Lotsa Luck

NBC (ended 1974)





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  • OK Show but not as good as On The Buses

    This show is set in a bus depot in Brooklyn. It based around an owner of the lost and found department, the man is named Stanley Belmont. Stanley is an hard worker and he has to support his family of Arthur, Olive and mum. His mum is a cautious women because she wants him to date certain kinds of women. His mum is lovable. Sometimes Stan doesn't want to do something she persuades him by saying "do i have a son or don't I have a son" She is a bingo lover. Olive is a dork and she is not bright. Her husband Arthur is lazy because he doesn't work, pay rent and lounges around in a bath robe. Bummy his mate at the depot is a hard worker too but he takes things lightly and he is a ladies man. Unlike Stan he has no family to support so he can afford all the essentials.
  • What was I thinking when I liked this as a kid? What was I thinking when I bought the series on Amazon?

    Wow...I remember that, as a kid, I thought this was a really cool show. I was really disappointed when it got canceled.

    Somehow, I stumbled onto the entire series (one season) being for sale on Amazon. I was excited, because I remembered the show as being funny, and I'm a Dom DeLuise fan.

    I got the show, and it was brutally bad. It breaks a fundamental premise of TV shows in that not a SINGLE character on the show is likeable. The only one with redeeming qualities is the main character, Stanley Belmont, played by Dom DeLuise. But, even in his case, you're so annoyed with him for letting everyone walk all over him.

    It's too bad, because you can see the comic potential in Dom DeLuise, but the format of the show was all wrong.

    Definitely NOT a show worth reliving.