Season 1 Episode 12

Whatever the Case May Be

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Sayid stole maps from Danielle's bunker. On one of the maps, it shows the Island and the Island is surrounded by a triangle. Giving credit to the theory that they are trapped in the Bermuda Triangle.

    • Numbers: 4

      The Halliburton contains 4 guns. Locke and Boone have been going out into the jungle for 4 days.

    • Island events in this episode take place on October 12th and October 13th 2004.

    • The model of the plane that belonged to the man Kate killed, was in the safety deposit box number 815. 815 is also the number of the plane the survivors were on, and among the mysterious numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

    • The model airplane is a twin-engine Douglas DC 3 'Dakota'.

    • When Kate begins the show she is wearing purple/lilac pants yet when she meets Sawyer just after, she is wearing jeans. Surely she wasn't carrying a different pair of pants and decided to change before bumping into Sawyer.

    • Kate says that the Marshal had to check the briefcase, and that he wasn't allowed to bring it in the cabin. How did it end up under the seat?

    • The French woman wrote the song lyrics over and over again on her notes. How come Sayid didn't notice that? Even if Sayid didn't speak French he should have recognised that the words were always the same.

    • The song "Beyond the Sea" at the end of Finding Nemo was not dubbed in the French version, like Shannon claims. It remained Robbie Williams' version.

    • In the scene here Sayid comes to speak with sunbathing Shannon, when the camera is on him, she holds her legs always up, but when the camera is on her, she lowers her legs.
      Also the angles of shadows and position of bottles keep changing.

    • Continuity error... While Boone is talking to his sister Shannon, you can see the Chinese symbol on his shirt. During the same scene, when the camera is back on Boone, the Chinese symbol is gone.

    • When Shannon is talking to Sayid at the end of the episode, her shawl thing changes many times from being on her shoulder to being down by her waist, yet you never see her move her arm.

    • When Shannon starts translating, she gripes that Sayid didn't tell her it was math. Except when he came up to her on the beach and asked for her help, he specifically said he needed her help with "the equations."

  • Quotes

    • Kate: Are you stalking me now?
      Sawyer: Stalking you? I was protecting you.
      Kate: From what, southern perverts?

    • Jack: (about the plane) I want the truth. Just this once. What is it?
      Kate: It belonged to the man I loved.
      Jack: The truth.
      Kate: It belonged to the man I loved!
      Jack: Stop lying to me! Tell me the truth!
      Kate: I'm not!
      Kate: It belonged to the man I killed!

    • Kate: We got a problem.
      Jack: We have a problem, or ... you have a problem?

    • Jason: (to Kate) "I don´t know how to use a gun?" That´s classic.

    • (About the case)
      Sawyer: I'm just gonna give it to you? (Jack nods) Why would I wanna do that?
      Jack: Cephalexin.
      Sawyer: Yeah, go on.
      Jack: That's the antibiotic I've been givin' you for the knife wound in your arm. You're right in the middle of the treatment cycle. Now if I keep givin' you the pills, you're gonna be as right as rain. But I'm gonna stop givin' 'ya the pills, and for two days you're gonna think you're all good. Then it's gonna start to itch, the day after that the fever's gonna come. Then you're gonna start seein' red lines runnin' up and down your arm and a day or two after that you'll beg me to take the case, just to cut off your arm.
      Sawyer: That's a nice story, Jack. And even if it were true, I don't think you could do it.

    • (Talking about the case, that has guns and other stuff in it)
      Jack: So...where's the case now?
      Kate: Sawyer has it. He hasn't been able to open it...
      Jack: Lucky for us.
      Kate: He will. Sooner or later, he will.
      Jack: So what do you need me to do?
      Kate: I know where the key is, the marshal kept it in his back pocket.
      Jack (sighs): I buried him, Kate.
      Kate: I know. Where?
      Jack (pauses): So, what else is in the case?
      Kate: What?
      Jack: What else is in the case, Kate?
      Kate: Nothing.
      Jack: That's the truth?
      Kate: Just...the guns.

    • Kate (about the Marshal, as they are about to dig up his grave): How come you didn't put him with the others when you burned the fuselage?
      Jack: Because I needed to bury him.

    • Sawyer: Doctor? What can I do you for? (Jack points to the case) Figured she'd get you to do her dirty work for her. So what? Are we going to wrestle for it?
      Jack: No, you're going to give it to me.

    • Sayid: What about this one? It should say something about latitude or longitude . . .
      Shannon: Okay, just give me some room, okay? Um, next to the pond, blue, um, blue eternity, blue eternity? No, wait, no, blue infinity.
      Sayid: Blue infinity?
      Shannon: Blue infinity. There's something about this that is so familiar.
      Sayid: You've been telling me what sounds very much like nonsense for the past hour and now it seems to me. . .
      Shannon: Okay, a) I told you that my French sucks, and b) This isn't my nonsense, okay? Did you ever think that after 16 years on mystery frickin' island your friend might not be quite adjusted?

    • (Kate tries to take the case from Sawyer while he is sleeping, but Sawyer wakes up and grabs her)
      Kate: Get off of me.
      Sawyer: Golly, I hate to bicker about positions, sweetheart. But I think you're the one on top. Maybe you're not here for the case at all.
      (Kate head-butts him and tries to grab the case)
      Sawyer: Ow, woman. If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was say so. You want to try for it again?
      Kate: Give it to me.
      Sawyer: No.

    • (After Sawyer and Kate find two dead bodies under the water, Sawyer takes a wallet off of one)
      Sawyer: Hey, I got myself a wallet.
      Kate: You're disgusting.
      Sawyer: He ain't gonna miss it.
      Kate: Help me get that case.
      Sawyer: Oh, I'm disgusting, but you're not?
      Kate: It's mine.

    • (After they find the waterfall, Sawyer takes off his shirt)
      Kate: What are you doing?
      Sawyer: I need to soak my sore knee. Come on, Freckles, after all we've been through on this damn island, don't we deserve something good? What? You going to say no? You some sort of no fun, navel-gazing, mopey type?

    • (Jack and Kate search for a key)
      Jack: Its not here.
      Kate: It's not?
      Jack: No, but that was real good sleight of hand distracting me with the wallet. (He grabs her hand) Open it.
      Kate: (she opens her hand with the key inside) Jack, I...
      Jack: Don't. Don't.

    • (Sawyer is trying to pick the lock on the case)
      Michael: You're wasting your time, man. If you pick the lock on a Halliburton, I'll put you on my back and fly us to L.A.
      Sawyer: You better find yourself a runway, daddy, 'cause there ain't a lock I can't pick.
      Hurley: What's he tryin' to do?
      Michael: Pick the lock on a Halliburton.
      Hurley: (laughs) Good luck.
      Michael: The only way you're gonna open that case is with pure force, man. Impact velocity.
      Sawyer: What the hell's that mean?
      Michael: You gotta hit it with somethin' - hard. Like a sledgehammer. Or the axe.

    • Sawyer: Impact velocity. Physics, my ass. (Sawyer throws the case over the ledge, it lands on some rocks and still doesn't open) Son of a bitch. Unbelievable.

    • Sayid: There was a matter I was going to ask you about.
      Shannon: What?
      Sayid: I need a favor. I need your help translating some papers I took from Rousseau.
      Shannon: Who's Rousseau?
      Sayid: The French woman - the distress call we intercepted.

    • Boone (to Shannon): ... I'm trying to contribute something... you're just... you're useless!

    • Shannon: (to Boone about Locke) What is he? Your new boyfriend?

    • Sayid: (on deciphering Rousseau's notes) Some things weren't meant to be translated.
      Jack: Oh yeah? Why don't you tell that to him? (points to a deeply morose Charlie)

    • Sayid: This was a mistake.
      Shannon: Yeah. Haven't you heard? I'm completely useless.

    • Sawyer: (handing over suitcase) Hope you got yourselves some jaws of life back in cave town. That's what it's gonna take to pop this bitch.
      Jack: I'll figure somethin' out.
      Sawyer: I know you think you're doin' her a favor, but how ever she talked you into doin' this, she lied, brother.

    • Sawyer (tackling her for suitcase): Well Freckles, I know you wanted it, just didn't know how bad. (Kate tries to head butt him) Ooh, you're gonna have to come up with some new moves. (Kate head butts him, and hits him this time, he rolls off of her but still has the case. They get to their feet) Okay. Okay, this is just silly. (Kate makes a charge for the case) Hold on. Hold on, I got a proposition for 'ya: You tell me what's inside and I'll give it to 'ya.
      Kate: Are you serious? (makes another attempt to get the case, fails)
      Sawyer (laughs): Hell, no way to open the damn thing. At this point all I care about is satisfying my own curiosity. (Kate makes another move for the case) Whoa, easy, sweetheart. I don't really care what it is. What's burnin' me up is why it means so much to you. (Kate is silent) Last chance. (Kate is still silent) All right. (walks away)

    • Sawyer: You shouldn't be out here alone. Not after what happened to -
      Kate: No, I'm fine. I can take care of myself.
      Sawyer: Oh, of course. I don't need protecting. I can take care of myself. Me Kate. Me throw rock.
      Kate: Shhh.
      Sawyer: What, you smell blood on the wind?

    • Jack: We're gonna do this together. (opening briefcase)
      Kate: Why?
      Jack: Because that's what I said we'd do.

    • Rose: It's a fine line between denial and faith, and it's a lot nicer on my side.

  • Notes

    • First appearance of the second beach camp.

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: March 25, 2005 on Kanal 5
      - Greece: August 19, 2008 at 23.00 on ANT1

    • Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) didn't appear. Emilie de Ravin (Claire) also didn't appear, and she wasn't credited either. Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) appeared, but had no lines.

    • The song "Beyond the Sea" was originally a French song "La Mer". The English version was released by singer/actor Bobby Darin in March 1959.

    • The rising tide engulfing the fuselage was done by the producers in order to cut costs and not have to haul it into Hawaii for episodes.

    • A Kate-Centric Episode.

  • Allusions

    • The French song spoken of in this episode is not "Beyond the Sea" as sung at the end of Finding Nemo. "Beyond the Sea" is rather based on the original French version of this song called "La Mer" by Charles Trenet. The English version does not contain any of Shannon's translations, such as "Blue Infinity", while a translation of the original French version does.

    • Shannon: The movie about the fish. The computer one.

      The movie that Shannon said the kid in France watched over and over again is Finding Nemo. This 2003 Disney/Pixar animated film is about a little baby Clown-fish that gets separated from his father, who then searches the ocean to find his son.