restoration promises to peel back some of the mystery surrounding the Temple and the island itself. Logically speaking, it could tie into everything that happened with Danielle's team, after they entered the Temple to save Montand. Richard also seems to be acting on his own authority, in a way that would be counter to the wishes of the leader(s) of the Others at the time, Charles Widmore and Ellie (the blonde from "Jughead", whose name sounds awfully like a nickname for Eloise, doesn't it?).

    There's also the small matter of Richard's role among the Others, which may explain his autonomy. It has been hinted that Richard has the responsibility of choosing who will lead the Others; the leaders themselves can, if they desire, choose Richard's replacement. It could be that this somehow facilitates the process of preparing Ben to become Widmore's replacement (in lieu of Locke). If so, it continues to underscore the utility of the plot device at the heart of the season.
  • If you like Kate, you will love this episode.

    It was brilliant episode, it was. But it was Kate, I got so annoyed everytime she appeared in the episode, that i was wishing she was the one in peril and not young Ben. The bit that may me angry the most, was when she was explaining why she took Aaron, to the grandmother and was expecting pity. I felt like shouting 'if you take a grandchild, the last thing you get is pity'. But thats enough of Kate, and i promise to keep my cool for the rest of the review. Despite Kate, the rest of the characters of the island stepped up; Jack being defiant about helping Ben. Miles and Hurley discussing the concept of time travelling, Sawyer being the leader that jack could've been in the seasons earlier on, and juliet giving jack a what for in the bathroom. Whilst on the topic, I think that the love triangle is starting to be resolve with Sawyer and Juliet picking each other. YIPPEE!!!

    The coolest part of the show was when Ben woke up to see Locke facing him. And wasn't Ben surprises to see that mug staring back at him.

    The last bit and the moments with Richard in them were I think teasing us, about what is coming in the next episode.
  • A decent filler episode

    Last nights Lost was a decent episode it was another filler episode but not as bad as last weeks. I knew Ben wouldn't die, this episode had a couple of good moments like when Jack refused to save Ben and Miles and Hurley's conversations about time travel where funny but I do think they only used that to waste some time. It was good to see Roger again this time with more screen time I like the scenes he's in don't know why just do.

    The episode as a whole was mildly entertaining nothing much happened, it was a Kate centric episode so that's usually the case, her flashbacks were ok they had there moments like the final one that was good, Kate said she was returning to find Claire this sets up a good story for the rest of the season. The final scene was good because it has been a while since we saw Locke. Overall Whatever Happened Happened was basically what I expected another filler episode with some plus moments like seeing a change in Jack's character and Kate's final flashback. next weeks sounds very good so that should be better. 8.5 out of 10.
  • Ben survives.

    I loved the dialogue between Hurley and Miles. It was funny how they tried to actually explain what was going on in Lost, and I like how they acknowledged the plot hole of Ben not recognizing Sayid. I cannot believe how bush-league it was to cover that up by Richard saying Ben would "forget what happened to him". What? That doesn't make any sense.

    But for a Kate-centric episode, this was actually pretty good. Her flashbacks with Sawyer's ex felt like drivel, but the stuff on the island was good. They finally had Jack do something of note instead of just being there.

    I don't know what people were expecting from this honestly. It was much better than I anticipated.
  • Kate, Kate, Kate and ... others :)

    In this episode we should expect a lot of Kate and of course we don`t missed but what be surprising for me that we spent a lot time with Jack, Sawyer, Juliet and at the end we will Locke&Ben. That was good for me because all episode with Kate can be little boring but with others characters was really nice. We finally know what doing Kate after "meeting" , where is Aaron and we find next person in "real" world which know true about "O6", also we get to know reason why Kate back to the island ( I really believe she back for Sawyer - I was wrong )and why she has sunglasses on the airport :D

    From other side :

    - Jack don`t help young Ben - really respect for that Jack - Richard get hurt Ben to the temple ( smoke temple :) ) WOW. Is that moment when Ben change his mind and now he will be that dark Ben which we know ??
    - Ben`s face when he see John Locke alive... amazing :)"Welcome back to the land of leaving" Yeah :D

    Summary that episode rox

  • I dont like very much that episode becouse...

    ...The scenes from Kate in flashback are completly pointless and had none importance to the hole history. Can someone explain the scene in the supermarket, and why suddenly Kate fight and risk her security to save the live of Ben. She always hate Ben, he always was disgusting to her, why would her trying to save her???
    The only interresting thing in this episode was knowing why Ben kills eveyone from the Dharma, and why he sticks with the others.
    I thing Lost is a great show, but there are many thing that continued unsolved, and a complete mistery for everybody. Its time to start to revealing this misterys.
  • Kate attempts to save Ben when Jack offers no help. What happened to Aaron is revealed.

    What really felt good about this episode, whether or not it was a weak "Kate episode," is that it felt very much like an old-school "Lost" outing. With the shocking twist of last week's episode and the assistance of the original flashback storytelling, it was hard for this one to fail. Don't get me wrong, Kate's decision making was off (why did she give Aaron to the grandmother instead of her friend?), but the mention of Claire, apparently the show hasn't forgotten her, and the entrance of the temple at the end brought together a solid, if less than extraordinary episode.
  • We find out hat the heck happened to Aaron, what happens to Ben, and how all the time travel stuff works, drawing from Back to the Future and our very own Doc Faraday, who has apparently disappeared.

    Not the greatest episode (actually, in my opinion, WAY down there). Not too much of anything going on, other than the fact that we learned where Aaron went,but I sorta assumed that he was with {SPOILER} Claire's mom already... Unfortunately, it appears that Jack, Sayid, and even Kate and Sawyer shall have a hand in the making of the evil mastermind o' Ben Linus. His innocence SHALL BE GOOONE! I loathe "new Jack" and wish he wasn't focusing on his inner-Locke so much. I'm excited to see what has happened to Faraday and Sayid but that is for another episode.
  • Aaron's whereabouts are revealed and Jack, Kate and Sawyer are faced with a moral conundrum when a young Benjamin Linus is brought back to the Barracks with a serious gunshot wound.

    This was a high point in the current season of Lost for me. It shows some interesting character development for Kate and reveals what happened to Aaron before she returned to the island. The best thing though about this episode was the moral can of worms it opened when Ben Linus is in serious need of some medical attention. We are forced to ask ourselves if we would help him, knowing the monster he'd become, or stand back and watch a young boy die. One of the few bad things were that we still aren't seeing much of Sun, Locke, Frank and all the other 2007 time line characters. However the ending of the episode hints that that'll soon change. This was also the first time in Lost that I've been really disappointed with Jack. I know he's made a few mistakes in the past and people don't like him much, but I've always admired his absolute determination to protect those around him. I also feel like it would be smart of the writers to give fans more of a reason to like Jack (given he's arguable the shows main character) and his actions in this episode will probably turn yet more fans against him. But I retain absolute faith the in Lost writers, as this episode proves for me that they are still doing fantastic work.
  • Cannot change the history

    I most say the vacuum they are on - they just cannot change the history. And the whole concept of time for them. I really adored the dialogue between Milles and Hurley about the time and how Milles could not answer it all.

    I also liked that they explained what happened with Aaron as I really saw that turn (that she left the baby and went to island) as a little cheap way off to get Kate into the story and get rid of Aaron. Now they at least gave it a little reason.

    But I think the most interesting concept of this episode was Ben - we all know who he becomes and that Kate is ready to risk so much for that boy.. and Jack taking opposite side.. I just adored the dilemma - they know who he is, what he becomes.. and even if they were going to give him to others and they were told what will happen, she still was ready to give him..
  • I've never been much of a fan of Kate-centric episodes so it's refreshing to note that this one had me suitably engaged.

    I've never been much of a fan of Kate-centric episodes so it's refreshing to note that this one had me suitably engaged and even managed to offer some intriguing points to ponder to boot. As predicted, our favourite bespectacled anti-hero is alive and mildly kicking and his journey into the hands of Alpert and co. is decidedly interesting, particularly when the Others make their presence felt. This talk of Ben 'never being the same' and 'always being one of us' seems to suggest that, in attempting to stop the boy from becoming the monster he knows in the future, Sayid has actually sealed his fate and created the monster. How's that for cyclicality? Thankfully, the writing staff maintain the course they've hinted at since 'Because You Left' regarding the function of time travel on the show, emphasising the importance of the tone set by this episode's title. There's even a little amusingly self-referential dialogue between Hurley and Miles on the issue which, despite being written and shot months ago, perfectly captures the debate currently raging online. Hopefully, it'll iron out any kinks that the misunderstanding folk still have. And Kate's 2007 'flashback'? Entirely inoffensive and logical. Although I could've done without the 'Claire lookalike' that actually looked nothing like her. A solid instalment then, that positions our players for the inevitable unravelling that is to come.
  • Kate-centric episode

    Whats great about lost is that even when there is a slow episode it still delivers. Its just a stepping stone to a fantastic episode ahead. In this episode Ben is still in critical condition and Kate asks Jack to save him, but Jack says no because he already had saved him in the future. So, Kate takes matters into her own hands and takes young ben to the others for their help. Flashbacks - Kate goes to see (ugh!! whats her name. Sawyers girlfriend who he conned and she ended up having a baby. Ugh whats her name). She then tells her what Sawyer told her in the helicopter and She tells Kate that he jumped because he couldn't love her just like he did to her. Great Episode
  • Another Great Installment. Can anyone say paradox.

    This episode picks up where the other left off with Ben getting shot. Kate is operating on Ben and tells Sawyer he needs a real doctor. Jack has been put under house arrest for suspicion of freeing Sayid. Sawyer asks Jack to work on Ben and he refuses. A lot of the episode is about Kate and her coming to grips with having to come back to the island. Kate tells the truth to Sawyer's ex girlfriend and Claire's mother about what really happened on the island. She tells Claire's mother about Aaron and gives him to her.

    Miles and Hurley are arguing about time travel and how if Ben dies from the gunshot wound weather they will still exist or not. Miles points out that Ben has to have lived because he was there to bring them back to the island. Hurley points out that Ben should have known who Sayid was when he tortured him in Season 1 be cause he shot him as a child. Miles has no comeback for that one. This episode was a big giant nightmare of a paradox and fun to try and figure out.
  • another great epoisde of Lost !

    really what a beatiful eposide , we finally know about kate life ( Her actin is just breath taking i really really loved her ! ) , and what happend with arron , and what sawyer told kate in the holkbter , and hows ben become a villin , i really loved jack in this one ( cuz what ever the boy is he still BEN ) , and still one thing never picked up it's claire what the hell happned to her where did she dispear ! , and the finale momenet when john told ben ( Hello Ben welcome to the land of livivng ) ! .

    after all ( it's a great eposide of last as always ! ) .
  • This episode surprises me, slow paced, with a good flashbacks about Kate that justifies where is Aaron and her motive to be in the Island. The events in Dharma past was slow, with some great dialogues in there.

    Plot Details/Objective -» This episode show us the gold rule of time travel “whatever happened, happened�. Ben being shoot by Sayid was a good situation since this create the dilemma between some of the characters, which was nice to see. Tying Kate as the Main Characters was clever, since she lost Aaron Recently.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Kate was maybe the only character undefined in Lost, now finally in this episode, Kate “undefinedâ€� is explained and finally Kate is free to be herself. Kate always needed something to Hold and Aaron was no exception. Liked to know that and seeing was happened to Aaron was nice too. Kate intention to save Claire and bring her back does seems to me her way of redemption, because she kept Aaron with her for 3 years, even knowing that Claire´s mother was alive. Ben needed to be saved by Jack again, what a irony. Kate involvement with Aaron, make her more sensible to Ben situation and she risk herself to save Him â€" interesting. Jack inaction is what leads to Ben salvation and modification.


    Presentation -» (6/10). Fair, nothing special, continuation of the last episode consequences.

    Complication Phase -» (8/10). We already began with the complication, now everyone is looking for Sayid, but the dilemma here is should they save Ben? Was nice to see that Jack and Kate Purpose were fulfilled for now. Was nice to see what made Kate to leave Aaron. It was interesting to see that some of the characters had a vital role to development of the events.

    Climax -» (8/10). Her conversation with Claire´s Mother was interesting and emotional.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (7/10). Nothing spectacular or shocking, just intriguing.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (9/10). This time I was able to see some scenes that buy time, but overall the management is very good.

    Dialogues -» (9/10). Pure Lost quality dialogues. The conversation between Hugo and Miles about time travel was very well done.

    Action /Adventure -» (7/10). Kate was the only one in danger because she wanted to save Ben.

    Drama/Emotions -» (9/10). The best drama that Kate had in her flashbacks.

    Suspense/Tension -» (6/10). The wasn´t a moment that could put you with high tension.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (8/10). You know what happened to Aaron and why Kate came Back to the Island. Actually, you see the Jack inaction leads Ben to be Saved by Kate actions.

    Surprise/Twists -» Nothing.

    This episode surprises me, slow paced, with a good flashbacks about Kate that justifies where is Aaron and her motive to be in the Island. The events in Dharma past was slow, with some great dialogues in there.
  • Great to finally find out what happened to Aaron.

    At last I can watch the last episodes in this season's Lost and was pleasantly surprised by this one. Yes, it didn't have much action but I was glad to see that the mystery of what happened to Aaron was finally solved. Good for Kate, taking matters into her own hands and saving young Ben. Even though adult Ben is a really nasty piece of work, here he is still a kid and I was glad to see that Juliet, Sawyer and Kate all felt that a kid should not just be left to die. Good also to find out how Ben came to be with the Others. All in all, a solid episode with a number of key questions answered at last.
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