Season 1 Episode 5

White Rabbit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2004 on ABC

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  • We Love Your Feet, We Despise Your Hands

    If you had fallen in love with Locke after last week's episode (I had), it's time to get frustrated with him. Because he rescues Jack from falling down a cliff. And then he gives him a pep talk! A pep talk! -

    Jack, Jack, Jack. Handsome, charming, helpful, brilliant. Perfection. Jack. Shepard, Jack. Anyhow, as you have probably understood by the overwhelming prologue, this is an episode almost entirelly dedicated to JACK and his drama. JACK was a doctor back in the day, a doctor who was helpful and amazing and kind and always wanted to help people, even though his Bad Dad didn't always allow him to. But God punished him about not being the Dad JACK always wanted to have (that would be kind and respectful) by killing him. But Jack is sad anyway because he's so freakin' awesome. On the Island, Jack is haunted by his father hallucination but he is so smart that he falls down a cliff while struggling with getting some answers. Fortunately (????) he is rescued by Locke (!!!?!?) who afterwards gives him a little speech about... I don't even remember what it was about. Then, JACK gets all angry and destroys his Daddy's empty coffin. BUT!!! it doesn't matter he got a little mad 'cause he subsequently discovered a source of fresh water (he's amazing!). Finally, he headed down the beach to give his fellow survivors a speech about how he great he is. He also informs them that he will become their leader, although nobody asked him to. Great! -

    As you PROBABLY have figured out yourselves I am not a big Jack worshiper. That's why I thought this episode was OK, but nothing really special. How could an episode really be great after all that Jack overdose?