Season 1 Episode 12

Whatever the Case May Be

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2005 on ABC

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  • Whatever the Case May Be

    Lost's 2005 debut surely packs a punch with intriguing plots both on and off the Island that will move the show in a delightful direction and undoubtedly hook new viewers.
  • Disspointing to say the least...

    Jack, Kate and Sawyer fight over possession of a newly discovered locked metal briefcase which might contain insights into Kate's mysterious past. Meanwhile, Sayid asks a reluctant Shannon to translate notes he took from the French woman. A rising tide threatens to engulf the fuselage and the entire beach encampment, and Rose and a grieving Charlie tentatively bond over Claire's baffling kidnapping. This is the perfect example of a filler episode, The shows previous episode was so fast paced and the ending was so exciting but in this episode was slow, it didn't continue any of the storylines in the previous episode including Boone and Lockes. A pointless episode.
  • Really bad episode for Lost.

    This episode was still better than a lot of stuff on TV, but by Lost's standards, it was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    -Loved the hot shots of Shannon. Gratuitous, but I loved it.
    -The flashbacks except for the ending one were in fact mildly interesting.
    -I did like Sun's reaction to Kate and Jack talking about the guns.
    -Did love Rose and her prayer. Very nicely done.
    -I did like Jack finally seeing Kate for the ***** that she really is.

    -It was disturbing how nobody seemed to care where Claire was. Not even Charlie. Very disappointing.
    -Idiotic bank robbery plan though if you think about it. One of those TV-only things.
    -Not much really happened.
    -I hate Kate and her episodes anyway.
    -Didn't care about all of that Haliburton stuff between Sawyer and Kate.
    -The whole episode was just shockingly contrived for this show.
    -Oh God, I hated the stupid plane thing with Kate.
    -Oh God, Shannon singing. So weird.

    So dear writers of Lost, please kill Kate off. We don't care about her. Maybe if you had picked a good actress, we might have, but....nah, on second thought, I don't give a crap about Charlie despite the fact that Dominic Monaghan rocks.
  • A good look into Kate's past.

    I was really glad to see this episode go into Kate's past more. She has been very mysterious so far because we know she did something to get arrested but we don't know what it is. Almost every episode has brought up her past but we are always left with more questions than answers.

    The flashbacks to the bank robbery were very entertaining and helped establish more background of the character. I thoroughly enjoyed these parts of the episode.

    At first I didn't think I would like the whole flashback aspect of Lost. However, it has surprised me. More times than not, I am looking forward to flashbacks. It a very ingenious approach since just about all of these characters has something to hide from their past.

  • This is Lost's first bad episode.

    This is the first episode of Lost that I really got tired of. Whereas Claire's episode had an interesting back story, this episode did not.

    We see a minor glimpse of Kate's back story where she robs a bank over a trinket (which isn't explained until much later), but other than that, the entire episode focuses on the island storyline, which would be great if there was one. Unfortunately, the island plot is non-existant. Instead we watch for an hour as Sawyer and Kate find a case, they attempt to open it, and then Jack gets involved and opens the case. This entire episode can be summarized in the phrase "We needed more guns to get Ethan Rom". I feel like the gun reterieval portion of this could have been incorporated into the next episode, and the Kate bank robbery storyline could have been plugged into her other back story episode.

    In any case, this is a very uneventful episode, and quite disappointing to watch. Luckily the rest of the season is much more fun.
  • Awesome.

    While swimming, Kate finds the marshal's locked case. Jack agrees to help Kate open the case if she will show him what is inside it. There are guns inside and a toy airplane. Kate says the airplane belonged to the man she loved-and killed. In a flashback, Kate robs a bank so that she can recover the toy airplane. So Locke and Boone find the hatch - which is awesome. Kate and Sawyer swim and find a suitcase which they both want - so funny what they do to get it. I feel sorry for Charlies, when he cried, I cried - it's because I love this man. I love kate's back story in this episode - she is awesome. I also love Sayid and Shannon scenes. New camp - got to love it.
  • And Murder, and Robbery and Naked Diving… Oh My!

    Kate and Sawyer discover a case. Afterwards, nothing happens. -

    This is a filler episode, where nothing really happens. Jack, Sawyer and Kate fight over a case which turns out to belong to the dead Marshall... and what's the extremely precious thing inside? A toy plane. Which is so KATE. The flashbacks are kinda interesting though, with Kate's backstory becoming even more confusing, along with her confession on the Island about the man she loved... and killed. Nevertheless, I am not really interested to find out more about her past, because I am tolerant enough with watching her adventures in the present. Anyhow, it is surprisingly NOT a terrible episode, but quite a decent one. Despite being static and unspectacular, it is quite watchable and fun. Weird, huh?
  • Too Much Fillers Scenes

    Its pretty simple, the writers wanted to delay locke and claire situation, was a little strange because the people in the island had forgotten what happened with claire, or it seems that way, only charlie has good memory.

    Kate presente situation and her flashbacks had a connection, but it seems more like a filler, just to delay what is really important. Her flashbacks was quite entertaining , but doing an assault in a bank, to only take off an airplane (a toy) seems sufficiently ridicule and almost took off all the value that the episode could had.

    The flashbacks doesn´t even explain why this airplane was important to her, it seems the only objective was to gain time, since an assault in a bank does not fit Kate personality very weel (a fugitive vs a criminal).

    Some scenes between her and sawyer plus jack was interesting.

    Sayid suddenly hooking up with Shannon doesn´t deserve a opinion yet.
  • In this case, it isn't worth very much

    Up until this point, Lost has been running on all cylinders, with barely any room for slowdowns or expositions. The characters have been focused more on trying to figure out the mysteries of the island as well as surviving. However, this episode seems to be bogged down, and doesn't do much of either. It tries to be little more than a character piece, but the way it does it--- well, kind of sexist and clichéd.

    It begins with a rare moment of peace for--- well, anybody. Kate is wandering through the jungle to be followed by Sawyer. The two then find this oasis like waterfall, and spend a few minutes frolicking through the water. I'm not sure whether this was meant to titillate viewers (of either gender) but it seemed silly. There's a dangerous monster in the jungle, there are some evil people who just a few days ago kidnapped one castaway and brutally attacked another, and now we have two people going swimming like refugees from Friday the 13th. An attack does come from below, but it's more psychological than physical--- a section of plane and passengers are floating. Sawyer, naturally, goes looting, which is only mitigated by the fact there's something in there Kate wants--- a metal suitcase. Naturally, Sawyer holds onto it, but is understandably deterred when he can't open the thing. Kate then goes to Jack, and tells him that it is the marshal's case, containing 4 9mm's and some ammo. Again, this is obviously not why Kate wants it, but in order to get to why (sort of) we go by way of Australia (pun definitely intended)

    This time the flashback connection to what is going on seems even more obscure. Using a false name, Kate helps three robbers organize and pull off a bank job, only when it comes time to start hurting people, Kate double crosses them and ends up shooting her accomplices. What she wanted was in a safe deposit box, and turns out to be a model plane that Kate finally says belongs to the man she killed, thus indicating the robbery took place while Kate was already a fugitive.

    Now all of this is interesting after a fashion, but what exactly did we get out of it, besides illustrating the natures of the relationships Kate has with Sawyer and Jack? With Sawyer, there is clearly a kind of flirtatious, sensual tug of war, but we can tell, aside from having his idea of fun, Sawyer doesn't really care what Kate's trying. Jack, however, seems to care very deeply, and the more Kate tries to ask for help, the more he decides to make Kate suffer. What's hard to figure out is why. Is he still pissed because he thinks that Kate's been lying to him from the beginning? Newsflash, Jack, so have you. Kate's been willing to be honest, at least to a point, but every time she asks for a bit of give from Jack, it's like pulling teeth. And for someone who supposedly didn't want to be a leader, he seems to be getting a perverse amount of pleasure making Kate come to him for help.

    The other stories that are going on are not much more encouraging, mainly because even though Claire has been missing for so long, nobody seems to be looking for her. Locke and Boone are still digging whatever they found in the last episode, Kate's obsessed with the case, and everyone seems more concerned with getting their luggage out of the fuselage before the tides come and take it away. Only Sayed seems to be at least trying something that might help, and even that's a remote way. He is now trying to translate the various documents that he took from Rousseau's camp about a week ago in order to see if there's some kind of map that can be used. However, he goes to Shannon, something which makes even less sense than before. Granted, she knew enough French to translate Rousseau's message in the Pilot, but here she seems to be having trouble not justifying Boone's remark that she is useless. It's also pretty clear that Sayid and Shannon are doing the opening steps of some kind of relationship dance, but unlike the one that we saw between Claire and Charlie, or Kate and Sawyer, it's hard to see what Sayid, an intelligent, brooding, serious man can see in someone as vapid and unpleasant a character as Shannon would appear to be. (There are some layers to her, but they won't be revealed until it's too late for the show to do something about it.)

    The only story that's given any dimension is that between Charlie and Rose, who reappears to try and help jar him out of his depression and zombie-like behavior. Like him, Rose is concerned about the loss of her husband, but she has not given into despair. Much like Charlie did long ago, Rose is sustained by her faith that her husband is still alive, and it is that which manages to get the depressed rock star functioning again, though he's not going to recover until there is some sign of Claire's fate.

    'Whatever the Case May Be' is the first episode that seems really log jammed and does give us either information on the survivors or the mysteries. Even what little we seem to learn about Kate doesn't seem like it's going to be worth that much in the long run. And considering all the mysteries that were set up by the last episode, it is very frustrating that we get no forward movement on any of them. (This has happened before, of course, but the characters at least seemed more concerned by what's going on.) The only thing that changes is that there are now several loaded guns on the island. As Chekhov wrote, if a gun appears in Act One of play, it has to be fired by Act Three. Problems is, for a deserted island, there are a lot of guns here--- far more than we think actually--- and in television, act three can take place a whole season after Act One. There are some interesting ideas, but neither the cast or the writers seem up to the challenge this time. The only thing that did seem bizarre was that the safety deposit box that originally had the plane was number 815, but the episode doesn't even pause to consider that. Which makes sense, because nothing else it given appropriate time either.
  • Algo de que aferrarse

    Lo único que me quedó de vos fue ese recuerdo, además de la cadenita que pende de mi cuello. Esa noche bajo la infinitud de estrellas que nos guiaba hacia el fondo de nuestro ser, hacia nuestras almas. Y nuestros ojos leyeron nuestros corazones, y nos tomamos las manos y nos reímos del agua turbia de aquel estanque a tu lado. Me dijiste algo en no se qué idioma que entendí como un "quiero pasar cada segundo de mi vida hasta que me muera así con vos" y me besaste el ser todo.
    Ahora ni siquiera se donde estás, ni me acuerdo tu nombre, ni puedo imaginarme quién te estará acariciando el alma.
  • We have the competitiveness of Kate and Sawyer regarding the opening of a case/ ownership, jack getting called into help, Boone and Locke spending their days in the jungle "finding claire" and the others just plodding along with their survival/existence.

    I havent seen one razor or bar of soap, yet the bikini / brazalian lines are amazing, not bad for month 2 i think it's supposed to be now.

    The episode starts off with Kate up a tree collecting fruit, when down on the floor, she hears a noise, then a larger one, she throws a rock in the direction of the sound only to hit Sawyer in the knee. They continue to walk when they hear more sounds, this time they follow it they find a waterfall and a small lagoon, then swimming in it, then spot a twin chair from the plane complete with bodies and a suitcase. She insists it's hers but when he says he's taking it - she walks off.

    The flashback is from Kate, this time she is in a bank, talking to a loans person inside a bank, when it then gets robbed by 3 or 4 people wearing ski masks.

    Boone takes the fire axe from the camp to Locke at the place where they found the steel in the ground.

    Sawyer keeps the case with him at all times, Kate tries to get it from him when he's asleep, she doesn't get it fully as it was a ruse. Later he gets told by some others that there is no way that he'll be able to pick the lock, he'll need to hit it with some major force in order to get it opened. So he sets about to try to force the lock, only to have Kate run off with the case.

    Sayid enrolls Shannon into translating the documents that he took from Rousseux, more importantly the notes besides the mathematical equations, she says that her french suxs, but thats better than not having any translation, there work seems to be in vain, as the translations just seem to be nonsense phrases, nothing associated with maths equations.

    Rose manages to get charlie out of his stuppour by getting him to help the rest of them with the moving of the beach camp further up the beach, as the strange tides are washing out the belongings. Later charlie breaks down, cries and rose says a prayer for him.

    Jack and Kate end up diggin up the Marshall in order to get access to the key in his wallet, which opens the case. Jack has to ask Sawyer for the case, manages to blag it with telling him about his arm and if the medicine stops eventually he will sacrifice the case for help, otherwise his arm will need amputating. He doesn't buy into it, but can't risk it either.

    When the case is opened, there is all the belongings that Kate mentioned, the guns, ammo, money and her effects. The flashback of her being in the bank reveals that she was the instigator, then we discover it was all a set up in order for her to gain access to a safety deposit box, box number 815 - same as the flight, we discover that the only thing in there was an envelope was an oceanic airplane model !!! I think it was.

    Shannon finds Sayid by the camp fire and explains that all the notes were duplicates of a french song for children, that perhaps she may not be in the right frame of mind when they were written. She sings the song in french at the episode closing, proving that the actress can do more than just sunbath!
  • A Kate-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I thought that this episode was amazing, and I really enjoyed it because I'm really intrigued by the character Kate. I really enjoyed getting to see more flashbacks of Kate's life before everyone was stranded on the island. I find her back story very interesting. Another highlight of the episode for me was the character development that took place with Shannon. I really liked all of the layers and character development that were added to the character Charlie in this episode. I also loved Sawyer in this episode. I thought that he was very amusing. One thing that I didn't like about this episode was the absence of Claire. Claire is one of my favorite characters on the show so I really missed her. All in all, I thought that that this was a very well written and very well acted episode by everyone involved, and I'm looking for to continuing to watch my Lost: Season One DVDs.
  • Kate: Are you stalking me now? Sawyer: Stalking you? I was protecting you. Kate: From what, southern perverts?

    While swimming, Kate finds the marshal's locked case. Jack agrees to help Kate open the case if she will show him what is inside it. There are guns inside and a toy airplane. Kate says the airplane belonged to the man she loved-and killed. In a flashback, Kate robs a bank so that she can recover the toy airplane. I dont see why this episode is seen as one of the worst I enjoyed it although it isnt the best episode its still pretty decent, plus the characters develop even more, Kate's worst episode though as of the first 4 series, 9.2.
  • ....

    Truly one of the worst episodes of Lost. On it's own, it's pretty dull, but I believe the writers made a huge scheduling error by putting it after such intense episodes like Raised by Another or All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues. It just doesnt feel right.

    Lets see the issues of the episode's concept

    -- The writers conviniently skipped a few days. So this way they don't have to deal with Claire... lazy, lazy, lazy writing.

    -- Nobody seems concerned about Claire! Yes, a few days passed, but does that mean it's all okay?

    -- Kate's backstory is NOT fitting with the current events of the island...

    -- ...So they made up a lame subplot.

    -- Sayid suddenly hooking up with Shannon. Hmm, it was simply out of character AND place. Especially after what we saw in Sayid's episode.

    This is sort of a filler episode. If it wasn't for the Charlie part and the very brief Locke part, this would've been a disaster. Kate's flashback was quite entertaining, and we saw her in action as a criminal. I also enjoyed her trying to con Jack by pickpocketing the Marshall's corpse, but that's about it! Every Kate/Sawyer scene was a horrible waste of potential.

    Worst thing is? Well, there are 2 "worst" things: no update on the metal piece Locke and Boone found(lazy, lazy!)

    Don't. Let. Shannon. Sing. Maggie Grace is gorgeus, talented, but that was the cheesiest ending for a Lost episode in my humble opinion.
  • "What's in the case, Kate?" Who Cares? It didn't seem possible at the time but Lost delivers its first bad episode.

    After the emotional high of All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues, which was one of my favorite Lost episodes of Season 1, it was always going to be a challenge for the writers to match it. Obviously they weren't going to try, which in hindsight was very wise. We did need a breather. Unfortunately, this was too much of a breather. As filler episodes go, this was one of the worst. Not much seemed to happen that had any relevance to the ongoing story. Pre-Solitary, this episode would have worked, but here, following a series of episodes that deal with The Others, Ethan Rom, Claire's abduction and Charlie's near-death experience, not to mention whatever Boone and Locke found buried in the jungle earth, it just doesn't fit and therefore is a major continuity misstep, which up to this point is quite unusual. Surely, after one of their own is kidnapped, another is nearly murdered and a mysterious guy is threatening to kill them all, the survivors would be more worried about these events and thinking defense, rather than getting involved in Kate's personal affairs.
    It's not that the episode is chronic. There are some genuinely good moments; most of them are in the first half with Sawyer's wasted attempts trying to the Case, much to his consternation. Those moments always give me a chuckle. But once Jack also gets involved in the Case Chase, the story becomes a little tired, and you're left wondering what the point of it all is. Okay, you can argue that is important for Kate's character, but that fact only is crystallized in Born to Run. But, because, it doesn't make much sense in this episode, and we are no further learning about Kate's character, it makes this episode more annoying.
    The flashbacks aren't that enthralling either, being confined to one location, with only a load of robbers pointing guns at people.
    Even the Sayid / Shannon project to work out Rousseau's maps doesn't save this episode. Why are the survivors worrying about inconsequential matters? Okay, I would agree that basic survival is the main priority, but no one seems that interested or concerned for where Claire is or why she has been taken. I just don't understand that myself. Charlie, naturally, is the only one who is responding to what has happened. And even Rose tells Charlie to buckle up!
    Locke and Boone could have been making an effort but they have other priorities, like The Hatch they will uncover. And we don't even see that! Don't get me wrong! When it comes to answers, I'm patient. I just go along for the ride, a bit like Hurley, but when an episode seems to completely ignore the events and plot points of the last episode, that does bug me.
    I like Kate as a character, so I wished that she would have got a decent episode, like her introduction, Tabula Rasa. Whatever the Case may be....may be the only real misstep in Season 1, and while Hearts and Minds, is also a little uninspiring, this one is the worse of the two mid-point episodes.
    It seems that after the adrenalin-charged rush of Solitary through to `Cowboys, the writers didn't know what to do to fill the time, until Claire's return. And this is an example of that uncertainty.
  • Kate and her past

    I didn't really like this episode too much. Actually I don't think like any of Kate's flashbacks. Main point being that in all of Kate's flashbacks we only get a snippet of her history, they always leave you wanting more. I wish they would just hurry up and get to the point of her past. The suspense is killing me. Sawyer is being a jerk off again by not giving Kate the suitcase. Seeing him trying to open it was hilarious. I thought it was a pretty average episode but I thought the flashbacks could have been a little better.
  • I liked it!

    Sayid approaches Shannon for help to translate the papers he took from the French woman. Kate and Sawyer find a case and Kate really wants it badly, but Sawyer won't let her have it. Try as she might, she never succeeds in stealing it. Jack gets involved and wants to know why she wants it so badly. They retrieve the key from the marshal's body and get the case from Sawyer. The possession she wanted is something that belonged to the man that she killed. Charlie, with the help of Rose, slowly starts coming back to reality. Boone and Locke are secretly going out into the jungle.

    This episode was very good! The flashbacks were great, but I don't know why Kate wanted that plane thing so badly. Was it out of guilt or what? I want to know what happened to Claire! Also, where is Jin? I'm glad Sun was in this episode. I give it a 9.0 out of 10!
  • disappointing after the previous episode

    When Sawyer and Kate find a metal case, Kate struggles to keep it for herself. Rose comforts a depressed Charlie, and Sayid enlists Shannon's help in translating Rousseau's maps. Flashbacks reveal Kate's involvement with a bank robbery. Rose tells Charlie that she believes her husband is still alive. Charlie, distraught, begs Rose for help, and she prays with him. Shannon recognizes Rousseau's notes as a French version of "Beyond the Sea," which featured in a French-dubbed animated film (though not named, the film is Finding Nemo, which features the song over its credits). By her campfire, Kate stares at the toy plane.
    overal this was a poor episode in for lost standards.
  • "It belonged to the man I killed!"

    The spotlight goes to Kate for the second full episode, and you can tell that the writers are trying to build on the success they had with the previous episode, the first follow-up flashback episode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work here. While opinions may differ on this episode (as they do on every episode), it’s going to take a very convincing argument to make me believe this episode is not the worst of the first twelve.

    However, I’ll start with the good things about this episode, and then focus on the bad. The scenes between Sayid and Shannon are well-written, and lay the groundwork for things to come between them. While Shannon may seem to be a complete airhead, her translation of the notes and further realization of what it means is spot on and she does help Sayid. Of course, the fact that Rousseau’s notes are nothing but the lyrics to “Beyond the Sea” in French doesn’t help to show the importance of this storyline, but what can you do. The relationship between Shannon and Sayid will grow in future episodes, and I think that this is the best way to start it-very inconsequential, just as many real life relationships are started. You don’t need a life-saving moment or damsel in distress gag to build a bond between two people. The only thing that nags me about the storyline is that Shannon can’t remember the name of the movie. Yes, I know that it was because the Lost team couldn’t say Finding Nemo on screen, but still. She could have just said “a movie,” so that it was a little less obvious and laughable.

    Rose makes her first appearance since Walkabout, and, as usual, it doesn’t disappoint. L. Scott Caldwell is great in the role, and really makes you feel like Rose could be everyone’s grandmother. She takes on that role in this episode as well, when she “nurses” Charlie back to his usual self. The scenes between the two are wonderfully written and wonderfully played, especially when Charlie breaks down by the fire near the end of the episode. I’m certain that some people don’t like this storyline, think it cheesy, and wish it hadn’t been shown. I, however, think it’s critically important to have it in. Not only does it make this episode somewhat worthwhile, but it represents an important step in Charlie’s journey. The bond with Charlie and Claire was too deep at the end of Raised by Another for him to just go back to his usual, happy self after Jack saved him. It’s also true to life-survivor’s guilt. Charlie feels that Claire’s abduction was his fault, even though he did everything he could to save her. It’s what many people feel when someone close to them dies-that they could have done more. It’s almost always false, though, but the people most affected by the loss don’t see that. This had to happen to Charlie, or else everything that happens between him and Claire later on in the series will be a joke, because it would be clear that he doesn’t care about her, which he does (I hope that made sense).

    The viewer also gets a peek at what Boone and Locke are doing in the jungle-excavating the hatch they found in the previous episode. The relationship between Boone and Locke is a little sketchy here, but we get a general idea. The two of them are relatively close, but their objectives are different. Locke seems to be very interested in getting the hatch open, and determined to keep it a secret. Boone is helping him, but is acting fairly uninterested as to what the thing actually is. This new discovery and Boone’s attitude towards it will allow the flashback camera to flash onto him in the next episode.

    That’s about it for good stuff this episode. The rest of the episode is very much filler. The plot itself is not very engrossing, to begin with. The previous episode had featured the first encounter with a fully fledged Other, one of the main characters almost dying, great character development, and the discovery of the hatch. This episode centers around-wait for it-a briefcase. Not only was this a letdown, but whatever the case may be, it’s not going to be satisfying to the audience and justify the episode. When it finally comes out that Kate has been seeking a toy plane, you can’t help but be disappointed.

    The flashbacks are also a letdown. Kate’s last flashback episode, Tabula Rasa, was more introductory than anything else, but it was still pretty interesting. You’d think that a bank robbery can’t help but be cool, but this episode’s is somehow boring. Maybe it’s the actor who plays the bank manager, who narrowly beat out a piece of plywood when applying for the role. Maybe it’s the fact that the guy in charge of the group of robbers has the intelligence of a floor tile. Then again, it could be the fact that the whole point of the flashbacks was to introduce the toy plane. I’m sorry, but that’s just sad. If the plane had had more significance later on, maybe the flashbacks would be less bad, but the plane only serves to link this episode to Kate’s next flashback, later in the season, and disappears after that.

    Usually, the acting is something that picks up a bad storyline, but not here. Jack, though he has been irritated with Kate’s lack of honesty in the past, is way out of character here, grilling Kate like he’s a member of the Spanish Inquisition. Kate has done nothing to warrant this, except ask for Jack’s help in getting the case. Sawyer comes across as more of an unlikable jerk than a likable jerk in this episode. He really has no reason to hang onto the case, other than to be hated. The problem, though, is that in previous episodes, despite the fact that Sawyer was too cool to help out, he usually gave things to people that asked for them-the manifest, for example. Obviously, the situation with Kate is different, but something about Sawyer rubs me the wrong way here. I also don’t find Evangeline Lilly’s acting to be anything special here. She’s never stood out to me, and aside from the dramatic scene at the end of the episode in the caves, she doesn’t really stand out here, either.

    Overall, this episode is disappointing. Parts of it are good, but the main plot is just plain boring. In defense of it, it is clearly a transition episode-all storylines point to that. Charlie is cheered up, the guns are thrown into the mix, Locke and Boone begin excavating the hatch, and Shannon’s and Sayid’s relationship starts. I just wish the episode had done a better job linking those all together.
  • Perhaps not as good as the previous three episodes but It still had some cool parts!

    After the last episode had concluded with the discovery of the hatch and Charlie's return, us viewers were left in suspense!

    This one began with an exciting introduction of Kate & Sawyer discovering bodies from flight 815 in a nearby lagoon. It was clear the contents of the new brief case belonged to Kate and had something to do with her terrible past. Back at the beach the survivors were suggesting of moving up the beach because of the waves that were washing everything out to sea. That was a good idea, the survivors needed a new camp. The other survivors were feeling afraid because of what happened to Claire, will she return is the question.
    Kate and Sawyer kept fighting over who gets the briefcase so with no success of trying to get it back herself she went and asked Jack If he could do something.

    As for the flashbacks, yeah, they were suspenseful and exciting with the whole shooting robbery thing. This flashback must've been earlier than her first-centric. Kate and Sawyer decided to open the case together using the key which was hidded on the marshall's body! GROSS. They opened it and... four guns and heaps of bullets were found and an envelope with Kate's boyfriends toy plane in it. Who is he? Maybe he died, that'll probably be kate's next flashback episode. Well I'm just glad that Sawyer didn't get what he wanted which was the case 'cause if he did??!!

    Nothing of that new thing that Locke & Boone discovered apeared, more suspense you see! Charlie was pretty quiet through this entire episode because of Claire's kidnapping. Rose tried to keep him happy by praying to God. The survivors eventually reached the new camp on the beach with Kate finally speaking out the truth to Jack. Shannon sang a song to Sayid (french-based) and seem to be having the hots for each other or something. Boon won't be happy, uh oh.

    The french woman was also spoke of because of her papers but nothing decent was discovered.

    Overall, nice episode, probably not as good as the others but Its still LOST. The episode had ended with a scene of Kate ataring at the toy aeroplane.

    Next episode: 13: Hearts and minds

    On the promo for the next, Locke & Boone have a serious problem regarding this new hatch! What's it for? It seems like a really interesting episode I can't wait!
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • One of Lost's most underrated episode.

    Lost is what it is because of the characters. Without great characters Lost wouldn't be so popular, wouldn't be so good.

    What makes Lost characters good is the depth. There is nobody 'good' or 'bad' - everyone is both, the only difference is, some are more good than bad, and some are more bad than good.

    This episode is about Kate and we get a further insight in her past life. What did she do, what were her motives.

    The episode is very character driven, and probably that's why people dislike it alot.

    Because, yes, learning about characters(especially when it comes to such a mysterious one like Kate) is fun, but when someone is kidnapped by a mysterious man, and a hatch is discovered in the jungle, it just doesn't feel right.

    That being said, I still managed to enjoy it, every moment of it. The episode was unfortunately placed, in my opinion, but it wasn't bad. Actually, it was superb, very emotional, some humor, good drama.
  • Review

    I thought the episode started off with a bang, with Kate and Saywer finding a nice little waterfall where they could just relax for a while. They didnt relax for long as Kate recognized a case floating in the water that has something in it that she wants. I always enjoy watching the scenes of Jack and Sawyer as they go back and forth about whos the boss. Jack usually gets the better of Sawyer, bubt Sawyer stood pretty tough in this episode as Kate was the one that actually got the case back. I thought the flashback scenes with Kate were pretty well done, with a pretty dramatic ending to her story that left several people dead. I thought that the tension between Jack and Kate was pretty intense considering the small flirtations that have been going on between the two since they came to the island. Anyone that was thinking relationship has to back up and take a look at the bigges picture. Now that Kate is exposed for what she really was, whats going to become of this relatoinship between Jack and Kate. Solid episode, nothing amazing.
  • Good Cool Down Episode

    A Kate Centric Episode. This was another good episode with a nice story. It had some funny moments between Sawyer and kate in particulay Sawyers line "Me Kate, me throw rock" and when he climbed the tree and threw the csae against a large rock, which didn't open it an dthen out of no-where Kate comes and steals the case. Once again trust issues palyed apart in this episode as kate continued to lie to everyone including jack...

    Kate's Flashback showed more of her criminal ways, and how she would do what ever was neccesary to get her away when she betrayed some guys who helped her rob a bank to get an item that she needed.

    Although this episode didn't really move the plot forward it was still a nice episode and futhered Kate's character devolpment drastically.
  • Great episode.

    Jack, Kate and Sawyer fight over a metal briefcase. As it turns out Kate has a connection to her past. We get to see parts of Kate's past prior to her boarding of Flight 815. It's high tide and the airplane's fuselage is getting soaked by the salt water. Everyone seeks shelter in a higher elevation. Sayid translates the notes he took from Danielle's hide away and seeks help from Shannon. This is a really exciting episode, I had a good time watching this, I love this show. This show is a genius, there are surprises everywhere. It's now my personal main tv event.
  • Sawyer and Kate find a suitcase which could reveal Kate´s real identity. Charlie is still depressed about the disappearance of Claire.

    At first, when Kate and Sawyer jump in the water, nobody would have thought about this coming but, unfortunately, the two dead passengers found on the bottom of the water remind us this is no heavenly island. The suitcase they find in the water is of a great importance for Kate, although she tries unsuccesfuly to hide the anxiety she felt when she discovered it.

    In this episode we learn how important for Kate is to keep that case with her. The flashback shows us an incident in which she indirectly leads a bank robbery with the only purpose of obtaining a plane in miniature which, we learn, belonged to the man she killed or, at least, that´s what she admits. It could be the truth or not.

    There is no great progress about Boone and Locke´s discovery, but it could be because this episode´s plot was intended to be centred on Kate´s past life and just that. Maybe we´re lucky on next episode.
  • Whatever the case may be... but does it really matter?

    I'm not a fan of Kate episodes. Her backstories are mildly interesting for me. And, usually, when there's a Kate episode, there is no real mystery on the island. Kate episodes are filled with romance and a great amount of character development.

    The episode starts out promising, but it slowly drops, drops and drops the quality. After Claire's abduction, the discovery of the hatch, this was the best they could do?

    Total filler. This is probably one of the worst episodes of season 1 - but it's a great episode for 'shippers' and for people who like Lost for mostly the characters, not the mysteries.
  • "It's a fine line between denial and faith, and its a lot nicer on my side."

    I love this episode!! I was really impressed. This was Kate's most interesting flashback. I love the scene with Sawyer and Kate swimming! Evangeline's performance in this episode was amazing! The scene where shes crying after she tells jack who the plane belonged to, was so moving!!

    and here it is: ***Kate: It belonged to the man I loved. Jack: The truth. Kate: It belonged to the man I loved. Jack: Stop lying and tell me the truth! Kate I'm not! It belonged to the man I killed!*** My favorite quotes: **Sawyer: I was protecting you! Kate: From what? Southern perverts? **Sawyer: "Well Freckles, I know you wanted it, just didn't know how bad."
  • Kate wants Case

    And once again the writers manage to impress me with the second Kate episode, not as stunning but still interesting, funny and filled with character development.

    The episode begins with Kate and Sawyer going out for a swim. Deep in the water they find some dead people, and surprise, a case is under the seat. Kate does lie a lot through this episode, first she asks Sawyer to help her get her case, then she says it isn’t her and that she doesn’t care if he takes it and then she wants it and tries to steal it. The best thing about this episode was definitely Kate and Sawyer, both were hilarious together and made up for an excellent couple, while Jack started to become less interesting and more irritating.

    The episode is all about Kate and features some of her flashbacks, when she played everyone to rob a bank but then wasn’t going to take the money but only something that belonged to her and probably was in the case.

    We also explode Shannon more, who Boone calls to be completely useless. Boone doesn’t want to be useless so he helps Locke doing all kids of things and are starting to hang out a lot together. When Sawyer continues to try to open the case he fails and it gets stolen from Kate, but he catches it and doesn’t want to give it back unless she tells what’s in it, but she doesn’t, ofcourse. Instead she goes to Jack for help who grabs the case from Sawyer but he knows that Kate is playing and lying to him. When he and Kate get the key she tries to hide it from him but he’s smarter than that. Then they open the case and there is a plane in it, Kate finally tells the truth and the reason why it was so important to her was because it’s from the man she killed.

    The episode had more layers and storylines, Shannon started top feel useless because of Boone and when Sayid asked her for help she began to translate something which Rossou wrote, it was some lyrics in French and she sings the song from Sayid, it was obvious that they started to develop feelings for each other. Charlie was also having problem with loosing Claire so Rose decided to help me out and make him talk again, she prays with him. The last scene was very touching and beautiful, as was the biggest part of the episode.
  • after 11 perfect episodes, this one was nothing but boring and full of nonsense.

    after 11 perfect episodes, this one was nothing but boring and full of nonsense.

    why kate gave the bag and tried to get it back later? why she gave at first place?

    the only nice thing in the episode was to witness the transformation of Jake's from a nice and kind doctor into a cruel despot who can even threaten his patient by not giving the necessary antibiotics...
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